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  1. Now the fought are finish & gone but we’re all friends/pals,less forgot I support this or I vote to that,now we’re all fans of Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto-Rico as new crowned #MissWorld2016 congrat all contestants/candidates #merryxmas & coming new year #2017goals

  2. Kung sino ang kandidata na nangungusap at kumikinang ang mata siya ang panalo… Yan ang mark ng MW… Russia at Philippines nag lalabanan…

  3. Mga vaks I’m going to be more realistic that despite what these experts say, the possibility of an upset if high tonight. Let’s all take these Hot picks with a grain of salt and pray for victory.

    • 4m, with 3 blacks in the top five of top model, I am concerned about another miss world 1993 Dominican republic is pretty and very articulate . I know she made top 10 at Miss universe.Didnt Nigeria make Top 10 at miss universe before winning miss world?
      I hope justice will prevail , not envy (Indo ND) or revenge (Julia) or nepotism (Chinese investors).

  4. Mga bes, anung oras ung livestreaming ng MW bukas (Ph time)? Saan din pwedr manood ng live stream?

    • And she has been CONSISTENT. No plans originally, but had charity in mind. Pageant opportunity. Miss World Philippines. Same storyline, told differently with more details each time. And saying so for months now. This is not a front. This is the real deal.

  5. When every pageant site CONSISTENTLY picks Ms. Philippines as the Miss World winner, and they all have DIFFERING first runner ups and second runner ups selection, then it is a no-brainer.

    When was the last time a candidate of ANY country has been so universally accepted? Even blogs that are not exactly “friendly” to the Philippines (grudgingly) acknowledge that we have a winner.

    Madame Julia, in the name of all things nice and decent, don’t let Catriana be your TOTGA.*

    World Peace.

    TOTGA : The one that got away.

    • Alam kong may iilanh sites na super mahapding tanggapin na leading talaga si Cat. Kumbaga, kinain nlng nila yung pride nila dahil wala talaga silang magagawa. Binibisibisita ko yung sites nila lagi pero ang tagal nila naglabas ng hot picks, yun pala labag sa loob nila na si Cat ang manguna. Hahahahah

    • wag masyado ng kumpyansa. hindi ikaw ang judge at hindi mo rin kilala lahat ng contestant. si catriona lang kilala mo kaya focus lahat ng research mo sa kanya. Get to know all the girls muna.

      • @b All the girls? All 117 of them? How about you educate us about your own research since you’re preaching that we do this? Maybe you can show us something that we haven’t seen yet since you clearly follow Miss World because you’re so invested to comment on all of Norman’s posts about the pageant lately.

        Not up to the challenge? I figured.

        Oh, right. I forgot that you’re just a commenter for show. Someone who likes to take contrary positions because of some other vendetta. Like the usual suspects we have here on this site.

      • B, technically u have a point there . However , most of us have been watching pageants for a long time . So we know a winner when we see one. That prob explains the confidence.
        When we think that our candidate’s chances or qualities are questionable, we usually say ‘Let’s pray that she does well ‘ . Remember Joanna Eden etc?

      • Pre, halatang baguhan ka sa pageant. Tahimik ka na muna. Observe muna. Sa 2021 ka na magcomment ha. Ok?

  6. I saw this post while browsing IG. I think Natasha is beautiful pero may kulang sa kanya… It’s so wrong to crown her just because Julia wants Indonesia to hold MW next year. Wag sana tayong mapolitika.

      • They feel its long overdue for Indonesia because they feel MWO owe it to them.. This is what I think MWO is yet to receive an Indo rep worthy of the crown and titl. Hence only runner ups has been given to them.

        Its similar to MUO and PH. For many years, we felt we are sending a fierce and competitive representative. There were years that we felt our candidate should have won. But, we have to admit that another candidate was edging them in one or two aspects. But when Pia came, she was a complete package that fits well with what the org was all about. In 2015 MUO finally gave it to us.

        Another example in MGI, Ariska was the favorite. Nicole C may have edged her in interview but Ariska’s performnance all throught out was pretty decent. So, it was kinda acceptable.

        The question is the Indo rep the best candidate in this batch? Even if the crown don’t find Cat’s head, there are so many other candidates superior than Indo’s rep. Should MWO give it to them only because its long overdue?

  7. Catriona has been slaying the competition since day 1. She’s the Multimedia winner, Top 2 in Talent, and Top 5 in BWAP (She’s surpassed Megan’s performance in 2013). If you add all those scores together, she would be right at the top…. Catriona has proven herself to everyone that she’s worthy of that blue crown. She’s the complete package and I don’t think we’ve sent a candidate as prepared as her. Almost all final predictions from various pageant blogs have predicted her as the winner.

    Madam Julia, don’t let Cat get away… She’s the girl you’re looking for. Catriona embodies the essence of MW. Ibigay mo na sa kanya ang crown. She will NOT disappoint you. That’s guaranteed!

    • Megan was Top Model winner and top 5 at swimsuit .. indicating that the judges were really looking at her.
      Multimedia is public votes and Talent ( and ? Multimedia too) is extracurricular .
      So I can’t say Cat has surpassed Megan’s achievements … at this point

      • Yes! But she was picked by the judges to be part of the top 10 in the talent competition and she was picked again by the judges to be part of top 5. BWAP

      • Top ten at top model? Is that true? The top ten list on Wikipedia keeps appearing and disappearing .

      • Never trust Wikipedia Fabian! anyone can update the information on there! Let’s just pray that Cat outshines everyone in the finals!

      • So if not from Wikipedia , where did u get that info Cat made top ten at top model?

      • Oh my. Baka naman chaka din EG nya. Kasi kahit gaano kaganda at galing ni Cat magdala eh kung feather duster ang pinangsuot eh talo talaga. Sa feather duster syempre tama lang na di cya pasok sa Top Model. Tsk tsk tsk..

        All major pageant sites (including the anti-pinoy sites) predicted Catriona to win. Hope it is really her destiny. Mga ilang oras nalang mga sis hehe

      • @ObservingYou, the gown above was assigned to her by organizers/designers. Made by a Kenyan designer as per reports. In fact, none of the top contenders wore flattering gowns, which is why most people consider the results of Top Model an upset, because none of the frontrunners made it (except perhaps DomRep, but that’s really her only placement so far).

      • @pautwas, thanks! So perhaps MWO is trying to play the minds of their fans kasi in the recent past Top Model seems the indicator of who the winner will be. Baka gusto nila baguhin yun na pagiicip. Echos! hahaha Basta Catriona for the win! Masakit sakit to pag ma upset pero ganun talaga. Kagandahan lang nito kasi all-out ang ating Queen lumaban so come what may keber na. She is already a winner. haha

  8. The general consensus (even among pageant groups with a known bias against the Philippines) is that the Philippines is the crystal clear, deserving winner of Miss World. You have to be deaf, dumb and mega-super retarded not to see that or accept that (barring of course a possibility that Catriona makes a fool of herself on pageant night which is as possible as Donald Trump becoming the greatest US president ever).

    Some however have cited ‘alternative’ scenarios which pick this or that winner based on anything but the actual criteria; reasons like economic and political (something that has been lobbied against Philippine reps, a country with far less economic or political clout in comparison to China, Indonesia or even Thailand. And massive fans don’t really count because since when did fandom help fund the hefty hosting costs?????)

    But Julia Morley has proven herself in the past with strange picks whose only explanation is that it was made with- you guessed it- economic and political reasons, whether they pan out or not.

    So while deep in our hearts of hearts we know who the clear winner is, we should gird our loins for the eventuality that it might be someone else..

    • Miss World 2016 Final Hotpicks
      December 18, 2016 · by thegreatpageantcommunity · in Miss World. ·
      Tonight an international star will be born! The greatest pageant on the earth will finally conclude tonight for this year as Mireia Lalaguna of Spain will crown her successor in Washington D.C. And what a ride it has been! The contestants have been in the USA for the pageant from many weeks now and have been enjoying the stay. Apart from the mandatory rehearsals, they got chance to visit many fabulous places and be a part of many wonderful activities like the Talent round, Sports contest, Top Model contest, etc. This is why Miss World is indeed the grandest pageant. It is an experience every girl would love to have.
      After studying the contestants since weeks and noting their performances, there are the final choices of the experts from ‘The Great Pageant Community’.

      1st – PHILIPPINES: Yes, we expect Philippines to win the Miss World title this year and strength it’s position as the leading pageant country of the world. And this time the victory seems to be more convincing than it has ever been! Catriona Gray is FABULOUS. Never in the past decades have we seen a pinoy beauty-queen so positively received by the global community as the front-runner. Catriona has also won Multimedia and is in running for the Beauty With a Purpose award.
      2nd – DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: It’s been a really long time since a black beauty won the Miss World title. Yaritza is perhaps the perfect choice for this year. While being a former Miss Universe contestant might work against her, Yaritza has many strengths that make up for that.
      3rd – HUNGARY: When the pageant started, Timea reminded everyone of Edina with her amazing talent performance. She is tall, slim and beautiful. We see her as the torch-bearer of Europe in the pageant.
      4th – USA: Audra Mari is everything you look for in an international pageant winner. She is beautiful, smart and, having competed in so many pageants before, carries a lot of rich experience. At times she looks out of shape, but those who meet in person say she is attractive and fit. Of course, she is the host delegate and the media attention about her high placement in the pageant would be nice for her as well as the pageant.
      5th – INDIA: Priyadarshini Chatterjee is elegance personified. You fall in love with her the moment she starts talking. There is so much sweetness, warmth, ease, harmony, serenity and love in her presence. She is natural and wins your heart with her effortless magnificence. She is in the race for Beauty With a Purpose title.
      6th – KENYA: Evelyn is highly competitive and surprised everyone with her high placement in Top Model round. She is the best delegate from Africa and is considered to be the front-runner for Beauty With a Purpose award.
      7th – PUERTO RICO: Stephanie is one of the most beautiful delegates out there, but she has not attracted a lot of attention by far. Who knows, she can be one of those girls who don’t glitter in pre-final activities and then suddenly shine when it counts? Rumors say that National Director of Puerto Rico is one of the judges and that will certainly help Stephanie’s chances.
      8th – INDONESIA: Overnight Natasha has emerged out to be one of the most talked-about delegates of the pageant. She finished 2nd in Top Model and is in the running for Beauty With a Purpose award. Indonesia’s ND was a judge in Top Model finals and the country will host Miss World next year. Will these factors help Natasha’s chances?
      9th – VENEZUELA: Diana is one of the prettiest ladies out there and wooes everyone with her charm. She has been a successful model and hopefully can end the failure streak of Venezuela at Miss World with a placement. Interestingly, we noted that Venezuela has been totally ignoring the Multimedia round since 2 years by paying no attention to their official Facebook. Can this be taken as arrogance by Miss World Organization?
      10th – MONGOLIA: Bella has been putting her heart and soul in the competition. She won the Talent award and hence has a confirmed spot in the semi-finals. Her strong performance in Miss Earth proves how much command she has on the stage. She has huge support from her people too! We won’t be surprised if she wins People’s Choice Award as well.
      11th – MEXICO: Ana is the chirpy, friendly, extrovert beauty whom no one can miss! Some say her voice is too harsh and personality too loud. Some feel her personality is not right for Miss World, but she can do better at other pageants like Miss Universe or Miss Grand International. Some people talk about her nudes (we are not sure it was her!). In any case, we like her.
      12th – CHINA: Jing Kong totally surprised everyone with her Top Model win. In live chat, she came across as shy and demure. But then she won the modelling round! Those who see in person say that she is really tall and striking. She can surprise everyone in finals!
      13th – COOK ISLANDS: Natalia Short created history by achieving first placement for her country in Miss World by winning sports. We appreciate her success, but we don’t think Short will have a long stay on the Miss World stage. (Funny? Nah? Sorry! )
      14th – RUSSIA: Yana is the face of the pageant and has eyes to die for. But she is reserved and hasn’t really emerged out as the front-runner inspite of her beauty.
      15th – CHILE: Antonia hasn’t won much attention by far, but she is beautiful and we hope the judges saw through her in the interviews!
      16th – UKRAINE: Oleksandra is the GORGEOUS but she doesn’t have a good wardrobe! Her finale gown is bad, just to be polite. This is same situation as Miss World 2013. How we wish the Miss World Ukraine winners get gowns at par with Miss Universe Ukraine winners!
      17th – SOUTH AFRICA: Miss South Africa organization is known for their professional excellence. The way they do their pageants – it is just amazing! They pick up the smartest girls as their winners and Ntandoyenkosi Kunene is exactly what you expect from them – a really lovely lady who will do well in life no matter what happens in Miss World finals.
      18th – FRANCE: Morgane is edgy and striking. She did well in Top Model round and always wins attention no matter how big the crowd she is a part of.
      19th – GEORGIA: Viktoria lives up to her. In terms of beauty, this lady is herculean and looks like a heroine in some Shakespearan play. One of our experts compared her with Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman – both breath-takingly attractive!
      20th – NEPAL: Some countries always shine in Beauty With a Purpose segment and Nepal is one of them. Asmi has great potential. If she was groomed better, she would have been one of the popular girls among the fans.
      There are some pageants when you can’t predict whom will win. And then there are some when you know that one girl is probably going to shine. This year Miss World falls in the latter category. We feel the Philippines should start preparing for celebrations

  9. I still have this strong hunch that Cat will take it all the way to the finish line. Juice colored – sa 5 finalists sa BWAP – kayo na ang humusga kung sino talaga ang may “K” sa kanila na manalo kung ganda din lang ang pag-uusapan. Cat has done more than enough for her to claim and be deserving of the MWP 2016 title. ♡♡♡ Catriona Elise Gray for the win ♡♡♡

      • Baby Nica – I was just referring to Cat winning the MW title if we were to base it on the BWPA photos here – it was more like a sarcasm of sort. 🙂

      • Kaya nga mag ibang aspects para i showcase ang beauty like top model, etc…
        Yung BWAP iba sya, di ito pagandahan… hays…

      • JawsKuh 🙂
        Kawawa naman si Old Nico.
        Huwag naman ganyan mga friends.
        Naawa talaga ako kay nico.
        Pagpasensyahan mo na sila nico ha hihihihi

    • mukhang silang lima ang mananalo sa BWAP fast tract, same theme kasi ang kanilang mga projects

  10. I probably will get disappointed if Mongolia wins. Why? Simple. I question her motives on joinjng Miss World and her sincerity. People forget that she is an actress that is trying to expand her reach and exposure globally, and that prior to this, she had already joined Miss Earth and Miss International. Does she really see the essence of what Miss World is, or is she just seeing it as a stepping stone for her acting aspirations?


    • George, Hollywood star na sya accdg. to Miss World FB page yata yun hihihi
      Dahil sa kanyang supporting role sa American TV series na Marco Polo hihihi
      26 na sya at puede pa sya sa MU2017 kahit 27 na sya hihihi
      Top 5 sya sa akin hihihi

  11. Just when I said she’s not afraid to call people out when they’ve crossed the line, she posts these. Dunno kung palpak pa rin ang photos, so you can visit the Miss World – Philippines Facebook page.

    Let’s do our part and spread positive vibes only.

    Lai, I hope you can somehow calm the storm in IG. I hope this keeps the FB guys quiet. As for Misso, heck, they want the views, so who’s to say that this would stop them?

    • Pautwas yesterday we couldn’t be preachy preachy on fb and ask our kababayans to stop. People were puyat for days for trying to bring Cat’s numbers up. Days ha. Tapos malaman laman namin Cat was made to wear a super hideous gown with no actual footage of the event. So how can people remain objective? Adding to this was the Indonesian National Director acting as judge for the to model event in which the Indonesian rep who only learned to walk in heels just a couple of months ago won second place. We really couldn’t blame them. So the admins just allowed the peeps to go crazy pero still reminding them to be vocal but not below the belt. Admins na mismo nagbubura ng mga comments relating tyo terrorism or killing someone – may mangilan ngilan.

      After the announcement – kumalma naman with the Indonesians attacking under the argument that our presidents paid MI so what’s the difference wenk wenk….

      Kaya mabuti talaga – manalo si Cat. Ganun lang ma simple. I don’t understand why they keep on stuffing this Indonesian down our throats! She’s not as elegant as their 2014 rep and not as impacting as their 2015 one.

      • The crown should settle the score . Whoever gets the crown is in safe place. No Amt of criticism , below or above the belt, against the winner will work … except when it’s Indonesia and possibly Mongolia
        They seem to be nice girls … but there’s no way the MW0 can justify their win .

  12. Just when I said she’s not afraid to call people out when they’ve crossed the line, she posts these:

    Let’s do our part and spread positive vibes only.

    Lai, I hope you can somehow calm the storm in IG. I hope this keeps the FB guys quiet. As for Misso, heck, they want the views, so who’s to say that this would stop them?

  13. Good Luck Catriona. You are the most deserving to win the MW crown. Wala ng iba pa. Claim it!

  14. It’s not enough that she deserves the blue.
    She has to have it .
    Anything less than that is a big disappointment. X

  15. Found this video that combines summaries of the 5 BWAP Finalists. These are NOT necessarily the official videos, just what was available online.

    India – UTSAH partnership for child rights and protection focusing on child sex abuse; counseling info sessions with kids, victim assistance and police
    Indonesia – Building a school for a community living in a dumpsite; The video shows them literally building the school from scratch. I can’t tell, but it is likely she did some fundraising for this, too.
    Kenya – The video only shows excerpts from her contestant introduction. I read somewhere that she was also tackling female genital mutilation
    Nepal – Classroom and Beyond; providing proper classrooms and then facilitate a better learning environment for a village in Nepal; includes fundraising

    As we all know by now, Cat’s is a partnership with Young Focus and includes fundraising to transform a building into a child care and classroom and provide learning programs for the children of Smokey Mountain.

    Interestingly enough, 3 of the finalists (Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal) are about building schools/classrooms and sustainable education for children.

  16. San na ung mga nega mag-isip na kesyo iniignore dw c Cat ng MW..heheh..ayan na, ksali xa sa top 5 BWAP at winner ng Multimedia..di nman puede na xa manalo sa Talent pti Top Model kz mdami nmang candidates na deserving dn at ndi lng xa..pro one thing is for sure, xa kkoranahan bukas. 😀

    • Mas maraming deserving sa Top model like China and Indonesia? Lol. But I agree that Cat should win this!

      • China looks really cute . So I’m ok with her winning top model. But Indonesia? Parang privinciana ang dating e. She still looks very raw

  17. Ewan ko lang kung hindi pa manalo si Cat sa BWAP! Magalit na lahat ng kapitbahay but again it’s Philippine’s time to shine.


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