89 comments on “20 For The Win | My Miss World 2016 Predictions

  1. bakit ba ang daming kuda ng mga tao. Di ba pwedeng manood na lang at mag-enjoy. Kailangan ba talaga i-review blow by blow ang lahat. Magbigay ng kuro-kuro kahit di kailangan. Lalong hindi kailangan magalit sa iba at magbansag ng masasamang names sa ibang lahi. Tandaan nyo hindi tayo ang judge at organizer. Anuman ang decision nila wala na tayo magagawa.

    Kalma lang enjoy lang.


    BWP finalists:
    In no particular order. Winner will be announced during the final.

    Talent winner:

    Multimedia winner:

    Top Model winner:

    Sport winner:
    Cook Islands

  3. A little bit of context to this year’s pageant, from an unbiased outsider, and from the Washington Post, no less:


    “In any other country, the moment (Miss Malta’s track victory) would have been captured by dozens of cameras and posted on Twitter — the Internet loves a good beauty queen blooper. But aside from some Chinese pageant bloggers, barely anyone was there.”

    “She (Julia) said she is looking for contestants who are equally at ease doing a telethon in Iowa, charming donors at a cocktail party, and trekking to a mountaintop orphanage.

    “We need girls who are going to be not too spoiled,” she said.”

    “Jory Rivera (of OPMB), a pageant blogger from the Philippines, said he was “quite surprised” by how dead things seemed at the Gaylord Hotel, which is housing the contestants. A health convention down the hall seemed livelier than the pageant media day, which drew a handful of news outlets, mostly foreign.”

    • This article is a bit misleading though…

      It’s written that “Miss Indonesia helped a village of trash scavengers build a new school.” when we all know that it is Miss Philippines who has that particular project.

  4. I don’t understand why Audra is against Filipina Queens and yet she’s proud to mention about her Filipino roots?!

  5. Hay nako mga vaks I smell something fishy about this mobstar brouhaha… Did you guys try to vote for other contestants when cats wasnt working? China and Indonesia for top 2 were definitely suspicious. Waley ang gangsta park ni Mexico , Ukraine at Russia.

  6. Warla na rin sa IG

    The Indonesian ND was one of the judges.
    MW 2017 will be in Indonesia daw at least yan ang sinasabi nila.
    The dress designer was from Indo

    Where is the freakin footage!??

    6 Chinese companies Ang investors ng MW
    They are getting some really bad press from the newspaper Dahil may gag order si Canada na anti Chinese

    MOBSTAR did not work only for the Philippine rep no matter where you were last night. Reply nila samin – you can’t plan these things.

    Cat is the most well rounded rep but with how disorganized things are – she may not win.

    Audra pala was active in a pageant page noon disliking posts with Filipino queens. She was also very vocal about MJ’s MU stint.

    • Is the thing with MOBSTAR serious? That’s really bad.

      I know we cannot win everything, and admittedly we Filipino fans have had our fair share of doing embarrassing things on social media, but I don’t think we’ve stooped so low that we actively campaigned and connived with other countries just to put down a candidate we disliked.

      We have our share of overzealous supporters, but not our national directors remained respectful and objective. Indonesia (and Thailand, with Nawatt at least) is really…pathetic. The desperation of our neighboring countries is quite something. It’s one thing to dislike our Filipina representatives but to DELIBERATELY pull them down…

      As for Audra, what else is new? Almost every pageant contest has a girl like her.

      • Mobstar – for me serious. You see if you have votes reaching close to 40k and comments as high as 400k big deal yun. Not only are you toying with the voter’s sentiments time din nila nasasayang. Cat garnered huge numbers in days. Hungary the other day made it from 5k to 15k in just 3 hours. Then Mongolia being Indonesia’s roomie suddenly started getting huge numbers. The Thai and Indo fans made announcements to pageant pages to votes so that Cat won’t get to perform. Apart from that for the Filipino fans in the middle east as well as in Europe after two comments blocked agad. We later found out the were using this email creating site to register more emails.

  7. Naku! Paktay na. Baka next year, China ulit maghohost ng MW, cheret o di kaya babalik ulit sa Indonesia. I still have high hopes for Cat, nothing has changed, she will still win the Miss World crown. i just hope that she will sashay her way sa Q&A and let her have her speech, tas boom! Korona na naman ay mapapasakamay natin. Sorry, pero di ko bet na mag-high bun si Cat lalo na if old rose ang damit nya, magmumukhang photocopy lang sya ni megan. Side-swept hair, tulad nung unang sabak nya sa talent in her light blue gown really fits her. Si Rolene nga, nanalo kahit walang award. Kaya tiwala lang mga vhaks.

    • I think it will not be in China. The latest update which needs to be verified is that Indonesia will host Miss World 2017 thus the national director of Indonesia is very active. Check the latest news in pageant blogs.

    • Thank you Will. This just might explain the news blackout. As I see it Chinese sponsors (or even the Chinese government) are king.

  8. Filipino fans are going berserk on Facebook over Top model result as if the world will end of Ms Gray isn’t crowned. The competition isn’t over yet until someone wears the blue crown. Whether Ms Gray eventually wears that crown or not she has shown the world that she did her best in everything. If she doesn’t make it we can say it is not for not trying hard enough, it’s just not meant for her. But i am still very optimistic Ms Catriona Gray is Miss World 2016.

  9. I guess MWO is doing this on purpose to bait PH and Indon fans. But Mama Julia has her eyes on someone else and not on Cat or Natasha.

  10. Punta ako misso. Grabe, patayan na naman ang PH vs Indo.

    La lang paki yung ibang nationalities ha ha ha!

    Sabi siguro ng mga Intsik “salamat na lang hindi kami ma-English at di kami nagpupunta ng pageant forums”

    Nakakahiya tayo sa mata ng mga pageant fans.

    Sorry talaga Catriona. You’re perfect but some of you’re fans will pull you down.


    • Yes, hindi naman mapagkakaila na marami rin sa atin ang talagang walang habas mag-bash sa social media. Sana nga mabawasan natin ito dahil totoo, nakakahiya. Lalo na dahil talagang mahusay ang mga pinapadala natin.

      Pero mas nakakahiya yung mga kapitbahay natin na talagang nagkampihan para lang maibaba ang mga kandidata natin. OO, salaula ang maraming Pinoy fans pero sa pagsubaybay ko ng mga patimpalak, hindi tayo nag-aksaya ng oras para maghanap ng kakampi at magplano na sama-samang pabagsakin ang mga kandidata na hindi natin gusto. Mas nakakahiya ‘yon. Kung sila rin lang ang pupuna sa “kagaspangan” ng ugali natin huwag na lang.

      PINAKA-NAKAKAHIYA ANG MGA NATIONAL DIRECTORS NILA. I don’t think I’ll ever see Madame Stella and Madame Cory pull the same stunts just to get a leg up. Even our camps and designers have dignity.

      Indonesia may win crowns and get runner-up positions but with the way things are going, they’ll be the MADE IN CHINA of the world of pageantry. Hindi sineseryoso dahil their powerplayers down to their fans play dirty. PROVEN YAN.

  11. Miss world just released the winners for top model

    At NAKAKAHIYA yung mga Pilipino sa Facebook — puro reklamo at puro pang ba-bash sa China specially Indonesia

    Hindi puwede si Catriona nalang laging panalo

    Nakakahiya — kaya mga Indonesians naiinis sa mga Pinoy eh.

    • Korek.
      Mga palengkera at kabobohan ang mga comments.
      Akala nila ikagaganda ni Catriona ang mga kuda nila.
      Parang mga kampon ni kokey ang mga yan hihihi.
      Tanggapin na rin natin at nasabi ko na rin ito noon na c Mongolia talaga ang kalaban ni Cat sa Talent.
      Ang daming mga top models ang wala sa Top 5 ha kaya relax lang mga vecks.
      People’s Choice, Multi-Media, BWAP, bilog pa ang bola hihihi
      Good Luck Philippines tomorrow 🙂

  12. May BWAP and Multi-Media challenge award pa mga vecks hihihi.
    Consolation Prize na yung kay China at Indonesia and deserving din sila kaya huwag naman tayo maging ganid sa mga Awards na yan hihihi.
    Runner-up naman si Queen Cat sa Talent and i’m sure Top 10 sya sa Top Model.
    I just hope na pakakantahin pa rin si Cat sa Finals night 🙂
    I still Believe na nasa Top 10 sya sa mga Fast Track’s Final Results.
    Yung Interview nya ang magpapasok sa kanya sa TOP 5 hihihi
    Queen Catriona is still my MW2016.

    Mabuti naman at nakinig sa payo ko sina Kat at Manang Wanda Teo hihihi.

    TULOY ANG MINDANAO TAPESTRY SHOW SA DAVAO CITY! Lahat naman ay nadadaan sa mabuting usapan. A few days ago, I decided to cancel the Davao leg of Miss Universe. This was because the parties involved would not compromise at that time. But after a long conversation with my boss, DOT Secretary Wanda Teo (who is a Davaoeña herself), she decided to push through with it because that’s how much she loves Davao and its people. I was asked to fly to Davao City and talk to the upset designers. After a couple of hours, we were able to sort things out. Mabuhay ang mga designers ng Davao City.

  13. If Cat doesn’t place I will completely lose hope in this pageant. I’m still Philippines, Mongolia as two of the final 5. The rest I don’t know.

  14. Talent top 3
    winner Mongolia : Bayartsetseg Altangerel
    1st runner up Philippines : Catriona Gray
    2nd runner up Hungary : Tímea Gelencsér

  15. It has been said that Miss World is the hardest to predict among all major beauty pageants. The Julia-factor, politics and luck play major considerations in the selection of the eventual winner.

    With all due respect to our past winners, runner-ups and delegates, how many of them can we truly say that this or that candidate is truly a complete package? AA for me has the most beautiful face but let’s admit that we were on the edge of our seats during the Q&A in Russia. PW has the beauty and confidence but lacks the height and her body is not attractive to some (for one reason or another. lol). KV and MY have beauty, intelligence and confidence but lacks the height to instantly stand out. JT has the confidence, winning walk and gave the best answer and yet facially we know she is not top notch. And VR, well we know what happened during the Q&A. And yet, and yet…. they placed and some even won. Thank you very much.

    The point is not to diss these girls who did us proud but to highlight that CG is the “SM” of them all : She’s got it all. And if there is some semblance of fairness and justice in the universe, (or the world, rather), we will have our second Miss World winner this Monday.

    World Peace.

    • I so agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. As deserving as CG is, there is the Julia factor which cannot be denied. I’m all in for CG winning the blue crown, SHE IS THE COMPLETE PACKAGE! However, Julia keeps coming to mind and the rememberance of Gibraltar winning Miss World. Will she “surprise” us with an “off the radar” win or will she give the crown to a most deserving CG? I pray it’s the latter…

      • MY is Megan Young. Ano ba Alzheimer na hehehe

        Catriona for the win still! Multimedia will bring her to Top 20. She is an overall package which should seal the Top 10 for her. From there, she will conquer the world 🙂

  16. Catriona is deserving, no doubt about that. Kahit i review mo pa profile ng 117 candidates sya talaga lalabas na number 1 but…… we all know na sa mga pageants na ganito di naman all the time yung pinaka deserving ang nananalo. This is business to start with. Politics I think has a hand in thisnas well. Unfortunately, circumstances are not favoring Catriona. Wag na tayo masyado umasa. Kung mananalo sya well and good, kung hinde, oh well wala tayo magagawa, hinde tayo ang Judges and most importantly, hinde tayo si Julia.

    • Yan ang version ni Aling Hulya ng Hilaria Klintong’s “Pay-4-Play.” Hinahanda ko na ang sarili kong mabuwisit sa finals.

    • Thoughts? I only have u-tots 4 the winner.

      At ang top model contest pala ay ginagawa na ngayon sa isang stage na parang pang-recital at pang-graduation? Buseeet!

    • tsk! tsk! tsk! China, with this performance, as top model winner… shameless politics rearing its ugly head!!!

  17. Thank you Sir Norman for putting Cat on top of your list ! I just couldn’t see anyone else rightfully wearing the blue crown but her. Everything about her being declared the winner is rationally justified. Wala na along makitang kulang pa sa kaniya. Win or lose, Catriona Elise Gray is my Miss World 2016 ♡♡♡. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Hot off the press!

    Miss World 2016 Top Model Final Results:
    1st: PR China
    2nd: Indonesia
    3rd: Dominican Republic
    Runners-up:France, Kenya (in no particular order)

    • Not that it matters, but the girls were dressed up in gowns by designers from Puerto Rico, Indonesia, and Kenya.

      Eto na naman tayo Mama Julia eh.

    • The results would be fine if there was some degree of transparency for the different parts of the competition. Every year, palala na palala ang news blackout. It almost seems like winners on certain events are there to please sponsors. Then again, this pageant, like any other business holding, has to survive.

      My fear is that, since we never said “yes” to Aling Hulya, and all of a sudden MU 2016 will be held in Manila, Aling Hulya may end up snubbing our candidate to somehow “teach us a lesson,” perhaps? Wag naman sana.

      • Well, hopefully, the hype being generated now by MU will make her want to reconsider.

        Honestly, were it not for Cat, I’m so over MW. Inconsistent, opaque judging was one thing. This whole Mobstar fiasco is another.

        Kung gusto niyang makihati sa audience na Pinoy, at pahirapan na nga sa lagay na to sa ngayon, mas lalo siyang mahihirapan pag sinayang niya ang ating kandidata ngayong taon.

        Kapansin-pansin din para sa akin na di napapabilang masyado yung kandidatang mababa ang boses. TIngin ko kasi, di talgaa siya bagay dito, kundi sa kabilang pageant.

      • Kadalasan top model or beach beauty winners go on to win MW, or at least place high in these events. Wala nang beach beauty, so top model na lately halos ang pamantayan. Baka niluluto na ang Tsina. Baka kinakampanya na rin ng Tsina na manalos sila. Malaking statement nga naman para sa mga Intsik na sa Merika nanalo ang bansa nila. Abangan! Kaloka si Aling Hulya.

      • Noong 2014, yung nanalo sa Top Model hindi man lang umabot sa Top 25. Yes, daig siya ni Val na walang malay na mahilig puntiryahan ng kabilang kampo. Pero ngayon, automatic na placer si Miss China dahil sa bagong rules nila. So, mukhang sure na ang spot sa Top 25 nila Cook Islands, China, Mongolia (Juskolord. Sayang sa oras talaga tong Mobstar), Tanzania (na posible yung tinutukoy ng OPMB na nagpaiyak sa mga nanonood), at sana si Cat dahil sa Multimedia.

    • Kailangan talaga ng MW ang China, kasi mga Chinese ang major sponsors! Pag di talaga nag top 3 si Cat, tuluyan nang mawawala respeto ko sa MW!

      • Dagdag mo pa yung kontrobersiyan ngayon sa kandidatang di pinapayagang makipag-usap sa media dahil baka mapahiya yang mga sponsors na yan.

        May balita pa sa ibang pageant sites na yung ND na judge last year ay judge ulit. Wag naman sana. SANA. Jusko, Mama Julia.

    • ND ng indo as one the judges. Tsk. I’m sure she gave cat. A lower score and high on indo. Why they need to include ND as one of the panel??? Nakakaloka ang MW now. Parang walang Nagbago. No live streaming din. Shet!!!! Nakakakaba. Maybe Honda Patok sa taste ng judges ang gown nya. Bait back Ganun ang Gown nya. Any ba pinanlaban Nya? Ung lilac??? Bakit hinder fit na gown Para ang rampa nya is Mala beauty queen. Ebenebeyen!!!!! Our only big hope is bwap and multimedia. Good luck to cat.

      • BWAP: Triple tie daw si USA, China, at Indonesia. Thanks daw for hosting sabi ni Aling Hulya.

    • Oh my Julia! China?? 😦

      Too early to panic and yes true that Ms Spain (2015) and Megan (2013) won this category but the Top model lady in 2014 did not even advance to the semifinals. Let’s wait till Monday If it’s Cat’s destiny then there is no stopping her. It will be Julia’s big loss!

      • Miss World is really odd. Koyal Rana of India was at the top spot in 2014’s leaderboard, and was not chosen by the judges to be in the top 5. A similar thing happened to Hillarie Parungao who was #3 overall in the leaderboard but also did not make top 5. Ewan.

  19. Ano ba yan, diko makita ang Miss World sa Mobstar kahapon pa.
    Pag-open mo sa Mobstar puro Lapis ang makikita mo.
    Tapos na yata ang botohan… ano ng update sa mga Votes mga Vekis 🙂

  20. Ano na namang Milagro at Kababalaghan ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas hihihi

    DOT hoping Pia Wurtzbach would co-host Miss Universe 2016 🙂

    Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as a co-host of the most prestigious beauty pageant?

    Department of Tourism (DOT) officials are keeping their fingers crossed, as they work to make it happen.

    Tourism Undersecretary Kat De Castro said on Thursday that the DOT is hoping Wurtzbach can have a bigger role on the night she is set to pass her crown to the 65th Miss Universe queen.

    “We have high hopes for Pia Wurtzbach to take a major part in the show and not just pass on her crown I hope so — Why not she’s a good host and she’s proved herself again and again she’s hosted a lot of segments in the U.S.,” De Castro said.

    She added it is possible because the Filipina beauty queen is loved by many, including the President of Miss Universe Organization Paula Shugart.

    “Paula Shugart loves Pia. Everybody in Miss Universe loves Pia. Let’s just wait for their announcement, but of course it would bring us so much honor here in the Philippines if she is considered as a main co-host,” De Castro said.

  21. The elite blogger missed the beauty of Miss Colombia and Miss Ireland.
    These two I think will give Cath a run for her money.
    Dominican Republic in the Taft 5 is a big no, she looks so manly and rehearsed.
    I agree on one matter that Cath is the rightful wearer of that turquoise crown.

    And as Senyora Julia always say, ” I will announce the winners in reverse order.

    2nd runner is……Ireland
    In 2nd place, a runner up to MW is…..Colombia

    and Miss World 2016 is……USA

    Cooking show na naman.

  22. My Top 20

    Puerto Rico
    Cook Island
    Dominican Republic
    South Africa

    • “Within less than 3 days, we shall know who is our Miss World 2016. While fans across the world are busy predicting who has highest chance to win the elusive crown of Miss World 2016, the team of TGPC feels that it is high time that Miss World should give the crown to Catriona Gray of Philippines. Now many might agree and many might disagree, but it took us a lot of discussion where our panel felt that Catriona would be a perfect crown holder of Miss World this year. Let’s have a look on why our team think so?”


        The facial features of Catriona is so harmonious that it has an universal appeal. No matter what part of the world you are from, you will always call Catriona a beautiful girl, just like we say for super beauties Aishwarya Rai and Ksenia Sukhinova. She is tall, she is lean and she has flawless skin. Her beauty is still in growing mode, so she has potential to blossom for at least next 2-3 years and become even more beautiful. Besides, we need a Miss World whom we recall as one of the most beautiful Miss World after a decade, which we see it happening in case of Catriona Gray very easily.


        Many has often claimed that Catriona is trying to channelise Megan’s styling but we feel it is smart of her doing that because that’s how her most beautiful features comes into visibility. Her styling has always been impressive till date, and every time we see her, she gives us a feeling like a young Queen. She is what Britishers call Regal and Royal. Just imagine Catriona making appearances as a Miss World in events, all eyes would be on her, isn’t it? What else do you need in an ambassador.


        Catriona is one such beauty queen who is good in pictures as well as motion. Have you seen her speaking? Well, if you have, we are sure you wouldn’t stop loving her to the core. She is such a smart girl and a genuine person who speaks from the heart. Moreover, when she speaks, she radiates so much of positivity that you feel like adoring her all the while. You certainly can’t get bored of her.


        If sources are to be believed, Miss Philippines is one of the most well mannered and down to earth contestants this year. She mixes up very well with all the contestants and speaks very sweet. In fact, many of the girls already love her and is touted as one of the major crown contender by them. This is very rare that you are extremely beautiful and yet your co-contestants love you can consider you as a real contender.


        Catriona has worked as a TV Host and is also a part time model and singer. She already has a huge fan following from her nation, so crowning her is like gathering the fan following from all those followers of Catriona, which is like a win win situation because they are getting a good winner as well as her fans. What is there to think people? What is there to think?

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