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  2. Good luck Catriona Gray kept on going forward & forward forever ….#merryxmas

  3. Miss World is now belong to a low-tier beauty pageant in selecting their winners.

    National Directors should not be in the judging panel if their country is competing.


    Any beauty pageant will become “UNPREDICTABLE”, if it is sorrounded by politics.

    And that it Miss World in its ugliest!!!!

    Goodbye Miss World!!!!

  4. Look from https://www.facebook.com/sashfactorinfo/photos/a.171582429626879.35177.171279809657141/1154447318007047/?type=3&theater.

    Lyka Gomez Repost. Credit to the owner.

    Some interesting facts and CONTROVERSIES in Miss World 2016:

    I have nothing against the winner. In fact, she is lovely. However, there are things which I believe, the Miss World Organization should avoid to be considered ‘Credible’, Fair and Just in choosing their winners. After all, MW is dubbed as an Alpha pageant so credibility and quality should always be the goal to maintain its prestige and honor.

    And All the girls and the people involved have really worked hard with their sweat and blood dripping, thinking that the judgment process will be fair.

    *The Puerto Rican National Director who is also a former Miss World sat as a judge during the Finals and Puerto Rico sponsored the Miss World 2016 Fashion Show together with Indonesia. (In any pageant, it is considered unethical if a National Director sits as a judge. It is very distasteful). What would the other National Directors feel when they learnt that their fellow ‘competitors’ are included in judging process?

    *Indonesia had hosted the Miss World pageant in 2013 and will be hosting again next year. China won the crown two times in their home country (2007 and 2012) and had hosted the pageant six times. Expect, that Indonesia will get the crown soon. But if she is DESERVING and worthy of the crown, we will be the first to REJOICE!

    *The Indonesian National Director sat as a judge during the Miss World 2016 Top Model competition. Indonesia got second place and 1st place in Beauty with a Purpose Project.

    *Last year, the same Indonesian National Director was included in the panel of judges. Indonesia won Third Place.

    *The Philippines had been poised to host the pageant but due to some factors it did not materialize. Julia Morley must have been very disheartened upon learning that the country chose to host Miss Universe instead. So axing a very deserving winner is the sweetest revenge. Sorry Catriona, you have become the sacrificial lamb!

    Lessons for the National Directors who aspire to win:

    *Be a major sponsor or host the pageant so Julia Morley will give you the crown. Call me bittermelon, but I need to divulge these facts to spread awareness of the shameless politics in Miss World. These need to stop! Seriously.


    This is a call to boycott Miss World on succeding edition!

    Miss World is now on the league of low-tier beauty Pageant!

  5. Sana kz si Nicole Manalo na lang or Joanna Eden ang pinadala..sure win na un cla, dba Baby Nica??? -_- .pro congrats Cat, u made us proud though we believe u deserve a higher placement(the title). 😦

  6. Kung ako si mama j at kung willing din si cat, i will train her agad2 for BBP at sculpt her body ahead. Wala naman atang racy photos si cat. By the end of her MWP reign, she can go for BBP2018. Baka bet lang ni mamajulia si PRico dahil at 19, shes so innocent pa. Pero napakamot talag ako sa ulo ko kay indonesia, kenya even gave a decent answer. Baka sinasya ni indo judge na ibagsak si Cat sa final round at iangat si Indo. Kahit may judge na indo at sila pa host next year, baka nabili ang 2RU placement for indo. Cheret

    • A former Miss World from Puerto Rico was a judge aside from the National director of Indonesia..

  7. To be honest, I liked the dance prod sa MW this year. Please make future pageants as entertaining as this.

  8. Ang sakit. 😦 I was at work so I couldn’t watch the pageant live. Refresh ako ng refresh sa page ni Tito Norman, tapos biglang nakita ko PR and nanalo. WTF 😦 She barely made it sa top 5 ng mga fast track events… Kung back to 0 lahat pagdating sa Top 5. Si Catriona pa rin ang lamang. Cat gave the best answer sa Q&A followed by Kenya and PR. How is it possible na hindi man lang siya umabot sa Top 3? Julia never fails to surprise us…. Sayang naman.

    However, I still want to thank Cat! You made us all proud. Kitang kita namin kung gano mo kagusto manalo and to make our country proud! Don’t worry, hindi mo man nakuha ang crown, you’ve made all the filipinos happy with your outstanding performance! If it helps, daming mga pageant experts that wanted you to win. Hindi lang pinoy, pati ibang lahi. You are a world class beauty indeed. GREAT JOB QUEEN ❤

    • i dont think she was jinxed.. we just didnt know at hand who were the final judges.

  9. Ito na nga ba sinasabi ko, Cat’ loss will be Philippine’s biggest disappointment in its beauty pageant history. Nasa kanya na lahat ngunit kulang… sa paningin ni Julia at ng mga judges. Hindi na nahiya ang Indo judge na ipagsiksikan ang manok nya kahit alam nya at kitang-kita naman ng buong mundo na inferior quality ang manok nila in all aspects compared to Catriona. I am so proud of you, Catriona. Try BBP 2 or 3 years from now. If the world does not love you, the universe will.

  10. To us, she is our Miss World 2016.

    As a consolation to us and to Tita Cory Q, Cat improved from the performance of Valerie (top 20?) and Hillarie (Top 10). That is progress.

    Ngayon, we grieve…

    But tomorrow we search for Miss World PH 2017. At magpapadala tayo ng kandidata na katulad ni Cat or even better. And if Mama Julia, rejects her, we send another world-class candidate the following year, and the next year hanggang sa bumigay ang bruha.

    • pwes maghanap na lang kayo ng mauuto sa ka vovote dahil ayoko nang pauto sa MW voting na yan

    • Pagkakataon na ng BIIK na si Mariel de Leon! Tutal patalo din naman at walang expectation, ipadala natin yung lilitsunin na yun, malay nyo makasilat pa ng Semis! Kung yung anorexic nga na si Weigmann di ba!

  11. Huli na to. Alam kong Cat feels so blessed to have the support and adulation of not only Filipinos but foreign watchers as well.

  12. Communication major pala si Stephanie. From Toa Baja. Not sure kung sumama siya sa Miss Universe Puerto Rico. Proof na communicator is one of the qualities ang hanap ng MWO. Si Megan Young of the PH ang standard ko diyan.

    * One will look very innocent with very carefree attitude and looks are cute.
    – China?

    * Connected to the letter F, and is loved by all but will find it hard to win in the end.
    – Letter F? i dont see an F

    * One who will be sharp to answer and tries to be on the top as she deserves and her name also has an A but her crown if come will be at a sharp turning point.
    – catrionA? yaritzA? kenya?

    * One is a pleasing personality who will think that she will be a winner but the fact will be that she will win another time at another event and somewhere else and not this time.
    – Catriona??

    * Next will lose the game her name with D but she will feel that there was tough competition.
    – maybe name of the country? Dominican Republic?

    * Another will belong to something that will make her look very spiritual or something that connects her to a family of some religious background but will be not a winner.
    – im quite sure she’s Miss Mongolia

    * Next will give an answer that won’t be appreciated by judges and she will think later what she said.

    * A contestant and her journey is long and has a chance to win too, look the winner to me already with the name connected to P or C.
    – Puerto Rico 😦

    * One will stuck at a point where she will have to return to B which is her native place.
    – B-elgium

    * Lastly, one who will have a strong chance to win too but will be lost in dreams and lose because of unbalanced focus.
    – Yaritza

    What do u guys think?

    • 😥 kitang kita ginawa niya to lahat para sa atin huhu look at the way she holds our flag so dearly 😦

  14. Naisip ko yang Country of the Year and I think it is going to be PR.

    Venezuela failed to make the Top 20 cut. That is very significant given that there are four Asian semi-finalists (not counting the Asian fast-track winners). Japan is a big surprise.

    Osmel must be in deep reflection right now. It looks like it is going to be a crownless year for VEN. If you ask me, I don’t think Mariam Habach will go that far in January. The once mighty pageant powerhouse is loosing its shine. Nararamdaman na nila unti-unti ang economic crisis.

  15. This is heartbreaking…=( I love you Cat! You are still my Miss World 2016. You made us proud.

  16. I’ve heard na waley palang bearings ang mga FT na itey after Taft 20 announcement. Therefore, mas malaki ang tsansa ng isang bansa na manalo pag may HUDYO na galing sa bansang yon. Well, alam na kung sino ang mga bansang ito na pwedeng impluwensyahan ang resulta. Ang sa’kin lang ‘Karmi Martin is just around the corner’.

    • lets says maghiganti tayo?? how??? sino sino bang makaka usap nating sa MU organizers? wala naman tayong kakilala don. at iyong IG ng DR, nag saya dahil di daw natin nabibili ang corona.

  17. pagkatapos nyo i-mindset ang sarili nyo at hindi pabor sa inyo ang decision, sisigaw kayo ng luto at kung anu-ano ang sasabihin nyo sa ibang tao. unfair naman yun.

  18. Speaking of precedents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_World_1970#Protests_and_controversy

    “Even greater controversy then followed after the result was announced. Jennifer Hosten won becoming the first Black woman to win Miss World and the black contestant from South Africa was placed second. The BBC and newspapers received numerous protests about the result and accusations of racism were made by all sides. Four of the nine judges had given first-place votes to Miss Sweden, while Miss Grenada received only two firsts, yet the Swedish entrant finished fourth. Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy, was on the judging panel. Inevitably there were many accusations that the contest had been rigged. Some of the audience gathered in the street outside Royal Albert Hall after the contest and chanted “Swe-den, Swe-den”. Four days later the organising director, Julia Morley, resigned because of the intense pressure from the newspapers. Years later Miss Sweden, Maj Christel Johansson, was reported as saying that she had been cheated out of the title. (Eric Gairy was overthrown as Prime Minister of Grenada on 13 March 1979 while he was at the UN by the New Jewel Movement led by Maurice Bishop, whose father had been murdered by Gairy’s men.

    Julia Morley’s husband, Eric Morley, was the chairman of the company (Mecca) that owned the Miss World franchise. To disprove the accusations, Eric Morley put the judging panel’s ballot cards on view and described the complex “majority vote system”. These cards showed that Jennifer Hosten had more place markings in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions over Miss Sweden and the other five finalists. Julia Morley then resumed her job. However many still felt Sir Eric Gairy on the judging panel had influenced the other judges to give Jennifer token placings.”

    This is wikipedia, but there is a citation to articles by The Independent and our very own The Philippine Star.

  19. Country of the year should either be Puerto Rico, India or Indonesia. PR and I have already won 2 titles and Indonesia was never left out in any pageant, aside from winning MGI, sa lahat ng pageants may placement sila.

  20. Watched the Q and A again. I would not mind PR winning but PH and Kenya I guess deserve a much higher placement. Congrats anyway…. Ms Gray, you are still my Miss World. Let’s continue to build Paraiso for the poor kids.

  21. Congratulations Cat!
    To me, you are Miss World 2016…

    It’s not over yet… Next stop, Miss Universe!

  22. To answer a previous poster, Venevision broadcasted the pageant live. They had high hopes for Diana Croce. Pumunta pa naman si Mama Osmel.

    I was thinking this before: if Cat wins, it would be pressure time 100 for Maxine. Ngayung talo si Cat, pressure time 200 na OMG!!!

    Maxine, I hope you are near a surfboard somewhere.

  23. Hindi ko matangap! Napulitika tayo! 😦

    Dapat pala next year na pinadala si Cat .. 😦

  24. Yaritza Reyes gives a groundbreaking performance. She proves that crossovers (particularly those from the larger rival pageant) can achieve a high placement in MW.

  25. I could sense a tentativeness in Julia when she announced the winner. She didn’t look as pleased as she usually is. Or maybe that was just me.

    If she wanted to appease the Latin Americans, she should have chosen more pageant crazy countries like Mexico, Colombia, or Brazil. Missed opportunities, through and through. But, oh wait, she doesn’t have close personal or professional ties with these countries, does she?

    Also, no broadcast TV network showed the final show live for the first time? I caught the livestream of a niche UK cable channel. The mad scramble at the beginning for a livestream feed is usually characteristic of lesser pageants. Most of its broadcast partners worldwide are E!, which would only broadcast it delayed.

    I could sense a tentativeness in Julia when she announced the winner. Maybe she realized something at that point. Or maybe that was just me.

    • I agree with you… I saw Julia’s expression when Megan gave the perfect answer to win it all…

      Same pleased look when she anounced the winner of 2013…

      It’s ok guys! We’re so proud of you Cat!

      Next person to groom for Miss World?
      Liza Soberano?

  26. Congrats Catriona for making it to the top 5. Top 5 amongst 117 delegates is not a bad feat at all.

    Like what I have said with our previous queens, you have worn that Philippines sash and have represented our country with so much pride and honor. Nothing to be ashamed of, really. You have played your cards well and brought your A game.

    The judges are a different part of the story. And Julia Morley ofcourse.

    But let’s not play any blame game.

    Congrats and wear your head up high.

    PS: You are very Megan Young 2.0 during the finals – high bun, salmon pink gown, drop earrings.

  27. Congratulations, Cat ! Placing in the top 5 out of almost 120 delegates the world over is already such a feat ! Way to go, you’re still a winner in our eyes ♡♡♡ love love love ♡♡♡ you did your absolute best – and for me, you’re still my MW2016 🙂

    • Nah. I would rather support a petition to support Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada, who has been unfairly treated for 2 years in a row.

      • Why not both? The treatment of Ms. Lin is another example of the ever increasing presence of politics in Miss World.

    • Please, wag na magpetisyon ng ganyan. Instead I think Cory Q should consider not joining next year. Every other year na lang till unti unting wala nang interesado sa MW. Lol.

  28. Galit kayo kay Julia Morley ganyan??? Pero nung nanalo si Megan puring puri nyo sya??? Tsk tsk

    • Bat naman pupurihin si Julia eh hindi nman sya ang rumampa at sumagot sa tanong na why should you be the miss world? Kaloka ka h.

  29. Miss World’s loss is Miss Universe’s gain…hopefully. My prayer when she was not called was for Cat to join Binibining Pilipinas and take a shot at Miss Universe – where the competition metrics are more transparent and fair. She can bring her vision and purpose to; and get a bigger platform at Miss Universe. Miss World, with its unpredictability and subjective metrics- have always been and will be 2nd class to Miss Universe.

    • Calling Megan Young, 2nd class lang daw ang MW!!! Grabe mga ka bitteran nyo, di lang nanalo second class agad? Pero nung nanalo si Megan puro kayo sigaw ng Blue Crown. Buti nga pala di talaga nanalo si Catriona tutal 2nd class pageant lang naman di ba? So wag na kayo malungkot

      • Patulan ko ba naman ang level mo! Yes, i am placing you at your deserving place! Kaya nga walang live airing ang Miss World sa Pilipinas di ba? Megan is world-class- just like all of our global queens but Miss Universe- in branding, in equity and commercial viability will always be the alpha! Kaya nga 50k ang VIP ticket di ba? Ano pa ang gusto mong parallelism para maintindihan mo nang kaya lang ng utak mo?

      • Momoy sa participants na lang laging over 100 ang ng paparticipate sa MW dahil mas may sense ang pageant nato at mas sincere sa advocacy hinde puro business lang. Mas mahirap ito ipanalo at hinde puro rampahan lang. Mas may puso at sinceridad ito kesa sa MU mo. 50k ang ticket ng MU, eh ano naman ngayon? Jan ba makikita ang kaledad ng organization? Grow up Momoy!!

      • Pinakawalang kwentang argument obviously coming from you Baby Nica! I will not dignify your point! Bakit ba dito ka naglalagi? Can’t you see the level, the quality of the perspectives and content of the conversations here? Please, find some forum where you belong!

  30. Bigat sa dibdib… parang panahon lang din ni Venus Raj ang sama ng loob ko.
    I will just be waiting for the Philippines to be crowned again as Miss World. Will not watch and vote again. Pinagkakakitaan na lang tayong mga Pilipino sa mga votes natin. Hehe

    Seriously, she has done everything she could to take home the crown. From all aspects of the pageant, she did great! I feel that she is even hungrier for the crown as compared to Ms Young during her stint in Indonesia.

    She is a wasted beauty of Miss World.

  31. Jinx ata yung post ni Norman about domination ng Asians this year.

    Di na kayo na kuntento no? Top 5 na nga out of 117 di pa kayo masaya??? Just be happy for our Asian sister Indonesia na ka 2nd Princess. Sya ng angat ng bandera ng Asia sa MW 2016

    • sure like last year right? there was also an indonesian judge last year. and if it doesnt help their country is hosting next year.

    • Wow hanep din naman comment mo no? Nanood ka ba? Mukhang hinde kasi kung nanood ka at nasa tamang pag iisip ka masasabi mong may mali sa placement. Tama yung iba dito, yung 2 sa top 5 na di ngkaron ng placement and dapat nasa top 2. And speaking of Indonesia, gassshhh ampangit ng sagot nya, hinde sincere, hinde pang MW ang peg. Kahit sino mpapa isip pano nasali sa top 3 yun????

    • Naku, hwag na hwag nyong ilabas ang torch na yan, baka anu pa magawa ko jan… hirap talaga magmove on 😭😭😭

    • Pasok na pasok naman sa banga ang sagot… napolitika lang talaga… National director ng Indonesia at P1 from Puerto Rico ang panel of judges… Ganyan talaga kalalabasan…

    • Sino ba kasi nagturo sa kanya ng ganyang kilay at projection? Ang taray ng arrive ng fez ni ateng!!!

  32. Beauty with Sponsor! Paanong wala man lang place si Cat despite giving a superb performance over the other 4 candidates?! I seriously cannot find a logical explanation.

  33. At the end of the day, Julia Morely chooses the winner.
    Only she knows who, what or why?!
    That’s thr frustrating element of the pageant’s unpredictability.
    What a shock!

    Well, Miss World is truly unpredictable.
    China won the top model fast track, but did not advance to the top 5, was a pleasant surprise.
    However, Indonesia’s botched answer and then a 2nd runner-up placement?
    Puerto Rico wins, and Dominican Republic 1st runner up?
    Is Julia trying to appease to the Latin American market which is, just like the USA, Miss Universe turf?

    • Puerto Rico is Latin American and US territory in 1. Philippines has a lot of negative publicity specially now that our current administration is being demonized by the international media including the US.

      • Good point c2f.

        The theater did not look full at all.
        Washington DC with President ‘elect’ Trump (former of MU) may have been in relation to an article from the Washington Post “Miss World, the Biggest Pageant Youve Never Heard Of; What’s it doing in Washington?”

        Its sad really. Maybe in a couple of days everyone’s shock will wear-off.

      • Ano naman kinalaman ng administration natin ngayon? Magtigil nga!!! Di na kayo natuwa na at least nagtratrabaho at may ginagawa ang kasalukuyang pamahalaan! At magpapaniwala ka sa dilawang bayarang media!

  34. I hope Stephanie comes here to the PH.

    Di pala dapat hope. She will come here just like previous MWs. Yan eh kung out of favor na talaga ang PH kay Mama Julia.

  35. The bad thing about this is Indonesia making it to Top 3 makes her the Continental Queen of Beauty for Asia.

    Yun ang hindi ako makakapayag. Mas maganda si Cat kay Natasha. Kahit saang korte sa mundo mapapatunayan ko yan.

    Sana hindi mag spillover sa Pinas ang awayang IND-PH pag dating ng MU.

    • Hahha. Natawa naman aq sa korte korte. Parang gusto q nga ring maghabla. Lol.

      There’s no way Kenya’s and Philippines’ answers and attributes are inferior to the 3 of them.

      It shouldve been Phils – MW2016, Kenya – 1st RU, PR – 2nd RU.

  36. There’s no fucking way they can justify this mess. Saang part ng competition lumamang si PR? From fasttrack to live show e. Effortless pa sila sa pagboto sa mobstar e. Tayo super boto. Kahit sa Q&A clearly PH and Kenya gave the best answers e. Matagal na pagmumove on na naman to. Iback to back na yang Miss Universe kasehodang homecourt decision. Haaaaay. MakapagSL nga sa work – Sad Leave.

    Still, so proud of you Cat. Hoping you’ll have a good future and hopefully we can have another representative of your caliber. Mwah!

    • Hinding-hindi mangyayari yang back2back sa Miss U! Mahiya kayo! Buti sana kung convincing yung kandidata natin! Alam naman na na liligwak sa Q&A si bakla!

      • Si Julia Morley.

        The links are there staring us in the face. She’s been accused of rigging pageants before, too, and had to resign from MWO for a while because people cared a lot more about pageants then in Europe, unlike now. Well, good luck. I’m almost tempted to know how much it provides to Tuloy Foundation and PGH so we can buy it out and we no longer have to be grateful to this organization.

  37. Cat is a perfect candidate for MW. Pero si Mama Julia, hindi yan makikihalo sa gulo dito sa Pinas pag pasok ng January.

  38. I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR MISS WORLD AGAIN!!!!! kahit gano pa kagaling ng future rep natin tapos populitikahin lang din pala sa last minute? grrrr!!!!!

  39. Based on performance, Kenya and PH should’ve been the top 2. I would’ve been happy with either one of them winning and the other getting 1st Princess.

    Just trying to get on the minds of the judges…baka naman medyo naging cliche ang answer ni Cat for them? Maybe MWO wanted more spontaneity from their answers. Megan’s speech wasn’t pageant patty at all.

    Still, if her answer wasn’t their cup of tea, Kenya gave a really good answer too. PR was next. ID and DR had the worst answers of the Top 5. DR barely answered the question and ID’s sentences were a mess logically and grammatically.

    • Sorry dear, but Megan’s answer wasn’t great. Did she mean that she treasured “a core value of humanity” which she didn’t expound upon, or did she mean that she treasured “humanity.” She pretty much rambled and ended with “together, we can help society” as an afterthought. I honestly thought Gibraltar’s answer was better, but why would Julia let a People’s Choice winner get the top plum?

      But I agree with the analysis on Kenya. She had remarkable stage presence and was very well-spoken. Oh well.

      • That was my point. Megan’s answer wasn’t great, but it was spontaneous. She just said what was on her mind. The best answers don’t seem to win Miss World crowns lately. Same thing happened this year and last year. Spain’s answer wasn’t rehearsed at all. Maybe that’s what the judges liked? Again, these are all just guesses. I’m not claiming to be an expert.

  40. Matagal ko na ring nadarama na Cat, while she is extremely qualified for the job, eh hindi papalarin. I was shaping her as this year’s Koyal Rana (India 2014) and Valerie Chacra (Lebanon 2015). Mga beauties na pasok na pasok sa banga ang kagandahan pero hindi pa rin nanalo.

  41. Congrats Catriona!!!, the whole World believe that you are the rightful winner, only Julia and her bias judges believe the other way.

  42. Congratulations Catriona!
    Your top 5 “finalist” placement continued the ongoing strength and commitment to excellence that defines all the representatives that wear the Philippine sash.


  43. Ok ako na s Puerto Rico nanalo. Matagal ko nang binabantayan si Stephanie. In all definitions, her win is an upset.

  44. Was shocked out of my wits. I sort of prepared myself for the unexpected but how could anyone believe otherwise when she performed superbly????

    Fuck you Julia and your stupid rebonded hair

  45. First of, Ms Gray Congratulations! You did very well worthy enough for that crown and you showed the world just that. You are still my Miss World. I will still support you and your causes. I said it before and i’ll say it again, sometimes you dont need a crown to be a queen, you need that sincere and kind heart. Congratulations again, you did your country very, very proud!

  46. I still can’t believe what happened. I mean PR and DR aren’t bad. But based on the Q&A alone it seems that Philippines had the edge. DR stumbled on her answer. PR’s answer was meh and Indonesia’s answer was just a discombobulated mess. There’s no way Indonesia scored higher than PH or KENYA. NO WAY. LOLA Julia needs to explain herself. Nako ano kaya ang say ni Mama Jonas dito. HAHAHA.

  47. Wala akong maipintas sa performance ni Cat. She had me proud through and through. And she was the picture of sincerity at the very end.

    A lot of us were so focused on other Asians, when there was clearly another force that we had failed to consider. We know 3 countries donated clothes to Top Model and were wondering why there were only 2 placements. And of course, the first and only MW PR sits on the judging panel.

    Better show this year, Miss World. Unfortunately, nothing new. See you when we send another Cat-caliber contestant.

    • She lost not for the lack of trying… the world saw that she did everything. She’s definitely remebered to be the one who got away, as one commented here before.

  48. Catriona is my Miss World 2016!
    Thank you Cat, you did your best!
    Being in top 5 from 117 candidates is something that we can be proud of. Congratulations!

  49. Maxine! Ipaghiganti mo si Cat! Keber kung HomeCourt decision! Di man 1st or 2nd Princess kainis!!!! Babawi ka Maria Mika Maxine Mediba sa Miss Universe!!!

  50. Oh diba may judges from Indo and PR??? HAHAHA leche ka lola Julia. You will regret that decision!

  51. Clearly, Julia doesnt wanna give the crown to Philippines bcoz we’re hosting Miss Universe this year and that’s what she wanted to do for our country to host Miss World. pinagkait natin sa kanya.. tignan mo si indonesia kahit shunga-shunga.. top 3.. dahil sila mag hohost.. #ripmissworld

    • Mas maganda nga na kinoronahan niya si Cat para mapag usapan and Miss World and that is a great counterpart for Miss Universe. Lalangawin na ang MW come Miss Universe season. 🙂

  52. Kung sino pa yung akala kong top two and maglalaban sa crown, sila pa yung left out?! LOL!

    • hindi lang tumama observation mo rip agad? pero malamang nung manalo si Megan all praises ka. hahahaha

  53. If the Q&A is the only basis: PH, Kenya, PR, DR and Indo. Kenya is dark horse. She has sparkles in her eyes.

    • im worried about kenya.. cat might be thought as pageant patty answer.. pero.. omgee.. gusto kong masuka.. sa nerbiyos


    • It’s nerve racking because this portion can make or break a candidate. Remember Ghana? If she was any prettier, she could have taken the blue instead of Megan

    • TOP 5 MISS WORLD 2016
      1. KENYA
      2. PUERTO RICO
      3. INDONESIA

  54. It’s between Philippines, Indonesia and Mongolia!!!
    But Philippines will prevail..

  55. I spoke too soon!!! People’s choice ang Mongolia! Taft 11. Interesting. Akala ko talaga eh si Cat ang panalo ng People’s choice din.


  57. I’m nervous about Indonesia. Hindi ganun kagandahan pero genuine naman. Basta may nafefeel akong hindi maganda.

  58. Old rose pink guys yung EG ni Queen Cat, same sa nakita natin sa Video before with Mexico with bella flores voice hihihi

  59. Catriona star is so strong I feel in several hours we will celebrate horray!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙆🙅

    • Yup it will be very hard for a lot of people if the blue eludes Catriona.
      But life goes on .. and we move on to another pageant …. just like last yr

  60. Cat is perhaps the most “complete” woman to have worn a “Philippines” sash. It’s an argument that could be discussed to no end but for the moment, let’s give her that. IMHO she more than deserves the blue crown – I would say this even if she were wearing another sash, that’s how much she has impressed me. That said, there is the “Julia factor”. We all “know” she has the final say regardless of the “judging” facade that is put forth. She has surprised us in the past with the eventual winner, however, she has also crowned deserving winners. I pray this year the “Julia Factor” favors Cat for the blue crown. Let’s see which Julia shows up this year…

  61. How true na they completely wiped out the leaderboard ek ek? I heard sa fb na they will take 20 candidates basing on their performance sa fast track and other prelim activities. Tapos back to 0 lahat to pick the Top 10. Tapos same thing with Top 5 ?

    • Comment ni George sa kabilang post. Not sure how true. Emphasis mine.


      As per sources, the format of the Miss World 2016 finals will be as follows.

      Show begins with an opening number
      Announcement of the 5 fast-track events’ winners (Multimedia, BWAP, Sports, Talent, Top Model)
      Announcement of the Top 20 semi-finalists (5 fast-track winners and 15 semi-finalists based on interview scores)
      >>>Evening gown competition for the Top 20 semi-finalists (NEW!)
      Announcement of the Top 10 finalists
      Announcement of People’s Choice Award winner; she joins the Top 10 (if already not part of it)
      Showcase of the profile videos of Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists
      >>>Question-answers round for the Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists (NEW!)
      Announcement of the Top 5 finalists
      Top 5 finalists give answer to question, “Why do you want to be the new Miss World?”
      Announcement of the final results

      • Why do you want to be Miss World? It’s a very hard question to answer . I wonder how USA will answer this question if she makes it this far …with her saying she had hardly heard anything about MW until she joined the natl pageant. The nerve of this girl to say that knowing she has been an avid beauty pageant fan .

  62. catriona is such a rare gem because it is not always when we’d find a women who, as the cliché goes, beautiful inside and out. truth is, i am a sucker for filipino beauty queens. call it blind patriotism, but despite flaws, i will always, always root for our international representatives and believe that they could win. because i believe that since judging beauty can never be subjective, it will be the determimation and hard work, innate sophistication, friendliness, kindness, and sincerity that will catapult any candidate to victory, and filipinos have abundance of these qualities. what makes catriona different is that she takes all these to a higher level. it’s hard not to fall for her. catriona for the win!

  63. It will be heart-breaking for a lot of people if she does not get the blue. She is the best BQ we have ever had in the history of Philippine pageantry .. inmo.
    Blue .. or bust !

    • Should be MW? She is my MW? It does not matter .. unless she has the blue crown.

  64. It would be a tad unfair to make a comparison between queens for me, since I’ve only inched my way close to two specific queens’ fandoms (Pia’s and Cat’s), and only religiously followed those two’s journey’s (Pia since BbP) plus Kylie’s, but the one thing that I know for sure that Pia shares with Cat is that she really wants to win.

    I’m not privy to her motivations, but ostensibly and consistently, she has said that this is in order for her to help others in a bigger way. She knows, though, that you have to put on the trappings of a beauty queen to make it happen.

    We’ve talked at length about what separates winning queens from also-rans. You could say it’s luck or timing – things no one has control over. You could also say it’s training and preparedness. I believe what counts are determination and grace/confidence. Cat has these in abundance.

    Whatever happens, Catriona is my Miss World 2016.

    • We are fortunate that most of our reps are very humble. Our reps at Miss U have been really warm to the fans except MUP 2011.
      What u say Bong700? Tse hihihi

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