223 comments on “Sunday “Guessing Game” Specials: Who will co-host The 65th Miss Universe?

  1. Kathy Griffin, Niecy Nash, Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers.
    Any of these women will make fun/interesting co-hosts.

  2. Love love love everything I’ve seen from Maxine so far and this is just the beginning. I hope that she keeps it up when the competition really starts. Her wardrobes and styling are all on point and she’s looks like she’s having a great time despite the heavy pressure as a host delegate and the prospects of back to back win and a potential predecessor who has risen the bar for the future Philippine delegates.

  3. Sabi ni fabian someone with hollywood weight daw kung ganun I strongly suggest Keanna Reeves, apelyido palang hollywood na hollywood na.

  4. im really really happy upon seeing those group/solo pictures of our asian ladies… im really glad that they are embracing our roots, our asian roots. kahit na mixed asian race na yung iba, angat na angat pa rin yung distinct asian features nila. gone are the days, where asian women are still trying to figure out their races. kumbaga sa pageantry, asian ladies try to latina-ize themselves or even making themselves look caucasian (american or european decent). super diverse ng asian beauty ngayun.

  5. I hope ruffa gutierrez will be co-hosting Mr. steve harvey, malakas si annabelle kay chavit singson who is the big sponsor of miss universe 2017… ruffa has international caliber in term of hosting pageant, at lumalagari si ruffa ngayon sa singapore for hosting the Expo event in singapore.

    sana beauty queen… wag lang bianca manalo, ariela, Janicel lubina.

    go go go support natin ang pinay co host kung sino man cya. pero dapat magaling at may internationla appeal.

    best wishes to ruffa.

    • I’m sorry but I definitely not buying the idea of having Ruffa as the co-host of MU. She’s Miss World 2nd princess, I don’t think MU organizers are liking it. Her association with MW will kill her chances, if ever.

  6. It has to be someone who can deliver a script flawlessly. Everything the hosts said are read via teleprompter, even the banter. For those who are able, be sure to check out the dress rehearsal… usually first come first serve ang seats (including the ones closest to the stage) and you’ll be treated to the actual show format, including performances by guest stars.

    • I swear, some of our reports ask the most inane questions. And thank God for the MUO policy to not invite government officials as judges, so we can put politics to rest. This means you, Kat de Castro.

  7. Oo mga pla sa mga maiingay dyan na pasimuno ng pagtatalo kaway kaway…yan nga pala si Ariska, nagtuturo ng “Duck Walk” sa mga contestants ng Puteri. You’re welcome.Good night – kayo na muna dito. Quota nako…

    • JawzKuh πŸ™‚ di man lang natutung magresearch ang ating neighbor.
      Obsolete na ang DuckWalk ..kaya nga yan ang itinuro ng KF sa Kanila dahil luma na at wala ng bisa hihihi
      Nadenggoy c Ariska ni mama rodgil hihihi
      Ang laki ng tawa ni mommy gio sa pinaggagawa ni Ariska hihihi

    • May bayad ba yan sa KF? Kasi, kung wala, you just said goodbye to a potentially lucrative source of livelihood. Paano yan, baka di na sila magpa-training dito kasi kaya na nilang mag-duckwalk doon sa bayan nila?

    • The girls can be taught one specific walk but in the end, the walk needs to be more specific to the girls based on their physical stature. This is where A&Q excels. They don’t teach one generic walk to their representatives. Yes they go through the 101s and such but once they compete, the walks taught are more personal. Look how Jonas changed Pia’s fierce swimsuit pose last minute to the “darna” pose.

    • Yan patanga tanga ang mga Pinoy. Lahat tinuturo sa iba para sabihing magaling. Di nila alam dyan patungo ang kabagsakan nila. Kahit nga sa negosyo, may mga bagay na hindi tinuturo kahit mismo sa empleyado nila dahil yan ang secret formula na nakakapagasenso sa negosyo nila. Isip-isip naman KF.

    • Dyan patangatanga ang mga Pinoy. Lahat tinuturo para sabihing magaling. Di nila alam yan ang dahilan ng kabagsakan nila. Kahit nga sa negosyo di tinuturo ang lahat ng bagay kahit sa mga empleyado nila mismo dahil yan ang secret formula na nakakapagasenso ng negosyo nila. Isip-isp naman KF pag may time.

    • Dyan patanga tanga ang mga Pinoy. Lahat tinuturo sa iba para sabihing magaling. Di nila alam dyan patungo ang kabagsakan nila. Kahit nga sa negosyo, may mga bagay na hindi tinuturo kahit mismo sa mga empleyado nila dahil yan ang secret formula na nakakapagasenso sa negosyo nila. Isip-isip naman KF pag may time.

  8. Megan Young To Host Miss World 2016
    by Pageanthology 101 Sunday, December 11, 2016

    Miss World 2013 and TV actress Megan Young will fly to United States and will return as the host of Miss World 2016 Pageant in Washington D.C.

    Megan just recently united with her co-queens Pia Wurtzbach and Kylie Verzosa in a photo shoot for a book called “The Crown: Making a Queen” produced by Jonas Gaffud and Aces and Queens.

    She is scheduled to depart on December 13th, tomorrow, for the pageant’s 66th edition grand finale on December 18 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA.

  9. Well if it’s from Solar, these are your choices:

    Kim Jones
    Teresa Herrera
    Tweetie de Leon
    Apples Aberin
    Patty Grandidge
    Mari Jasmine
    Melanie le Troyes

    Other options would be:
    Joey Mead
    KC Concepcion
    G Tongi
    Xandra Rocha
    Isabelle Daza
    Charlene Gonzales
    Sarah Meier
    Bianca Gonzales
    Phoemela Beranda
    Megan Young (would be nice but highly impossible due to her ties with MW; but her MW contract has ended as reported in pep.ph)

  10. Well if it’s from Solar, these are your choices:

    Kim Jones
    Teresa Herrera
    Tweetie de Leon
    Apples Aberin
    Patty Grandidge
    Mari Jasmine
    Melanie le Troyes

    Other options would be:
    Joey Mead
    KC Concepcion
    G Tongi
    Xandra Rocha
    Isabelle Daza
    Charlene Gonzales
    Sarah Meier
    Bianca Gonzales
    Megan Young (would be nice but highly impossible due to her ties with MW; but her MW contract has ended as reported in pep.ph)

  11. Oh dear lord!!!! This is new! Huma heart evangelista na rin sya ngayon???????? This girl is really fighting hard.

  12. Katuwaan lang naman pero may nag edit ng photo ni Angelia para kumpleto Big 4 o mga Sanggre hehehehe….

    I know this is exclusively for AQ girls but it would be really nice to see all our major winners in one cover. I won’t mind an edgy rogue cover or a super glam tatler one or a high fashion one from mega, metro or preview….just saying.

  13. Sorry guys been MIA lately…nyeta kase PLDT eh anyway, wala pa atang masyadong post ng photos share ko na lang mga di pa masyado common:

    Give ko na sa kanya ang ganda kase hindi tayo na goyo ng photos nya and taste ng mga Pinoy tong ganitong fez.

    Caris Tiivel:

    • Our sufer girl is getting raves even from the bitter latinos. ni rerecognize nila na sa tindig angat si Maxine. Gets nila na si Max and Chalita may magandang katawan sa grupo. I like that she’s not busty kase it shows diversity although I will definitely miss Pia’s boobies na halos onting beses lang natin nakitang mag swimsuit.

      Maxine Medina

      • what is maxine’s waistline?
        it looks like it’s 18″ in this photos

        very nice torso, i have to say

      • attention hair stylist: go easy on the hair extensions (middle photo)
        i don’t think that’s an issue anymore, though

      • @ Ana

        this side by side photo makes it clear how within less than a year maxine transformed from a young girl to a young lady…pretty amazing!

    • In all fairness hindi sya pangit. Very normal looking lang talaga. She seems polite and nice. The Indos are a lot nicer now…but they are still ganing up on Cat.

      I’m actually happy for her. Simula nanalo yan parang ngayon lang nag enjoy talaga.

      Kezia Warouw

      • she looks great with that smile

        sorry Laila
        i’m in the mood to just randomly comment because it’s a lazy sunday

      • keri sunkist hindi rin ako ganun ka organized kase I’m trying to catch up …i’ve been busy with my cats hahahahaha

      • Agree- medyo very manang and looks niya but her presence (saw that bit on Ear Bulaga) is undeniable…this is the part i think which our asian neighbours are trying to copy us; making your presence as powerful as possible without being OA or showy…

  14. About sa new pic ni Megan Young with Kylie and Pia. At this time na sa Manila siya at hindi host ng MW 2016 sa US?

  15. Ann Curtis or Ginger Conejero are probably the only two that are somewhat decent overall (in terms of fluency in and command of English, spontaneity, and ability to exchange banter), and even then, I’m not sure if there would be chemistry between them and Steve.

    Itigil na kasi yang pilit na pinagsisiksikan ang mga local talents, kahit hindi naman akma.

    Whomever gets chosen for the job, I’m sure the MUO org will make sure they are adequately rehearsed and will not embarrass them or the US TV network the show will be aired in. Whoever it may be, she will have to be on her toes the entire time. Di uubra ang ka-cheapan at kawalang preparasyon ng the likes of Martin Nievera, na binayaran na’t lahat, ang kapal ng mukhang `di man lang inalam beforehand kung paano i-pronounce ang pangalan ng mga judges (both foreign and local ones). Kakahiya and bordering on insulting to the judges to see him struggle and realize that he is reading the judges name aloud for the very first time. He is certainly not a joy to watch – kairita lang. Binayaran nang mahal, di naman sulit.

    • Agree…they get Martin for his communication skills and funny antics…but his hosting style is outdated. But I guess female co-host is what MU is after to.

  16. Politics aside, I dont care who gets it. As long as they will represent US the people of the philippines well.

  17. I can’t think of anyone really. But whoever she may be, she must be articulate, spontaneous, must be able to ad lib really well and level up with Mr. Harvey’s crazy antics.

    • Pak, With No reservation πŸ™‚
      Masasapak ni Steve Harvey at mga nasa Top 5 si Karen at babatuhin ng kung ano-anung bagay from the audience dahil mabubuwisit lahat sa kanya sa singit ng singit sa conversation kahit di pa tapos magsalita ang mga contestant at si steve, di mo tuloy makuha yung gusto pang ipaalam at sabihin ng kanyang iniinterview.
      Kapag di mo sya pasisingitin ay nganga na sya “ahhh..ahhhhh… nakalimutan ko na tuloy ang itatanong ko at sasabihin ko sa yo”, bwahahaha.. ganyan ang scenario kapag c Karen ang Co-host.
      Bobita actually yan hihihi.



  20. Leila De Lima has all the international exposure though….

    I miss senator Mirriam Santiago… 😦

      • Jeremi she is not fluent enough .she cannot do Ad libs . I would do Shamcey over Venus.
        But even Shamcey is not qualified . Plus she has a personality of a robot .

      • maraming maraming salamat po

        magandang magandang gabi po

        sigue sigue lang

        OK na OK

        ang ganda ganda

        out of habit na ng pinoy

  21. Joey Mead is the perfect co-host diretso mag english di na naghahagilap pa ng sasabihin di tulad ng iba parang rehearsed. Kc? A big NO!

    • Dawn is full of herself and she is not articulate enough . and no to abby arenas for the Same reason

      We want someone with at least a gram of Hollywood weight.

      But if u insist.. Anne Curtis if she stops her palengkera language .. or KC or Charlene.. provided they lose weight before the event

  22. You almost mentioned all women who had hosting job in the past, but you forgot Ms. KC Concepcion. For me, only KC can match, if not outdo, Roselyn Sanchez. Clear mag-English si KC with perfect diction, pronunciation and enunciation.

    • @ana, KC’s square body and gigantic face would be a sore sight onstage … honestly .plus putting somebody with no Hollywood roots is not a good idea.
      Would someone pls assassinate Kat!! Hihihi

      • Hiyang-hiya naman si KC sa pintas mo sa kanya, Fabbie. ‘Di ko na mawari talaga kung sino at ano ang pinakamaganda sa iyo. May kalakihan man ang face ni KC pero hindi naman siguro siya itatabi kay Steve gaya nun kay Roselyn. Kaloka.

      • @ana, Miss U promotes beauty and health . I do no think she represents that. I mean she looks good and she speaks well …But she’s big . U saw her at BP 2016 … pls stop the charade . Tse hihihi

      • Ano sabi mo? MU represent beauty and health? Bakit ano tingin mo kay Steve Harvey? Maghohost lang sila at di sila contestants.
        KC CONCEPCION would be okay for me.

      • Gusto siguro ni ate Fabs si Anita Linda or Perla Bautista.
        Or Cristine Reyes, Rina Reyes, Maricar Reyes. Si Ryza Mae na lang or si Tekla.

    • Kung c Leni ang co-host dapat kasama as Judge yung KABIT nya,, anong name ng kabit nyang politician ba yun nakalimutan ko hihihi
      Isama narin as Judge c Delima at KABIT nyang c Dayan + Jooonnneeelllll hihihi
      Tamang-tama para maging maganda ang image ng Pinas sa International community hihihi

  23. C Kokey with 2 relievers like baby nica and jeremi πŸ™‚
    Or basil with 2 relievers like Fabian anf C2F hihihi walang Charot Santos yan
    Swerte ni Steve at magaganda ang mga co-host nya hihihi
    kailangan may reliever kunwari kasi patalbugan ang 3 co-hosts hihihi

    • Nice! I like the first suggestion, para magkaroon naman ng participation ang KF sa Miss U! πŸ˜‰

      Kokey, BB NeknekMo, y Jeremi-mi Jagpal: Las Tres Pacaoualas de Que Efe – LOLs

      • George how many times should I tell u na hwag mo akong isali sa camp camp na yan
        Tulad ng sinabi ko pag gusto ko ang candidate gusto ko kahit pa taga camp crame yan

  24. I suggest Paolo Ballesteros tapos change character every segment: from Shamcey Mwuahmwuah Tsuptsup to Angelina Jolie Magdangal. Pero dapat serious ang hosting nya. Ewan ko nalang kung hindi maloka mga audience.

  25. I would leave Steve alone on stage and let Olivia do the backstage and side hosting.

    I really don’t see the use of a co -host . If they insist , she should come from Hollywood. can they get Nicole of Pussy Cat Dolls?

    No to Lea, she is too old for this and she is prob not in shape.honestly , the square body will be an eye sore next to the contestants. I have seen her sing along side other Broadway stars and she stands out… but not in a good way .

    Charlene can do the job well but she Does not have the international credence.

  26. Ayaw nyo ba kay anne curtis? Toni g? Bianca g? Jessica soho? Pia g? Korina s? Hahahaha. Cheret lang. Okay naman si steve harvey nung host sya last year pwere lang sa human error nya. Pero his whole hosting job was good. Balanced yung humor at the right moments. Kaya nya yan.

  27. Ann Curtis, Joey Mead King (she posted about this matter), or isa sa mga past queens natin na magaling sa microphone πŸ˜€

  28. ..i dnt get it on why it has to be a filipina co host..afterall, MU’s emcees pre-harvey days were superb …so why the deviation from the norm..tried and tested na..masyado na talaga ma epal ang DOT at lahat ng maicip gusto isabak..this is still an international event with a global audience..im sure ayaw ni Paula Shugart na parang Miss Earth lang ang production at hosting..and btw, norman’s engagement of gerard is a welcome development..sharper photos.

  29. With Solar Entertainment Inc. as the official telecast partner of The 65th Miss Universe, it is safe to say that one of these four bankable stars will co-host Steve.

    A. Marilyn Montemayor
    B. Kacielyn Francisco
    C. Jackelyn Jose
    D. Ate Gingging


  30. KIM JONES!!!! Or possibly Shamcey Supsup? Or who knows, could be Ruffa Gutierrez or Charlene Muhlach? Or, Christine Jacob-Sandejas?

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