244 comments on “Catriona Gray makes it to the Miss World 2016 Top 10 for Talent

  1. Please vote for Catriona’s talent video (by SWIPING TO THE RIGHT) in the official Mobstar account of Miss World. Pinagtutulungan tayo ng mga kalaban natin. Dumudikit na si Mongolia. Please tell your relatives, friends, acquaintances & textmates to do the same thing. #ParaKayCatriona #ParaSaBansa #ParaSaMWTalentFast-track

  2. Please vote for Catriona’s talent video (by SWIPING TO THE RIGHT) in the official Mobstar account of Miss World. Pinagtutulungan tayo ng mga kalaban natin. Dumudikit na si Mongolia. Please tell your relatives, friends, acquaintances & textmates to do the same thing. #ParaKayCatriona #ParaSaBansa #ParaSaMWTalentFast-track

  3. I have seen the HD version of the Talent competition semi-finals and I could say these girls are not only beautiful but really talented. While Miss Gray did very well and picked a song with an appropriate message to the Organization, I think Ms Latvia deserve a shot of winning the Miss Talent.

  4. Thanks for the update Norman. To Catriona a big congratulations!

    To all the Filipino fans let’s just keep supporting our representative. Parang Hindi na tayo natuto. Year in year out the same strategy is employed by these hateful people to malign Filipinos and their candidates. Create multiple accounts to malagin our reps ostensibly of different nationalities, then pretend to be Filipino and insult other countries to generate anger towards us, then create/propagate false rumours in different forums to fabricate that issues exist and lastly post as Filipino in this blog to report/comment on this while delivering insults toward Filipinos and our reps na pailalim.

    There are at least 2 of them here and they do this specially when they know our rep is competitive. The one thing we can be sure about is that these individuals have been at this since voy forum times, they are not Filipino by culture, blood and self identification, their roots are not from Southeast Asia and come from a people/nationality who are reviled/ridiculed/dismissed the WORLD over.

    Tingnan nyo na Lang archives ng blog na Ito from 2012 onwards kasi very obvious. Hence laying sinasabi na inangat daw natin ang profile ng Asia para maisali nila sarili nila sa success/reputation ng angking natural na Ganda ng mga Pilipina. Kung tutuusin ano ba Kinalaman ng mga arabo, bumbay at intsik as atin eh hindi naman sila kamukha natin? Ang success natin nagreflect well on ASEAN not Asian. Kaya yung mga kapithahay natin ginagamit ASEAN din not Asian pag natutuwa sa tagumpay natin.

  5. Panalo na ba mga vaks? It seems that MW is kinda of a drag this year. Bat parang waley silang activities much. What’s new? They have about a week of competition left.

    • I think Cat has a chance sa Multimedia award. She has the most unique engagement opportunities, not to mention that she actually takes time to interact with people’s posts. Isang component lang din niyan ang Mobstar kung saan nanguguna siya sa ngayon.

      For Talent, for as long as she makes the Top 5, happy na ako.

      She revealed a video on FB just now with her practicing her CAT-Walk. Top Model is coming up soon. Let’s see.

      BWAP is up in the air. I don’t know enough to comment.

      Ewan pa kung tuloy ang Sports or Beach Fashion this year.

      • pautwas, multimedia is based on mobstar votes not really engagement anymore. So just keep on voting her in. Baka ma-Joanna Eden si Cat with Indog being overly aggressive in voting. NY/DC weather isn’t conducive for Beach or Sports challenges unless they go to Florida which I’m pretty doubtful about. As far as I know no more beach competition.

  6. Look, nobody’s forcing you to join in the bandwagon. As you say, if a candidate is strong, the candidate is strong.

    But, imagine the morale boost that this gives the candidate. That she knows that people are behind her supporting her and taking time away from their busy lives to do something for her, when they don’t have to.

    I was on Twitter for nights on end helping Pia to campaign for votes when she was feeling the pressure of the fan votes. I was happiest whenever she retweeted me. That acknowledgment is priceless.

    Cat wants to do well here, too. She just uploaded over 50 pictures on Mobstar. She is now ranked 14th, the highest MW candidate so far. She has been reaching out to local Twitter celebs, and has been thanking people who make how to vote videos and retweeting her tweets and liking her posts left and right.

    So yeah, our girl is strong. She doesn’t need this to win. But she definitely appreciates every single effort. I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to support her even more.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Some people just like to shove their “opinion” to our throats. Paulit ulit na yan siya. Nakakaloka ang masyadong pagmamagaling. Feeling wisdom of the aged ang peg. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Kung Filipino siguro ipapadala natin, baka sakali pa, kelan ba tayo titigil sa fascination natin sa mga hilaw na halfie?

      • Right. Dahil mas mataas ang success rate ng “Filipino” (define please kasi you’re tracking racist territory) sa mga “hilaw na halfie” sa Miss World, ano?

        Ay wait, lahat ng “hilaw na halfie” ni CQ ay nagplace nga pala sa MW mula 2010 ano? Kahit na hindi sa MW – dagdag pa natin sila Venus at MJ na halfie rin sa MU.

        At fascination ba talaga ang issue? Are you insinuating na pag may halfie na gustong mag-represent ng Pilipinas, wag na silang suportahan dahil dapat purong Pinay lang ang sinsusoportahan? Aba, pag ganun, racist ka nga.

      • @Richmonde

        Just in case you are not aware, ALL our past big 4 pageant title holder are of mixed-racial ancestry. Please, also do check on your knowledge of history. The Philippine islands have always been a melting-pot of culture for thousands of years.

        Kung gusto mo ng tipong native talaga e pumunta ka sa bundok at maghanap ng tribo untouched by other civilizations!

        FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hillarie Ang Parungao and Angela Ong are half chinese. I dont think madali makakita ng aborigines at this age

      • Ikaw richmond isa ka talagang malaking TALANGKA dito sa blog na to imbis na iangat mo ang kababayan natin dahil kailangan nya ng suporta ibinababa mo pa sya, napaka walang kwenta mong tao nakakahiya ka. Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin pwede ba ha isara mo yang napakabaho mong bunganga pwe.

    • J, no one is pushing anything down your throat . Everyone has a right to his opinion and this is what some of us are doing . U r the one who is trying to talk like the expert here.
      And do not even mention that age thing because u could be way older than me . Wala ka Lang pinagkatandaan.

      • Oo na Madam Fabi. I digress. Oo nga naman may point ka. Look, people seem to agree with your opinion based on the number of your comments’ thumbs down. ๐Ÿ˜›
        Yas, I claim to be an expert. Expert in tirelessly supporting Catriona and other queens na hindi balahura ang mga fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Go Cat for Best in Talent!!! Push for the World!!! ๐Ÿ˜

    • Hope everyone here was able to see Cat’s video message for all Filipinos. Our support to her do uplift her and an inspiration for her. I just love her. Cat FTW!

  7. And because of all this black propaganda… We should further rally all our efforts to campaign for our bet just to counter all this and keep things fair! Senyora, pa promote na please?… I know you are against the voting but this time we really need your help! ๐Ÿ™‚ PLEASE??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. They say Miss World is not American Idol so we should not expect that Quality of performance from anyone including Cat.
    So why pay too much attention to Talent when this is just an optional event? It may distract Cat from doing the essential to get the crown. She is a very strong candidate . She will do well without the Talent award … which honestly belongs to someone else .

    • Pls do not stress yourself out with MobStar. Cat will do well without it.. and
      If she wins, no one can say it’s because of the Filpino mob . It will be a very legitimate win

      She’s Beautiful with a sweet pleasing personality and she’s great at interview . The only thing she wants to make sure of is that she stays in shape.

    • Her real account is just Catriona (no last name). It has OFFICIAL Miss World (PH flag) Catriona Gray in the description. We’re now #52, pero mas mataas sa atin ang Vietnam sa ngayon. Pumapangatlo ang mga tumatahol.

  9. This is all I can say about the whole Indonesia & Philippines rivalry.

    To sum up… Indonesia is ALWAYS in competition and comparing their queens to Philippines….. But Philippines is too busy worrying about other REAL powerhouse nations worthy of their time to worry about. Nations like Venezuela, USA & India to name a few.

    I seriously don’t understand these Indonesians…. they should be happy because their Asian neighbor sister Philippines is putting Asia on the map.

    I totally understand if they don’t like our candidate, that’s totally fine…. but doing extra things like making fake account and down voting our candidates is seriously wrong.

    If the situation was reversed, I would want their queens to win, because they also represent the whole Asian continent.

    It’s just sad. Guys, just ignore them completely. No need to argume with them

    Silence kills. It means they are not worthy enough for you waste your time with.

    • They should be happy the Philippines has created a lot of noise of Asian countries in the past 4-5 years in the majoy pageants. And now they are also benefitting to the hype that the Philippines has created. Look at the Latin countries, despite steep competition, they still support each other at the end. I think one of the main reasons why Philippines is hated in Asia is because of our western upbringing and culture. We are more associated and closer to the Latina countries than SE Asian countries like Indonesia.

      • Personally, ive always felt that in many cultural traditions and customs the Islands have more in common with the Hispanic nationalities than its own Southeast Asian racial-brethren.

        Oh well.. i still hope Indonesia andThailand continue to make strides, as they have been, in the world of pageantry…

        Go Catriona
        Go Maxine

      • I agree 4M..not only associated but we also live and breathe western culture
        I remember reading a travel blog here that geographically, the Philippines is wrongly placed in the world map that because of its culture it should be located somewhere between North and South America.

      • Agree Jeremi. We are super wrongly placed. LOL. Despite the early trading history with the Chinese and Arabs, we are mostly a westernized society with our religion and upbringing. This is why we cannot associate with other Asian countries. We should not care about other Asian countries too because to be honest, there is no love lost anyways. Let’s not attack them but let’s not be proud of their accomplishments either. Ignore na lang natin sila.

    • This is all I can say to all the bashers of our beauty queens.


      I don’t see any problem with that at all.

      Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!

    • They’re irritating, pero naiisip ko palagi na it was because of us that their reps are even beginning to get noticed in the pageant arena.

      Our country’s consecutive successes in pageantry have put spotlight on SEA beauty even more. They can deny this all they want but the truth will always show every time they copy the looks of our queens and paraphrase our queen’s winning answers. They will remain below to us so as long as they train under Filipino coaches and still place beneath us in major beauty pageants despite the help.

      At higit sa lahat, as I’ve said before, they can field conventionally prettier candidates, have them polish their Q & A skills, but they will never replicate the ingenuity and sincerity our queens have. Ito ang kaibahan natin sa kanila at ito ang dahilan why we were able to finally catch up with real powerhouses like Venezuela and India. Kung tutuusin we also took notes from Venezuela/Colombia, pero dahil our queens have something special to show, nagawa nating magtagumpay. Yun ang hindi ko pa nakikita sa Indonesia.

      The Philippines didn’t succeed merely from copying tried and tested winning formulas – we took what we think works for our queens AND added our own spin to it. Our queens weren’t merely exact replicas of other powerhouse’s queens. They are trailblazers and they have consistently possessed that stamp/characteristic unique to our country. The puteris and their fans have mastered certain aspects, pero hanggang dun na lang yun. None of their finalists or winner (isa lang hahaha), can ever come close to our representatives.

  10. Her official Mobstar profile is now live. If you select Miss World 2016 in the category, I’m sure lalabas agad siya sa latest/trending. Heto na naman tayo guys. 10 days to go. #forthePhilippines

    • @ PageantLuv : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you for sharing the unfortunate event in Aceh.

      It should remind us that WEIGHTIER matters preoccupy the consciousness of folks, regardless of race. And that the instigators of “pageant hate” are really just a minority.

      Stay classy and SLAY!

  11. @sophia

    ENVY is a reaction of lacking something.
    JEALOUSY is a reaction to the “threat of losing” something.

    Perhaps the Indonesian fans are “envious” because they lack the numerous accolades of pageant crowns and finalist placements the Philippines, their racial Malay-relatives to their north, has been awarded and garnered in recent years.

    Perhaps they are “jealous” because they are threatened, because after Kylie’s triumph at MI, there is a good chance that the Philippines “may” triumph again at MW or/nd MU.

    Or perhaps its BOTH? L๐Ÿ˜ฌL
    Crab mentality is alive and well all over the world.
    Criticizing another’s success is quite flattering, if you think about it.

    Just an uneducated analysis… thank goodness for google. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Question: why do Indonesians hate us so much and spend so much effort to pull us down (such as campaigning for Mongolia and Pero para matalo lang tayo). Where did the hate come from? Is it purely envy and insecurity, or did we do something?

    • If you ask me, it’s also because of the obvious conceit of Pinoy fans. We are the best pageant fans in the world. We are also the worst pageant fans in the world.

      I’m sure the years of hearing that they are crownless and have proven nothing whenever they hype their candidate has come to a boiling point. It’s also the same reason why Miss Earth is not as popular in Southeast Asian countries who are fans of other pageants. That’s why they malign the use of monobloc chairs or using tarpaulin backgrounds in local events, for example.

      • I agree 1000%

        You took the words out of my mouth

        It’s really not entirely all their fault. I remembers a couple years ago on Instagram, they would always praise Philippines.

        But I also see the comments of the idiotic and over prideful Filipinos saying stupid comments like “Philippines is the best in the word!!! Indo sucks!!!”

        There’s always a cause & effect. Unfortunately for us, the effect is hate

        While I admit it’s also the Filipino fans fault for this rivalry and hate, it really does not give them the right to bring our candidates down like making fake accounts and down voting…. that’s over the top. They can criticize and hate as much as they want, but this whole thing is too extra.

  13. Ana,

    here oh….

    they did the sam thing to Joanna. Nag create sila ng multiple accounts na may same handle and same profile photo para malito mga tao.

  14. Mochang Pakangkang gamitin mo galing mo sa pang uuto sa mga masa, paki utusan silang iboto si Cat Gray sabi kamo ni Lord Rody. Charot!

      • Squammy lang nakaka appreciate sa kanya. Like you. By the way, siya mocha may sense? Garbage. Fyi i have 8 digit savings and i do work my ass off. Hahahaha!

      • Try to Search madam claudia in facebook. Nang makit mo kung gaano ka loyal si mocha!!! Squammy!

  15. Sa mobstar app now sang katutak na mga fake accounts. Catriona Red, Catriona Blue, Catriona Green…gawa ng mga aso para malito mga Pinoy sa pag boto. Kaloka.

    • Ay, kaloka naman ‘yan, Lai! Dapat malaman agad natin ang korek accounts ni Catriona at ma-spread agad sa balana nang ‘di masayang ang votes. Sa isang blog site pala, grabe na rin ang hate campaigns dun against aso (that country), dahil nga sa mga pakana ng aso na i-vote si Mongolia instead na si Cat. At para maligaw ang mga aso sa discussions nila, ang pseudonym nila kay Cat ay Miss Pusa. Kaloka. Hahahaha!

  16. “When I was picking the song, I wanted to choose something that really had a beautiful message for Miss World and for what Miss World represents. And I really believe, I really think that I believe has that message. I really identify with it. I also think that all the girls in the audience from all the different countries identify with that universal message that the song has.”

    • I prefer her hair to be like this. She gets across more natural. Not really fond of the overly stretched ponytail (i dunno how you call it). But regardless what hairstyle you wear i believe in you Ms Gray. You are Miss World 2016.

  17. Ok ok… gusto ko yung mga outfits nya not the usual body hugging gowns and dresses.
    My only issue with her is sometimes she appears to be too eager to please.
    Megan Young was so natural and real during her time.

    • Eh kelan ka ba may nasabing puro lang papuri sa mga kandidata na hindi galing sa Camp Veneers lalo mga taga A&Q? Di ba sina Manalo at Eden lang naman ang perfect para sa iyo? Huwag nga kami. Style mo bulok! Nakakaumay ka na acheng. hihihi

      • Kaya rin matagal ang pre-pageant kasi I’m sure tinitingnan ng MWO kung sino talaga ang natural at kung sino talaga ang fake.

      • In fairness aj you made me laugh so hard…expression ko lang
        yung baklang pangit that doesn’t mean anything


  18. kung botohan ang labanan e Panalo na si Cat kasi asian lang naman yata sobrang hook sa net. Lalo na ang Vietnam, Thailand at Indonesia, isama na ang Pinas. Bilang si Cat lang Asian, malamang sa malamang may advantage sya sa on line voting.

  19. Busy yata masyado c Mommy Norman sa mga boys sa Vigan hihihi
    Pakifeature yung ibang boys Mommy Norms.
    Kumusta na kaya yung BBC ni anonymous hihihi
    Sino kaya sa mga boys ang magkakaroon ng bonggang offers hihihi
    I wish the boys enjoy their stay in the Philippines.
    Huwag lang magkuripot sa budget dahil 13 lang naman sila ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Catriona will win!
    Pansin ko lang si cocoy parang si ANGELO REYES dati nung panahon ni Pia.
    Hmmmmmmm pag ito nag bisaya , alam na! Dong Cocoy, kumusta naman ka dong?
    Asa diay ka ron nabotang?

  21. Base sa photo above. Parang local pageant lang, nilamon nya ng buhayang ibang candidates..lutang ang ganda…

  22. @4M and Fabian :
    Sabi ko nga sa comment ko na di ko na babanggitin ang technical issues sa pagkanta nya kasi HEAVEN talaga ang naramdaman ko sa performance nya that’s why i am insisting noong nasa Pinas pa sya na need nya talaga ng Vocal Coach and a big time arranger of her songs para di sya sasablay.
    Ulitin ko uli na nahihirapan talaga sya sa High notes + kinakapos ng hangin and low notes.
    There is a tendency pa na naging monotonous yung kanta nya kaya need na maArrange ng bongga ang kanta para maipakita ang bonggang vocal prowess ni Catriona na hindi sasablay to hit the notes.
    Kahit Music graduate pa sya, di yan batayan na magaling syang singer.
    What is nice with Catriona is she’s beautiful and queenly with an angelic voice at naipakita nya yan sa mga Judges na may talent talaga sya sa pagkanta hindi nga lang kasing galing ni Jonalyn Viray di ba Fabian hihihi
    Since Mobstar votes naman ang basihan ay puwedeng manalo si Queen Catriona at gusto ko rin syang manalo dahil hindi naman kahiyahiya yung performance nya pero hindi nga lang kasing galing ng mga previous singers na nanalo sa Miss World Talent competition dahil they were not judge by mobstar votes di ba 4M hihihi
    In summary, Miss World na Miss World ang dating ni Queen Catriona sa Talent performance nya period hihihi.

    • Hi bong700. She is no Beyonce or Mariah but her voice is good as long as she sings in her range. With that said, there are songs are perfectly fit her range. I hope she gets to sing Imagine.

      • @4M & Jeremi, Maganda naman at bagay sa kanya yung “I believe” at Pang-Miss World ang message at ang bongga nya sa performance nya dahil Miss World talaga syang tingnan habang kumakanta.
        Pang-Miss World din ang “Imagine” kaya lang kailangan pang aregluhin ng bongga yung kanta dahil very monotonous yung delivery nya at aantukin talaga ang audience pero bawi sa ganda at angelic voice nya.
        Bagay din sa kanya ang Nora Jones songs dahil Jazzy din ang boses nya at naicomment ko na rin ito sa previous topic. Kailangan lang talaga ang bonggang areglo sa lahat ng kanta nya para iwas antok/monotonous.
        I think subukan nya magtraining sa Classical/Opera music kahit twice a week or Full time training kung di cya busy para mas mapaBongga pa ang Vocal range nya hihihi.
        Ang mahalaga sa ngayon ay Miss World talaga ang dating nya sa Talent performance nya at nararamdaman ko sa mga judges na gusto na nilang ibigay ang Miss World Crown kay Queen Catriona with her performance kasi nakikita nila kay Catriona ang isang Miss World habang kumakanta sya hihihi walang Charot yan ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think she should sing those Norah Jones kind of songs.
      Everyone is suggesting “Imagine”, big NO- that song can only be sung with
      a lot of conviction to make it believable if not, it becomes tacky

      • It’s really sweet and not forced at all. @ Jeremi , there are very few Norah Jones’s songs that I can tolerate .
        What abt some Bread Beatles or James Taylor ?
        Anyway , she has sung her piece. It was not perfect but at least she showed how sweet and likeable she was.

      • Bagay din ang boses nya sa mga songs ni Barbara Streisand. (Memory, The Way We Were or Evergreen)

      • Fabian, well maybe it’s a matter of taste.. I am not really a fan
        of mainstream music that is why I like Norah Jones
        I can just imagine hearing Catriona singing “Sunrise…sunrise…” by Norah Jones

  23. Now I know why Catriona’s face is etched at the back of my brain! Her features look like a combination of Megan Fox and Jennifer Lawrence! Amazing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. I just saw her performance. It was OK but she carried herself well. Like I said before she has trouble with her lower register. I wish that Miss Talent is judged not voted. She looked so beautiful though and that gown is so divine! Love love love the syling. Koronahan na yan!!!

    • I disagree. I thought she did a great job. Hindi naman ito Voice or American Idol. She’s the girl to beat.

      • I like Cat too but I just didn’t feel the connection with the song. Something was off. I would love to see her sing Imagine.

      • @4m, I agree . Something sweet and quiet . In fairness, the performance during the Olympics was not good either . I think it’s really the melody of the song that’s the problem .. and the lack of familiarity to the song .
        Yes Imagine is a good choice … or My (“Funny Valentine ) etc
        She can definitely sing and she looks good when she sings . She just needs more practice and exposure to gain. Confidence.

      • Ay ang art art ni lola! Ms . World ito inang, not singing competition! may masabi lang kay catriona suportahan na lang ang ating reyna. I believed she perfect the song..

      • Mole, it’s a talent competetion at MIss World. I’m just saying prioritize on what’s impt.
        IKaw ang Maarte Dyan , ang yabang mo pa

      • Mole we are talking about the Talent competition. Fabian, yes Funny Valentine would be a really good song for her. OMG. I can see her with a beautiful dress next to a piano.

      • It’s not about familiarity with the song. All songs are new until you hear them. There are songs that fall in love right away after listening to it.

    • Ay true ka diyan inang! Maipilit kasi na pang-Ms Talent ito — eh kung di pa ba naman kasi si Jonas inahas ang consultant consultant ng MW ni Madam Cory, di naman magwi-win ang mga merla ng Campo Carne Inahas! Tsamba lang yung kay Megan kasi lets face it mga bakla Megan is Megan na ano!

    • Hoy tandang fabian ikaw ang nunukan ng yabang! Hindi ako ikaw feeling may points lahat ng sinasabi mo mula umpisa pa lang puro paninira na sa mga Philippines queen at wag mo gamitin ang name ni fabian ang fabian dati very diplomatic magsalita, nagwarning na dati yung dating fabian someone using his name…

  25. Kung gusto niyong makausap si Cat, mas mainam yata sa Twitter kasi parang ambilis niyang magreply doon. Twitter.com/MWPhilippines.

    Halimbawa, na-share niya doon na magkaka-orientation muna sila sa Mobstar bago magsimula ang botohan, dahil may mga nagtanong na sa kanya tungkol dito.

    Sigurado namang pinagkakaguluhan siya sa FB eh. Doon din tayo pati sa Twitter para masaya.

  26. OT:

    #65thMissUniverse Grand Kick Off Event : December 10, 2016

    by Pageanthology 101- Monday, December 05, 2016

    Miss Universe fever is on!

    The 65th Miss Universe Grand Kick Off Event will happen on December 10, 2016, Saturday at 4:00PM at the Main Lobby of Director’s Club S’Maison (2nd Floor) in Conrad Hotel Manila.

    9 official candidates will grace the event to promote the 65th edition of Miss Universe together with reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and host delegate Maxine Medina, Miss Universe Philippines 2016.

    According to sources the #65thMissUniverse Grand Kick Off Event is open to public. Conrad Hotel Manila is located at the back of SM Mall Of Asia (near the Ferris Wheel).

    Here are the 9 candidates who are set to arrive this week.

    โ€ขMiss Thailand
    โ€ขMiss Malaysia
    โ€ขMiss Myanmar
    โ€ขMiss Korea
    โ€ขMiss USA
    โ€ขMiss Australia
    โ€ขMiss Indonesia
    โ€ขMiss Japan
    โ€ขMiss New Zealand

    • Dapat kasama ang China at isang bansa sa Europe like UK or germany para mas marami pang tourists from their country na darating ๐Ÿ™‚

      Most visitors arriving to Philippines were from the following countries of nationality:

      Rank Country Jan-August 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
      1 South Korea 976,499 1,339,678 1,175,472 1,165,789 1,031,155 925,204
      2 United States 584,149 779,217 722,750 674,564 652,626 624,527
      3 Japan 367,144 495,662 463,744 433,705 412,474 375,496
      4 China 484,567 490,841 394,951 426,352 250,883 243,137
      5 Australia 161,016 241,187 224,784 213,023 191,150 170,736
      6 Singapore 120,241 181,176 179,099 175,034 148,215 137,802
      7 Taiwan 157,517 177,670 142,973 139,099 216,511 181,738
      8 Canada 114,074 156,363 143,899 131,381 123,699 117,423
      9 Malaysia 95,129 155,814 139,245 109,437 114,513 91,752
      10 United Kingdom 117,535 154,589 133,665 122,759 113,282 104,466
      Total 4,042,049 5,360,682 4,833,368 4,681,307 4,272,811 3,917,454

      • Most visitors arriving to Philippines were from the following countries of nationality:[9][10][11][12][13]

        Rank Country Jan-August 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
        1 South Korea 976,499 1,339,678 1,175,472 1,165,789 1,031,155 925,204
        2 United States 584,149 779,217 722,750 674,564 652,626 624,527
        3 Japan 367,144 495,662 463,744 433,705 412,474 375,496
        4 China 484,567 490,841 394,951 426,352 250,883 243,137
        5 Australia 161,016 241,187 224,784 213,023 191,150 170,736
        6 Singapore 120,241 181,176 179,099 175,034 148,215 137,802
        7 Taiwan 157,517 177,670 142,973 139,099 216,511 181,738
        8 Canada 114,074 156,363 143,899 131,381 123,699 117,423
        9 Malaysia 95,129 155,814 139,245 109,437 114,513 91,752
        10 United Kingdom 117,535 154,589 133,665 122,759 113,282 104,466
        Total 4,042,049 5,360,682 4,833,368 4,681,307 4,272,811 3,917,454

  27. Guys, Idownload nyo na and share sa FB yang mwapp and mobstar na yan para lahat bumoto.. Kailangan mag TOP tayo sa Talent and Multi-Media para panuguradong kay CAT mapunta ang crown…. Bayanihan na!

      • That’s where we want her to do good.
        If she wins talent and it turns out there are more deserving acts, she may get the ire of her co candidates and make her win ( if she gets the crown) more controversial
        Pls let her win where she should

      • Most deserving in talent ? I don’t know that . I have not seen the rest of the finalists. If I think Cat is the best act , I’ll vote for her she’s not gonna lose it

      • Dear C2F,

        Pardon the ignorance of some people in this forum. Classic “mema” type. Mema-sabi lang. Lol.

        What a very naive and stupid thing to say to focus on winning the crown and let go of the other awards. What is wrong with winning Ms. Talent or Ms. Muti-media and STILL win the crown? Pa feeling expert when claiming that Catriona will “get the ire of her co candidates” if she wins Ms. Talent. One, that is underestimating the talent of Catriona, and two underestimating the maturity of the other candidates.

        And assuming Catriona is not the best talent among the 10, who else will support her but us Filipinos.

        Haaay. Some people just love to display their ignorance for everyone to witness. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • And uhm…Madam Fabi, comparing me to Kuya Gerns’s early film roles just exposes your age po. Napaghahalata po. Mawalang galang na po Madam pero ka age niyo po ba si Kuya Germs? Or menopausal pa lang po kayo? Hihi

        Charot! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‹

    • @ Thomas, u r a coward a bitch and an asshole rolled into one. U think u r so smart u r the only one who makes sense here.
      I did not say anything abt multimedia or BWAP.
      I was talking abt talent , which is optional and therefore will not have any bearing on the final tally.. even though the winner gets a spot in the top 10.
      Catriona has many pathways to making it into the top 10 . So why push for the talent competition…. which she will not win anyway? Instead of practicing her song, she can spend that time getting ready for swimsuit etc.

      • Malantod ka , J . Magtinda ka Muna ng yema at bibingka .. Baka kurutin ka ng Nanay mo sa tinggil hihihi

      • hahahaha! Ubos na ang paninda ko Mamang. Eto po, pambili mo ng aspilet para sa presyon mo. Ang wrinkles mo ha, ipabanat na natin yan. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • @J , bibingka naman at Zuman ang ilako mo . aspilet para Presyon? Panay lalaki kasi ang hinaharurot Nung high school kaya di nakapag-aral . Bong700, pakikurot nga sa tinggil itong si J-ezebel hihihi

  28. I love the message of the song. It’s so perfect for Miss World and she really feels it. It would be nice if Cat wins the blue crown and sings that song in the finals

  29. Baha na naman ng komento ng mga madaldal, hitad, gurang, tigang at mga aswang!
    Itigil nyo ang katarantaduhang Peolpe Power sa Online Voting.
    Nakakahiya, mga walangya!
    Ang tunay na kagandahan, pagkareyna at pagiging talentada ay di nasusukat sa dami ng likes, puso at pagboto!
    Hindi kailangan ni Cat ng boto nyo.
    At anong kamangmangan ng MW Org na dadaanin sa online poll ang talent category.
    Mga boba, tonta, kerida, kabet, ahas, putik at mambabarang.
    Hire judges who can scrutinize the talent of the Taft Ten.
    Poon Ye Tha!

    • Agree
      If Cat is the best talent. Let her get it .
      Otherwise, vote for whoever u think is the best .. not because she is Ms Philippines. What if she wins and it turns out the other singers are better?
      Let Cat win what she deserves … which is the crown … not Ms Talent

      • But in reality, do you think other races will actually vote for who they think is the most deserving? I highly doubt it. They’re most likely going to vote for their country representative. Catriona is asking us for her support. Winning miss talent will help her get the blue crown. So we shouldn’t Fail Catriona. We have to help her out

      • J , there are special ed schools u can go to. It sounds like u need help. But I’m glad u can type

      • J, kaya ka nabubugbog , ang Asal mo para kang palengkerang maglalako ng kamote . U remind me of Kuya Germs’ early film roles-nakikipagsabunutan Habang may Bilao sa bewang

      • Hahaha! Hi Madam Fabi, sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not really affected by the likes of Jeremi, Cocoy or you. In fact, I’m glad of your attention. And oh! As far as I’m concerned, I’m getting more of the thumbs up than you do.

        Maybe because I love Catriona and Nikol Manalo? Charot! Hahahaha

  30. this COCOY here is just a breath of overly polluted air. He/she/it sucks up all the positive energy in this room and makes sure someone suffocates. Ang bagay dito hindi dapat pinapansin. (With exemption to this text for I am trying to make a point). He/she/it should be treated like he doesn’t exist at all. His classic all caps should be treated like no caps, for he/she/it is so nonsense.


    • Dear Cocoy,

      Actually, you have a powent. Masagwa lang ang delivery. Tama naman ang idea behind your message (ie. A strong candidate,like Catriona , would not need or rely with voting churva).


      > Ano bang paki mo? Lol. Walang basagan ng trip. If this is how our pageant fans want to express their support, so be it. If voting will further help a very strong coandidate, why not, cocoy-nut? lol.

      > What is wrong with being competitive and baduy?

      > For me, ang baduy ay yung ALL CAPS sumagot at ang parang baklang-kanal ang asal. No offense to all bakla and all kanals. Lol.

      It’s Christmas Cocoy. Itigil mo na ang ugaling parang patay na coco (y). I am sure in some cultures you can be considered cute. Meanwhile, we will be tolerant of you since parang tao ka na rin naman.

      World Peace.


      • Hiyang-hiya naman kaming nagkumahog sa kakaboto kina Nichole at Joanna kahit na ayaw namin sa mga fantards nila. Kaya siguro dito kayo nagbabad kesa Mobstar or FB kasi sure win na yung mga alaga niyo ‘no? Surewin Gatchalian pala.

        Ayoko sa Mobstar. Ampangit ng interface. Pero tinyagaan ko yung pag-swipe right at pag-comment dun sa pics na kailangan mo pang abangan para mag-post si Joanna. Pero blessing “in the skies” (alam kong in disguise ang tama) na naranasan ko rin yun dahil alam ko na ngayon kung paano magbabad para kay Cat.

      • hahahahaha! truth pautwas! at ang nakakaloka, kaya pumasok sa top 25 si Jowana Edin ay dahil panalo siya sa pinakamaraming likes sa pic niya sa FB! Sayang, top 10 sana ang veneers ng lola mo kung pinanay panay pa natin ang pag swipe to the right ng kanyang pic sa mobstar na yan! LOL

    • hahahahahaha kung sana si 3rd runner up Miss Globe Nikol Manolo or si Top 25 Miss Supra Jowana Edin ang pinadala sa MW, eh di sana sure win na ano baks? di na need ng mga voting voting na ganyan kapag sila, ano? hahahahahahahahahahaha

  32. Tsaka, sana ang Viva at GMA-7, bilangvpartners sa MWP ay gumawa rin ng ingay para suportahan si Cat sa social media. Ikalat ang FB page niya at iba pang social media items. Ikalat din ang tungkol sa MW app at Mobstar.

  33. Uhmmm… Malakas ang presence ng Miss World Philippines this year…. She is a strong contender wag lang magaya sa Miss India last last year ba yon?

  34. George dito na ako mag rereply

    Guys, please lang ag MW nai pag partner na naman sa lecheng Mobstar. If isa kanyo sa mga na stress nung Supra, mag download na kayo so we can get an early lead for Cat. I know she will make it on her own pero di natin sya pwede pabayaan at maging complacent. Lam nyo naman medyo weird scoring ng MW.

    As early as now the Indonesians are calling their supporters to get ready and campaign for Mongolia (which is OK naman) so that Cat won’t get a place at the talent portion so guys…vote vote vote. MW app and Mobstar as soon as they upload the girls’ profile.

    If the girl gets chosen for bes Multi Media award pasok sya sa top 10 – kaya sayang ang placement para sa candidate na hindi deserving (ahem ahem)

    • From: The Great Pageant Community:
      In a recent announcement by Miss World Page, they revealed that the winners of Talent round and Multimedia round shall be selected on the basis of Mobstar voting by public and the winner shall be getting a direct spot in finals. Here is what the organisation posted on their social media:

      โ€œHappy to announce we will be working in partnership with MobStar to conduct our public vote and find the winner of the Talent competition. The winner of talent will gain an automatic place in the Top 20.

      MobStar will also link into our Multimedia award for the best online presence. The winner of Multimedia is also guaranteed a place in the Top 20.

      The Peopleโ€™s Choice award is being assessed through the official Miss World App. The winner of this will progress to the Top 10.

      We are working hard to get ticket information available and are hoping to have this before the weekend. Sincere apologies for this delay.โ€

      Source: Miss World FB Page

      Apart from this, we have Beach Beauty, Sports, Top Model, Beauty with a purpose fast tracks and Miss World Interview round which were cumulatively determining the finalists. However, looking at the way Miss World is unfolding the new formats, we are afraid that they might go back to old format of awarding a direct placement to all the fast track winners and decide rest of the placement on the basis of interview and overall impression.

    • Laila, c Indonesia ba ang tinutukoy mong hindi deserving na mapunta sa Top 10 at nakapasok lang dahil sa Mobstar voting ahihihihi. Kaloka talaga yung masabihan na KOKEY makinig ka muna bago satsat hihihi, C Indonesia na walang K daw ay nakapasok sa Top 10 dahil lang sa mobstar voting ahihihihi.. Kawawa naman c Indonesia. Bullying is not allowed in Mommy Norman’s Blog, yan ang sabi ni Mexico. hihihi Char lang inday Kokey.

      • Mole, it’s a talent competetion at MIss World. I’m just saying prioritize on what’s impt.
        IKaw ang Maarte Dyan , ang yabang mo pa

  35. I check social media accounts ng santol, sibuyas at aso.
    Santol -fb 401k likes twtr 1.88k followers
    Sibuyas – fb 159k likes twtr 969 followers
    Aso – fb 86k likes. Twtr 11.1k followers

    Pnas – fb 345k likes twtr 3.77k followers

  36. Gave me chills watching her sing “I Believe “. Since she joined and won MWP 2016, I already felt the winning aura in her. And just like what the majority of the pageant fans are saying, Cat is indeed the one to beat ! I can just see Julia Morley watching in the background silently observing every move Catriona makes with so much appreciation and enthusiasm. Catriona definitely is making us all proud at this point in the competition. Thank you, Cat ! We BELIEVE in you โ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Blue crown is really for her. Sa kanya ako mahihirapan mag-move on if she doesn’t get it that crown.

  38. C Nikki pala ang Singer ng “I believe” na kinanta sa Olympics at katunog pa sa “Power of One” ni Lea Salonga na kinanta nya sa Asian Games sa Qatar ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. So ecstatic for Cat. Di ko man gusto ang kanta, sino pa ba ang binobola natin? Miss World ‘to eh.

    Inasmuch as nalulungkot ako na may kinalaman na naman ang Mobstar dito, sige lang. Para sa Pilipinas.

    Bahala na ang mga kapitbahay magwala. HIndi porke’t hindi mananalo si Cat sa Mobstar eh wala na siyang pag-asa sa ibang Fast Track. Aminin man nila o hindi, malakas talaga ang laban natin ngayon.

    Wag sana tayong bumaba sa kanilang level kasi alam kong may mga kababayan tayong ganyan din mag-isip. At mas mabuti kung may screenshot din ng kanilang mga balak para may makatunog sa pandaraya.

  40. Whoa! What a news to wake up to! Wala naman nag inform na maglilive sila ng Talent Semifinals. Pero in fairness andami pa rin puso nun si Cat na nagpeperform. problematic lang though ung voting kasi sa Mobstar na naman. Parang naging MSupranational na lang ang level ng MWorld. They dont need mobstar and besides ang pangit talaga pakinggan nun swipe left and swipe right. It promotes bashing and hate. Final na ba yun?

    I am excited with her final song choice. Sana maganda rin and may meaning just like this one. And guys, look at her blue gown. Oh di ba nirereserve talaga ang pasabog sa mga araw na mahalaga. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Standing ovation pala c Poland, excited akong makita ang singing performance nya.
    I’m glad at may interview c Canada para makita ng lahat na malaki ang K nya sa Top 10.
    Mongolia is also fighting and uulitin ko uli na c Mongolia ang kalaban ni Cationa sa Talent Competition ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hungary is Pretty at may K rin sya sa Top 10 kung papalarin.

  42. I wish she had sung something sweet and calm and familiar.
    At least, she did not embarrass herself . It was a decent performance.
    I hope she does nothat make the top 5 in talent so she can concentrate on what’s impt. … ie…getting the blue crown

    • Here you go again with your “at least she did not embarrass herself”. Why would that happen in the first place? It’s already clear that Catriona’s not a professional singer. But the girl is above average lol. And she definitely has the potential to become a much better singer. Making it to the Top 10 is such a wonderful accomplishment. Can’t you just be happy and support her? Also it would really help if she makes it to the Top 5… SO i don’t know why you’re hoping she doesn’t make it that far. She’s gonna win more points if she advances further which will help her win the blue crown.

      • @joy, it was actually a positive comment . I’m glad she sang mostly in tune and she looked sweet and pretty and very likable. In other words , the performance did not diminish what she has already built so far in the competition .

    • Laila!!! You’re alive!

      Was a silent reader until just recently, but I’ve always looked forward to your posts and updates?

      Any new tidbits about MW? Ano’ng nase-sense mo sa international pageant community about MW and about our bet? ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. OMG, I’m speechless ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hindi ako makahinga, hinanap ko pa yung nebulizer at kung saan saan na naman nilagay ng nagmamaganda kong kasama dito hihihi Charot.
    I don’t want to go with the technicalities of her performance anymore because with her Angelic VOICE and BEAUTY is already HEAVEN for me.
    Di ko man lang alam na may Live performance pala para pagpuyatan ko at nabigla na lang ako na Top 10 na at last pa natawag ang ating Queen Catriona.
    I’m happy that with her 2 singing talent performances ay nakita nila kung gaano kadeserving na manalo c Catriona as Miss World 2016.
    Bayanihan Votes na Pilipinas para makita at mapakinggan ng buong mundo ang malaAnghel na boses at Kagandahan ng ating MW2016 Catriona Gray of the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚
    OMG, OMG, OMG at OMG pa hihihihi

      • Hindi maganda ang inhaler Fabian & 8’s not recommended.
        MagTakuri na lang ako using gas stove with salt/ginger in boiling water + paper tube hihihi

      • @bong , bakit di maganda sa yo ang inhaler? Hayaan mo tuturuan Kita re- proper use of inhaler hihihi

  44. This just in: The dogs are planning to block vote for Mongolia to shut out Catriona in the finals! Payag ba kayo?

    • Insecure aso. Block votes sila di naman sila kasing dami natin. Im just curious if the Tiko ( thai) are like them, from my experience mababait mga tiko at marunong rumespeto

    • ayan sila eh, jan sila magaling, tahol ng tahol.. nganga naman pagdating sa finals….kung ayaw nila ibigay kay cat ang Miss talent na award, for sure ibibigay ni Madam Julia ang turquoise crown kay cat. ibibigay din sa kanya ang BWAP award at top Model award, pati na din ang designer’s dress award at kung meron pang beah beauty….

  45. OMG. If that picture alone will be the basis, we will have our second Ms. World this year. The only thing missing is the crown on Catriona’s head. As one fan would say “look at her…the gown is blue, and the crown is blue…it is meant to be”. Lol..

    As much as possible, I don’t want to say bad things about other candidates, but I will do anyway. Lol. Just look at the picture above. To Catriona’s right, the girls look slutty. To her left, they look like they are attending as maids of honor.

    Only two persons in that picture give a queenly aura. Catriona and the other one is they guy wearing a tuxedo. Lol.

    Catriona for the win.

    World Peace.

  46. Omygee…good luck Catriona! Congrats for making it to top 10 in the talent competition. I am so excited to follow your journey to the Miss World crown.

    At tayong mga Pinoy, sana wala ng bashing of candidates, including our own. Nakakahiya na eh. Pwede naman tayo mag critique constructively ng hinde nang-iinsulto, di ba? Positive lang tayo so that we will be surrounded with positive energy…which will result to domino effect of positivities. Pag nahaluan ng negativity ang buhay, mabigat sa dibdib…making it hard for blessings to come in. If bashings persist, let’s manage na lang our emotions/anger at hwag na lang patulan…bahala na mga bashers sa buhay nila.

    Good luck to us all… ๐Ÿ‘

  47. Ramdam ko na! Jusko wag natin sayangin tong momentum! Abot kamay na natin ang Blue Crown! Napaka Queenly ni Cat Gray sa group picture! Please knce and for all Kathniel, Jadine, Lizquen, Aldub! Sa lahat ng powerful celebrities sa social media! mag unite tayo to vote for Cat Gray! Tara na mga bes! Magandang pamasko to sa Pilipinas!

  48. For people who keep on worrying about how she looks, she’s actually the last one to care. She’s not there to look damn picture-perfect 24/7…what struck me with this performance and in photos taken by herself or others is how genuine and guileless she is….she doesn’t need to put on a performance face, a fierce aura face or any kind of face…she is all of these things and more…

    Her humility is so contagiously humbling that it makes me want to celebrate her participation instead of noticing and criticising her competitors..

    And this song- it might as well be MW’s theme song if it ever should need one..well done Catriona!

  49. Wow! Russia, India and Puerto Rico her closest rivals for the crown didn’t make the cut. I’m so happy Catriona you are getting closer to get that Blue Crown. I totally agreed with Norman on all his comments. Philippines is simply the best this year. Forget Supranational or Grand International, because the best are Universe, World, International and Earth are truly the real Grandslam Pageants.

  50. I’m only less than an hour and a half’s flight away, but am afraid of making travel accommodations because of absense of any ticket sales info. Ang mahal na ng airfare!!! Kainis.

    Anybody here planning to go?

  51. Norman I was shocked that you have mentioned the words “that I have never been certain ” I will not refute that notion because same Here. Without any doubt she will win that crown!! I’m just excited to see her there bring crown. We need the tickets details. Maybe this will be by invitation only event.

  52. to our Queen Catriona, CONGRATULATIONS! You are such a talented queen. Dapat koronahan na yan..=)

  53. Yasss! Congratulations, Catriona! Way to go. By the way, she looks like a winner sa photo above! Her aura is starting to glow. I think nakapag adjust na siya? I love her Nat Manilag gown. pwedeng pang finals! What more pa ang isusuot niya sa coronation night.

    Do you guys know who will dress her? Francis Libiran pa rin ba?

    • I Believe is a song sung by Canadian singer Nikki Yanofsky for the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver, Canada. Good job Ms. Philippines! We Filipinos will do our best to make it sure that the whole world will see you amazing talent at the pageant.

    • She is so queenly. Very regal ang bearing habang kumakanta s’ya. Hindi man level ng mga power biriteras ng Pilipinas, she still nailed it. Galing!

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