140 comments on “Ten Miss Universe Beauties in Manila this weekend!

  1. I was watching ms universe candidates guesting eat bulaga. I thoughr max greatest point is her beautiful face. Gosh. Her pasarela is the best. She is gliding. Standout.

    • Saw that too, and she annihilated the 9 other candidates with her. Amongst our asian rivals, miss Korea i guess has the edge as far as winnability is concerned. Thailand and Indonesia are totally mediocre. Miss USA early hyping of superiority is not much of an existence.

      • USA is a silent killer… Miss Universe Org is looking for the total package as in someone inspirational and could be a good role model for everyone. And based on recent political events, the org may be favoring a colored(black girl) to win.

    • USA looked the best for me . Australia seemed too young . Thailand had a beautiful face but her body and walk were subpar.
      If USA makes the top 5 , she will be Miss U.

  2. Mga vaks, I have a question. Do the candidates send their own stylists at the Miss World? I was confused when I read Cat’s post on the Grand Opening of MGM at the National Harbor. She credited a Filipino (Reynaldo Santos; it said styled by Reynaldo Santos). So with that, does that mean they get their own stylist?

      • The silver lining in all of this is that … Norman has improved a lot physically … he is kinda nerdy though . He needs to be a little more engaging and fun. He is way too serious and monotonous
        He said a world class show is in the offing ? M excited !!!

      • She can sing though and she looks good and poised while singing .

        Croatia is the more confident singer and should win Ms Talent inmho. But if Cat wins Miss Talent too, it won’t be too conversial. Honestly , there are no stand out performances .
        Even the piano violin and dances have some icky factor to it . Only Mongolia ‘s performance looks smooth . But are we gonna give Ms Talent to a magician ?

        Having said that , Cat should win MW imho. She really looks beautiful on cam and she is very spontaneous. She is a lot more articulate than Megan in casual or formal setting . She could be the next big thing on tv.

    • The high bun suits Catriona well. It emphasizes her swannish neck and makes her look taller. She looks like a queen.

  3. Kung sino man sa inyo ang may access sa mga pageant groups, pakisabihan nga yang mga kababayan na nagkakalat ng pekeng nude pic ng isang kandidata sa MW. Nakakasira ng imahe ng mga Pinoy ang pinaggagawa nila. Di natin kailangan yan para manalo ang kandidata natin. Kahit na diumano galing sa ibang bansa ang picture, tayo pa ngayon ang nagkakalat. Pakitigilan nga.

    • May lumalabas na balita ngayon na ang pic na yun daw ay pakana pala ng kalabang kampo sa bansa ng naturang kandidata. Wag naman sanang humantong sa ganito ang ating mga kampo, or specifically, fantards ng ating mga kampo. Pero alam naman na nating may ganito nang ganap dati pa. Sana wala nang madagdag pa.

  4. Let’s have a game. Name that Cat’s walk for the Top Model fast track. Me, I’d name it Caterpillar!!!

      • Exactly. Cat is channeling Audrey Hepburn. Sobrang glamorosa talaga niya. Although ilang beses na s’yang nagha-high bun, hindi pa rin ako nauumay sa hairstyle n’ya. I am hoping na come finals night, her bun will be a little higher. Cat for the win!

    • @ Ana Winter : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Thank you for sharing!

      Her dress looks gossamer. Utterly ethereal and breathtaking! 🙂

    • Love her gown. The bun suits her overall body well. Tall and slender and the gown is just perfect for this style. I just hope she plays around with her hairstyle more if she can to avoid being one-dimensional.

  5. Miss World Update muna. 22 candidates were invited to grace the opening of the MGM National Grand Harbor. Among these are Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Korea, Monglia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, and USA. Not sure kung sino yung kulang pa sa list. Here’s a picture of some of the girls. As usual, di ako marunong mag-post.

      • @ Will : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Thanks for sharing.

        Well, it’s from Missosology Ecuador, no wonder Miss Earth 2016 got her Homecoming event.

        Makes one wonder about Ms. Angela Bonilla, the reigning Miss Global 2016. And the subject of a previous post by Mr. Tinio.

        Is she still in the Philippines?

        Can Filipinas rely on Ecuador for help in the voting “wars” with our neighbors?

        Or is Ecuador fiercely loyal to the Latin American pageant community?

      • @Dear Andrew, Mama Norms is busy with TRESE at Vigan.


      • Asking Ecuador to cast votes on our reps would be bordering on desperation.
        We don’t need that

  6. Oops…tekateka muna…Dont lose focus Girls….Miss World muna tayo…lapit na then all out na sa Miss U after Catriona’s win… support both 4M and Cat…please

  7. Maxine’s strong point is her beautiful face. I can say isa sya sa pinakamaganda at pleasing. Sana Pia W can coach her para sa bk to bk

  8. Maxine will be a runner-up and that will be an achievement. I want european to win the title this time

  9. The suggested “pageant envy” and neighborly resentment hint at something fundamental/deeply-ingrained. And yes, Filipinos are partly to blame!

    And if there is anybody who is QUALIFIED to discuss this at length, it is none other than blogger, a psychologist. If he posts on this topic in the future, it should make for an interesting read at the least.
    Just like his analysis on the unraveling of Ms. Imelda Schweighart!

    • With her reign as MU nearing its end, PIA’s life as a beauty contestant and queen has been quite extraordinary.

      She perhaps made a decision in 2012 to compete in BbP 2013, to be awarded 1s runner up.
      Her determiation prompted her to try once again for a coveted title in 2014, but suprisingly failed to make the winners.
      With disappointment, doubt that sunk in BUT with the determination and instinct of a lion, she decided for the 3rd time to compete in BbP 2015 and was crowned MUP 2015.

      She then competed, in what has to be the most dramatic, suspenseful, anticipated yet entertaining MU to date, triumphantly crowned MU 15. The controversial mix up of her crowning made her journey that much more sweeter and dear.

      One chapter is ready to close and many more are ready to open.
      Go on Pia!
      Here’s to you!

    • Anong nangyari sa mukha niya diyan? Mukhang nalulusaw na naagnas! Ang aga ng signs of aging ni bakla!

  10. Let the festivities begin!

    First, let’s support the ‘world’ then we can conquer the “universe”.

    Lets go Catriona!
    Go get em’ Maxine!

  11. Anyone? I’m using a tablet and I don’t know how to post photos from here. Maxine released a new magazine cover and you should all see it. Ang haba nya! Thanks!

  12. I I wonder how the 10 girls were selected? Draw lots among Asian region? I understand the reason for the Asian delegates is because of its proximity to our country. did DOT fund the trip of these girls? Sana they could have gotten Mexicoand russia too para well represented lahat ng continents. Pati na si South Africa.

    Hope someone can answer this. Oo nga, how come Vietnam wasn’t invited considering of their proximity to our country?

    • Recently lang kase formally naipasa korona sa Vietnam rep. If I’m not mistaken, yung original sana na ipapadala nila runner up din Pham Huong Thi kaso nag opt magpakasal so medyo in limbo si new girl until the other day. Baka hindi kinaya yung prep time.

      The Indonesia might stay until January. She “might” train under KF. It seems na sa ilang araw na kickoff party and media tours…sobrang dami ng bagahe nya.

      • Thanks Ms Laila! Hope to meet you someday. Grabe ka sa pageant info behind he scenes. Thank you
        Oh no?! Kf is training Kezia?
        Pwedeng ibang foreign candidate na Lang?
        Ang yabang yabang ng kapitbahay natin Kung sino maka-Asta na porke nagka minor crown Lang. Tapos Kung anong paninira ginagawa Nila sa mga ka di data natinatin? Tapos training training Rin pala sila dito ang ending.

      • OMG, Lai!!!! as in OMG!!!!! kung magtetrain si kezia under KF, jusme, maglalaban na naman ang mga die hard fans ng dalawang kampo. A&Q vs KF: the REMATCH!!! sayang, mas maganda pa naman sanang pakinggan na walang kampo2x pagdating sa international stage at lahat ng Pinoy magsisigawan pag natawag ang PHILIPPINES!!!! kung KF si kezia, possible kaya na si mommy leo ang magbibihis sa kanya at sa ibang mga merlie na malapit kay mommy leo like australia atbp?

      • AG, Mae and Mr. Manila yan ang usap usapan ng mga kapitbahay ngayon. Hindi malayo mangyari kase si Anindya ganyan din ginawa last year. Felice and Ariska pasarela trainer nila pinoy. Dapat mismong mga girls na yan visible sa social media nag papaalala sa mga fans nila na kumalma. Yung ginawa nila sa mobstar…pati si jesson capuchino at pageantology 101 nag post na. Usually parang Norman mga yun sa diplomacy – walang kinakampihan pero kanina may write up na sila about the scheming ways of our neighbours. Hindi ata narerealize ng mga kapitbahay na ang nag dedehado mga kandidata nila.

      • Mae may chika ako Ewan lo lang if true pa

        Si Kezia hirap sila I train. Very provincial ayaw mag let go sa small town trainer. Ang puteri pala sariling bulsa mo training. Mayaman sila Elvira kaya kahit fadil shoots kaya I shoulder. Kezia has to make multiple appearances for the org to fund her training. Recently hinawakan na sya nila Whulandary (2013) and Artika sa mala AQ nila na training camp. Made her look more modern kase sila pala walang sponsor sa clothes na fashionable kaya we always see them in traditional fabrics even for cocktail wear. Kaso daw Kezia is not “latinesian” so ang gown designer nila na si Anaz na nalalamyaan kay kezia hindi daw gagawa ng gown nya. Ang gagawa si Ivan something na medyo questionable taste level. Sila whulandary in an effort to make Kezia more high fashion nag hire na ng reputable stylist for her. Palagay ko last ditch effort na nila ipadala dito para mahasa pa. If kaya nila si almodal – malaki posibleng transformation nya kase lahat sila gumaganda kay Almodal. Having said this: I still hate her fans hehehehehe

      • Ms Lai, grabe where do you get all these info? Para Lang Ana I! Now ako sayo! Sana naman yung Kf, wag ng tumanggap ng mga client na galing kapitbahay natin?! Parang inaasar o pinupurnada na Rin Nila yung chances ni max na masungkit ang korona.
        Once mAhawakan yan ng kf, sure pasok yan sa top15. Pero hit and miss din ang recording kf recently. Joanna Eden is an example. Imelda is also an example. So ewan ko.
        Gusto ko Rin si Kezia kaso yung fans Niya ang nagpapa throw off s aakin. Mga walang habas. Walang delicadeza. Kung laitin Tayo sa social media, akala mo may ipagmamalaki na sila

      • Kung makapagyabang itong mga Indonesians, dito rin pala sila magpapa-train! Ang kakapal! If they think they are better, wag sila magpa-train dito.

        Did KF train Ariska too? I was just thinking na baka fueled by the camp wars itong galit ng Indonesians na ito. I remember when Megan was competing, there was a rumor that the other camp yung nagstart ng paninira sa kanya (sending her sexy shoots to MW).

      • Jusmio.mag te train na naman ang KF ng ibang kandidata????. Jusko. They failed from imelda and joanna. I think talagang pinabayaan sila eh. Sinuwerte lang si nichole sa globe kahit wala training KF sa kanya alam nya ang gagawin nya. Pero kay eden naging pabaya sila. Tapos eto mag te train sila ng kandidata. Hayssss. Kahit pa sabihin nating right nila yon pero they defined theiselves. Wala na ung pagiging loyal ng camp na yan. Basta kung san may pera dun sila. Basta hinde sila lalaban sa MU mag tetrain sila ng kalaban ng pinas. Tapos indo pa or thailand for sure is ite train din. Tapos ang mga indo fans hinde man lang marunong magpasalamat sa tagumpay ni ariska at felice.

      • Hayaan nyo na ng matuto ng duck walk si Itiknesia neighbour natin. Kung tutuusin, mas magaling mag-polish ng mga hilaw na merly si Tito Rodgil medyo outdated na nga lang talaga. Bagay ang KF style sa personality ng mga taga-Itiknesia na yan at provincial na barriotic ang peg nila, yun nga lang di papatok yun sa Miss U.

      • I am conflicted about KF. I am disappointed that they resorted to training girls from other countries but you know what it is still business so if the business is meager in the Philippines then why not go outside.

      • I am not a big fan of this handpicking delegates to promote. I mean what would the other candidates feel about this? It would have been better had given the candidates a chance to arrive in the Philippines earlier to be part of the whole thing (2 weeks before the actual competition) instead of now.

      • Sophia Ariska was trained by Francis Paña, I’m not familiar with the KF personalities apart from Rodgil but he’s probably associated with KF.

        Bea Rose supervised Felice Hwang’s training.

        I’m not too happy with KF either but see AQ is doing the same thing in a less hostile way by taking in Chloie Syquia of Sweden – diba? It’s a bitter pill to swallow since Indonesian pageant fans can be so vile but see once upon a time we also sent our girls to Venezuela and Colombia. Our Miriam Quiambao was trained under Ousmel Sousa’s peeps. It makes sense for us to start training girls kase one stop shop na dito. I remember a conversation I had with Shauny Bult (gorgeous ms. Netherlands candidate) I wished her good luck for the nationals and told her she has to work on her pasarela. She had plans on coming here to train kaso hindi natuloy kase hindi sya nanalo. Most likely KF sya since she’s friends with the KF girls and have done various gigs with Almodal.

        Siguro if it were the Dutch girl OK pa tayo. I think ang issue natin hindi KF training other girls. Ang issue natin – they’re training Indonesians = bad blood.

        AG, I’m not affiliated with anyone hehehe mema lang ako na to do research.

      • hello lai, i know francis paña. from what i know he is not in any way related to KF.

        he is based in indonesia with his hubby. he used to be a singer in china but moved to indonesia where his hubby is assigned. his hubby is a diplomat from norway. currently, he is a stylist/make-up artist to some personalities in indonesia. just recently, beauty queen trainer is added to his credentials. He’s very close to wulandhari and that’s probably how he ended up training other beauty queens.

        i’ve seen some of his videos training the indonesian girls but from the looks of it it is far from the professional training that KF and AQ offers. Sorry for the term but dugyot ang style ng pasarela niya. comparing how jonas trains his girls and how he does is it is worlds apart. you should see how he teaches the girls make a turn in their pasarela. he doesn’t even know how to pivot the turn.

        he does well in makeup though and styling too.

  13. Thank God India was not invited. Why did they include Indonesia … after their local Miss U org snubbed Pia?
    USA vs Australia for me for Miss U.. for now

    • Hindi ba it’s the other way around? MU ang nang snub sakanila? haha joke lang, kasi di ba alam ko naka sched na ang NYFW kay pia? or sana minove na lang nila ang finals nila if they really want pia no? LOL

  14. Now, this is exciting! I believe there’s a lot to expect or look forward to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. There are 10 ladies who will be promoting the event, However naisip ko lang sana well represented per continent, I mean most of them are from asia. but I don’t have a problem with naman. naisip ko lang para di ba makita natin ang diversity ng beauties ng mga lalaban..

    How are they going to promote the pageant? for sure, hindi na kailangan ipromote sa pinas yan! Automatic na e! hahahaha naisip ko lang baka dadalhin sila sa mga destinations na pagdadalhan sa kanila come january tas they’ll post or tell everybody via social media na omg ang ganda. pak ganon! LOL you know, PR ba.

    I hope when this ‘promotion’ starts, may pasabog na ng slight si Max! At on point lagi ang styling niya.

    AT SANA NAMAN, wala nang away away ang mga shupitbahay natin like what happened to MU and MS and MI. davah?

    • Daming mo sinabi. Mag antay ka lang at manahimik muna! Mas alam nila ginagawa nila managing all constraints. Ok?

    • Yung mga malapit lang siguro ang inivite nila kasi mahal plane ticket para sa mga candidates na malayo.

    • I think they will make an obb video which will be used a marrketing promotion to be shown around the world before MU starts? Teaser Kumbaga

      • OR they’ll be the one mag introduce sa place. like for example, Deshauna will be in boracay and they’ll make a video of her experience there. nice no?

  15. Madaming events na exciting Im sure. We will love a new queen just like we adore Yari and Sushimita pati na din si Michelle Van. Pero ako lang ba yun mas excited sa miss world kahit malayo ang Washington.

  16. OMG! are they gonna stay in Phil for 2 months? or they still going back home before the holidays?

  17. Wonder how Max feels…doe she have a knot in her tummy the size of a mango, or is she just blissfully zoning out and letting things fall where they may?

    Looks like a barrage of everything MU coming our way this month and onwards…my god, who has the time now to make proper Christmas and New Year preparations lol..

    • Kung ako sa Paloma-look alike na yan, i-enjoy na lang niya at tanggapin ang kapalaran niya na waley siya chance mag-win. Kahit di pa sa Pinas gawin ang Miss U, alam niya sa sarili niya na sobrang mahihirapan siya kahit makapasok man lang sa Top15 – pwera na lang kung power vote na naman ang mga panatikong Pinoy. Diyosmio, ibuka pa lang ni Maxine bibig niya wala ng lalabas na matino, mahihilo malilito na si bakla sa isasagot at ikukuda. Kung ako sa kanya i-enjoy na lang niya na ipasok ang dapat ipasok sa bibig niya na daks ni Marx.

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