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  1. Congrat Stephanie del valleof Pureto-Rico #happychristmas now u are #MissWorld2016 #shewon

  2. Congratulations to Puerto Rico and Philippines! You make us proud, Catriona Gray! In my analysis, Julia Morley wanted Philippines to win. That’s why she didn’t look pleased when she announced the winner. Philippines was called the last in the top 5 to provide a perfect climax to the Q&A and she was given the perfect question and was asked by the reigning Miss World. That being said, Julia Morley had to make concessions for the countries Puerto Rico, which sponsored gowns for the top model round, and Indonesia, which also sponsored the gowns for top model and is hosting the pageant in 2017. The unpredictable result is due to the Indonesian and Puerto Rican judges who may have scored their hens high though other judges may have placed them the lowest and average to above, respectively. Their scoring of the girls could’ve stilted the final average scores to favor Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, Puerto Rico was ravishing. Evening gown was beautiful and showed her figure well. It was sexy but tasteful.

  3. Look from https://www.facebook.com/sashfactorinfo/photos/a.171582429626879.35177.171279809657141/1154447318007047/?type=3&theater.

    Lyka Gomez Repost. Credit to the owner.

    Some interesting facts and CONTROVERSIES in Miss World 2016:

    I have nothing against the winner. In fact, she is lovely. However, there are things which I believe, the Miss World Organization should avoid to be considered ‘Credible’, Fair and Just in choosing their winners. After all, MW is dubbed as an Alpha pageant so credibility and quality should always be the goal to maintain its prestige and honor.

    And All the girls and the people involved have really worked hard with their sweat and blood dripping, thinking that the judgment process will be fair.

    *The Puerto Rican National Director who is also a former Miss World sat as a judge during the Finals and Puerto Rico sponsored the Miss World 2016 Fashion Show together with Indonesia. (In any pageant, it is considered unethical if a National Director sits as a judge. It is very distasteful). What would the other National Directors feel when they learnt that their fellow ‘competitors’ are included in judging process?

    *Indonesia had hosted the Miss World pageant in 2013 and will be hosting again next year. China won the crown two times in their home country (2007 and 2012) and had hosted the pageant six times. Expect, that Indonesia will get the crown soon. But if she is DESERVING and worthy of the crown, we will be the first to REJOICE!

    *The Indonesian National Director sat as a judge during the Miss World 2016 Top Model competition. Indonesia got second place and 1st place in Beauty with a Purpose Project.

    *Last year, the same Indonesian National Director was included in the panel of judges. Indonesia won Third Place.

    *The Philippines had been poised to host the pageant but due to some factors it did not materialize. Julia Morley must have been very disheartened upon learning that the country chose to host Miss Universe instead. So axing a very deserving winner is the sweetest revenge. Sorry Catriona, you have become the sacrificial lamb!

    Lessons for the National Directors who aspire to win:

    *Be a major sponsor or host the pageant so Julia Morley will give you the crown. Call me bittermelon, but I need to divulge these facts to spread awareness of the shameless politics in Miss World. These need to stop! Seriously.


    This is a call to boycott Miss World on succeding edition!

    Miss World is now on the league of low-tier beauty Pageant!

    • Naku nang malaman ko PR ang nanalo at wala sa top 3 and PH, naisip ko agad ang revenge ni Madam Julia, kasi noon pa man 2013 she realy wanted the Philippines to host MW ang kaso hindi matuloy tuloy and then all of the sadden, ito ang Pilipinas mag ho-host ng MU 2016… di ba… naloka siguro sa tandang Julia kaya naman pala ng pinas….

      • Bakit kaya di nagawa ni Pnoy nun na i hold ang MW14? Kahit si binay hanggang usap lang. So sad, kaya baka eto na talaga ang revenge ni mama julia satin

  4. Haaiiissst…..Miss Universe na lang talaga ang credible beauty pageant!

    Muntakin mo, Indonesia ang 2nd Princess?

    Miss Julia Morley, isa kang malaking kagaguhan.

    Sa ginawa mong injustices sa sarili mong pageant, simula na ng pagbagsak mo!!!!

    Walang pinagkaiba ang Miss World sa ibang 2nd tier beauty pageant!!!!

    Nakakasuka ang sistema ng pagpili.

    Tandaan mo yan Ms. Morley!

    May rason para i boycott ang Miss World mo! isaksak mo sa baga mo!

  5. bes, miss universe na lang yung kulang sa big4 para aariba na yung country of the year 2016. so far, my computation says that australia is leading the pack, followed by philippines with 0.5 points deficit only and then a tie with indonesia and usa.

    5-russia, sweden, USA, Vietnam
    4-Australia, England, Italy Korea,Macau, Mexico, Northern Ireland, South Africa

    5-Argentina, Canada, dominican Republic, El Salvador, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Thailand

    Puerto Rico-10
    Dominican Republic-9
    Kenya & Philippines-6.5
    5-Belgium, Brazil, China, Korea, Mongolia, USA
    4-Australia, Cook Island, France, Ghana, Hungary, India, Japan, Slovak Republic, Thailand

    Partial Ranking after MW:
    1st-Australia-17 points
    2nd-Philippines-16.5 points
    3rd-Indonesia & USA-16 points
    4th-Dominican Republic-14 points
    5th-Brazil-12 points

  6. Piliin mo ang Pilipinas… sa January 30, babangon at dudurugin ni Maxine Medina ang pagkatal ng PH sa MW!

    Steve Harvey: And the new Miss Universe is… the crown will stay, Felepens!

  7. I’m over Catriona’s loss. And also resigned to the fact that so as long as some beauty orgs allow National Directors to have so much say over pageant results wala ring saysay na magreklamo at mag-effort pa. Congratulations to PR! I think she deserves it and I wish her luck on her reign!

    Nasasayangan ako kay Catriona. Ng malala. So much that I wish she was fielded for MU instead kahit na talagang she is the true embodiment of what an MW winner should be. Doon may politika (kahit saan naman, aminin), pero at least may dignidad pa kahit papaano dahil hindi nila hinahayaan na magkalat ang mga pangit na National Directors para maapektuhan ang resulta. Sorry talaga pero hindi ako impressed sa galawan ng Indonesia. Sooner or later kung hahayaan ng MW na magkaroon ng final say ang ND nila sa results marami pang bansa ang lalong mawawalan ng gana diyan.

    Ang akin lang, sana ngayong obvious naman na talagang willing din maglaro ng madumi ang mga national directors ng mga kapitbahay natin mag-focus nalang tayo sa mga pageant na walang major involvement ang mga dagang ito. Jirits. ANG SUWERTE NG INDO AT THAI NA MAY DIGINIDAD ANG MGA NATIONAL DIRECTORS AT BEAUTY CAMPS NATIN dahil kung hindi makakatikim din sila ng di maganda come Miss U season.

    That being said, o, para diyan sa mga Pinoy na ang aarte tungkol sa Q and A, maghunos-dili na kayo dahil apparently hindi yan ang sukatan talaga sa pagpili ng panalo. Kung tutuusin it was just a nice coincidence na ang mga reyna natin ay may magandang sagot pero obviously their wins had more to do with other factors. Baka makasampal na ako kapag nakakita pa ako ng reklamo sa comm skills kuno ni Maxine. Paki tignan na lang po yung karamihan ng mga puteri na nakapag-place kahit copy and paste at mababaw ang sagot.

  8. Ms Gray was very clear about her intentions for joining. She chose Miss World over any other beauty pageants because precisely of its cause. I don’t think she will even consider joining BbP. I’d prefer her ending her pageant career being remembered as such. She just embodies beauty with a purpose and the whole world has seen that. Ms Gray the world’s eyes were on you, you may not be the winner but you have the influence now. Use it to your advantage to forward all your worthy causes. To the Filipinos, you should be proud for sending your best bet.

    • @Chris, it would be best if we all support her causes long after she passes her MWP crown because if she ends up helping change more lives for the better even without the Miss World crown, then, like the late Princess Diana, she will be our queen of hearts.

      • I agree with you. What the fans and supporters of Ms Gray can do is to support her BWAP. She didn’t get the crown but it doesn’t mean the kids won’t have their school. She got the world’s attention now, i am confident she will do even better. There are always better oppprtunities for every missed opportunities. It’s ot the crown that makes you a queen but it’s your HEART. Congratulations Ms Gray! Mabuhay Philippines!

  9. congratulations, stephanie, miss puerto rico!
    well done, catriona!

    i watch the video of the Q&A portion, for comparison. i think both had great answers.

    i find the format of having the contestants’ back to the audience and judges while answering the questions very weird though…impersonal and almost disrespectful.
    as they say: “55% of our total communication is delivered by body language, 38% by vocal signals and the last slim 7% is delivered by words.” the body language part is diminished when all you see is the back of the person.

  10. If this is the feeling of a brokenhearted, I must have been in love. Now, I have to undergo a process of moving on. I purposely did not watch the pageant nor follow a trend but slept expecting that the face of Cat blue crowned once I wake up. Contrary, a different and unfamiliar face showed up. I thought I was just dreaming and someone would need to wake me up to deliver the good news. But, reality hits me. A great Queen MW never had (no offense to Megan). Oh wait, maybe a surprise would surface in the next few hours.

  11. I’m so upset with MWO. Cat was just amazing and I couldn’t imagine them placing the blue crown on anyone but her. It’s such a waste. I mean, it’s not easy to find a candidate that you can put your 100% confidence in. I believed in her beauty, grace and intelligence but most of all, in her big heart and her ability to inspire people, she literally has that voice that when she speaks every word you know she means it. Just imagine how many people she can move with that voice. It’s really too bad MWO didn’t see (or hear) that. Well congrats to Ms. PR.

  12. This is just so hearbreaking 😦 Cat should at least be in the top 2. But tapos na yan, may nanalo na. Move on na.

  13. Infairness kay mama julia ha, consistent. Lumelevel na sa MI sa pagkakaroon ng unpredictable winners. Still congrats for Cat, isa sa mga masasabi nating beauty queen na pinaghandaan ang lahat. Kahit di man naiuwi ang korona, wala kang maiipintas sa kanya. Baka talaga di sya destined para sa MW crown.

  14. Walang kwentang MW may pa fast tract2x at voting pang nalalaman sa huli wala palang bearing para masungkit ang korona. Kawawa naman yung mga deserving kandidata who really trained and worked hard. Kaloka ito. Buti nalang nan diyan si Megan Young to uplift the spirit of the Filipino people. I am so sad for Catriona. She deserved to win.

  15. Hays deflated na naman ang ego ng mga bakla kasi naman tuwing may candidates laging panalo pag hindi dinaya, napolitika etc etc. Congratulations Puerto Rico..I hope your fans or the Puerto Ricans will remain as humble as they are now even if you have had won several crowns before.

    • On the side note kaya pala daming galit na galit sa Indonesia dahil they are starting to get noticed here, there and everywhere. All of them have placed this year. Sabi nga nila kung ang puno may bunga binabato

      • Same din during Philippines’ time. Placements after placement, crown after crown, daming naiinggit sa atin at nagagalit. Mahitik pa rin ang bunga ng Pinas.

    • Bitterana ang gaga! Utang na buot sumakabilang buhay ka na para hindi ka na magpasabog ng kapaitan sa mundong ibabaw. As clear ar the clear blue sky naman na deserving ang pambato natin. Kaya pwede ba, maghunos dili ka sa kagagahan mo! Palibhasa di ka man lang nanalo sa Ms. Gay Universe sa patimpalak barangay! Ha. ha. kawawa ka naman hija!

    • We were taught to point out injustice when we see one. Our silence is tantamount to being complicit with the act. Complaining is not all whining and bitterness. Please. Stop.

  16. IF I HAD THE POWER, I’d choose other finalist than PR to win (Cat will always be my N0. 1). PR has never caught my attention ever. Ang lalayo ng mga mata nya sa isa’t isa. Pero I won’t let this day pass without at least becoming bitterer than ever. Masakit maging talunan, specially, if your country’s representative has got it all from the very beginning. Allow me to express my sentiments.

    1. Philippines has the best answer and I am never biased since I became a true pageant fanatic. She should’ve been placed at least 2nd Runner up. Walang nakuhang spot? O’ c’mon MIss World 2016?

    2. My 1st Princess really was Dominican Republic, I’ve no problem with her. She was my favorite since MU2013. I wish she were the winner.

    3. Lo and behold! Miss Indonesia??? Had she done and looked better than the rest of the top 10??? I’d rather have Kenya on her place. If winning the beauty with a purpose secured a second place position (just like last year), then now it makes sense to me. Otherwise, China and Korea are two other choices for me. Let’s face the truth, beauty is subjective ( I know right?), she could be mistaken as the reincarnation of Babalina! #excuseme

    4. Are the judges aware that PR has a cunning resemblance to Evian Sarcos, former MW? Was that a plus?


    Still, Catriona did great. Congratulations Miss Gray, you fought a great battle!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL YOU!

  17. Bakit pa kasi tayo nagaabala jan sa Miss World. Dapat sa MU nalang pinapadala yung mga tulad ni Cat eh. Di ka pa makakatulog sa show. Hahaha

  18. Baby Nicare no one complained against the winners in 2014 and 2015 because we knew there were more deserving candidates.candidates . today, we believe Cat deserved to win hence the raucous.
    Please stop contradicting yourself . You say talo talon but then again you say top 5 Masama pa ba yun?
    But I agree we need to move on.

  19. Omg !
    It hurts.
    Cat was the most deserving .i cannot even look at the winner.
    I guess Cat was not meant to be MW . Thanks to Julia the Indo ND and the MW from PR who made sure of that.
    It’s hard to argue the result as beauty along with everything that comes with it is subjective . The judges saw it that way … vengeance ‘nepotism’ ill will and all, that’s how it’s gonna be.
    I’m moving on to the next round… with a much less expectation . I hope Maxine exceeds that . I Have no care at all what other nationalities will say if Maxine gets the crown . I’m sure we can justify it.

  20. Ayaw ng mga Iluminati na gamitin ni Cat ang torch kaya talo tayo. Haaay, mas madali sa akin magmove-on sa pagkatalo ni Cat pero mukhang one year yata ako hindi makaget-over sa Indonesia. Face value, tindig at Q&A. Juice mio!!

    • Actually yan din naisip ko… Cat is not royal enough based on ancestry and our oligarchs does not want to educate our youth… Ariela had the simillar advocacy and look what happened…

  21. First and foremost, congratulations to the winner and to Puerto Rico. It is a source of pride for your country. Congrats!

    That said… I’m starting to see that Julia is doing what the Donald did to The Philippines for a while – baiting. Always giving a placement or some sort of recognition without actually giving the crown to our representative no matter how well qualified, beautiful, or eloquent they may be. By constantly giving the Filipinos “hope”, it helps keep MW’s fan base numbers up. After all, the Filipinos are THE GREATEST fans in the world and are very loyal, loving, and plentiful. When Megan won, I thought there was no way she could be denied the crown because she was so “complete” and what the MW org was looking for. Any other winner would have been a out-and-out crime and Julia knew it. I thought the same about Cat. Now Julia tempts us and keeps our interest by bringing back Megan to host (even though I think she is a great host, I still feel Julia is using her to keep the Filipinos interested) or making an appearance on behalf of MW, etc. With Cat’s “loss”, I’m not taking the bait anymore from Julia and the MW Organization. I’ve come to accept the fact that Julia is indeed financially indebted to China and Indonesia and as long as money and sponsorship talks, those two countries will place/win regardless of their inadequacies. Not wanting to start a pageant war with those countries but it does seem rather suspicious. If I felt that their representative was worthy of a win or a placement, I have no problem supporting them, i.e., I have no problem with the Misses Chinas that won MW.

    Oh well… MW 2016 is now water under the bridge and a lesson well learned by me. I won’t be supporting this organization anymore with time or money or even a hit on their website. It’s too confusing and, at times, boring to watch their pageant. While most pageants have their controversies, MW is one that is a major disappointment with Julia constantly on the judging panel and calling the shots, having national directors on a judging panel because their country is somehow involved with either an upcoming MW pageant or is a financial sponsor, and just the confusion of having women come onto stage and just get eliminated one by one without a “real contest” going on. They come on stage, parade, then some get eliminated. They come back on stage, parade, then some get eliminated. And so on and so on until the final five when the five get to “speak” and from there, a winner is chosen. At times when the camera pans over to the judging panel, it seems like the judges are there for show and aren’t actually judging. It’s all a little too weird and I’m tired of it. I’m just one person and my dropping my support for the MWO is not going to make one heck of a difference. However, I will feel much better not getting involved with this pageant. Even the heartaches I’ve experienced from other pageants, it pales in comparison to the nonsense MW has been dishing up lately.

    Anyway, that’s my two, perhaps three, cents. Sorry for the long post, just a little frustrated and tired.

    Again, congrats to Puerto Rico. Enjoy the glory…

    • @philip de la torre

      very well said, my very same sentiments.. !! there are two of us now, dropping MW from the list… MW = Much Waste…

    • yes , na-u-uto na naman tayo for high ratings and fanbase … also , the judges are full of former Miss Worlds who I am not sure if anti-Pinas in their heart of hearts

    • Let me join you. After Catriona’s loss, I will not be supporting Miss World like before.

      • Count me out as well. What happened was incomprehensible. How can they choose the 5 best from a pool of 100+ only to ignore the 2 best among them?

        I can accept the fact that the MWO has all the right to decide on who wins but sad to say the standard is quetionable even considering objective factors. So bases on my personal standard MWO at least this year is questionable. What’s to stop me from thinking that they could do it ahain next year and the following and so on..? We take pageant seriously. If MWO doesnt then good riddance.

      • Exactly… no matter how qualified and deserving our representative is, they can always choose who they want. They will choose who they think they can benefit from. What happened to Catriona can be repeated because they know we take pageants seriously and we will support our representatives no matter what. But after what happened to Catriona, Filipinos will definitely have low interest in the pageant (Kawawa lang ang susunod na representatives natin. Pakiramdam ko tuloy ginagamit lang tayo para mapag usapan ang MW on social media, hope I was wrong).

    • As i have said earlier, I WILL NEVER pauto anymore with this disgusting voting buti na lang wala akong ginastos sa app na ito. Totoo ba talagang Mongolia nananlo sa peoples choice? hmmm… Basta, goodbye Miss World.. well.. ive always been a Miss Universe fan to begin with.

    • You are not alone. Here abroad, a circle of friends start dropping MW in a list of pageant interest onwards. Pwede ng magpadala ang philippines ng candidates na kahit walang training at kahit hindi handa. Nasilaw na si Julia sa pera. Lalo ng paatras ang MW. No justification kung what are the basis bakit nanalo ang mga nanalo. Basta nalang.

    • I agree, Sir. But Donald did not bait the Philippines. The winners and our representatives deserved what they got. Whereas in Miss World, Catriona is clearly the winner. I understand the anger of Filipinos right now.

  22. ok Puerto Rico gave a good answer but Pinas gave a better one; a more believable result is 1st runner up is Puerto Rico and Miss World 2016 is Philippines. I do not care who the 2nd princess is. There is a 3-way tie for 3rd place.

  23. ps. sa mga posters dito hoping Cat would join BBP. Cat is not very fond of the idea. I saw an OPMB worldwide video sa fb. Cat shook her head when someone asked if she would join BBP.

    • Kasi naman kahiyan yan sa MWP. What makes you so sure that she would win a title in BbP?? Akalain mo yun MWP tapos clapper sa BbP?? Hays move on na lang kasi. Ganun talaga eh. Sino ba kasi ngsabi na mg expect kayo na mananalo sya? Ayan tuloy…

      • Ineng saang hinterland ka ba galing. Kawawa ka naman. Ampait siguro pagmumukha mo kaya ganun ka ka nega. If I were you sumakabilang buhay ka na para magkaron ng katiting na empathy yang puso mong sagad sa kasamaan!

      • baboy nica kung hindi sumali si CG hindi ma-coconfirm ang hula ko salamat din sa kanya. sayang at naging pawn siya ang bait pa naman but it’s a lesson for me .. sa akin

      • namibia lost sa MW win sa MU
        netherlands lost sa MW win sa MU
        Dayanara lost MI win sa MU
        di ba move on

    • Can you read my post again? Sinabi ko bang sure akong mananalo siya ng BBP title? Sa pagkakaalam ko, wala akong sinabing ganyan….

      • And can you read my post too? It is risky for the MWP org kasi mapapahiya ang org sakaling di makakuha ng title si CG. Konting brain naman jan

      • Why are you completely ignoring what I just pointed out? Explain your “theory” to those posters who suggested Cat should join BBP. I never said cat should join another pageant. I’m just sharing the fact that she doesn’t wanna join bbp. plain and simple my love 🙂

      • Plain and simple too na dapat hinde na sumali si CG sa anumang pageant kasi risk yan sa MWP Org. She had her pageant fate, we have to accept it and move on. Pero kung gusto mo pa mg dwell sa pgkatalo nya, okay sige buhay mo yan. For me Top 5 is not bad at all. Di naman sya kasing ganda ni Megan o ni Rolene to start with.

      • Okay good for you for explaining your theory again. You just wasted your time cause I don’t care for your explanations lol. Btw, Ive accepted that she only reached the Top 5. So i don’t know why you’re accusing me of “dwelling” on Cat’s recent loss LOL

  24. I watched it over and over again….
    I don’t understand what went wrong?!

    Is it sort of a home court advantage since PR is a US territory?!

      • @Baby Nica

        Walang basagan ng trip! Hindi kita kinokontra pag nagUUMEPAL ka sa iba… Pero wag ako!…
        Patola ako ngayon.. #dontme

      • Such uneducated and shameful reply. Ano ba ginawa ni c2f sayo? Sa kabilang post kpa ah!
        I rarely comment here pero sumusobra na yang ugali mo. U are a disgrace.

  25. ito talaga huling huli na lol.

    Puwedeng ligwakin ng Miss Supra ang MW in terms of pageant production. This year’s MW production pales in comparison to last year in Sanya (and 2015 wasn’t that memorable).

    Humanda si Mama Julia at Nawat…The 65th Miss Universe Pageant live in the Philippines coming in January 2017!

  26. Sabi ko dun sa isang post huli na yon pero ito talaga huli.

    Namumuro na talaga ang Carribean / Latin America sa MW ngayong taon. The last Latina MW is from 2011.

    What’s odd is Stephanie’s looks are very similar to Ivian Sarcos lol.

    Will Steph have the same short reign as Ivian. Abangan mga baks.

    If this was 2018, Cat would have surely won.

  27. Sana nag-ala Steve Harvey si Julia!

    Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen,
    There was a mistake in the announcement.

    3rd place – Puerto Rico
    2nd place – Kenya
    And the winner for Miss World 2916 is…

  28. I really thought Catriona had the winning answer. I was shock when she was not called. I thought Kenya had a good answer too. Looks like another boring reign for MW.

      • Itinama lang po ang nakitang mali. May masama ba dun? Aside from correcting it may iba pa ba ako sinabi? Bitter ka masyado Aljur

      • But looking at the context of the situation, was your comment really that relevant Nica? LOL

      • Correcting something na dapat naman talaga i correct is not a matter of relevance. Kung mali dapat i correct. At dapat mature tayo sa pagtanggap nyan

      • OMG Nica, it was a spelling error?! You’re making it seem like Aljur stole something from a grocery store lmao. It’s a simple typo. Get over it.

      • Kaya nga itinama. Ano ba problema mo? And who told you na iniiba ko ang weight ng issue? Ikaw jan ang ngbanggit ng iba iba pang mga stole stole jan. For me I just corrected what I saw na mali. Thats it. Kung ng advance pa mga utak nyo sa kung ano ano well problema nyo yan

      • Tama na yan mga ateh. Ang iinit ng ulo natin. Kasalanan ito ng MWO at ni Aling Julia. Lunes na lunes naman kasi. Lol

      • Nica, please don’t correct peoples literacy skills when you can’t even place a full stop at the ending of your sentences. LOL.

      • baby nica. wag mong itama ang mali ng iba kung ikaw mismo ay may mga mali din. feeling perfect ka ineng. yung mga mali mo ang itama mo. understood na yung sinabi nya. kung ang ugali ni aljur sa mga comments nya is katulad ng mga comments mo o napagsalitaan ka ni aljur ng masama o minura ka nya at sya ang nauna mang away sayo at mali syang word then tsaka mo sya itama sa word nya. paepal ka masyado. and FYI. catriona didnt lose!!! sa announcing lang sya natalo pero sa competition hinde!!!!

    • Problema ko? Simpleng bagay like a spelling error, ginagawang big deal LOL. As if naman beneficial ang “correction” mo kay Aljur. Pero its okay my sweet sweet Nica, I don’t think you really understand my point! It’s okay. Some people are just slower than others 😉

      • Kaya nga eh. Slow ka talaga. Sorry for you. Pero okay lang yan teh, di pa naman huli ang lahat para makasakay ka. Kung hinde naman manahimik ka na lang. Ay teka kala ko wapakels ka pero super mega reply ka sakin. I’m flattered bitch!

  29. Dear Cat,

    Don’t worry. We love you. You were the deserving winner and the WHOLE WORLD knows it. 🙂

  30. She gave the most heartfelt, sincere answer. I really thought it was hers already after her answer. It was spontaneous. my heart bleeds for her. specially dun sa photo na umiiyak siya while ‘hugging’ the philippine flag.


  31. Very substantial and sincere answer from Miss Philippines, Catriona Gray 🙂

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