54 comments on “Sunday Senti Specials: Catriona Gray | Then and Now

  1. Just woke up from a nightmarish slumber. Catriona ranked 25 and called last. Top 10 she ranked 10 and called last. Here comes the top 5,she ranked 5th and called last again. Finally, Madam Morley announcing the winner in reverse order, 2nd runner up Indonesia, 1st runner up India and the winner of Miss World 2016 is Miss Felepens! This time Asian candidates stood tall. Now I can go back to sleep with a smile on my face. All the best Catriona Gray!

  2. You can’t help but just love this girl. So much positivity, very hard working. What really hit me was her latest post when she said that this is for the Kids of Smokey Mountain and the Philippines. While everyone else is dreaming to become a beauty queen (this i mean other pagent contestants too) she was dreaming to achieve the influence of a queen to forward her causes and even the causes of her co-candidates. Hence her choice to join MW and not any other pageants. In an interview i remembered she said that she find watching other ladies BWAP presentaton very memorable. While she recognizes that her cause is important she sees the other contestants social project as equally valid given cultural differences. Despite not knowing her personally, you can tell her sincerity because she is very consistent with what she says and how she says it be it in interviews or in social media updates. Kudos to her parents who raised her to be a psrson that she is now. Indeed a true embodiment of beauty with a purpose. Ms Catriona Gray, you are my Miss World 2016.

    • The little that I know about Cat is through our interactions on social media. She is very hands-on, determined, and isn’t afraid to call you out if she thinks you’ve crossed a line. But she does it with so much charm that it doesn’t really feel like a reprimand. She also likes to interact with her fans. A lot. You can see this with some of her FB posts and Twitter retweets. She takes the time to read and respond to people’s comments about her posts. Plus, she is very involved in her fans’ FB group.

  3. No matter what happens, we all know that the most desserving candidate to win the blue crown is none other Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray!



    As per sources, the format of the Miss World 2016 finals will be as follows.

    Show begins with an opening number
    Announcement of the 5 fast-track events’ winners (Multimedia, BWAP, Sports, Talent, Top Model)
    Announcement of the Top 20 semi-finalists (5 fast-track winners and 15 semi-finalists based on interview scores)
    Evening gown competition for the Top 20 semi-finalists
    Announcement of the Top 10 finalists
    Announcement of People’s Choice Award winner; she joins the Top 10 (if already not part of it)
    Showcase of the profile videos of Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists
    Question-answers round for the Top 10 (or Top 11) finalists
    Announcement of the Top 5 finalists
    Top 5 finalists give answer to question, “Why do you want to be the new Miss World?”
    Announcement of the final results

    • nakakakaba. ano kaya ang itsura ng gown nya? kung fastract ang basis sa lahat til winners. since she won multimedia. at bwap top 5 and rank 2 sa talent plus interview. malaki ang puntos nya at chance sa top 5. til to win. pero still positive here. sana bongga ang gown nya. wag ung lilac at ung sa designer dress. parang d ko type yung gown na yon. kung ganyan ang format talaga im sure nasabihan naman sila cat noon pa so baka may new gown sya for finals.

  5. fearless forecast:

    Third place: Dominican Republic

    Second place and a runner-up to Miss World: Philippines

    Miss World 2016 is .. Hungary

    after 5 secs Lola Julia steps in…

    Aling Julia: I apologize. the new Miss World is Felepens!

  6. JawsKuh, Ang gandang pakinggan kapag i-announce ni Tim Vincent(Megan refused to announce for obvious reason hihihi), The people’s choice award and ranked in the Top 10 even without this award is Philippines hihihi

      • She’s in the Top 25. That’s the most they’re revealing this year, unlike in previous years. During Megan’s time, we knew she was #2 to Gibraltar leading up to the pageant night. True enough, Gibraltar entered the Top 6 as People’s Choice.

        I’m iffy about winning People’s Choice, though a high placement there would be nice. Nobody who has won this has actually gone on to win Miss World, and let’s face it, that’s what we want.

        2015: Vietnam (missed 1st cut; entered Top 11; axed in Top 5)
        2014: Thailand (missed 1st cut; entered Top 11; axed in Top 5)
        2013: Gibraltar (missted 1st cut; entered Top 6 – Got to Q&A round)

      • *missed 1st cut. Didn’t mean to post it at the time. Oh well.

        I meant to add that People’s Choice in Miss World started out as a big deal. The girl got to leapfrog over other finalists to get to the Q&A. I actually thought MW Gibraltar 2013 did a good job with her speech. “I want genuinely to help people in need. I don’t want to be Miss World so I can get my hair done or feel glamorous because those things aren’t what help the disadvantaged. Those things aren’t what change people’s lives. Stuff like beauty from within and kindness are things that change people’s lives and I truly believe that kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

        Then starting in 2014, it became an infamous recognition. You were called into the Top 10, so you pose with the girls who made it, but you stay for only a few moments because you’re out when the final cut is made.

    • When the very first Filipina, Megan Young, won Miss World 2013, one of the co-hosts was Mylene Klass. Mylene is a Filipina (by maternal blood).

      For tomorrow’s event, one of the co-hosts is a Filipina and that is Megan Young.

      If the stars are aligned, Miss World 2016 will be a Filipina, too …. and this is no other than Miss Catriona Elisa Gray 🙂


  7. I hope Julia is not swayed by the huge success the Philippines has experienced in the big 3 pageants in recent years thereby penalizing the Philippine sash. In addition, may she not be swayed by politics from envious parties (I’ll leave it at that).

    May she purely look at the 2016 candidates purely -as is- without any compromising pressure.

    Catriona placed in the top 10 in talent, top 5 in BWAP and is the multi-media winner.
    She is “not” one-dimensional and with her beauty that trancsends continents and her “down to earth” demeanor is a perfect MW prototype.

    Go Catriona!
    Your in the top 20…
    Do your thing now…

    • @Saluda, With Indonesia being no. 2 at top model, it makes u wanna think that the judgment will not be fair tom. I mean , in a sea of extremely gorgeous women , why Indonesia ? Look at the pics!
      But I still believe Julia will come to her senses tomorrow and give the blue to Cat
      For me , she’s the best candidate that the Philippines has ever sent internationally … ever.
      No offense meant to Pia or Megan hihihi
      What u say, bong 700

      • I think so too Fabian…
        Julia perhaps does not want a repeat of 2014 when S.Africa was crowned the winner before the contest even began.

        I “hope” MW is just trying spread the love just to add suspense to prevent a predictaable affair.
        Catriona is the favorite of in various consensus.
        Yes, Indonesia was a surprise… perhaps evrn a shock.

        Like Catriona said, “it aint over till its over!”

        Believer in Catriona, 2016!

      • I think so too Fabian that is why I understand the sentiments for her when she did not make the Top Model. Anyways… Yes, our strongest rep in any pageants (no offense meant to Pia & Megan) 🙂

    • pag nabasa niya eto siguradong nega sia dahil para mo siyang tinuturuan kung ano ang dapat gawin. gusto mo talagang masira ang chance ni cat. bobits

    • And Saluda,
      Some countries’ successes in the other pageants seemingly encourage Julia to crown them more.
      Look at India after Sushmita won
      Then there is Venezuela
      So if at all, Philippines is in a better position today than she was many yrs ago

      Catriona is MW 2016!

  8. Guys,

    Catriona just posted her final speech on Facebook.

    “To be Miss World is both an honor and a responsibility
    If I were to become Miss World, I will use my voice to influence the youth and I would raise awareness to certain causes like HIV awareness, which is timely and relevant to my country which is The Philippines.

    I wanna show the universe… The World, rather.
    That I am a Beauty… with a purpose
    Thank you”


  9. Multi media winner and a top 5 BWAP finish…
    Cat’s in good shape.
    Remember, one of Cat’s strongest strength is her communication skills.

    What other option do we have?

    Go Catriona… for the win!


    • Hey Kokey, may point naman ang sinasabi nila dahil negosyo at politika ay di puedeng ihiwalay sa lahat ng Beauty Pageant.
      Lahat ay gagawin ng isang organization na mapagbigyan lahat basta may K pa rin at deserving yung winner.
      Naintindihan ko yun dahil kailangan pa rin nating mabuhay ng bongga na walang naapakan.
      As i said before, di pa tapos ang laban at bilog pa ang bola.
      Ayan ngayun natulog lang ako sandali at pagkagising ko ay Top 10 in the bag na si Queen Catriona kaya kung ano-ano na namang mapapait na karamdaman ang pinapakita mo.
      At least napagbigyan at bayad na si Lola JUlia sa mga sponsors nya.
      Ngayon ay ihanda mo na ang pera mo kung meron man dahil baka mamalasin ka bukas at aatakihin ka sa puso at di mo matanggap na iannounce ni Lola Julia ay ” Miss World 2016 is ……………………………..PHILIPPINES………….hihihihihihihi………………………………………………..
      Magastos ang mahospital, lamay at palibing ngayon Kokey hihihihi

    • My point ka Cocoy. Daming napraning kahapon hehe.. Pero pagbigyan mo na ang madla kasi mukhang nakalimutan nila na 116 ladies ang kalaban at sa bawal patimpalak you will lose some and win some (este for Cat.. win more) hehe

    • Tander vaks kolokoy..”INGGIT” tawag dun ano kaba😂 mantakin mo ba nmn na sunod sunod crown ng pinay queens di vah* kaya ayan windang na windang na mga utak ng 2 kapitbahay kung ano gagawin wag lang manalo ang pinay😂 di kami bwakaw ! Chuserang vaks ka lol

  11. I won’t stop believing in Cat. I will say this again and again – win or lose, she will always be my Miss World 2016. I truly appreciate your posts on Cat, Sir Norman ! It lifts up my spirit for our representative. She’s been doing such a tremendous job representing our country well at the MWP 2016 pageant and to that, we should all be thankful and appreciative of her. Maraming salamat, Cat and Mabuhay ang Pilipinas ♡♡♡

  12. I strongly believe that Catriona is the perfect candidate to win MW. Her sincerity is obvious and her desire and hunger to win this competition is undeniable. I just feel like Julia won’t be disappointed if she gives the crown to Cat… It’s not just us pinoys who see Cat’s impressive qualities, even other races agree with us. I hope the stars align for our Queen! I still believe and will continue to support Cat ❤

    So far i'm all for Philippines, Mongolia, Russia, Dominican Republic.

    I just hindi tayo mapolitika. Jus miyo. Seeing indo and China reach the final 5 sa top model was mind boggling. Hindi ko talaga gets.

  13. Miss Philippines is leading the Pinnacle odds in the Miss World 2016 betting markets so far with a considerable difference from the rest of the candidates at 2.84. Miss Mexico is at 6.70 and Miss Australia places third at 6.70. Click the following link to read the full report. https://www.pinnacle.com/…/spec…/miss-world-2016-betting

  14. thank you for this sentimental post, norms, and if there’s anything i get out from reading it, that is a renewed hope that all’s not lost for catrina. masyado lang akong humopia sa top model tapos ginawa pang closed-door kaya tuloy nagmistulang private cooking show at nag second pa yung manok na pinadala ng mismong national director na naimbitahang mag judge sa category. mahirap i-balance ang expectations when you have someone so good and desiring like catriona. morale booster pa kasi yung agreement ng iba pang pageant sites all over na she’s really the girl to beat. sana magdilang anghel ka sa kutob mo. 🙏

    • I think Top Model is yung equalizer ng MWO this year, dahil yun ang kaya nilang i-influence. The rest kasi, medyo factual ang basis (counts, wins, etc.) That, and may mga lumabas na pics ni Cat wearing an eletric pink(?) gown. I think Top Model yun, not Designer kasi parang ang unflattering talaga. Considering na inassign lang yun ng designer sa kanya, she looked very beautiful nonetheless, pero I can understand why she would not place if they put weight on the dress.

      Ngayon, silang dalawa pa rin ni Indonesia ang may pinakamaraming known placements sa FT’s. Pareho silang Top 5 sa BWAP (with nearly identical projects!), nasa Talent si Cat habang nasa Top Model si Asha, at malamang pasok sa Top 5 ng Multimedia si Asha, kung Mobstar lang ang basehan.

      Cat says may good news daw. Not sure kung yung tinutukoy niya is yung innanounce na, or may isa pang bubulaga sa Finals. I am praying that it is that she will still perform anyway.

      • @pautwas ah, now it makes sense to me. it’s possible na ipinaubaya na lang ng mwo sa mga supporters ni catriona ang inclusion sa top 25/10 and true enough, na conquer din ng mga pinoy sa wakas ang swipe right for yes + comment na pakulo dahil nagwagi tayo sa multimedia! ano kaya yung good news according to cat? me thinks she might be given an intermission spot to sing her unity song or maybe paraiso, or even moon river. i suppose gusto pa ng mwo mag showcase ng iba pang talent ng girls bukod sa nagwaging wizardry dance number; besides, sila na rin ang nagsabi and i quote “Philippines stuns the judges with her tender voice on the classic song Moon River.” yun na!

      • Personal preference ko lang din kasi na dapat yung entertainment/intermission may gravitas. And sobrang hirap iachieve nun ng novelty acts. No disrespect meant of course to those performers. Depende kasi yan sa theme/flow ng production.

        Imagine this. Pageant finals night. May mga girls na rumarampa. May interviews/spotlight/showcase. May speeches/inspirational chuchu. Tapos biglang may mag-gaganyan. Parang nakakasira ng momentum, kung ako ang tatanungin mo.

        Not saying na that won’t happen din sa kanta. If done poorly, pwedeng mas lalong maging boring ang show. Pero if done really well, you may actually end up stirred.

        May sinasabi si Mobstar na na-hack daw sila. Kung ano/paano yang hack na yan, di na nila sinabi. Pointless na’t naannounce na ang mga nagwagi. Pero alam mong maski papaano tumulong ang mga kapitbahay natin sa naging resulta. Mas madali kasi yung talent dahil iisang entry lang ang pag-focusan, unlike sa candidate profile, kung saan mahirap talunin ang pag-spread ng likes at comments. Dala na rin sa SIPAG ni Cat mag-upload. Kahit gaano pa karaming like ang isang picture ng kalaban, kung x20 o highit pa ang pics mo na a fraction lang of the likes, wagi ka pa rin. Yan ang difference nila ni Joanna, especially nung una. SI Cat, di mo na kailangang sabihan pa na mag-upload. SIya na mismo gagawa at several times a day pa.

      • Here is that electric/hot pink gown that Cat wore. She wore it with grace but there’s not much to love about the design of the gown.

  15. From the MW FB Page:

    BWP finalists:
    In no particular order. Winner will be announced during the final.
    Talent winner:
    Multimedia winner:
    Top Model winner:
    Sport winner:
    Cook Islands

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