23 comments on “Miss World 2016 Host Megan Young

    • Not a fan of that dress parang nalalaglag lang sya hahahah.
      I think Miss USA nailed this interview pero parang nababahuan sya kay Catriona

  1. OT:
    Grabe very witty!! Ba’t hindi toh nanalo pang MU nung time niya sa Bb. Pilipinas? Hehe

    • She’s not bad at all . I think her over the top ‘answering’ turned off a lot of judges.

    • Minus points from the judges because of her major major answers I mean she says more than what is asked…. Witty pa naman siya but a big NO NO sa excitement of answering hehehe

  2. Megan Young as host…isa pang dahilan kung bakit nagdadalawang isip ako sa chances ni Cat.

    • Anong connection? Bakit naka salalay ba sa hosting skills ni Megan Young ang pagka panalo ni Cat? Ilang percent ng Hosting Score ni Megan ang Mapupunta sa score ni Cat? Hahahaha …..LOL …. paki explain. Baka hindi kami matawa. 😀

  3. Sabi ni Manay Julia, mananalo si Cat para sa mga susunod na MW contest ay silang dalawa na ni Megan ang maghohost dahil pak na pak ang com skills nila 😄😄😄

  4. That first pic above tells it all about this real queen and my favorite.
    No one has ever surpass her attributes yet IMO
    Go Megan Young my dahlinnnn

    • Well of course we are all entitled to our own opinion but I beg to disagree with you on this. And Madam Julia will not ask her to be one of the hosts if she wasn’t good.

    • She needs an energizer. Charm and poise is one thing . But she needs to speak a little faster .. and be fun!!

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