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  1. Go Catriona Go!

    It seems that the preliminary events at the MW competetion are more suspenseful and entertaining when compared to finals night.

    I understand MW’s staunch stand to remain unique compared to MU, but the MW finals stage production needs some modifying to keep the viewer intrigued.

    Last year, i relied on that confusing leaderboard which sometimes did not make any sense at all. Im sorry.

    It is what it is and supporting Catriona is more important than my gripes…lol

  2. Kakaiyak and rendition ni Cat ng imagine dito. Super panalo na to! Ano pa ba hinahanap ng lola Julia Morley. Giving the crown to Cat will not elicit any angst or complains from others since everyone knows that Cat is deserving of the crown! #pushpamore

  3. Aside from me, may nagkakaissue pa ba sa inyo people sa mobstar voting? over the weekend biglang bumagal yung servers ata nila. tagal mag load


  4. Wala ng hahanapin pa si mama Julia, perfect na perfect si Catriona as Miss World! Mawawala na talaga respeto ko sa MWO kung hindi magta-top 3 si Cat!

    • Based on descriptions and superficially, yes. Nagkataon lang na pareho sila ng “market.” Pero based sa description, parang di naman yata structure or program ang ginawa nila.

      Ang medyo may pagka-pareho din ay China (Child Care Center – pero what do they mean by “assist?”), Nepal (classrooms for children), Nigeria (“helping” education centers), Sri Lanka (“helping” a school for children), at Venezuela (improvement/reconstruction of a school).

      Which is also why, I think ito na yung semi-finalists din. Bakit ka magpapakita ng sample of videos kung random nga ang mga ito tapos pare-parehas naman ang mga theme? I’m sure marami pang ibang BWAP videos na pwedeng magpakita ng diversity ng pinaggagawa ng mga candidates.

  5. Wala pa ring nabago pala hihihi


    Tonight is an extremely special evening as the contestants of Miss World 2016 view some of the selected videos of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. The judges have viewed every video and were so inspired by the work of our contestants.
    The evening began with chairman of the judging panel and CEO of Miss World Organization – Julia Morley speaking to the contestants about the meaning and importance of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. She then introduced tonight’s special guest Deborah Lambie, Miss World New Zealand 2015. She is now working as a doctor in New Zealand. For her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ Project she has helped over 70,000 students with free education tutorial videos made available online.

    The selected ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ videos were (in alphabetical order):

    Australia – Helping Indigenous Children
    Belgium – Assisting Children in Cambodia
    Hungary – Equestrian Therapy
    Chile – Teaching Blind Children Music
    China – Assisting a variety of care centers (Children with brain damage, building houses for children, helping the elderly)
    Colombia – Sponsoring Victims of Violence & Displacement
    Cote D’Ivoire – Helping victims of Buruli Ulcer Skin Disease
    Dominican Republic – Talent Program for Youth
    Fiji – Project Qelekuro- Assiting Victims of Cyclone Winston
    Guadeloupe – Helping the elderly
    Indonesia – Dreams Beyond the Dumpsite- Helping the scavengers of dumpsites
    Ireland – Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland
    Mongolia- Brothers-Sisters Mentorship Program
    Nepal – Classroom & Beyond- Providing classrooms for children
    Nigeria – Helping Education Centers
    Panama – A Chance to Change- Helping women in correctional facilities
    Philippines – Paradiso Project- Creating a School for children in garbage sites
    Rwanda – Targeting a variety of problems in Rwanda (Visiting Veteran Centers, Malnutrition Awareness, Drug Abuse, Domestic Tourism, Child Education)
    Sierra Leone – Helping orphans of the Ebola Virus
    Sri Lanka – Helping a School for children of Mental and Physical Disabilities & Red Cross Ambassador
    Tanzania – Female Genital Mutilation and Gender Discrimination
    Thailand – Working against Deforestation
    United States – Habitat for Humanity
    Venezuela – Improvement and Reconstruction of a school

    After the viewing the girls were excited to discuss the projects of their fellow participants.The videos will now be viewed by the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ judges.

    • Ito rin yung Nabasa ko sa MW FB :

      Daniel Gonzalez The top 24 realesed yesterday are The beauty with a purpose finalists? Miss World can you answer please because some people say yes and other not
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      Miss World
      Miss World These are NOT the finalists. It was a random selection shown as part of a viewing.
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    • I’ve read that news before in MW website but there is no semifinalist written in the news article, only “The selected ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ videos were (in alphabetical order):”. as commented by George in Mr. Myanmar Post.
      Edited na yang may semifinalist kasi wala talaga yan dati. Ipost ko sana yung complete news pero naunahan ako niGeorge 🙂
      But i’m happy na semifinalist na naman c Queen Cat hihihi…next, Finalist na naman tapos Mobstar votes na naman hihihi kaloka na talaga hihihi

      • Did you understand my post? Try mo palitan ang language sa upper right. Makikita mo na sa translation nila sa ibang language, nabanggit ang semi-finalist.

      • Tama ka Pautwas pero MW admin na rin nagsabi sa MW FB page :

        Daniel Gonzalez The top 24 realesed yesterday are The beauty with a purpose finalists? Miss World can you answer please because some people say yes and other not
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        Miss World
        Miss World These are NOT the finalists. It was a random selection shown as part of a viewing.
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      • Random selection daw for viewing purposes at hindi finalist at mas laong di rin semifinalist hihihi dahil random selection nga hihihi

  6. Tito Norms, it’s not yet official. For viewing lang daw po iyon and not the actual Top 24

  7. Lets make it happen! Three reigning filipinas! Universe, International and World!

    Calling all filipinos! Bayanihan tayo, we deserve a good news, a breath of fresh air after all we’ve been through this year!

    Calling all fandom! Lets do this!

  8. ..para syang nagpaturok ng botox to control her gummy smile…at least conscious na rin sya dito..tyak pagkapanalo nya, tanggal ang epekto ng botox..

  9. This I’ll say here. Cat is the best candidate we have ever sent since Megan. She has done her assignment and we are all proud of her.

    Reading other forums and social media posts, I am starting to think that MWO is favoring Hungary. Tímea is gorgeous and she is everywhere. I prefer her over Ana Girault to be honest.

    No word yet on the other MW marquee event, Top Model. If PH, Mexico, and Hungary both make the Top 25 cut, then expect all three to be included in the Top 10 come finals night. If Cat wins that competition, then she is the undisputed frontrunner. Sadly, the winner of that event is only revealed during the (boring) live telecast.

    • Miss World is never predictable. Placing in FT’s doesn’t mean Julia likes a candidate necessarily. In 2012, Australia placed in 5 FT’s (2nd Beach Fashion, SF Talent, SF Sports, 4th Top Model, 2nd BWAP) but was only 3rd overall to Wenxia (3rd Beach Fashion, Winner Talent, Top 10 Top Model). In 2014, Rolene placed in 4 FT’s (3rd Sports, SF Top Model, Top 5 Beach Fashion, Top 10 BWAP) but won over India’s Koyal who placed and won in more FT’s (BWAP winner/Top 5, World Designer Award, Top 5 Beach Fashion, Top 5 Multimedia, SF Top Model, SF Sports).

      The fact that it’s very subjective despite having very defined point systems baffles. So, let’s hope that Julia sees something in Cat.

      • Guys! Good eve. Kamusta kayo??? Na miss ko ang blog na to. Dahil naka tambay ako sa mobstar for catriona.
        Cat is leading both talent ang multimedia.
        Sa talent nahabol si mongolia at hungary sa tulong ng mga indo, thai at indian. Nakakaasar sila noh? Ang sasama. They will do it hinde dahil sa gusto nila talent ni mongolia or hungary. They will do it dahil lang sa galit sa pinas na wala namang tamang dahilan. In short bitter at insecure. They have threaten us 2 days b4 the finals ang pasabog nila para malampsan si cat both awards.
        Sa multimedia rank 2 si cat at rank 3 si indo. Ang bilis nila infairness. Natagalan kami lampasan si joaana, sila pag kagising ko ng umaga that time ayun nasa baba na ni cat. Dame na blocked account dahil sa flood comments. Napasobra sa isang post almost 6ok comments. Kakaunti lang kase ang likers per post less 3k kaya sa flood comments bumabawi. Para kahit papano umusad pa taas ang bawat post at account ni cat. And then nag mamaintenance/update pa yata ang mobstar app. Sobrang bagal ngayon. Wag lang sana may niluluto ang mobstar at indo. Nyeta!!!

        Sino ba d2 ang malapit sa mga fb pages na malaki ang followers? Ask help naman kayo guys. For support both awards. Yang dalwang yan ang madaling mapanalunan kung wala lang masamang balak ang mga indo. And isa pa fan base namn both. 300k followers ni cat pero less 3k lang kami don. Jusko!

      • I think, all Top 10 contestants(as a result of FT’s performance) are back to zero score and it’s up to the Judges and Julia to select the Top 5.

      • Actually, it’s not back to zero. It’s a very long and tedious show because they update their leaderboards with new scores after they reveal each Fast Track challenge. They then just add points for subjective items for every cut. As to how much they add, it’s not clear.

        Geoff – Note that yung 300K ni Cat ay accumulation ng lahat ng nag-like sa page mula pa sa panahon nila Megan yata. Di ako magwoworry so much about rank ni Cat sa Mobstar (pero panay pa rin ang swipe right ko) dahil iisa lang yan sa criteria ng Multimedia – kasama diyan ang subjective (na naman) na “quality of content” at kasama din diyan ang Facebook at Twitter interactions. Kaya nireremind ko ang lahat na magbantay din sa FB at Twitter ni Cat. Si Rohit nanalo ng Mr. World Multimedia kahit #2 lang siya kay Rafal sa Mobstar.

        As for the ganging up of our jealous neighbors, sa bagal ng Mobstar ngayon, di ako naniniwalang kaya nilang gumawa ng malaking bagay kung hihintayin nila ang dulo bago magpasabog. Baka nga tuluyan pang mag-crash ang Mobstar sa gagawin nila. Mabuti nang may lamang tayo, at kailangan pa nating lakihan.

      • Maybe Tito Norman can urge all his readers and connections in pageantry to swipe right forevermore in Mobstar? I think he has the right connections and pageant crazy people follow him.

      • Actually, naghihintay nga ako ng ganyang posts dito eh. Pero I think captive audience na ito. Mas effective kung sa broader circles i-campaign ang voting.

      • Yan din nabasa ko sa post ni cat na include ang fb at twitter for multimedia aside from mobstar. Pero mas ok na din na mag number 1 sa mobstar. Mukang organized naman ang FB ni cat at twitter. Hope so.
        Malapit na ang top model sa 14 o 15 yata. I want her to win top model and bwap. Kung sakaling may kapareho sya sa bwap. Then she should explain her bwap using her good comm skills. I think her comm skill may save her bwap to top 5 and even wins.

        Nakakaloka ngayon! Before na eexcite lang tayo sa miss world. Now. Nag sstart na ang MW kaba ang nangingibabaw. 6 days nalang MW na.

      • Hayaan natin sila, their insecurities kill them, nasa atin ang alas!!! sa totoo lang ang baduy ng talent ni ms.lapis pang perya.c catriona sobrang regal kapag kumanta ramdam mo talaga at pang ms.world talaga talent niya… nasa atin na ang ms . international, sa pilipinas gagawin ang ms . universe kung baga nasa atin lahat ngayong taon,, at yang mga lahi ni doggie ay naku mga super insecure sana karmahin sila

  10. This is very confusing.

    I read somewhere that the 24 countries mentioned earlier are not the finalists.

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