84 comments on “Catriona Gray and her Francis Libiran National Costume for Miss World 2016

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  2. perhaps I’m just reading into the situation too deeply but look at Miss USA’s body language/facial expression every time Catriona speaks.. Parang may tension? She looks annoyed or unimpressed when Cat answers the questions. She doesn’t even look at her? Tapos the way she was sitting, and when she was speaking, she was only facing Venezuela, Thailand, And Indonesia.

    • Isa lang masasabi – it’s her problem not Catriona’s. It’s understandable she is into sports and she thinks she is very competitive. So I believe she considers Cat as her competitor and that provides tension on her part. Good luck na Lang sa kanya.

    • I’ve noticed her cold reactions to her but maybe it’s just the way they sit. Cat tries to warm up with USA but she seems to distance herself. Maybe insecure coz she’s only quarter Pinay. lol

      • Her body language says it all -:) Cat looks way taller compare to the other candidatesand her presence cannot be ignored.

  3. Aligaga tayong lahat sa kakaboto. I have my mobstar and I keep voting and making new accounts. The least we can do to support Cat who is hungry to win the crown for the Philippines. Ganda ng mga sagot nya sa OPMB interview – articulate, engaging, sincere, choice of words is excellent. At 22 years old, she has the wisdom and the sense of purpose of a mature individual. Ewan ko na Lang Kung Di pa koronahan ni Madam Julia. #CatrionaGrayMW2016

  4. Hibang ba ako to think na si Cat talaga mananalo this year?????

    pageanthology101 : “Don’t just send me a beautiful candidate or even a smart one. Send me someone who has the complete attributes of MEGAN YOUNG” – Julia Morley (MWO) to Madam Cory Quirino (MWP) 👏❤️ Of course, you heard it here first in #Pageanthology101 that #MissWorld2013 will be back as a MAIN HOST of #MissWorld2016 with or without contract.

    • I read somewhere that those words of madame morley was said way back the night megan was crowned 🙂

      • The original article said it was mentioned just before MW 2014 finals night, before Rolene was crowned.

    • I guess ine emphasize nila na eto pa rin ang hinahanap nila. unfortunately mukang wenk wenk yung choice nila na manalo spain.

  5. Wala pa ba ang Top Model competition? Or yung World designer award? I thought ibabalik yung Beach Beauty Competition din. 4 Days to go na lang parang wala atang nangyayari… News blackout talaga.

  6. the nat cos is very modern! Im sure it will look good on Cat! lalo na the color! Perfect sa kanyang porselanang kutis. I dont know if im just too busy para d ko ma ‘monitor’ ang MW or ganon tlaga sila, walang update, walang pakeme sa social media? medyo boring tlaga ang MW no

  7. Now this is what we call upgrade/modern national costume. Kahit filipiniana gown pa rin nag upgrade naman. Kahit konting percent na same sa natcos ni kylie ok lang. Super ganda at pasadong pasado to sa taste ng mga nagrereklamo nating mga kababayan speaking of natcos for international pageant. So this 2016. This natcos of catriona is the best kahit icompare pa sa mga nakaraan. Its the best natcos we ever had. Followed by kylie V natcos and yung sa representative natin sa miss global d2 ginanap. Won by miss ecuador. Yung agila natcos. Yun ang pangatlo para sakin….

  8. Oo nga pala, maiba tayo ng usapan. Bakit pala `di pa pinapadala ni Nawat si Ariska sa Aleppo?

    Bakit hindi ipadala si Ariska duon para mamudmod ng bulaklak at magwagayway ng white flag?

    Asa’n na ang kanilang pageant platform na STOP THE WAR? LOL

    • hindi kasi nanalo c Clinton kaya wala syang kawork together hihihi
      eh c Nawat ay malalaking batuta lang ang alam hawakan kaya waley rin sya sa syria hihihi

    • Dpat pagsabihan na lang ni Ariska ang US na huwag ng pakialaman ang syria dahil kasalanan ng US ang kaguluhang nangyayari sa Middle East. Paimbestigahan na lang ni Nawat ang US tungkol sa EJK sa Syria.
      Marami ng Pinatay na tao ang US sa Middle East.

  9. Kabuwisit and Miss World this year. News blackout kung news blackout. Unlike past years when there was streaming for opening ceremonies/contestant introduction, top model, BWAP gala, and so on. Usually the last few days of the week, ginugugol na lang sa rehearsals and tapos na ang mga competitions. Ni hindi pa nila nilalabas yung official na BWAP ni Catriona less than 3 days na lang Miss World finals na.

    Next year sa North Korea na lang nila i-hold ang Miss World 2017, para wala nang mag-expect. News blackout na talaga! LOLs

  10. Mga baks, No. 2 na lang si Catriona sa Talent. Naungusan tayo ni Hungary. BOTO PO TAYO PLEASE AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO VOTE.

    • Hungary is now Rank 1 Miss World Talent. I think they hacked Mobstar. Biglang nagspike likes niya from 6K to 19K in short span of time.

  11. Catriona’s closest competitor for the crown is Mongolia. I hope it’s a one-two punch for Asia with Cat edging her out.

    • @4M, are you serious na Mongolia ang closest rival ni Cat sa crown? Hihihi! She may be lovable, but… perhaps, every body could not see her winning.

      • @Ana, Mongolia is getting more popular on Miss World page lately. She even has her own feature lately on the pictures. She may not be your prototype beauty with her siopao cheeks but she has this inner confidence that radiates from within with her smile and presentations. She also is a good communicator and has good command of the English language having played a role in Marco Polo. Her past experience in Miss Earth just made her an even stronger competitor in MW.

    • @ana, I agree.@4m , Idk what u see in Mongolia to make u think of her as a contender . Beauty wise , I think she is in the bottom 10. Still a compliment since we r talking abt ME candidates.

      • Remember that Miss World is more than just physical beauty anymore. If lola Julia wants to make a statement win, she would pick Mongolia. Why? Unconventional beauty from a small country that’s never had any successes in the pageant world. Cinderella story right here.

  12. Everything’s on point. No doubt with Cat”s beauty, talent, potential….wag lang m-surprise na naman tayo sa finals night or mapulitika ang result.

    • More than anything else is the Julia factor . I wonder if anyone has an idea whom Julia is favoring at this pt.
      I still think Cat should be MW. She is sweet humble driven talented and very articulate. It seems like she can talk just abt anything …with poise grace and intelligence.
      I hope she is in good physical shape.

      • I have a sneaky suspicion Aling Hulya is cooking something up, and it’s not in our favor. Matumal ang benta ng tickets. Ang dami pang vacant seats, lalo na sa higher end ticket prices. Since puro pinoy naman malamang ang manunuod, gusto ni Aling Hulya na huwag tayong makatunog, para mag-buy na ng tickets at di madismayang um-attend ng finals night. Buseet.

      • true. I believe we have been sending superb candidates since 2000…pero lagi iba ending, kalimitan…. SURPRISE!!!! Manghinayang naman sila kay Cat.

  13. Pagganoon ka ganda ung national costume sa international and world, im expecting they’ll be providing maxine the best as well! Dapat lang!

  14. Why is there a DEAD PERSON lying on the floor face-down wearing a black suit behind the dress. Bwahahaha! The photographer didn’t even bother moving it before taking the photo. You can see his right ear. Ganda…

  15. I love Francis Libiran’s designs! Always very intricate. I dream of wearing a bridal gown made by him.

  16. Laila, ‘yung kabugerang ganda ni Maxine na ‘yun sa kick off presentation nila, tapos itong winning aura na ito ni Cat, ‘di ba nagmamalabis na tayo sa larangan ng timpalak pagandahan? Magpakagahaman na tayo, kopohin na natin. Jusmio Marimar!!!

      • Fabian, paki-explain nga ang kaguluhang ito sa Baguio City…Charot Santos hihihi

        Miss Universe fund-raising stopped :

        BAGUIO CITY—A plan to raise P40 million in funds to host Miss Universe contestants here next month, without using government money, is pitting organizers of the event at the summer capital against local traders.
        The city government allowed the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB) to sponsor the contestants’ tour and set up a Christmas bazaar at Burnham Park to raise the funds.
        But the plan ran into opposition from local traders, like Ellen Lao, who accused the HRAB of raising funds for the Miss Universe event “at the expense of Baguio traders.”

        Lao petitioned for and was granted a seven-day temporary restraining order (TRO) by a Baguio court against the bazaar, which stopped at least 80 stalls from selling food, souvenirs and clothing at Burnham Park starting Dec. 1.
        The TRO was issued on Nov. 29 by Judge Maria Ligaya Itliong-Rivera of the Regional Trial Court Branch 5.
        Baguio was selected as one of the cities to be visited by Miss Universe contestants, following extensive lobbying from the business sector, notably HRAB.
        Reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and 20 pageant contestants are scheduled to be in Baguio and visit the presidential Mansion and the Philippine Military Academy on Jan. 18.
        HRAB and members of the city government said the tour would give Baguio a shot at international fame because segments of the visit and tour would be videotaped and shown at the Miss Universe pageant night at the Mall of Asia Arena on Jan. 30.
        The tour, however, requires HRAB to pay a P25-million fee to the Miss Universe Organization. HRAB had advanced P7 million, and was required to pay the balance in installments.
        HRAB also needed to raise more than P15 million for the contestants’ lodging, food and travel, as well as pay government fees and taxes.
        HRAB counsel Renato Rondez said the businessmen had offered to put up a bond to pay for any damage to Burnham Park in the course of operating the bazaar there.
        Losing the tour would mean an embarrassment for the city, he said, without elaborating.
        But lawyer Marissa Madrid-Dacayanan, Lao’s counsel, questioned HRAB for pursuing the Miss Universe tour without logistical support, during a hearing on Friday set by Judge Rivera to hear arguments concerning the bazaar.
        Dacayanan said: “[Are officials of HRAB] saying that if they do not proceed with this trade fair they wouldn’t have any money to fund [this segment of] Miss Universe which they requested in the first place? Then it is HRAB’s [burden], not the city, and definitely not the citizens of Baguio.”
        Some Baguio residents have also objected to the bazaar. A senior citizen said P35 million should be used instead to hire more street sweepers to clean the heavily populated Baguio.
        Lao’s petition said the month-long Christmas bazaar violated a city ordinance that prohibited trade fairs and bazaars at city parks.
        Dacayanan also cited a provision of an executive order, issued in 2008 by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

      • Gaga, ikaw lang may eggs. Kami ni Laila, wala! So, we have nothing to count. Tseeh! Hihihi!

      • @ana lalaki ka ba o sterile . As far as I know only females have eggs . Tse hihihi

    • Yann mo na, last na sa 2017 matumal daw benta. hehehe joke —- pero I’m sorry si Pia noon sobrang palaban. Si Cat ngayon ANG SIPAG poocha! Aggressive na hindi nakaka irita. Dinadaan ka sa tamis kaya naman walang ka proble problema suportahan.

      • Kaya nga, kahit zero tayo sa crowns sa 2017, basta ibigay na sa atin ang MW at MU ulit. Kase itong dalawang rep natin ay talaga namang deserving din. Bilib ako kay Cat, ‘yung hunger nasa kanya talaga. She really is dying to have it.

  17. She looks absolutely amazing in that red dress ! There’s that “wow” factor right away ! Love her national costume, too ! And the color blue would even make her beauty stand out even more 🙂

  18. Don’t get me wrong. I love Libiran but this is like Kylie 2.0 with the main difference being the “shoal”. Great concept though.

  19. WOW!!! Now that’s a modern terno ala traje de mestiza! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! Will she be wearing a payoneta and a choker? I wonder how the fan looks like?… I wonder what’s the story behind this?.. I can see leaf patterns… Is this Franciss’ interpretation of the Mountain godess?… I thought Kylie’s costume already exceeded Pia’s but this one is insane!!! It looks absolutely wonderfull! 😀 BRAVISSIMO!!!


  20. Now THAT is how you do a national costume. It looks modern, fresh, and still carries a Pinay vibe. Can’t wait to see the evening gown.

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