54 comments on “Catriona Gray and her World Designer Gown for Miss World 2016

  1. Last year ay nanalo c Hillarie sa Multimedia challenge w/o grand, massive promotion to vote for her.
    Cguro naman ay mananalo c Queen Catriona sa 3 Fast track dahil sa Votes in Mobstar and MW application.
    Dapat ganito rin ka enthusiastic ang mga voters 🙂

  2. As long as she enters the top five, shes going to win. By now alam na ng MWO kung sino ang winner. These prepageant competitions are just formalities…good luck

    • Last year ay Top 5 muna then Q&A Y U want to become MW ganern..
      Prepare mo lagi ang sagot mo sa tanong na yan Miss Sandra Lemonon hihihi di ko talaga makalimutan at baka 1st RU cya pero kinavog cya ni Pinay-american.

  3. Cat and her throne 🙂

    I must say Miss Mongolia’s gown is very different, which makes it eye-catching. The pattern and color look like they pay homage to her country.

  4. I personally think Catriona looks fabulous.
    But more importantly, “despite” what I think, I support Ms. Gray to the fullest.
    This is the 11th hour of her journey to MW.
    Stand behind Catriona is imperative.

  5. Cat’s presentation is eerily similar to Pia’s presentation with the red gown she modeled before. From hair down to the final stare. lol

  6. Sa akin lamang ay napakakulang sa rikit ang likhang ito kung ihahambing sa mga nakaraan nyang isinuot. Nakakapagpabagabag man ang gayak ng ating lakambini ngunit ang aking palagay ay sinadya ito. Marahil ito lamang ay pampabulabog na panlinlang para paghahanda sa isang malaking pasabog na paparating.

  7. Mga vaks, you know what’s a good inspiration for us to keep on fighting for Cat? Come to think of it, if she wins on Sunday, this could possibly be the first time or the only time that the reigning queens of the big 3 pageants are all from the same country. How awesome is that???? So mga vaks, vote!!!!!

  8. Here’s to hoping Catriona’s final gown in old rose will be more beautiful and elegant. She is stunning.

  9. Here’s to hoping Catriona’s final gown in old rose will be more beautiful and elegant. She is stunning.

    Catriona with Miss Mexico and Frankie:


    Catriona with Miss Mexico and Miss Ireland. These ladies are so sweet.


  10. Oh well. I know the gown is Libiran, but based on the pics and videos, parang ‘di masyadong fabulous. I wish hindi ‘yan ang kanyang gown sa finals. Please Lord.

    • I don’t think finals gown could make or break the finalists. The top model could. I wasn’t a fan of Megan’s gown when she won. However, Libiran has been a lucky charm to our candidates so far.

      • @4M, from what I understand, Top Model is one of the fast track events that could advance a candidate to the semi-final round. Thereafter, the scores will be refreshed to zero and from there the candidates will be judged based on their total package, including their gown and answer to the perennial question “why should you be Miss World.” Thus, Cat should wear the most stunning gown.

        By the way, okay naman ang gown ni Cat for Top Model pero I am looking for a more eye-catching one come coronation night.

  11. I think a solid color would serve her better – white black red blue yellow etc . I don’t think lilac gonna come out good on stage
    Cat, change your gown pls

    • I liked her gown in the MWP but I think for MW they want her to wear something more feminine in terms of colors like Kylie in Miss International.

  12. Ang saya saya naman ni Cath, love it!
    Last night, ang tagal kong nakaluhod para ipagdasal ang iyong tagumpay.
    At habang nakaluhod ako, may humahampas sa mukha ko, hindi ko na lang pinansin.
    Nagpatuloy ako sa pagluhod at pagdasal, and the rest is history.

  13. Philippines was one of 37 videos shortlisted to be shown to 21 judges for BWAP judging.

    Excerpt from OPMB:

    One particular country made some of judges cry and even us media who were there to observe the judging.

    The BWAP video of Ms. Philippines was about giving quality education to the children of Smokey Mountain. In the opening of the video, you will hear Catriona sing her own rendition of “Paraiso.” Catriona explained the quality of life these children live in the slums and the garbage dump site. They were able to acquire a run-down apartment and converted it into a school for the kids. The last part of the video showed the kids telling what they dream to be when they grow up. The last girl shown said, “I want to be Miss World.” That last clip made the judges laugh.

  14. Kaya naman pala 9 ang luggage ni Cat, ang daming baong gown. Pero nalilito na ako kung ano gagamitin nya sa finals night. The old rose ba? Nakita ko un na suot nya with her hair in high bun. Tapos sabi na lilac na naman. Pero eto na yung lilac eh? O baka naman may pasaberg pa si Cat ganern? Pinaghandaan talaga lahat, para maiuwi ulit ang turqouise na corona. Di ako pinayagan mag leave sa lunes, so sad.

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