22 comments on “The “4-Minute Long Hell” of Steve Harvey

  1. Hello mga besh!

    O ayan, sabi ng Supra pang 14th si Joanna. At jumosok sa tough 25 dahil sa internet vote.

  2. Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe organization said Pia Wurtzbach has been a hard-working beauty queen and that she will be missed “so much” after she turns over her title next January.

    “Because Pia’s just amazing, she really is. She’s confidently beautiful with a heart, she’s so passionate, and she gives so much.”
    Shugart added: “She is the person that without any sleep, or if she doesn’t feel well, she will be there and take a photo with every single person in the room, with every child in a hospital.”

    “She will just always go above and beyond. When we’re tired or when we’re about to leave, she is still standing there looking amazing, still saying words of encouragement. So, just in general, she’s been great.”

    “I’m really, really excited. I’ve worked for so many years to bring the pageant here,” admitted Shugart. “But I’m also so sad that Pia’s giving up the crown. We’re going to miss her so much.”

    • Coming from Paula – it only goes to show Queen Pia has been working so hard to represent MU in the global stage. Para na rin siyang MW BWAP 🙂 We’re so proud of you, Pia – way to go, girl !

  3. Catriona is the perfect PH candidate since Megan. She might win pero naisip ko ay ganito: sasali ba si Mama Julia sa ingay ng Miss U dito sa Pinas by crowning Cat. Di kya umiwas siya and choose another candidate instead.

    Walang kwenta itong MW na ito. Mas maganda pa coverage ng MI. Mas nasasagap pa yung mga pre-MU activities ng pageant media and to think that the main competition is still a month away.

    Isa pang naisip ko ay ganito: if Cat wins talent, she’ll get her chance to have her moment on stage. Pero will that diminish her chances of getting the crown since she’s already got her “moment of glory.” (I’ve never seen MW 2012 and I’m not sure if Wenxia performed on stage prior to her eventual coronation).

  4. Parang lolit solis lang sa take it take it ni Viveka of Mauritius (RIP).
    Good thing is, Steve correct it right away.
    Kung hindi, mas hindi nabigyan ng right moment of crowning and celebration c Pia.
    Mas matindi ang protesta ng Colombia Kung pinagpabukas pa hi hi hi 😄
    I love the last act of Harvey when the Colombians knew the right winner hihihi

  5. Jimmy Fallon: “So..you goin’ back?”

    Steve Harvey: “Hell yeah, I’m going back!!”

    Hilarious. Love Steve Harvey’s timing and delivery. He truly did MAN-UP that is for sure.

  6. He admitted and owned up to his mistake, sincerely apologized and rectified the error right then and there. That was the right thing to do and he was man enough to do that. I’d say , let’s move on from that debacle and give him another chance. Fair enough ? I believe so. ♡♡♡

  7. Natalie Short of Cook Island has won the Miss World 2016 Sports finals on 12th December 2016 and thus got a direct entry in Top 20 semi-finalists of Miss World 2016. In fact, Natalie Short is the first confirmed semi-finalist of Miss World 2016. Natalie Short will be remembered forever for becoming the first woman from Cook Islands to enter the semi-finals of Miss World pageant. She also made it to the Top 21 of Miss World Talent.

    Miss World 2016 Sports Final Results:
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    2nd: Croatia
    3rd: Malta

    Best Team: RED

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    Red Group: Australia, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, England, Gibraltar, Malta, Scotland & United States
    White Group: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Latvia, New Zealand, Panama & Singapore
    Blue Group: Aruba, Bulgaria, Denmark, Honduras, Hungary, Montenegro, Spain & Uruguay

    Miss World is the only international pageant in which Sports competition takes place in major way. There is a lot more to women than physical appearances. Miss World has become a platform by which young ladies from all parts of the world can flaunt their talents, personalities and sports skills in addition to beauty & ramp skills.

    Winners of all challenge events/fast-tracks will gain an automatic place in the Top 20.

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  8. I admire you Steve for being honest! And for choosing to correct the mistake at that very moment.

    Ano daw sabi ng mga parents ni Colombia? Hahaha

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