17 comments on “Sunday Specials: Okkar Min Maung of Myanmar takes Mister Tourism World 2016

  1. 13 candidates lang? Parang pang baranggay lang na contest. Lols

    Anyway congrats to all the winners. I did not expect Myanmar to win cause I am rooting for Thailand and Malaysia. But this only based on pictures and videos.
    I still love Vietnam and Philippines.

  2. OMG! Oh my Ghana!
    My hot chocolate lovin’ didn’t place 😦
    I like Nepal (matangkad) and Myanmar.
    I like Brazil as well. He looks like a Sean Cody model, and I mean that as a compliment 🙂

  3. Well-deserved win & congratulations to Myanmar. He’s gwapo & his bearing is undeniably that of a champion.

  4. maybe its his being an actor in Myanmar that gave him the confidence that mattered.. in some posts, e.g. swimsuit competition at a resort in Vigan, the confidence and self-assurance was palpable.. Congratulations to the winners…!!

  5. The selected ‘Beauty With a Purpose’ videos were (in alphabetical order):

    Australia – Helping Indigenous Children

    Belgium – Assisting Children in Cambodia

    Hungary – Equestrian Therapy

    Chile – Teaching Blind Children Music

    China – Assisting a variety of care centers (Children with brain damage, building houses for children, helping the elderly)

    Colombia – Sponsoring Victims of Violence & Displacement

    Cote D’Ivoire – Helping victims of Buruli Ulcer Skin Disease

    Dominican Republic – Talent Program for Youth

    Fiji – Project Qelekuro- Assiting Victims of Cyclone Winston

    Guadeloupe – Helping the elderly

    Indonesia – Dreams Beyond the Dumpsite- Helping the scavengers of dumpsites

    Ireland – Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland

    Mongolia- Brothers-Sisters Mentorship Program

    Nepal – Classroom & Beyond- Providing classrooms for children

    Nigeria – Helping Education Centers

    Panama – A Chance to Change- Helping women in correctional facilities

    Philippines – Paradiso Project- Creating a School for children in garbage sites

    Rwanda – Targeting a variety of problems in Rwanda (Visiting Veteran Centers, Malnutrition Awareness, Drug Abuse, Domestic Tourism, Child Education)

    Sierra Leone – Helping orphans of the Ebola Virus

    Sri Lanka – Helping a School for children of Mental and Physical Disabilities & Red Cross Ambassador

    Tanzania – Female Genital Mutilation and Gender Discrimination

    Thailand – Working against Deforestation

    United States – Habitat for Humanity

    Venezuela – Improvement and Reconstruction of a school

  6. Yay!!! Sa wakas, natapos na rin tong patimpalak nato. Makakapag focus ka na rin tito norms para sa Miss world and Miss universe. Maraming scoop yan in the future days.

  7. Myanmar is a deserving winner. I’ve always seen him as among the clear frontrunners from day one. And I also had my eye on Nepal based on physique and bearing alone which is not typical of their delegates. Pleasantly surprised that Kian made it as 3rd runner-up despite his less than competitive physique – I just hope it’s not due to his home court advantage. At any rate, congratulations to all the winners.

    • I hope Norman is given a role within BPI or MWP organization . He is meant for bigger and more serious things . This pageant reminds me of the mock contests we used to do in the neighborhood growing up

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