22 comments on “The Mister Tourism World 2016 Candidates in Swimwear 

  1. I am just wondering of all the beautiful places in the Philippines why Vigan? Do the organizers have limited budget for a better venue for this contest? I am not saying that I don’t like Vigan but for pageant sake why Vigan Convention Center?

  2. I hope our Philippine bet will seriously up his game in the Q&A and formal wear competitions. He has the least developed physique in this small bunch. The bashful pose covering himself with his arms says a lot. A far cry from Andrea Biondo.

    • Hindi talaga madedevelop yan at hindi masyado hinahawakan ni JP Anonuevo, he’s got his hands and others full hahaha.

  3. For now – Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand in that order. Philippines might (deservedly) sneak in there. IMHO…

  4. Hehe, this is what Tito Norms had been busy for the past few days…Muslim si Indonesia? Shinogo ang tambuktu kya dapa ang pose? hehe =)

  5. Ayan na naman ang pose ni Cas, very similar ang mga poses niya. Kung hindi “pakita kili-kili pose” eh “masakit ulo” pose ang puntirya.

  6. OMG so this is where Norman has been holed up the past few days and being incommunicado..immersing himself in sun, sand and ‘vulnerable’ men..jokes!

      • I’m in the ratchet southern hemisphere 4M! Summer pa naman dito sa Auckland..yes, the Northeast would be perfect! Im assuming you’re referring to the northeastern united states? Incidentally- and this has been in the works for two years- I will be spending Christmas 2017 in New York (New Year in Conneticut) Yay!

  7. The 29th edition of Best Model of the World was held over the weekend in Istanbul. The winners,

    1 – Nigeria’s Joy Akpokinovo
    2 – Turkey’s Gizem Kayalı
    3 – Belgium’s Valerie Breemans
    1 – Turkey’s Onur Seyit Yaran
    2 – Serbia
    3 – Germany

    Best Model of the World 2016 – Second Runners Up (Germany and Belgium); Best Catwalk; and Best Photomodel (Netherlands and Philippines)

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