51 comments on “Share your experiences: Buying a ticket for the 65th Miss Universe 

  1. Ang hirap kumuha ng ticket! Ayaw naman naming sa GenAd at makakasalamuha yung mga baklang skwala na nanlilimahid sa chipaz na make-up at aning-aning.

  2. I got my ticket personally through an sm outlet. I’ve experienced buying it online before and I’m having a hard time going through purchasing. So I need to go the outlet itself and there I didn’t get the seat I wanted coz it’s already sold out. So for this time I didn’t attempt to go online again and instead bought it in the counter.

    • Nice try Cory. Good cover for Julia’s shenanigans. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you. It’ll be interesting to see who shows up for MWP next year and how many. Doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’m over MW/MWP.

      In my mind and in my heart, MW became a second/third tier pageant overnight…

      • Agree on this Philip! When national directors are assigned to judge, Miss World is not any different from the other pageants like Miss Globe! Look at Miss Universe, Paula tried to level the field by suggesting exclusion of politicians to judge to respectfully ward of the idea of PRRD on the judges’ row.

      • Cory needs to force herself in Lola Julia’s circle and start calling that woman out the way she operates the pageant. It’s becoming a pageant full of nepotism and favoritism. Next year, wag tayong gagamit ng kung anong app. Wag magpapauto next year!

      • Alam na alam naman ng hudas na Cory Quirino yan! Di pa nag-screening may winner na! Isang tawag lang kay Jonas na ahas din! Napansin nyo naman na siguro na ang pinaglalabanan lang sa MW ay ang mga runner-up. Pplastik pa ba kayo sa prediction kuno niyo ng spoiler?! Eh malinaw naman na handpicked ang panalo at pinapa-train na ni Cory Quirino sa Inahas na Queens! Pweh!!! Galawang matronang hilaw!

    • Im still a little sad of the MW outcome.
      You just dont allow nat’l directors of pageants to participate as judges.
      In this case, it politicking was overly obvious. Indonesia had absolutely no business in the top 3.
      Im not as upset as I was two days ago.
      If you’ll excuse me, Im going to start “pulling-out” the pins, needles and nails from my Julia Morley doll…😐

  3. In Vegas right now, reliving that glorious day last year when I witnessed the best Miss Universe pageant ever. Haha. Sana makauwi for Maxine naman…pero ubos na ticket yata..b2b for sure.

  4. Hi Tito Norms, me and a friend decided to settle for the GA tickets. At exactly 10 AM I was online ready to buy two. The site can not handle the sudden influx of online buyers at the same time. It got me over an hour to get through the payment page successfully. I had to do it by opening several browsers and refreshing my access over and over again. Because of fear that we won’t be able to successfully book, I just chose whatever seats appear to be available because many times that when I selected a couple of seats, it will go back to home page so I’d have to start again.

    In the end, with a lot of patience and perseverance, I was able to buy two GA tickets. I didn’t care anymore where we will be seated. What’s important is we will be part of the event so we could cheer for Maxine and give her our full support.


    We are very excited! Hope to watch the other pre-pageant activities too.

  5. Everything is nearly gone, the good ones at least! Was able to get two VIP 2 Coral seats (N13 and N14)..really still figuring out what it would be relative to the stage…it doesn’t help that Ive never been to the venue before…

  6. Sana mga baklang pangit ngayon medyo maging humble para kay Maxine. Support support lang pero hwag siguraduhin na panalo agad ang Pinas. May kasabihan po tayo na kung gaano katayog ang lipad ganun din kasakit ang lagapak parang ganun lol. At sana matutu tayong tumanggap ng pagkatalo at matutong rumespeto sa kung sino man ang mananalo. Hindi tayo kilala sa ganito unless binago ma rin ni Duterte ang mentalidad ng mamamayan na hambog ang asal kanto.

  7. On the contrary Norms, the pre-selling link of the access to the tickets was relatively easy to follow. However, the VIP tickets sold very fast. When i got it Sunday night, there were still seats on rows BCD. When i reserved again the morning I woke up on Monday, rows QRS na lang available. ONce reserved and you got your vouchers, tickets were easily claimable at your nearby SM Cinema ticketing stations. I am expecting that when they opened the general selling yesterday, VIP tickets were all sold out already. Let’s all watch out when they start selling the tickets for the auxillary events like preliminaries and national costume show.

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