12 comments on “The #65thMissUniverse Teasers

  1. Re: MU teaser
    Sana in-edit muna yung mga video nina Gloria Diaz at Margie Moran at ginawang HD (high defenition). Nagmukhang sina-unang panahon ang pagkakapanalo nila sa MU.

  2. Gusto ko magpareserve ng 3 VIP Ticket pero full na ang reservation kaya sa Gen. Admission na lang ang nakuha ko hihihi Charot na Charot Santos 🙂
    Share ko lang ang group interview nila Philippines, USA, Venezuela, Indonesia and Thailand.
    JawsKuh at hindi na talaga papipigil c Queen Catriona at gigil na gigil na talaga ang Blue Crown dahil excited na ang Blue Crown na mailagay sa ulo ni Queen Catriona. Philippines na talaga ang Panalo, NO DOUBT kokey. hihihi

    • This is what I’m talking about Bong700!
      Catriona’s confidence, demeanor and ability to articulate clearly just naturally flows as she’s communicating.
      I cant help but think of or compare communication skills of our beautiful Maxine when or “should” she advance to the MU final 5.

      Still, Im giving Maxine and her trainers the benefit of the doubt. They must have had a strategy planned.

      I still believe, given the perfect scenario that if the “other” four finalists were to need interpretors that Maxine answer in Tagalog. The Filipino interpretor should absolutely positively fluent in translating Tagalog to English to a global audience.

  3. Exciting times for Maxine and the Philippines!.

    Are there any vids showing Maxine’s improvement in her communication skills yet.
    I keep thinking how impressive and what a natural MWP’s Catriona Gray is when communicating and may be a little concerned when comparing Maxine’s skills.

    However, i must remember that MW is MW and MU is MU.
    Communication skills have a different bearing in both respective pageants.
    Cant compare the two pageant’s processes to determine the winner.
    It would not be fair.

    Lets Go Maxine.

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