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  1. Naku, Kokey! ‘Di ko akalain na sisikat pala ang bansag ko sayo ha! Hayaan mo at pasisikatin pa natin kayong TATLONG BIBE! KOKEY (cocoy), BABY NIKNOK (baby nica), at si JERAEMON (jeremi). Congrats mga Trolls!!! Hahaha!

  2. Heard it from the grapevine

    Cat’s loss was due to Duterte’s bad mouthing of the US president Obama.

    MW was held in Washigton DC..and the white house talked to Morley about this.

    Cory Quirino said Cat’ loss was beyond our control….this makes sense.

    Remember too that they tried to get Michelle O to be one of the judges!

    JUST SAYING…This might happen at Miss U too..just saying

  3. With left and right bashing na received ni Miss World Indonesia , mas magiging memorable and bida siya kapag bitawan niya ang 2nd runner up and sabay press release na this is for miss world peace. =)

    • Ano papatalo sa pressure? Heller!! Sya ang rightful na 2nd Princess. Mamatay sa inggit at pgka bitter ang iba jan

    • Bitterness to the next level. Did she do something against Catriona for you to even think of that? Wala syang kasalanan! Ang kasalanan nya lang eh mas mataas ang placement nya kung masasabing kasalanan nya yun. Hays mga baklang pangit talaga na utak kanto

    • Hindi gagawin ni Indonesia yan Iamwho dahil parang sinampal nya c Miss Minchin at baka madethrone pa c Miss Indo kpag ginawa nya yan.
      Feeling maganda c Indo kaya never nyang gawin yan hihihi
      Mas maganda pa nga c nica kay indo nohhhh bwihihihi

  4. I know I use to giving Maxine a Top 5 or 2nd RU placement… BUT now, I want her win!

    Maxine Medina, Philippines for Miss Universe 2016. Kaya nya yan Q&A na yan. Her lead in SS and EG will be beyond reach. She will win! 🙂

      • Gaga ka talaga Baby Nica ikaw talaga hahahahha
        Binased yan sa answer ni maxine dun sa interview nya “how you deliver yourself towards others” hahhahaha pero gusto ko ang beauty at kilos ni Maxine elitist hwag lang talaga syang magsalita para kasing kalat kalat ang thoughts nya. Parang laging nako-caught off guard.

    • Highest placement ni Maxine ay runner-up. Kahit magmilagro pa sa Q&A at mabulol lahat at magkasustansiya siya bigla!

  5. Maxine all the way! She really have the beauty queen aura. hinding hindi mo pwedeng dedmahin ang presence niya. her beauty is exotically regal. kudos to BPCI and all her mentors/ trainers for ‘overhauling’ Maxine! Love it. Now mas confident ako na top 3 or back-to-back win.

    BTW, Thailand Chalita is prettier now than nung na crown siya. but nung andito siya sa pinas, she’s giving me that Parul Shah vibe. the cheek bones, the tan and all.

    Good luck to all! busy ang pasok ng bagong taon sa atin! Sana mas pasabog ang outfits, natcos at evening gown ni Max! Enough na with her comm skills. her comm skills improved a lot. may time pa siya to polish everything. hayaan na natin un sakanya.

    Latinas nga di ba? hindi naman english diretso.

    • From BEATRICE FONTOURA – Miss World Brazil 2016 and #MissWorld2016 Top 20 finalist:
      “There wasn’t enough food and water…There were Misses who slept with the staff…There wasn’t a panel of judges for Beauty with a Purpose…”

      • Shunga! kaya nga Beauty with a Purpose at charity charity eklavu, parang si Mother Theresa lang, no food and water! Sleep with the staff? So hindi nagpakang-kang si Cat sa staff kaya ligwak?

  6. Baka naman ma-dominate ng SEAsians ang top 10! Hahaha

    Syempre di magpapatalo ang mga latinas. Wala pa tayo masyado idea if gaano katindi ang caliber nila.

    Pero sa mga SEAsians, so far ang torchbearer (pahiram Cat) nila ay si Maxene.

  7. my xmas wish to see a back to back win for our country. I want to see it in my lifetime.

  8. Sana news blackout na tayo sa INDO, parang she doesn’t exist This helps her too you know. Deadma na Lang tayo..don’t even talk about her.

    • This is true. It really is that simple.

      We should also just ignore any coverage of World and Supranational. Those systems knows FIlipinos are too tempted to participate. Let’s see if India, Indonesia, and Thailand can save them.

      Parang feeling ko KF sa MWP.


  9. Maxine is undeniably very pretty. However, she still has to convince me of her speaking skills. I saw the short segment she had on EB and she didn’t do too well. And that was already in Taglish with Filipino hosts, what more if it’s in English with international hosts. Her looks, catwalk, styling is already very superior; I hope her trainers focus on communication now. They still have a month!

    • Maxine just needs to relax and be in the moment. The delegates arrive in two weeks. Now is now the time to play re-do of all her trainings because of last minute post-Miss World panic.

      She needs to be Confidently Beautiful not Insecurely Threatened

      Some of you need to calm down already and some acting like jealous girlfriends. Truth be told, we always knew Miss World is a WTF pageant. Nothing has changed except now we have proof of it.

      Also, this season taught us that there are only two international pageants that consistently deserved Filipino’s prime attention — Miss Universe and Miss World.

      The other pageants just pander to fans because they too easily give attention to the pageant. Ignore them and see how much publicity their 2nd-rate Miss WorldIntersupercontinets get.

      Like our queens have to the international and universal challenges that they’ve conquered, Filipino fans need to evolve.

      • Aye naku! Dapat Miss Universe and Miss World lol

        (I too need to get over Miss World apparently).

        Seriously forget about those wannabe pageants, lets see if those Indonesians can promote them internationally with their limited English media.

        Tiktaktoc liklacdoc Kezia Felice Manuelabuela lampoctogpongong ain’t goin to sell globally on social media.

        At least the Indians can promote Supranational in English…


        Venezuela is still Venezuela

        Felepens is still da Felepens

        Relax lang folks


        Sorry. Practice makes perfect, even Pia needed 3 tries lol

    • pwede ba itigil na iyang english speakiing skills na yan.. ka lechehan iyan… pag niluto talaga ng organization kahit pipi ka pa.. papapanalunin ka..

      • At dahil dito gaganapin ang Miss U at malamang sa malamang Pinoy ang judges ng pre-pageant o pre-dominantly Pinoy, pasok na si Maxine sa Top 15. Kabog naman ang katawan at rampa ni bakla so sure pasok sa Top10 sa SS. At kung bibigyan ng magandang gown, pasok sa Top5. Then that’s it, runner up.

    • I am sure everyone agrees, including Maxine, that her communicaion skills needs work and is very weak.

      However, speaking English isn’t the problem her

      It’s her train of though. Wether she speaks in Tagalog, Taglish or English… she does not know how to articulate her thoughts properly and directly. Let alone elegantly.

      In other words… magulo sa utak ni maxine ang kanyan mga ideas and thoughts.

      Answering a question is like writing an essay — you need to have an intro, body and conclusion. When maxine answers a question, she’s all over the place.

      I do not care if a person can’t speak english or barely speaks english.

      English is not a measurement of a person’s intelligence.

      • Punyeta. Yan na kasi ang nasa mindset natin after ng disastrous answer nya sa BBP. Give her a break, kaya nya yan. Hindi lang sya mahilig sa metaphor achuchenes but on point naman ung mga sagot nya. Ang dapat na lang natin gawin is to sumigaw ng bonggang bongga everytime na nasa stage sya, pag nakaabot sa sa top 5, which is very possible, hiyawan to the max na lang tayo pagkatapos nya sumagot para hindi na marinig ng mga judges ung response nya. Madadala ang mga judges sa sigaw natin and they will just give her a high score.

      • @thepageantjournal

        bwahahahahhaa.. natawa naman ako na mag sigawan na lang para hindi marinig ng judges ang sagot ni Max.. kalokah… eh kung sabihin… “quiet please”… “please repeat”. lolz

      • Lol at padede boy. Oo nga naman. Pano pag nagplease repeat ang judge o si steve harvey haha. Sabihin na lng siguro ni Max eh sure, but pls repeat the question too. 😂

      • Forcing her to have impeccable articulation of her thoughts at this point is rather moot. The best she can do is to be able to deliver a simple answer with charm and conviction, and not be easily swayed under pressure or the energy of people around her (be it good or bad).

        I think Filipino pageant fans should remember Catriona’s fate and revisit previous editions of Miss Universe other than Pia’s. Question and Answer is definitely not the be all end all of pageants. This is why we have the preliminaries and the final look.

        If her ability to nail Q and A truly eclipses other factors needed to clinch a crown, Pia should’ve been our 6th Miss Universe.

        Tama na yang kaba sa Q and A skills niya, she is not daft.

      • Pakunwelo na lang natin na mag-mamatter lang naman ang English churva at sagot niya sa Q&A sa dulo. Kung same format kila Pia, ligwak si Maxine, hanggang Top4/5 siya. Pag nakalusot sa Top3, runner-up.

        Sa pre-pageant at closed door interview, kahit na mag-sign language pa yan at mag-wave ng mag-wave papasok pa rin yan sa Top15. Kahit na mag-ala Imelda pa yan, top15 pa rin!

      • @MU2016 – That is true, Max’s information input/output is the issue. Nothing can be done about that as it’s not related to how well she can speak English. Tanong ko lang, how will she handle extremely articulate hosts/reporters who will be engaging her in interviews. Sabi nga ni Mang Dolphy, madali ang tumakbo, paano kung manalo?

  10. Maxine has one of the most arresting and appealing faces in this batch. Nobody cannot deny that facial beauty that Maxine has. That BTS video proves her looks will be hard to ignore come finals night. Hey body has transformed quite dramatically but nothing beats Pia’s papayas. lol

  11. The original torch bearer who would have been one great Miss World 2016 with the former Miss World 2013:

    Mga diyosa ng kagandahan!

      • As respect to the rightful winner tigilan na ang mga MY MY na yan. Be matured enough to accept defeat and move on. Lalo lang kayong ng mumukhang ampalaya. Kung sa tingin mo ikakatuwa ni Catriona ang ginagawa mo, well hinde kasi ang magaling na kandidata na marunong tumanggap ng pgkatalo ay kumikilala sa totoong nanalo.

      • may nalalaman ka pang respect.. eh nung nanalo si pia at kylie ang dami nyo pang satsat…masyado ka pa epal bb nica….mag new year na tangalin nyo yang kagagahan nyo!!!!

      • Excuse me Geoff kelan ako sumatsat nung nanalo sina Pia and Kylie? Check your facts bago ka dumakdak jan. Isa ako sa mga ngdasal at sumuporta sa kanilang pglahok sa kanilang mga sinalihan. Wag kang umepal jan dahil hinde mo alam kung ilang gadgets ang hawak ko nung lumalaban si Pia sa MU para lamang makarami ng boto.

      • nica, bakit mo kikilalanin ang sinasabi mong nanalo eh hindi naman sya karapatdapat na nanalo dahil may butas ang pagkapanalo nya…understood nica? lagi ka na lang ganyan bwihihihihi

      • At sino ka para mgsabi na di sya karapatdapat? Judges VS Bong700 (unknown) heller. #EYESROLLING

      • Unethical na magjudge c Miss Minchin nica kaya dahil lamang dyan ay fake ang 2nd RU win ni Indonesia… entiendes…. of course not. Lagi ka namang ganyan nica hihihi

  12. Kung ireview mo ang crowning video ng mga neighbors natin ay ang gaganda ng mga crown nila.
    I’m sorry kasi Philippines na naman ang bet kong manalo at wala na kayong magagawa pa hihihi

    • Bong – kung deserving namang manalo si Maxine, bakit hindi ibigay ang korona sa kaniya di ba (kahit na Pilipinas pa ang host – kung ang China nga nanalo at their own turf sa MW ? Huwag lang haluan ng politika, wala akong problema kung mag-back-to-back man tayo ! Let’s give credit where credit is due ! Last time ko na itong sasabihin – I think Cat was robbed of the MW2016 crown kahit saang angulo mo tingnan, siya ang deserving among the top 5 finalists 😦 Ok move on na talaga ako, Bong ! ha ha ha 🙂 happy emoticon na yan 🙂

      • Naku Jen sa nangyari sa MW2016, ke politica o nabili ay wala na akong pakialam basta ang mananalo ay si Maxine.
        Planohin na nila Kat, Wanda, Jonas, Paula at isabit na rin si Pia.
        Mag-Judge uli c Pacquiao + Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran.
        Kay Pacquiao sila magreklamo kung may reklamo sila hihihi

      • Let’s do it fair & square, Bong. May dignidad pa naman tayong natitira. Hamo na silang ma-karma 🙂

      • Kahit naman siguro anong itim ng budhi ni Jonas may natitira pa naman sigurong hiya sa katawan ni bakla! At alam niya ang impact ng back-to-back sa homecourt advantage. Kung lulutuin yan RUNNER-UP ang pinakamalapit at pinaka-mainam!

  13. Modesty aside, Maxine for me is the most ready and the most prepared from among these girls. And so as not to be accused of politicizing, MU should not appoint a Filipino to sit as a judge in this much anticipated edition of MU in the Philippines. Barring unforeseen circumstances, our bet can stand on her own and Pia may even relinquish and pass on her crown to her (granting and assuming Maxine performs extremely and flawlessly well during the competition – MWO – that statement is directed at you !) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • What if kukuha ng muo ng indogmatian na judge tapos tayo wala. Papayagan ba natin mga vaks

      • Mukhang may delikadesa si Paula Shugart (I’m sure she doesn’t want to get the bashing that was thrown @ Julia at the last MW edition) 🙂

      • Isama na ang beauty queen maker Jonas Gaffud as one the judges. Diba sya ang hottest beauty queen maker in the last 10 years? May credentials naman sya. Hahahaha. Wala lang gusto ko lang talaga maghiganti kay Indo at Nawat… hihihi.

      • @ 4M – Jonas would be one credible judge IMHO. Me too – I wanna get even with Indo ha ha ha 🙂 ang sama ko naman ! I still believe in karma though. Chill na lang tayo 🙂

      • And if I may add, Natasha is not to be blamed for the “questionable” placement she got. The presence of a ND (from her home country) sitting as a judge (goes with Puerto Rico as well) does not sit well in an international beauty contest to decide the winner – it was simply “unethical.”

      • And with that MW fiasco that just happened, Paula might even help Philippines get a back to back. Julia and Paula knows how much money can Philippines can bring their organization if our bet wins.

    • kahit anong preparation pa ang gawin mo kung hindi ibibigay sayo ang korona wla ding selbe. Di ba si cat sobrang prepared wla ring nangyare. Pa easy easy nlng pra hindi masakit kung matalo.

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