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  2. Itigil na ang pagte-train atpag-feature sa Keziah na yan. Ang kakapal ng mukha nila to claim na natalo nila ang Philippines this year, EH THEY COME HERE TO TRAIN. Ang kakapal ng mukha. Pinagtulungan pa si Cat doon sa Mobstar. Binoto nila si Hungary at Mongolia para lang hindi manalo si Cat. Mongolia or Hungary couldn’t have gotten those many votes on their own kasi maliliit ang bansa nila at hindi big ang pageants sa bansa nila. They got those votes because of those insecure Indonesians who enlisted the help of the Thais and Indians. NEVER FORGET THAT.


  4. I haven’t really watched the show except for the q and a portion as posted on YouTube. I just want to ask if there was a leaderboard like in the previous years? I have not really watched a Miss World pageant in it’s entirety but i used to see a leaderboard before where you can keep track the ranking of the girls. I saw it on Megan’s time…

    • Vaks walang leaderboard this year. They reformatted the finals. They announced all the fast track winners, then top 20 inc fast tracks, then rumampa with their black dresses, then top 10 or 11 with a short interview after each country is called, then top 5 and q&a from judges. Sobrang questionable ang selection criteria of the top 10 and top 5.

      • I see thank you. The rumor could be true. They were really prepping one candidate to win… toping BWAP AND Top Model to clear the tracks… until she clearly messed up in the question and answer. Ironically she could have answered her question better to think that she won BWAP. Oh well you can’t carry a script for the final question…. just saying.

  5. Mga vaks I have this weird theory as to why Cat lost. What if the former Miss Worlds were so insecure of Cat’s that they didn’t want her to win since she could become the most memorable MW of all time? Diba ang mga babaita eh laging insecure? hihihi Charot!

    • My theory is that PR’s win is already a set up for Indonesia’s blue crown next year. Had Cat won this year, how can Indonesia even justify their concocted ‘success’ for 2017? Mahirap ipaliwanag yun.

      If the impact of Cat’s loss grows bigger, MW 2017 could have a ‘weaker’ crop of candidates, ergo, making it easier for Indonesia to explain their projected win kahit na yung candidate nila for next year ay ka-level lang ni Natasha, or isang paligo lang ang lamang.

  6. My Catriona.. You will always be my ms world. Sumakit ang daliri ko kaka swipe araw araw kahit nasa Phuket ako w my family we woke up 5am to watch. Yes may live streaming ang thai channel.
    I never expected she will win though bec of Julia’s factor. I expected her to be first princess.Di ako umaasa dahil its Julia’s call.
    My 2 cents pls state ms worlds pageants rule on how to win this pageants
    The barangay beauty contest is much better bec it states that you sell more tickets and you will win. The money goes to build a small kapilya.
    Dont waste people’s effort on fastracks they worked hard w and yet the winner was already deliberated. One word transparency.

  7. Re gown: It’s a get-your-crown gown accdg to Nic Verreos
    “Philippines Catriona Gray: Miss World Philippines made the Top Five wearing this very beautiful dusty rose pink-colored gown. I love everything about it: The gorgeous sequin work, the style, the back “Watteau”-like cape detail. This was a “Get Your Crown” gown! Unfortunately, she didn’t…but almost. It was still, one of my Top Favorite Gowns of the “Miss World 2016″ Finals.”


    • It is interesting to note that Nick gave this glorious Francis Libiran creation a score of 9.95 out of 10 – the highest among the finale gowns. I only wish though that it was of a different color preferably darker jewel tones to make Cat sparkle more onstage, highlight her creamy complexion and avoid looking like it is a recreation of Megan’s template in coronation styling.

      • Hoping to see Indonesia clapping at the back in MU. That would be a proud moment to all of us.

      • Ipa-tokhang yang si Kepyas pag dating uli sa Pilipinas sa January! Taniman ng bala!

      • JawzKuh Laila at ginamit pa ang Dios sa kagagahan nya hihihi
        Walang delikadeza ang babaitang liliana.
        What do you expect sa score nya sa Indo and Cat.
        Kaya sya nilagay dyan to ensure Indo placement + Lola Julia score susmaryosef hihihi
        She’s a devil in a sheep’s clothing hihihi

      • Parang Lopez, Sy pala tong mag-asawang Tanoesoedibjo.
        Owner ng MNC group of companies(RCTI. Global TV, MNCTV, Radio stations, Insurance, Banks. Hotels and Resorts at iba pa)
        Maker of Miss Indonesia (Miss Indonesia-World).

        Hary Tanoesoedibjo(husband) is a Trump’s man in Jakarta accdg. to Forbes Asia dahil sa agreement with Trump Hotel Collection to build first 6-star luxury resort and residential development in Asia to be completed in 2018.

        Liliana Tanoesoedibjo (born in Surabaya , 15 March 1967 ; age 49 years). SHe has the educational background of fashion and beauty in Ottawa , Canada from 1986-1989 year consisting of ICS Diploma in Fashion Merchandising Canadian Limited, Diploma Fashion Designer L’AcadΓ©mie des couturiers Canadiens, Ottawa-Canada, Diploma Hat Making & Accessories L’AcadΓ©mie des couturiers Canadiens, Ottawa-Canada, cosmetician Professional Diploma Make up the Versailles Academy of Arts & Esthetics and Nail Technician Diploma Professional Make up the Versailles Academy of Arts & Esthetics (In short, isa syang BAKLA hihihi)

        Mabuti at wala na si Trump sa MUO baka aariba na naman ang Indo sa MU hihihi.
        Pero iba naman ang may-ari ng Miss Indonesia-Universe(Puteri Indonesia – Winners are reps. for MU, MI, Supra, MGI). President – Mooryati Soedibyo.

      • bong, Fashion and beauty??? so hinde beauty sa kanya si Catriona? at ang beauty sa kanya ay si natasha??? saang banda naman? nakakaloka yang lilian na yan. pagiging sipsip ang way nila para sa koronang asul ng MW. malapit na sila magka crown.

      • @Geoff , Sanay na sa kawalanghiyaan ang mga yan kaya manhid na.
        Look at the politics in the Philippines, may pasimbasimba pa ang mga p*ta hihihi

      • Oh my God nakakahiya! May point sya. This is not what Filipinos are known for. Sabagay bago na ang image natin eh kung ang presidente nga eh asal kanto eh

  8. Matagal pa ang processing ko sa nangyari, pero gaya ng sinabi ko dati pa, wala akong problema sa MU judging, pero may problema ako kay Julia. Bago pa man ang mismong pageant, napa-research ako sa history ng “rigging” sa MIss World.

    1 – Dati pa silang nag-iinvite ng judges na may conflict of interest. Yung pinakamalaking case noong panahong big deal pa ang MW sa UK ay yung sa Grenada. Mismong PM ng Grenada ang naging judge, at ang nanalo, ang kauna-unahang “colored” winner ng MW noong 1970, si Miss Grenada.

    2 – Nag-protesta ang marami sa nangyari noong 1970, to the point na napa-resign si Julia. Yes, nangyari nga ito. Bumalik na lang siya noong namatay ang issue. Yung asawa pa niya noon ang may-ari ng MW.

    3 – Alam na ng lahat ang countries na nag-sponsor ng pageant: China PR, Kenya, Puerto Rico, at Indonesia. Bakit countries? Kasi malamang through ND’s ang pagsuyo ng sponsors. Di sila multinational entities gaya nung sa MU. Yan ang isa pang source ng conflict of interest.

    I think I can understand someone in Julia’s shoes. Wala siyang ibang mapagkakatiwalaan kundi ang mga long-time amigas niya gaya nung MW PR na judge at yung ND ng Indonesia na judge din. Think Madam Stella and the abaniko girls. Ang diperensya, syempre may vested interests at play din dito.

    Kung multinational corporation ito, na super ingat sa kanilang reputation, matagal na niya dapat nasolusyunan ito. Kahit implication of conflict of interest, bawal yan. Kaso wala eh. Hirap din siya sa partnerships. Bite the bullet na lang. Tutal, may good naman daw silang naidudulot sa mundo. Besides, sino ba ang nasasaktan? Pageant fans lang naman. Di naman pageant fans ang nagpapayaman sa kanila (although arguably, via MW app and Mobstar pwede).

    Do we need to sign a petition for transparency? I think not, pero it’s your call. Matagal nang patakaran ito ni Julia and honestly, I don’t see that changing any time soon. Should we still support Miss World? Bahala na kayong mag-decide.

    Gaya ng sinabi ko rin a few posts back, I’d be so over Miss World if not for Cat. Now that this happened, I don’t have any reason to follow it. πŸ™‚

  9. The admins on IG have agreed not. Post anything (makeup selfies, arrival, groufies) etc on Kezia. There are about 13 or so big named ones na kasama. Na realize nila na even friendly banter including Ms. Indonesia- nakakadagdag ng power and visibility.

    Way na rin nila na mag silent protest. Hayaan daw nila fans ni Kezia mag trace ng updates ng stint nya dito. Poor girl – ayaw na sya I cover Para I was gulo.

    Today there are several posts from the Indonesian admins expression love and unity.

    The admins aren’t buying it. Nakatunog siguro mga indo na hindi na sila I fefeature.

    • That’s good. Masyadong hostile ang Indonesians kahit mabait ang karamihan ng Pinoy fans sa kanila. Serves them right.

      May I know the pages na planong magnews blackout kay Keke?

      • Expect nyo na igaganyan din tayo next year sa MW sa Indonesia. Ang pagkakaiba lang, yung reps natin kino-cover kasi ng ibang media/pageant site kasi pang-hatak ng traffic. So kebs kung I-blackout nila.

    • ako kase napa plastikan talaga ako sa mga indo pageant fans. makabsa lang ako ng Team asia na galing sa kanila. tseh!!!!! ang nasa isip ko. kaya pabor ako sa gustong gawin ng mga admins ng pages naten. aba sinuswerte sila kung ganyan ugali nila. dun sila makisuyo at mag demand sa KF ng mga updates sa Kezia nila. bahala sila.
      and those indonesian admins sa sinabi nilang love and unity. lol. after the pageant expired na yang expression nilang love and unity. we cant trust their words.
      since we are hosting MU this year. naisip ko lang if ever gusto gumanti sa indonesia using MU. how??? wala naman pakielam ang MUO sa nangyari kay Catriona. and i dont think na they will include 2 or more pinoy as MU judge.
      wala sa isip ko na sige gumanti tayo sa kanila. im not agree on that. pero im sure may mag pa plan talaga nyan.
      hayssss. tama talaga ako sa sinabi ko noon. catriona is the type of queen na halos iiyakan mo manalo o matalo. and even more emotionally since she failed. anung name IG na nag reply ung ND ng indo?
      now they are attacking lilian. mag susumbong yan kay Julia. lol. pag gumanti sila next year sa MW. kakapalan na talaga ng mukha nila. sila ang nag start ng gulo. sure ako hinde nya binigyan ng mataas na score si cat. she didnt choose her as one of her top 3.
      im not agree sa petition na boycott MW. kailangan dyan imbestigahan ang MW about sa result. meron bang organization na pinaka head ng lahat ng pageant? don hihingi ng tulong. but i dont think kung merong mag lalakas ng loob na pa imbestigahan ang result.
      laila, meron ka bang alam na articles about sa views and opinion ng mga pageant expert about sa MW results? Thanks

  10. Huwag na tayo magdaos ng MWP contest. Handpick na lang. Sayang lang ang time and resources. Walang kuwenta na magsend ng de-calibreng delegate like Catriona who was wasted and sabotage big time. MWO will die a natural death if they won’t stop their hocus pocus.

    Anyhow, Cory Quirino can start shortlisting recycled candidates the past 3 editions of MWP to represent PH in 2017.

    And come MU season, it’s payback time!. ilagay sa red alert status ang lahat ng bansa na kinatawan na bumastos kay Pia, Kylie, at N. Cordoves, J. Eden, at Catriona. Gusto ko makita sila naka nganga habang nililipat ni Pia kay Maxine ang Skyline Crown!

  11. we dont have the rights to judge someone. pero kahit wala tayo mismo sa event at hinde natin nakita ang tunay nangyare sa judging. its very obviuos and clear that the result was cook. they already have the top 3 even before the pageant.
    tinalo ng MW ang Master Chef sa cooking show.
    question mark ang pagkakaplace ni PR sa semis. wala syang napanalunan na FT or even a place sa kahit na anung FT. so how come na nakapasok sya sa semis. si india may place sa bwap pero ligwak. kung sa interview naman sya nagka score ng malake para magka spot sa semis. nakakpagtaka din. sa dami ng contestant nila don na hinde nag place o nanalo sa FT napakaimpossible na si PR lang ang may mataas na score sa interview among sa mga girls na natira. its obvious na pag kakapasok nya sa semis at pagkapanalo ay paconseulo ni Julia dahil sila ang sponsor sa fashion show. even they waited for 40 years to crown a miss world again. or being a crownles is not an excuse eh. may mas deserved pa sa kanya. so unfair kung ganyan din ang reason para ibigay ang crown kay PR. someone did her best. her blood as her sweat tapos ibbigay ang crown sa iba na wala namang basis para manalo sya. ang gulo talaga ng judging nila. kung FT ang pagbabasehan til top 3 plus Q&A Philippines has the high score. yung kay indo naman mataas ang score nya sa bwap. kung nadala ng bwap ang top 3 nya eh bakit si PR wala namang FT pero nanalo. kung icompare mo namn ang score nya kay cat eh mas panalo pa rin si cat kaysa kay indo. nakakaloka talaga ang MW ngayon. may mga contestant na nag react while announcing PR as MW ang alam nila si Cat talaga ang panalo so nagtataka sila. nakakainis. nakakaiyak.
    why using ND as one of the judges???? nakakailan na ang indo ND sa pag jujudge ha. next year indo na naman ang host. tsk. expect the expected na indo magkakaplace na naman or even wins. pinagpalit ni Julia ang 1 year good service ni cat sa mw sa isang araw na bansang sponsor ng fashion show. jusko… sobrang bait talaga ni julia marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob. na over ang pagiging mabait nya.
    i have no question sa pagkakaplace ni DR. deserving nya. also kenya. with Philippines they should be the top 3.
    some indo and PR said. sincerity is what they (MW) are looking for. but where is the sincerity of indo in her eyes or even in her answer kahit kay PR wala. ang hirap mag move on. defeat should accept. pero hinde naman natalo si cat. nanalo sya. dinaya sya. on the past 2 years na accept natin ng mas madali hinde tayo sobrang emotional noon like how much we are emotional this time. dahil alam naman natin na may mas deserved sa kanila. gusto ko nga talaga na may gumawa sana ng petisyon na imbestigahan ang MW na yan. or something that will make them know na hinde nakakatuwa ang ginawa nila that night sa result. kaya lang may effect yan sa next year possible candidate natin. hayssss nag mumuka tayong bitter sa isip ng mga indo at PR. pero nagmumukha namang silang stupid. hinde marunong mag judge ng pageant. basta nanalo o nagplace ang kandidata nila kung ano ano ng pagmamayabang ang pinapakita. yung pag complain naman natin is valid. may tamang malaking rason. unlike miss peru and colombian
    and indonesian mga baseless ang complain nila.
    grrrrrr… ang aga ko nagising that time mga alas dos. hinde pa ako nakatulog ng maayos almost 2 hours lang ako nakatulog tapos nong inanouce na PR ang MW. napa OMG ako and parang nanghihina ako. nanlalambot. hinde din ako nakatulog after the pageant. sobrang sama ng pakiramdam ko kaya now lang ako nakapag visit d2. laking effect ng nangyari kay cat satin. lalo na sakin. sa total package na si cat talagang mag eexpect ka talaga na sya ang mananalo. hinde man sya ang innounce na winner pero what she have shown that night is an evident na hinde tayo nagkamali na isa syang Miss World. na sya talaga ang mananalo. hinde sya nanalo as announcing pero sya talaga ang panalo very clear. the result was cooked. they cheat. no need to show to us their scoresheets. dahil pwede din madaya yan. para lang patunayan na si PR talaga nanalo.
    hinde ko icocongratulate ang PR at indo i only congratulated the real winners. in orders. Philippines, Dominican Republic and Kenya.
    ——————-End of Mess World——————-
    —————–Welcome Miss Universe—————

    i will not expect on Miss Universe coz were already know that theres so many top contenders this year. all i can say is Good Luck to Maxine Medina.

  12. Sabi ng iba, be a good sport since ito raw ay competition. Well, let me say, we can only be a good sport if the judging is fair. Yun lang naman ang hiling ko sa MW. Bat may ND sa panel of judges? Where is fairness there?

    Fairness your face, Julia Morley!!!

    To hell with sportsmanship!.

  13. Sorry Catroina Gray for not to win, take it easy u try #merryxmas enjoy ur time

  14. E anu naman kung host country tayo ng Miss U?!… Wa pakels sa mga kapitbahay!
    They should start clapping!!!

    Maxine maghanda ka na!… Magtake ng muti-vitamins 30 mins b4 sleep… Papakin araw-araw ang taho, suha at ube… Laklakin ang essence of chicken!!!

    The best revenge is success!!!


      • Itaga nyo sa bato ni Darna!!! Hell would freeze over before we ever let that happen! Maghahalo ang balat ng aso sa tinalupang santol!


      • Effective yun teh, ilaga mo ang black chicken hangang malusaw… gawin nyang tubig araw-araw!

    • Sister, ang wrinkles! Hindi pa tayo kaya sponsoran ni Dr. Aivee Teo ng dermal fillers ;p

      Kidding aside (although I partially mean it ;p), this is much more heartbreaking than Janine’s MU2012 scenario. Madam Julia doesn’t seem to know what delicadeza and ethics mean specially pag $$$ na ang pinaguusapan. Money talks ika nga.

      I’m sure Nawat will also agree.

      • @Sheena

        Me plugging pa talaga ha?! πŸ˜€ Mahanap nga yang si Doc Aivee… nagkawrinkles ako bigla because of this… hahaha Yes, money talks. Tsk tsk. :-/

    • Bakla sagana na sa protina si Maxine!!! Ang jolly hotdog ni Marx hahaha with matching taho!

      • @Richmond

        Grabe ka.. Pampalaki ng boobs na taho tinutukoy ko… Nakakaflat naman yang gusto mo.

  15. Just wana get even !

    Im bitter with the lost of Catriona ….sayang talaga ….but we have to move on .

    With Nicole Manalo – deadma … di sya maganda !

    With Eden – ok lang wa appeal !

    Now we re even !

  16. I liked how one post on IG says: Congratulations Puerto Rico for winning the crown and congratulations Philippines for winning the World.

  17. Kawawa naman ang mga baklang mayayabang laking pagkapahiya at sinampal pa sila ni Indonesia kaya ayan kung ano ano na mga pinagsasabi, bitterness to the 360 level

    • Gaga iconvince mo nga sarili mo kung saan aspeto mas mataas rank ni indog mo kesa kay cat? May nalalaman pang pampalubag loob tong Julia Morley eh matagal ng walang 3rd at 4th sa mw palibhasa kasi di maitago ang kawalnghiyaan nila

      • Gaga ka rin bakit ko pa kailangan patunayan eh ayan na nga ang resulta hija 2nd RU sya so maliwanag pa sa bilog na buwan na mas mataas ang score nya kesa kay Catriona. Alam mo ako lang yung taong marunong rumespeto sa resulta ng kung ano mang patimpalak.

    • Ano ba vaks. Indonesia did not win. She is the second loser (my sarcastic take on runner up placements) πŸ™‚ Pasampal sampal ka pa dyan. Indonesia will not be a powerhouse unless they win one or two of the major crowns and achieve consistency for years. Yan and tunay na sampal.

    • Wala akong pinagyabang tungkol kay Cat at sino mang Pinay candidate. Pero I’m one with most of us here in believing that there was something seriously amiss with the results dahil lahat halos ng qualities eh lamang si Cat sa ibang kandidata na nasa Top3.

    • Gagang nagkukunwakunwarihan at nagtatangatangahan lol πŸ˜… score na minanipula. Gaga ka ulit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Ikaw ang mayabang gagagitang matanda! Palibhasa di ka nanalo kahit patimpalak barangay! Omaygad! The gall and gumption of this bitch to look down on others who brought honor to our country! Your vacuous personality and obvious nitwittedness tell the world of the kind of person you are who just does not make any iota of a sense and a bitter loser who does not deserve to be given even one half of a second look!

      • kung Indonesia wins Miss U 2016 and 1st Runner-up Colombia meron kaya tayong bagong kakampi?

        sarap maging bobo

  18. Mga vaks it’s time to move on. I wish Cat the best and I hope she continues to pursue her BWAP to show Julia Morley that kind of diamond that she did not pick.

    Also, to all the fans, we need to start being mindful of our behavior during pageant season. I feel like Filipino fans are being abused by pushing the social media votes as they know we will do our best and more to secure good placement of your candidates. But let’s not fall for this bait anymore. If our representatives truly deserves to be a winner then she will even without the help of the fans. MOBSTAR is probably making money (through downloads) because of the amount of votes Cat received. So vaks, for Miss U, chill lang tayo. Wag masyadong gigil and if 4M is meant to go far to the competition then she will. I think the best we can do for 4M is to keep on spreading her uber gorgeous photos on instagram to give her more exposure come pageant time but if there is a multimedia votes I would recommend not doing it so we are not being ganged up by the other envious countries πŸ™‚

    • True! Never akong naloko ng mga voting voting na yan. Parang popularity contest sa barangay. Wag sayangin ang pera at oras.

    • Totoo yan, pinagkakakitaan lang tayo kasi alam nilang di tayo papatalo pagdating sa botohan.

    • Exposed na exposed kasi ang Pinoy pageant fans, kasi magaling tayo mag-English at yun madalas na language natin sa mga forum. Unlike mga bobitang Indonesian na hindi maka-English o baliko ang salita o mga Thai! Mga Latino naman, Spanish para nagkakaintindihan lahat sila.

    • You meant we underestimated the judges… We all know there are gorgeous ladies out there and I said mentioned in the older posts, the possibility of an upset was very high yesterday.

    • we were overconfident. matayog ang lipad, kaya sa MU2016 sana finesse sa pag-clap ng hands and walang sigawan na labas ang tonsil. let’s show miss universe, miss world rather, that we have class and mabang loob!

  19. Watched the show yesterday at MGM. 3/4 filled ang venue. Kung walang mga Pinoys Baka lalong walang Tao sa brand new theater. We were able to transfer seats pa and we sat near Patricia Yurena Miss U 2013 1st runner up who was stunning in red. Most of the people at MGM or Gaylord were unaware that Miss World was going on. Akala nila Miss America. Most of the people near where we sat thought Catriona had it in the bag after the Q and A. When PR was announced we were shocked and speechless. Well umiyak si Cat because of the many fans flocking near her by the stage expressing support still. Spoke to Miss Ireland who thought Cat deserved to win after the interview. At the gala, anyone can come in and have pictures with the girls. PR is nice but definitely beauty wise di sya stand out. Mabait naman sya so Keri na. Yung PR judge laging nakabuntot Kay Stephanie. Saw Julia Morley. Dedma na Lang kami. Ha ha

    Definitely Cat is more stunning than her beauty wise. Medyo malamya ang final gown ni Cat tingnan sa stage while PR’s gown sparkled from where I sat. DR is very nice as well and even told her about her gown that yellow is the color of joy and she laughed. Mirea Lalaguna is pretty in person. Miss Venezuela has no spark kahit maganda. China looks ordinary and she even doesn’t have the modelesque look or walk up close. Slovakia is gorgeous. USA is blah I didn’t even bother to take a picture of her. Most of the girls are skinny as in mukhang doble ang katawan Nila sa katawan ko ha ha. Anyway I still love Catriona. She made us all proud. Ganda ng brown gown Nya sa gala. She is spending Xmas in Canada and will be home daw for the NY. Uuwi kaming luhaan from DC and medyo bitter bitteran pa but happy that many thought Cat is the one that got away. It’s Miss World’s loss not ours. Yun lang. #winsomelosesome

    • @ Dawn – suwerte mo naman, Dawn you were able to make it to the MW2016 pageant. I was watching her video courtesy of OPMB post-MW contest and she was just picture perfect as she obliged to have her pictures taken with her fans (even saw some familliar A&Q faces milling around her – Mama J and Mama Ruffa πŸ™‚ Her demeanor was just so arresting and her presence will just take your breathe away. Were this the MU pageant, she would have won it hands down based on her over-all performance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Dawn!!! Anong assessment mo Kay Indonesia? Sometimes I feel like I’m too biased just because I really don’t like them pero tell us naman your observations baka mabawasan inis namin.

      • Yes, Dawn – share us how you would size up Miss Indonesia. Not sour-graping here myself, pero, I don’t think she should have even be in the top 20 kasi mas maraming magaganda at matatalino sa kaniya. Sa face value at sa brain, hindi ko talaga ma-accept na 3rd placer siya. Juice colored kahit saang angulo ko tingnan, di ko ma-gets πŸ™‚

      • Naku Laila and Jen forgettable di tumatak sa mga mata ko ang itsura nya. Walang stage presence. Sabi nga ng kakilala Ko who watched MW too , may pimple pa nga raw ng makita nya ng malapitan. Gusto nya ngang tirisin ang pimple eh lol. Mataray din ang kasama ko coz he confronted Julia Morley and told her within hearing distance of Miss Puerto Rico that Philippinrs was robbed. He asked her how the judges came up with the decision. Julia just squeezed his hands and told him the decision is final and please no more questions please. And then they posed for pictures together na magka holding hands. Ha ha. Ayaw siguro ni Madam na magisa sa sarili nyang luto. Charrr 😍

  20. Much as I lament the fact that our fair lady Catriona didn’t deserve her rank in Miss World, I believe we should give her a grand welcome fit for a queen, don’t you think guys?
    For all the hard work, poise & grace that she exerted in the face of injustice & discrepancies of the results of the said pageant, we shouldn’t stop expressing our support & appreciation of her for representing us Filipinos in Miss World.
    And let our detractors gloat & cackle over our failure to clinch the crown.
    They may claim the WORLD is theirs for now.
    But the UNIVERSE is within our grasp, right here in our own court.
    I want blood.

    • Agree… she deserves a great homecoming. Let’s show the World that we value our Queen Cat so much. #ItsMissWorldsLossNotOurs.

  21. Guys, tama na. Next year sa Indonesia ang pageant. Natataandaan nyo pa ba kung saang bansa nanalo si Megan? Di ba Indonesia? So alam nyo na ang mangyayari next year…. kayo naman nagalit kayo agad pinoposisyon ko lang ang pagkapanalo nyo next year. Philippines will win MW in Indonesia next year. Kailangan nyo lang gawin ay ipadala su Laureen Young.

  22. Ang daming bitter! Mag-move on na mga bakla! Pakatotoo kayo, reklamo-reklamo ng cooking show, di pa ba kayo sanay? Eh dito pa lang sa Pilipinas cooking show galore na!!! At ang numero unong promotor yang sila Jonas!

  23. I think we really shouldn’t send a contestant to MW anymore. Magkaron naman tayo ng pride kajit paano. Para kang makikipagbalikan sa boyfriend mo na harapharapan kang ipinagpalit sa iba! NO WAY!

  24. Cory Q should just send Sandra Lemonon next year since it doesn’t make sense sending credible candidate anyway. It is all by sheer luck. No need to waste time and money.

    • Catriona’s, definitely. I love MJ pero convincing naman rin naman talaga ang win ni Paulina, as much as a lot of people hated the fact that Trump clearly favored her the moment she set her foot in Doral.

    • Lai, mas masakit ‘to syempre. Ito na kase ‘yun, eh, pero hindi pa. Hindi naman pwedeng sabihin na masyado pang maaga for the Philippines to win its 2nd Miss World crown.

      Anyway, bakit hindi na lang ‘yang gown na ‘yan ang isinuot ni Cat?

      • Ana, sabi sabi si Mama J nag decide. Pero kahit mag M5 si Cat wala talaga sa gown yan eh…ang daming inconsistencies na na observe ng mga tao doon. tulad ng naipost ni Norman, lumalabas na pre-determined lahat. I will not question PR’s win. Give ko na sa kanya yun. Next time na natin i-analyze. Ako lang, masyado lang lantad at garapal ang Indonesia. Nahiya pa sila ipanalo.

      • di ba may chika na yung sahabat account sa IG ay may ni-post yata na results on the eve of the competition na tugma sa resulta ng pageant tapos binura rin nila para hindi halata? dumi talaga.

      • Kunsabagay nga. Pero I liked this gown compared dun sa pastel gown na suot niya.

        Nawawalan na ako ng gana sa Miss World. I support boycotting Miss World hangga’t ‘di nila ayusin ang contest nila. Sa Miss Universe na lang muna tayo at Miss International.

        I believe na predetermined ang judging kase nga ‘yung judges table, mga note pad lang ang andun. In this age of technology, hindi man lang digitized ang score sheets. Kalokah ever!!!

        If we base sa performance at answers ng final five, heto dapat ang placement nila:

        Miss World 2016 – Philippines
        First Runner-up – Kenya
        2nd Runner-up – Puerto Rico
        3rd Runner-up – Dominican Republic
        4th Runner-up – Indonesia (kahit hindi nya talaga deserve makasama sa Top 20)

      • Did you guys noticed that Cat’s gowns are very similar? I wonder why? Honestly, I love the red wine gown she wore during MWP than MW. Walang gaanong wow factor because the background was very dark. Also the fabric looks like Megan’s which has curtain-like feel to it.

      • I would have wanted to see her in Black or Midnight blue to emphasize fair skin. Feeling ko mas lutang ganda niya pag darker hue.

      • Boycott? Hello! what you just said is a microcosm of Filipino pageant fans. Dahlin there are 117 countries who joined the contest this year, ang isang participant ay hindi kawalan. Let’s cut the delusion, arrogance and feeling of entitlement.

    • Lai you cannot compare this to MJ. MJ’s batch had far more deserving winners than MJ. I mean I was rooting for Jamaica that time but Paulina was just gorg too. The main reason why Cat’s loss hurt too much is because she is the “perfect” candidate we have sent in the recent memory. She is a natural queen full of class and who sincerely cares about her advocacy. Unfortunately, there were factors last night that were taken into account that we cannot argue unless some evidence of comes out. We will never find another Catriona anymore. She is a rare breed of a rep.

  25. Kelan naman kaya magiging Best National Director si SMA? Kung si Ines na walang Malay eh nbigyan ng ganung award, si SMA PA kaya na alumni ng MU.

  26. Ano ba to? Eto na ba talaga ang siste sa mga pageants ngayon? Late late-an? Lahat may involvement ng Pinay from Pia, Nichole, Joanna tapos ngayon kay Cat.

    From Pgeanthology 101:

    Miss Philippines Catriona Gray has been declared as the 3rd Princess, while Miss Kenya Evelyn Njambi is the 4th Princess during #MissWorld2016 Gala Dinner and Post Pageant Awarding Ceremonies. Did you know Miss Kenya Evelyn Njambi was first runner-up during Miss Kenya but took over the title of Miss World Kenya coz the original winner was dethroned.

    • Teh, palagi SA gala ina-announce Yan. Tignan mo post pageant gala ni Megan, dun din ina-announce continental queens.

    • Tangna to bes. Baka reveresed talag yunh order ng results. Kenya ang MW tas 1st RU si cat. Cheret lang. Pero bahala na bes, di pa rin ako mka get over. Calling wanda teo, chavit singson, atbp, imanipulate na ung results agad2x. Backtoback na to. Push na yan. Hahahahah. Kung nabibili ang placement sa MW, ganun na din sa MU kahit corona pa. Hahahahahah.

      • Dapat lang at Planuhin na ng mabuti and make it professionally done para walang sabit hihihi
        2 Judges from the philippines, 1 Fil-Am and 1 Fil-Aussie out of 6 judges para di halata.
        EG and SS kay Maxine lahat ang Award kasama na ang Miss Photogenic.
        Magreklamo kay Senador Pacman ang aangal bwihihihi

      • You make me funny. Natawa nalang ako kahit hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako maka move on. Lalo na dito sa work namin, usap usapan ang dayaan. Kahit mismong mga indonesian ang nagsabi na deserve ni cat na manalo. Kasi daw tuloy tuloy ang pagsagot. Hindi pumepreno ng uhhh ahhh uhhhh ahhh.

      • bong700: Magreklamo sila ka Pres Duterte. Sige tingnan natin kung mgarereklamo ang mga vaks na yan.

    • Ay, talagang nakakawalang gana. Actually sa ngayon hindi naman ako sang-ayon sa pag-boycott pero kung magpapadala tayo ng mga kandidata natin na magaling sa Miss U na lang talaga. As I’ve said before may politika rin naman sa Miss U pero at least hindi nila pinapayagan sumawsaw yung mga national directors na ‘none of the above’ pa ang peg ng mga kandidata na sinasali (waley ang face at hindi man lang winner sumagot sa question and answer). Dun talaga ako nandiri eh, sa mga galawan ng mga katulad ni Nawatt at ni Lilly’s peanut butter. Nakakaloka.

      Lakas pa ng mga Colombians sa IG na tawaging ‘karma’ ito for what happened to ARY last year. PWEDE BA! puwes, karma-karma rin pala, ibigay na yang korona kay Maxine tutal panalo naman ang fez at may charm naman ang merlat! I-clapper na yang si Kezia na Walmart version lang naman ni Maxine. At saka gumastos na rin naman ang bansa natin at may pwesto si Jonas sa committee. Ganyan lang pala ang labanan eh. Tapon na yang delikadeza!

    • Shove it Julia Morley. Don’t fall for this bait of the 3rd princess ek ek nila. It is just a way for them to appease the fanbase.

      • EXACTLY!!! I find this move not only desperate but extremely INSULTING… as if we can not see her true intentions. You don’t give me bitter candy when I am angry!!!

    • Hi, Laila. I think it has been the tradition of Miss World to announce the ranking of the two other finalists post-pageant, i.e. in the coronation ball.

      Like many of us, I hoped that Catriona would win because she clearly had it all but Miss World is known for unpredictable verdicts and Miss Puerto Rico’s victory is now among those judgements.

      While I am uncomfortable with the presence of the Indonesian ND in the panel, it is a fact that this same lady was among the judges who chose Megan as Miss World three years ago. I wonder if many of us raised the issue of conflict of interest in 2013 because the pageant was being held in Indonesia, Miss Indonesia won the Talent segment, and we had the Indonesian ND in the panel. It was fundamentally wrong even then but who among us complained after Megan won? Is this truly a matter of fighting for what is right?

      • Thanks Caroline see? I’m not that invested in MW Kase Hindi ko Alam mga bagay na to.if she was part of the judging panel during Megan’s time – again – vakeeeeet!? It’s just so garapal that the Indonesians supported Ms Mongolia na nakipag cat and mouse chase tayo sa votes then the moment their rep bagged second place in the top model event na walang credible footage soon Sila umariba. Had we known about her involvement in 2013 I would have raised my brow too. Regardless of my loathing for the Indonesian pageant fans -. NDs should NOT be involved in the judging panel. Unless retired na sila or something. 1. Conflict of interest 2. Mitsa ng away

      • Laila, I am relieved you remain level-headed at a time when a seemingly vast number of others are after blood. I really don’t know how we can make Julia Morley see the clear conflict of interest in asking an ND to sit in the panel, as well as the doubts that will always hound edition after edition due to events seemingly done in secrecy, e.g. Top Model this year; to unreliable data, e.g. 2012 leaderboard; to “how the h*ll did that happen” moments, e.g. Venezuela’s exclusion in looks-oriented events after Ivian won. Do we continue to play the game passionately or do we walk away?

      • It was fundamentally wrong and it still is. No National Director should sit in the Judging Panel… no matter how “objective” said judges promise they are going to be, it will always be perceived as unfair and improper. Not only is this an issue with Indonesia, one other judge also has a direct Puerto Rico connection. Miss World is Julia Morley’s power trip – she does what she wants to do. Her impropriety, however, becomes glaring when a less-than deserving candidate wins and an obvious winner (yes, Catriona) is robbed. There was not much hoopla made about that Indonesian judge in 2013 because Megan dominated that competition and was truly a worthy winner. Same thing happened the following year with Rolene.

        Politics will always be a part of beauty pageants or any competition in that matter. But it should remain in the background, an underlying current. Julia Morley has always been rubbing everybody’s faces with her power… this time, it is just unabashedly obvious, especially since there is a standout candidate in the person of Catriona Gray.

        If the Philippines’ candidate is undeserving, I will be the first one to admit it (e.g. I don’t think Gwen deserves that 1st runner up placement – another obvious political move on Julia’s part. A reward to the Philippines for taking Miss World away from Stella Araneta’s second class treatment of the pageant to Cory Quirino’s dedicated focus). But I console myself with the thought that somebody had already expressed in this thread – this is Miss World’s loss,not the Philippines’ or Catriona’s.

        Thanks for letting me rant… I can move on now… πŸ™‚

  27. So walanghiyaan na lang ang labanan ng mga bansang bumastos kay Catriona, Kylie, at Pia? Ilagay sila sa watchlist come January 30. Payback time! Sana i-award ng MUO ulit sa atin ang title. Shameless na kung shameless. We have a tie ‘ka nga. Maxine has it all kumpara sa mga reps ng mga pashneang kapitbahay natin.

    At sa MW, huwag na tayo magsend ng de-kalbreng candidates like catriona.Sayang lang. Kahit yung saktong ganda lang at sensible enough pwede na. Mas ok din kung handpicked na lang. Tutal pera-pera na lang ang labanan diyan. Same with MGI. This year’s results is really fucking unbelievable.

  28. Yung mga ngsasabi diyan na kesyo mg boboycott sa MW, di na naniniwala sa MW at Bruha si Julia, pustahan tayo next year todo supporta at subaybay ulit kayo sa pambato ng Pilipinas next year…. sus wag nga ako, ilang besea na kunyari boycott pero pgdating ng pageant lahat ng paraan para bumoto gagawin.

    Wag kasi padadala sa emosyon. Yan kayo eh

    • some people hope that the country does not send any more rep to MW. But if it does, I think it is only decent for any Filipino to do everything in his power to support the candidate especially if he knows that she iis highly worthy of the crown. If that means voting online 24/7, it’s not your g-d business.

      • I think we really shouldn’t send anymore. Para kang makikipagbalikan sa boyfriend mo na harapharapan kang ipinagpalit sa iba! NO WAY!

  29. Hi Sir Norman! Sorry mawalang galang na dito sa blog mo pero I want to give my unsolicited advice to pageant bloggers here in the Philippines: Filipino online pageant blogs should STOP promoting Indonesian queens. Their girls are not deserving and only pay their way to place. Look at the two years in a row where they placed at Miss World all because their ND was a judge in both instances. I blame Cat’s failure ti get that crown or even crack the top 3 due to that ND. I mean how come Indonesia placed higher than Philippines? Don’t tell me because she’s the winner of BWAP. Catriona is in the Top 5 of BWAP also and placed in all othef FT except Sports. I already smelled they are cooking something when two nights before, Indonesia, a person with no model experience and has obviously weak pasarela skills could place in the Top 2 of Top Model? How come? Because her ND was a judge again. This is beyond evil. You should blog about that and expose their fault so Miss World will not repeat this bluner for the years to come. Miss World should be called out if they want to remain as a reputable organization. Otherwise, they will always be behind the shadows of Miss Universe. 😈

  30. Do you know what sucks the most? Is that now that the competition is finished; indogs have the nerve to kick a person whose down. Now you get hoards of them; arrogant and filled with delusion going to Catriona’s instagram and spewing hate towards a hardworking woman who did her very best. They make fun of her tears on stage and nitpick on her flaws, despite their candidates obvious flop during the q and a.
    I really hope karma and justice happens to this arrogant pagaent community. Miss Universe is happening in our country and I don’t mind seeing their orangutan candidate getting booed during the prelims and ending up as clapper. Filipinos have seen enough of their rudeness and dirty tactics glossing it over with “Asia power” “lovenohate” bullish*t.
    Yes this is my pettiness speaking.

    • Lai, I am deeply hurting and can’t get over it. Ang hirap paniwalaan na ang most beautiful, elegant and deserving candidate was robbed BIG time. I can’t think of a Filipina who is in Cat’s caliber. Not within the next five years.

      And’yan pa naman si Maxine. I believe she will fight hard for us. Ipaghihiganti n’ya tayo.

      To Catriona – thank you so much for elegantly representing the Philippines. We understand how distressing it is for you to lose in this battle that you had early reigned supreme. We, your genuine fans, are here in your back. We won’t die supporting you in whatever endeavor you will be in. You are still our Miss World 2016.

      To Indonesian fans – don’t claim victory and boast on us. Everybody in this world knows the truth that your representative deserves non-semi final placement. SHE. IS. NOT. BEAUTIFUL.

    • Dinaya naman talaga si Catriona. Malinaw na malinaw. Dun pa lang sa pagkasama sa judging panel ng Indonesian ND eh obvious nang merong hindi magandang mangyayari sa resulta. I don’t question Puerto Rico and Dom. Rep placement, pero hello, Indonesia? Para matalo nya si Catriona sa 2nd runner up placement is sobrang di katanggap tanggap. I don’t complain sa results ng pageants eversince I started watching since 1993. Pero ito ang super unfair talaga. Kaya may karapatan lang talagang mag-express ng disapointment ang mga tunay na Pinoy pageant supporters.

  31. Malinaw na pina dama lang tayo ng bruhang Julia Morley kay Megan.

    Kaya nanalo si Megan at patuloy na pinaghohost sa MW ay para sa hatak ng mga pinoy fanbase.

    Sa totoo lang, mas dekalibre si Cat sa PR at sa mga naging previous MW queens.

    Hinding hindi na ako maniniwala pa kaylanman sa MWO.

    Pera lang ang katapat ng bruhang Julia Morley.

    The more money you have, the more chances of winning.

  32. Regarding Catriona’s answer,it shows consistency. Same question on national level,why change it in international level? Changing it would appear as if you are just playing around. We have great command of English language that it’s as if “euphemism” is so “un-english” already. Buti na lang di ako nagpuyat dahil expect ko na jenhammond 2.0 Ang kalalabasan because of the upcoming MU.

  33. Pareho pang PR ang nanalo SA 2pageant na controversial Ang result para SA pilipinas. Pauto ulit Tayo next year mga bakla! Anyway, after one year vibrant na ulit Tayo na as if di na natuto SA free publicity ng mga beauty pageant at our expense.

  34. Mga bakla! Nung 2014 yung isang kapitbahay natin Ang nag Country of the Year. The following year nga-nga na Sila ulit tapos Sila bitawan ng mga Pinoy na Trainor. Kaya papanahon lang Yan!

  35. Alam na natin sino ang MW 2017. And the winner is INDOgNESIA. Waley ang Pinas kasi ayaw mag host. Gagamitin lang PGH para sa charity.KUNWARI LANG yang Charity sa totoo lang Business lang yan. Kung sino malaki ang ambag e di ikaw na, hindi kuya boy IKAW na! Hahhaah. BORING TALAGA ang MW seconda mano lang siya sa MI.

  36. Next year si Patani o kaya si Melai ang ipadala naten, hindi ma mag-place e hindi masakit, pero pag nag-place e pak na pak!

    Miss Puerto Rico has the aura of a Miss World, very fresh and young.
    And most importantly, she’s not rehearsed.
    I’m not saying that Cat delivered a rehearsed response to the generic question of MW, but methinks that her answer is so pageant-patty.
    And please lang, itigil na ang hair-bun, and one more thing, no to Libiran’s gown, so boring and non-impacting.

    Indonesia got the 3rd highest placement because BWAP has a high bearing.

    Kenya should have replaced Dominican Republic, sa Miss Earth dapat si Domincan Republic, charot!

    • Point out an injustice when you see one. Otherwise, you are complicit with the act. So please. Don’t pretend that you don’t sense that something’s off.

    • Hay naku Basil agree ako! I wonder how mama J feels after this. Must be devastating for his camp too.

  37. Pansinin nio…..

    lahat ng pinag host si Megan sa Miss & Mister World, talo ang Pilipinas.

    What a co-incidence or Megan is a jinx to Phils. rep everytime she host MW.

    What r ur thoughts?

    • This opinion is influenced with our traditional beliefs hehe being a semi-finalist or finalist is an achievement πŸ™‚

      • But coming from a so-called powerhouse of beauty queens, we can still say it make sense!

      • Powerhouse in a sense where we are placing consistently and winning is a bonus. It is fate πŸ™‚

      • @Veejay

        Hindu rin.. dinamay mo pa si Megan… wala syang kinalaman dun… ayaw lang ni Julia na laging tayo ang manalo.

    • Veejay. ano ba beh. We cannot win every year. Val was flawed and she was competing against Rolene. Hilarie made the top 10 and I wasn’t really super excited about her either. I do hope that Megan stops hosting MW but how can you say no if MW pays her dearly?!?!

  38. Beauty-wise the winner is not bad but the 2nd runner up placement of Ms. Indonesia is ‘RIGGED’. 😦

  39. Oh anong nangyari kala ko ba sure winner na sya gaya ng mga sinasabi ng mga baklang pangit dito na konting puna lang sa damit ni catriona eh nakikpagpatayan na sila
    Eeeeeeww, eeeeeeww and another eeewww……
    I have said this and will say it again…no one as in nobody has ever surpassed Meagan Young’s attributes so far.. she has yet to be discovered.

    • Miss World nga si Megan Young. Pero……………

      Siya din ang naghatid ng “Kamalasan” para sa mga Philippines rep sa Miss & Mister World buhat ng nag host siya sa low-tier Miss World Beauty pageant. Lahat ng pinaghost niya ligwak ang Pilipinas. Ni-runners up waley!

      Dapat palitan ang Miss World 2017 sa Indonesia ng “MISS WORLD CHIN PAGEANT”. hahahahahaha

      Muntakin mo 2nd princess ang Indonesia. haaaaiiisssst.

    • Gaga ng post na itey. You should be thankful that our camps are trying to discover girls who give us the best chances of winning year after year after year.

  40. Nasabi nyo na lahat gusto ko sabihin at ibalita.
    Keri boom boom lang sana sakin kung pumalya so cat sa q and a. Yung feeling nyo rehearsed na answer nya? Ako I saw it as branding. Yung torch na ginamit nya sa nationals nag level up lang.

    Styling ako maniniwala na kulang. Magandang bata pero the pink, the ill fitting gown, the bun and the earrings – too Megan. The libirans (love him) were too frumpy dumpy.

    I have no issue with PR. Oo may issue ako sa NDs getting involved but the Indonesian team is so garapalan na talaga. I think na enumerate na sa baba involvement nila n securing spots given the mediocre answers and the mediocre face and pasarela.

    There is a growing movement on IG amongst pinoy admins na hindi mag popost or mag mememntion ng photos ni Keke sa MU. Ayaw nila mag warla warla pero the are thinking of giving the delegate the cold shoulder.

    If eloquent speakers such as Cordoves and Catriona mas naungusan pa ng kabila na hind naman ganun ka exceptional – aba eh di hindi na pala ako mahihiya kung mataas maabot ni mika sa MU. Eh ang labanan naman pala hindi galing sa pakikipag talastasan eh. Tapon ko na iniingatan kong delikadeza – nyeta koronahan na yang Si Mika sa Pinas. Bahala na sila mag away away.

    P.S. this is me being bitter. Pwede naman maging bitter diba?

    • I agree… based on beauty… 4M should win with a landslide… kitang-kita naman, mukhang tiyahin nya si Kezia… Ganda ni MU-Thailand sana, tanga lang. Ano na?!

      • I don’t dislike Misses Indonesia per se, Kezia to me is another strong candidate from Indonesia just like last year in MU. She’s actually in my Top 10. She is the best among Indonesian reps this year.

      • Yeah if its all based on physical beauty, she is indeed the best anong Indo reps… BUT still if judging is all based on Physical beauty then without a doubt Kezia Warouw pales in comparison to Maxene Medina… as in Albino levels…ganun ka pale!!!

  41. The strong sash factor is slowly shifting from Philippines to Indonesia. We had our time, dapat masaya tayo at di naman araw araw lagi pasko ika nga. Indonesians has been working hard of this. They are now harvesting the fruits of their labor pakonti konti.

    Bilog ang mundo, darating ulit ang time natin pero bago satin dadaan muna sa Venezuela.

    • Nawawala na ang sash factor natin? Eh naka isang major crown na nga tayo tapos isang RU.
      Yun pala yung nawawala ang sash factor. So ibig sabihin, ang Venezuela ay nawawalan na ng sash factor dahil puro sila unplacement sa MW ngayon?

      Kung natrain niyo lang sana ng maayos yung girls niyo edi sana maayos pa ang overall Big 5 perfomance natin ngayong taon. Kaloka isang clapper tapos isang Quarter finalist. Che! Buti nahatak ng MI at MW placement natin ang record natin. Kaya wag kami.!

      • Exactly. I’ve had it with these KF “fan” dogs tbh. Oo, aso rin sila. Lakas mag-train ng ibang kandidata sa ibang bansa ligwak at sobrang palpak naman mga kandidata na galing sa camp nila (Hello, Imelda!). Pwede ba.

      • Tama newbiecommenter. Ang kapal na sabihing nawawala na ang sash factor natin. Eh paano hindi mawawala eh kung mga asocena ang tinetrain nila tapos ang girls nila, pinabayaan nila sa kangkungan. Leche talaga. Sayang potentials nila.

        Ito na ang last time na magiging mabait ako sa mga PI kapitbahay na yan. I’m done with their #Asean #weloveSEA bs nila. I don’t care pero dahil sa kahambugan nila dahil nakakaplace ang Walmart/ Puregold girls nila through politics and sponsors eh magiging basher ako ng mga babaita nila. Mga inggrata sila! Pwe!

    • B.Nica, pasintabi sa pananaw mo. Kung more deserving yang mga yan over our own eh wala akong tutol. For goodness sake eh hindi naman! Sabi nga nung isang commenter kahit sa korte eh mapapatunayan na mataas ang kalidad ng mga kandidata natin kumpara sa mga nanalong azo.

    • LOL To this comment. All the Philippine delegates this year have made it to the semifinals or better in every competition (bigger pageants) this year. The only ones who did not make it past semis were Joanna and Jenn (for some obscure reasons). The only big pageant we did not make the semis is Miss Earth (Hello KF???)

  42. Si Julia Morley ay isang negosyante sa likod ng Miss World Charity.

    Panahon pa ni Ruffa G. dinaya na ang resulta.

    Kaya lang naman pinanalo ang Pilipinas thru Megan Young is because bagong franchise ni Cory Quirino ang Miss World na humiwalay sa franchise ng Binibining Pilipinas Charities.

    Noon nagbalak na dalhin ang MW pageant sa Pinas na hihndi natuloy……iyan ang sweet revenge ni Miss Julia Morley.

    Tama…..pera pera lang ang Miss World. Mas marami kang pera….the more chances of winning!

    • Veejay,
      I do agree with some of your points, but Megan Young won because of her sheer merits and incomparable beauty inside and out.

    • … Julia’s dislike to Philippines can be traced way back 1973 witb Ms. Evangeline Pascual. Dethroned na nga ang MW’73, gustong pagtrabaho-in si Evangeline pero ayaw ibigay ang title.

      … then Ruffa Gutierrez in 1992. Ruffa had it all like Catriona today. Ruffa settled for 3rd place after Jamaica & South Africa na pasintabi po parang mga copra workers

      … then today with Catriona’s 😦

      Alam ko nanalo si Megan pero talagang pinaantay nga Pilipinas more than 60yrs bago nanalo.

  43. Can we make a petition for Madame Cory Quirino to drop this MWP franchise? Sorry guys, bitter na kung bitter pero etong bitterness na to may pinaghuhugutan. Pangit maging bitter kung alam mo naman na naging fair ang judging. Pero may ‘karapatan’ tayong magpaka-bitter kung nakita naman ng buong mundo kung ano ang mga nangyari. Hindi lang Pinoy ang nagsasabi na sya ang dapat manalo.

    Kaya naman maka-survive ng Miss World kahit wala tayo (Philippines). Nagawa nga nila before Megan’s time eh. Pero ung relevance nila now is highly questionable after the results of tonight’s pageant. Pera-pera na lang talaga kasi charity naman eh. The more money you invest, the higher your country’s placement is.

    Sinuportahan ko si Cat 100% and hindi pakitang-tao lang or masabing sinuportahan kasi Pinoy. Siya ung candidate natin na masarap abangan, masarap pakinggan at suportahan kasi kita mo na iyong puso nya andun sa cornerstone ng Miss World. Julia, if this is your revenge to us for not hosting your pageant, then so be it. Karma is waiting for you. What goes around comes around. Just you wait and see.

    • That we are not sure of. I believe BBP has a rule na prior to joining BBP, 1 year muna dapat walang pageant na sasalihan. and since na represent na niya ang country, sa isang pageant, alpha pageant pa, di ko sure kung pwede sakanila yun. para kasing nabasa ko before na malabo na daw matanggap once you have represented the PH na sa international pageant. Not sure ha.

      • bakit hindi? Maricar Balagtas was Miss Globe International winner before rejoining Bb Pilipinas?

      • Di si Mcgarry joined an international pageant before? Siguro pwede pero after 3 years mas hinog sya.

      • Carlene Aguilar was Miss Philippines Earth in 2001, and competed in Miss Earth, another time as Miss Chinatown Manila, and placed second place in Miss Chinatown International. Then she joined BbP 2005, and snatched the MWP crown, and placed in the semis that year. Cristy Lynn McGarry, joined Miss Intercontinental first before joining BBP 2015, she competed again on Miss Intercontinental and placed First-runner up. It is clear na pwede unless the rules have changed. Ako, ok ako sa pagsali nya sa BBP kung paguusapan lang. Nasa kampo nya at sa kanya ang desisyon. I have never liked any MWP candidate after Megan, siya lang talaga.

  44. Congratulations (in advance ) to miss indonesia for bagging miss world 2017 to be held in indonesia in 2017. Since we know already the winner, wag na magpadala ng delegate next year ang philippines and the otehr countries. Gagastusan pa e me winner na.

  45. Ibulong ni mama j kay shugart na bokyain ang Indonesia at PR sa MU para madama nila ang lupit ng Pilipinas..GANTI GANTI LANG

    • We have already established the Philippines as a powerhouse country when it comes to pageantry. We have garnered crowns in all Big 4 pageants. Indonesia on the other hand are still starting to make a name for themselves in the world of beauty contests. We don’t need to feel threatened or insecure. At least, we play fair in order to win.

    • Actually, di sila makapaniwala na si PR ang nanalo and they are expecting na si Cat ang MW2016 kaya ganyan na lang ang reaction nila.
      Akala din ni PR na ang Philippines na ang Winner kaya di sya makapaniwala talaga.
      We will wait sa mga interviews kina Cat and PR and other winners kung ano masasabi nila hihihi

      • I agree, their reactions are actually being just surprised. Even on a youtube which I just watched, you can overhear the Chinese people saying Philippines without me understanding their language, and they seemed to be very much surprised at the result.

    • There is a story that as a five year old child, Natasha was crossing a street in Jakarta when suddenly, she was hit by a motorcycle. The motorcycle’s side-mirror smashed the right side of her face..

      It has been sort of bent ever since…

  46. Dont worry Cat. There’s something bigger and grander in store for you.

    Mga beks magdonate na tayo sa foundation ni Cat. It’s one way to continue supporting her.

  47. Baka naman this is what Julia wanted exactly, na matalo ang Philippines para mapagusapan pa lalo ang Miss World due to heartbreak ng fans instead of happiness. Just so sad for Cat, probably the best BQ of the Philippines ever.

  48. My heart bleeds for Catriona. It is clear that out of the Top 5, she really believed in the values of Miss World. However, we must try and get through this. Let’s remember that the most successful Miss World candidate is Halle Berry, and she didn’t win. I wish Catriona the same success.

  49. The message posted from a concerned US based reader is very malicious. Though I understand the grievances of the filipino pageant fans, I believe stuff like that should not be made public unless strongly supported by an evidence. This will stir up another controversy with a hearsay as a basis. It can even be libelous should the other party take a claim on this. Take about responsible sharing.

    • Ok hija take it take it! Ang gagang grammarian akala mo grumadyet sa Harvard! Pwe!

      • Ay andito ulit ang fan ko. I’m really flattered Paul. You’ve been following me.

    • You are one to speak about evidence… for somebody who just claimed that Philippines lost its powerhouse status to Indonesia, with scant proof and stemming from recency effect. Credibility, hija… you definitely need to work on establishing the slightest hint of it before you get into a rant about providing evidence.

  50. Look from https://www.facebook.com/sashfactorinfo/photos/a.171582429626879.35177.171279809657141/1154447318007047/?type=3&theater.

    Lyka Gomez Repost. Credit to the owner.

    Some interesting facts and CONTROVERSIES in Miss World 2016:

    I have nothing against the winner. In fact, she is lovely. However, there are things which I believe, the Miss World Organization should avoid to be considered ‘Credible’, Fair and Just in choosing their winners. After all, MW is dubbed as an Alpha pageant so credibility and quality should always be the goal to maintain its prestige and honor.

    And All the girls and the people involved have really worked hard with their sweat and blood dripping, thinking that the judgment process will be fair.

    *The Puerto Rican National Director who is also a former Miss World sat as a judge during the Finals and Puerto Rico sponsored the Miss World 2016 Fashion Show together with Indonesia. (In any pageant, it is considered unethical if a National Director sits as a judge. It is very distasteful). What would the other National Directors feel when they learnt that their fellow ‘competitors’ are included in judging process?

    *Indonesia had hosted the Miss World pageant in 2013 and will be hosting again next year. China won the crown two times in their home country (2007 and 2012) and had hosted the pageant six times. Expect, that Indonesia will get the crown soon. But if she is DESERVING and worthy of the crown, we will be the first to REJOICE!

    *The Indonesian National Director sat as a judge during the Miss World 2016 Top Model competition. Indonesia got second place and 1st place in Beauty with a Purpose Project.

    *Last year, the same Indonesian National Director was included in the panel of judges. Indonesia won Third Place.

    *The Philippines had been poised to host the pageant but due to some factors it did not materialize. Julia Morley must have been very disheartened upon learning that the country chose to host Miss Universe instead. So axing a very deserving winner is the sweetest revenge. Sorry Catriona, you have become the sacrificial lamb!

    Lessons for the National Directors who aspire to win:

    *Be a major sponsor or host the pageant so Julia Morley will give you the crown. Call me bittermelon, but I need to divulge these facts to spread awareness of the shameless politics in Miss World. These need to stop! Seriously.

    • Anybody who cares to comment or make a post should read this first. It should but may still not change your mind or sway you to a different thinking path but it should make you think twice about your approach or framing when commenting or posting.

      Thank you for this. Those seeking “evidence”, I dare you provide some that would refute what the post’s key message.

  51. Pansinin nio…..

    lahat ng pinag host si Megan sa Miss & Mister World, talo ang Pilipinas.

    What a co-incidence or Megan is a jinx to Phils. rep everytime she host MW.

    What r ur thoughts?

      • So co-incidences lang lahat ng mga sunud-sunod na pagkatalo ng mga naging Philippine rep..

        O sige ganito na lang, i-suggest na huwag si Megan ang host for the next three years and let us see

        kung may mananalong Philippines kahit 2nd princess.

  52. Disappointed we may all be but we should all be proud of Cat’s top 5 placement ! Almost all of the pageant blogs have her as the clear winner after that final 5 Q & A. Her elegance, beauty and intelligence are undeniable. It is not all just about winning. It is about how Cat represented our country so well in that MIss World stage and boy, did she not only show class and finesse amidst the very unpopular ranking of the final 5, she also showed so much grace in defeat – and to me, that is the mark of a “true winner”. As I have said previously, win or lose, to many of us she is our Miss World 2016 ! Congratulations Catriona for a job well done – we love you, girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  53. Catriona should’ve been in the top 3. Hindi yung “No Beauty with a lot of Purpose”!

  54. Another Beauty Pageant injustices………..


    Nawalan ako ng respect sa Miss World why? wala silang pinag kaiba ng other low-tier beauty pageant sa pagpili ng winner.

    Miss World is now on the league of Supranational, Grand International, Intercontinental atbp.

    MW hindi na kita panonoorin sa mga susunod na taon.

  55. so there, may winner na even before the Q & A… TSK TSK… the more this pageant should not be patronized.. politics at its ugliest…!! nakakasuka..

  56. I read in FB during the gala Philippines declared as 3rd runners up and kenya as fouth runners up Phillipines too as MW asia and Kenya as MW africa

  57. I still can’t point out what went wrong with Catriona. She was so perfect and her styling was on point. Her Q and A was very sincere and heart warming. I literally cried when Philippines wasn’t called. Cat deserves more 😦

  58. with miss world, expect the unexpected. we should not have been surprised. in 1993, ruffa gutierrez should have been the winner, but politics got in the way. pageants are a big business especially for the owners. and business mixes perfectly with politics. catriona was the best candidate. she delivered her best, and she made us all proud. that is all that matters.

  59. Mga baks, sa miss world wikipedia
    mas mataas pa si kenya kesa miss philippines:
    so kung sa runner up 3rd sa kenya 4th si philippines.
    bakit ganernnnnnnnnnnnnnn… kainis nmn

    Miss World 2016 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico – Stephanie Del Valle[3]

    1st Runner-Up Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes

    2nd Runner-Up Indonesia – Natasha Mannuela

    Top 5 Kenya – Evelyn Thungu
    Philippines – Catriona Gray

    waley tlga swerte ang philippines kung si megan ang host….

    • Umariba na naman ang gagagitang si Kokay! Omaygad! Pinaglihi talaga sa papaitan ang hampaslupa na ito!

  60. Oh c’mon Norman, let’s be disappointed (and proud) for Cat, but don’t go around sharing conspiracy theories. You are better than that, especially as a member of the media.

  61. Catriona did her best and every Filipino was on her side during her journey that made us every Filipino proud. She will always carry that torch high for every Filipina beauty queen.

    She will always be my greatest MWP.

  62. Its really hard to believe that she didnt get the crown. Her performance seems flawfless. Her QandA was spot on. We all wonder what went wrong.
    My analysis could be wrong and I am not blaming anyone . and it doesn’t take away my admiration and support to Catriona. You are my Miss World.
    Other forums said, she was looking like Megan. And I don’t think it worked for her. Yes, Megan was epitome of Ms. World but her styling could have been different to emphasize who is Catriona Gray. Hair down and a different color for the gown may have bΓ¨en better.
    Some said her answer sounded too rehearsed. Maybe, she already had a prepared answer for that question. I bet each candidate do too. It has always been the question for many years, anyway. Now I am wishing a diff question was asked to her to better show her wits.
    And last, politics. What can you do with it.

    • Probably, they intend to give ito to Ms. Indo. Unfortunately, the rep was the weakest among the five.

  63. Eto ang hindi ko maintindihan. People have been criticizing the inclusion of Lady Forsyth (the first Miss World from PR) as one of the judges.

    Eh anong gagawin natin kapag inimbitahan ng MU si Gabriela Isler next month as judge. Strong sash pa naman ang VEN.

    Move on tayo please.

    Bukas, we will reflect on the one year reign of Queen P.

    • Becuase Lady Forsyth’s mother is the National Director of Puerto Rico. It is their family holding the franchise.. πŸ˜‰ It hurts really!

    • Because Wilnelia Forsyth’s (The first Miss WORLD from PR) family owns the franchise of Miss World Puerto Rico. Forsyth’s mother is the national Director of Stephanie del Valle. Now you understand why it leaves a bad taste on everyone’s mouth. It’s like Stephanie’s aunt is sitting with the judges.

    • Tawang-tawa ako. Eh so pano ngayon? Ramdam na ramdam nila Jonas ang ma-cooking show? Parang taon-taon na ginagawa nila sa Binibini at sa MWP. Ang dami nag-suffer na merlat sa kaitiman ng budhi nila lalo na yang chismosang si MamaRu at si Bessie! Tawa siguro ng tawa si MJ ngayon na ginaga ng mga past queens ng Campo Jonas! Bwahahahahaha

      • Gaga ano ka ba vaks. Cooking show talaga pag magagaling ang alaga nila kasi laging panalo.

  64. Cat is complete and almost perfect. Wala ka ng hahanapin pa so to speak. So there must be reason why Julia didn’t give her the crown and for that, i must agree, this is Julia Morley’s way of getting back at us for not hosting MW in the Phillipines lalo na at inuna pa nating pagbigyan ang MU. With the help of Indonesia which will host MW next year and Puerto Rico, Julia’s tantrums was consumated. Sana may gagawa ng meme. Pagtabihin si Cat at Indo para makita ng buong mundo kung gaano ka inferior quality ni Indo. Mean pero warla mode ako. Pagpasensyahan nyo na. Calling sir Jonas Gafud at sir Rodgil Flores, huwag na tayo magaksaya ng kandidta sa MW. Next year, ang ipadala na lang natin si Mystica o di kaya si Mocha.

  65. Mas imbyerna ako sa placement ni Indonesia. Siya ang weakest link with no redeeming factor. Ito rin ang nangyari last year.

    People are saying cooking show ang Miss Earth, eh ano to???? Lahat ng pageant fanatics sinabi na talaga nila na talagang mgka-posisyon si indonesia hindi sa merit kundi sa politika! Bakit Big 2 ang peageant na to?

    Kever kung di nanalo si Cat. Malakas kutob ko d siya mananalo kasi lahat sinasabi na sya ang mananalo. Kahit si Megan hindi ang sinabing mananalo sa edition niya. Na-jinx na yan si Cat tapos napolitika kasi MU dito gaganapin.

    Pero mga teh, Kenya at Pinas, ang laki ng lmang nila sa kanya. Nakakaloka.

    • the best three final interviews are : Philippines, Puerto Rico (2nd) , Kenya (3rd) . How did Indonesia and Dominican Republic end up in top 3 ? something weird going on …

  66. Ano kaya naisip ni Ana Girault (likod ni Stephanie)?

    ***Frontrunner until the second week of the pageant***

    Noong 2014, there were memes showing India’s Koyal Rana looking intently at the eventual winner, Rolene Strauss. This was during the last moments of the show when all the contestants are singing the MW theme.

    May mauuso kayang memes this year and this time featuring Cat. Abangan mga baks.

  67. My heart is bleeding effort talaga c Cat tapos mga pinoy super vote sa mobstar, halata naman napolitics c Cat.. It’s so painful,

  68. I see this not as a defeat, but more so as a “non-victory.”
    Is this, perhaps, the downside of the consistent success of the Philippine sash?
    Well, Im trying to be gracious and the only way to combat bitterness against MW and Julia Morley is remembering the many reasons fans of Philippine pageantry have much to be thankful for since 2010.

    2011 – 1st runner-up
    2012 – top 15
    2013 – winner
    2014 – top 25
    2015 – top 10
    2016 – final 5

    2010 – 4th runner up
    2011 – 3rd runner up
    2012- 1st runner up
    2013 – 3rd runner up
    2014 – top 10
    2015 – winner
    2016 –

    2010 – top 15
    2011 – top 15
    2012 – top 15
    2013 – winner
    2015 – top 10
    2016 – winner

    Thank you Catriona…you truly are a “winner” in the truest sense of the word.

    • Agree. I hope our kababayans take defeat (or better yet, non-victory) with dignity. Some have humiliated themselves by calling names to the winners. Ad hominem. Am sure Cat will not speak ill of the winners. I would rather that we put the burden on MWO to be transparent and explain, and suffer the consequences of its acts, rather than we show to the whole world how emotions bring out the worst in us as a people.

      Two cents lang.

      • Wrong pageant si gigilagidin na Guidotti alam nyo yan! Kung sa Miss World pinadala yan, nag-runner up pa sana o Semi, walang pag-asa yan na manalo kay Rolene at Koyal!

  69. Cat really poured her heart and soul…unfortunately, that was not felt and seen by julia morley. nakakahinayang lang ang kababayan natin…

  70. I find it heartbreaking that Catriona did not win the crown. I think it’s better to move on and accept that we just can’t have everything. Despite that, I still congratulate Catriona for her awesome performance in the recently concluded Miss World 2016 pageant. She may not have won, but she’s still a winner in the hearts of those who supported her since day 1.

    On the other hand, let the other countries celebrate their victories. After all, we did experience those achievements before. It may be frustrating, but we have to learn to give way sometimes. Maybe next time, we’ll have the Blue Crown again.

  71. A former Miss World from Puerto Rico and the pageant national director of Indonesia sat as among the panel of judges. Enough said.

    Julia Morley should know better that those two shouldn’t even be there especially when both their countries became finalists out of delicadeza as it is so obvious that they can easily swing the votes in favor of their respective candidates. They are in the position to give the frontrunners extremely low scores if only to slay the competition. IMHO that is how Catriona’s chances were most likely sabotaged.

    At any rate, we are truly proud of Cat. To us and to most of the pageant world, she should have been Miss World 2016 and deservedly so.

  72. Obvious naman na nagtatampo si Julia sa Philippines. Kasi naman dito gaganapin sa Pinas ang Miss Universe e kakapanalo palang ni Pia last year samantalang mas nauna daw siya magbigay ng korona sa Philippines. Ikaw ba naman daw ang di bigyan ng priority. 😒

    • IMHO Cat’s post-pageant burgundy gown here is more flattering for her figure than the old rose one onstage – although the latter looked much more expensive with its exquisite beadwork. Plus a different colored gown would have made her styling look a lot less like a clone of Megan’s. But then again that’s water under the politicized bridge now. ☹️

  73. I’m trying my best to be objective and find reason behind the results. I think my only note from Catriona’s performance is that her answer was more suited to the original format and question of MW: Why should you be Miss World?”. I think she wasn’t able to connect bravery to the explanation.

    All else, she aced it the whole competition. MW crowned another forgettable winner. If Catriona won, she would have been one of the most memorable and loved winner of all time. It is MW’s loss, not Catriona’s.

  74. Gusto ko manampal!!! Lutong luto ang Miss World! Ang aga aga sira araw ko. Sira ang pasko ko. Filipino online pageant blogs should STOP promoting Indonesian queens. They are not deserving and only pay their way to place.#MissWorld2016

  75. A big dissapointment for not crowning Catriona. She is the most qualified among the top 5. It is very very clear that she is the winner after that final question.
    I do not understand how the judges based their choices of winners. Is it Julia who has the final judgement?

    Congrats Catriona! You are our Miss World 2016, and the whole world knows it. Cheers!

  76. sorry if this is a duplicate:

    if you wanna show some love and appreciation for all of Catriona’s efforts
    the best way to show it is to support her causes and projects:

    PARAISO: The Bright Beginnings Project

    Young Focus

    Share and make other people aware

    tell the Catriona sent you there πŸ™‚

  77. Nung binalita na si Megan mag hohost ng MW 2016, parang naramdaman ko na na si ibibigay ni Tita Julia ang corona sa Pilipinas. Though no questions naman sa hosting skill ni Megan, pero parang palubag loob na binigyan ni Tita J ng additional exposure are Pilipinas. Sakit lang talaga sa dibdib kasing kitang kita mo ang angat ng pambato natin kumpara sa iba.

  78. You did your very best Cat, nothing to be sad about!! Hindi ka man nanalo, you have the caliber of a real queen, validated even by foreign pageant blogs/sites .. WE’RE PROUD OF YOU!!!

  79. While I’m happy for PR, the biggest question for me is Indonesia’s placement. Hello naman?!

    • Sobrang lantaran naman eh. Nawat did a similar stunt during Miss Globe, now someone from the Indonesia pulls a similar stunt at Miss World. We’re not that stupid to see it Julia Morley…

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