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  1. Catriona made it to Miss World 2016 Top 10 Talent Competition 🙂 Watch her beautiful rendition of the song “I Believe” 🙂

    The public will vote on who performs on stage for Miss World 2016, and ultimately, who will be our talent champion!

    *More details on how to vote tomorrow*

    VOTE for Catriona 🙂

    • Jusko eeksena na naman si mobstar sa voting. Naguguluhan lang ako. Kung sino ba mag top sa mobstar ng miss world sa talent eh sya na ang panalo at sya lang ang mag peperform? Or top 3 ang pipilien sa mobstar talent at ung tatlo sila mag performa at sa finals pa malaman kung sino mananalo. So performance muna sa finals para malaman kung sino best in talent. Tapos tsaka nila announce top 20. How about sa multimedia. Mobstar din ang gagamiten. So kung sino mag tpp 1 un ang winner sa multimedia. Hayssss. Kaka disappoint naman. Sayang ang effort ni catriona sa FB.

  2. 1

    Miss World 2016 TALENT FINALISTS

    Postby AaronICK » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:26 pm


    Miss World 2016 TALENT FINALISTS

    Postby AaronICK » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:26 pm


    Miss Hungary
    Miss Poland
    Miss Latvia
    Miss Mongolia
    Miss Chile
    Miss Croatia
    Miss Malta
    Miss Philippines
    Miss Canada
    Miss Ukraine

    Public voting will be announced///


  3. Infairness sa india ha, tahimik lang pero nanghahakot na ng korona sa mga minor pageants. Ganyan din tayo dati, pa-minor2x lang, pa runner-up2x lang gang sa ma-achieve talaga yung mga alpha crowns. Di tulad sa mga kapitbahay na ang ingay2x nila, daming self-proclaim. Pero nga-nga. India is definitely making a comeback. Pilipinas din, minemaintain lang ang status.

    • It’s easy for India because their look crosses boundaries – they can represent black white and Hispanic and they are Asian .
      Same thing goes with the Latin Americans.
      However , due to improved styling and make up , other Asian women likecPnays Indos and Thais have become more competitive

      I cannot say the same for Oriental men who will never ever catch up with men of other races.

      • Grabe… Oriental men, never catch-up to other races? If AR spent more time bulking-up physically and working on his business and modeling career in 2-3 more years, he could’ve won that pageant IMO.

      • I wonder if you could so brazenly say something as racist as that last statement to anyone in person. My guess would be no. Check yourself.

      • I agree I never dated nor had a relationship with oriental men
        It’s eeewww for me. I dated blacks, caucasians, mulattos and all those
        in between but Orientals never….just not my cup of tea.

      • Yet again, casual racism rears its ugly head. Unfortunately, a lot of gay men fail to recognize it and hide under the disguise of “preference.” Please.

        It is my fervent hope that the next generation lets go of this generation’s superficial prejudices.

      • Will never catch up with men of other races? LOL Why the hell do they have to catch up to them in the first place? You make it seem like Asian individuals are inferior….

      • Yes , oriental men will never ever catch up to other races.
        It hurts but it is a fact of life.
        U may win a Mr . This or that if you are in shape with a pleasant face and good comm skills. But it is a very tough barrier to overcome.
        Racist? Don’t ask me , I’m not allowed to be a racist . I’m Filipino.


      • Fabian one can only realize this fact when you live in a place
        where you can see and interact with people of difference races wherein whether
        we like it or not, racist or not, it is a naked truth.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Despite my being GROSSLY LATE going into this thread (I was unable to watch this Miss World Live Chat), I hope I could still add a few things.

        1. I understand that living where one is ACTUALLY able to physically compare Oriental guys with those of other races can be the basis for your opinion (and that of Jeremi’s – not his “cup of tea”). This is totally reasonable, therefore I respect yours.

        2. Back when Mr. Tinio was posting on Mister World (and Mr. Sam Ajdani), I commented that the attractive Asian guys were to be found in show business in Hollywood-stereotypical roles, like Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, and Jet Li. Or in sports, like Jeremy Lin or Tiger Woods (half-Thai). The point is they are always in the periphery and never in the mainstream there. See # 1.

        3. So for this reason (# 1), male pageant organizers come to and thrive in Asia – International (Singapore-based) and Manhunt (China-based). Neil Perez would NOT have won if he were sent to World (UK-based).
        The market is HERE IN ASIA ITSELF. And it is GROWING FAST. BOTH straight and gay.

        And when the guys in # 2 become global brand ambassadors, the goods and/or services they pitch are aimed towards guys IN Asia. Obviously.

        My point : ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that guys of other extractions (non-Oriental) are physically superior, but Orientals-in-the-Orient like to burn their cash on the West’s “offerings”. And White Guy cannot sustain his hold on this market if he does not give it an occasional dose of “Oriental luvin’ ” as a way of tickling the ego of his “ugly” customers. Yes, I admit I am ugly. I am what I am. But I rarely patronize USA-made products now. I mostly buy local to help Filipinas. I am staunch nationalist.

        Business sense. Money. Nothing happens without money. Everything and anything becomes possible because of it. Including an OCCASIONAL Oriental guy winning an international male pageant. This is more than enough. Anyway, a back-to-back-to-back-to… of Orientals would surely be non-credible and utterly silly, if not controversial. And NO, I am NOT awash in cash.

        We normally only have guys in the Asia-Pacific Rim (Far East) in mind when “Oriental” comes up. The truth is, and I know you guys know it as well, that ASIA also includes the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, the Former “Stan’s” – Tajik, Uzbek, Kazahk, Turkmen, etc. – , the Levant (the Biblical Old Testament countries), and the South Pacific islanders. ALL these groups share a common “Asian” gene in their DNA. And taken together, their consumption is ASTRONOMICAL because their birth rate is … like rabbits.

        And if there is a racial (NOT racist, which is a totally different animal altogether) undercurrent in the United States of America that could potentially account for the poor showing of Oriental guys in America’s collective gene pool (blame the Japanese of World War Dos!), and particularly now that Donald Trump holds sway, I declare to that undercurrent (READ : NOT YOU, because you said you are Filipino and Filipinos are not allowed to be “racist”) :

        USA is no longer the Center of the Universe like it once was. ASIA in its VAST ENTIRETY (and unsated consumerist appetite, therefore MONEY) is NOW that center, that core.

        One more male pageant, please…

        P.S. I will no longer comment on the Miss World Live Chat. Enough has been said and I have nothing new to add. Ms. Gray will win if she paces herself and Julia Morley finds no viable alternative. AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, Filipinos in the USA ATM actually buy the Miss World “merchandise”. Money.

      • If you’re Asian and you feel inferior to other races, keep in mind that your inferiority complex is an illusion created by colonizers and imperialists. Centuries of systemic racism created that illusion and it’s not an easy one to shake off but you can educate yourself (online research!) and realize your worth. Pity if you choose to remain uninformed and wallow in your self-pity/hero worship of white supremacists.

      • @Take it

        I totaly agree… the white supremacy is an illusion that led to our colonial mentality and inferiority complex. BUT like all mentalities, it is a state of mind that can be changed through a simple research on history. If we learn our history, we would learn our worth. Then you would want to recieve what you desserve.

  4. I love how Cat is mixing things up as far as her interviews. She seems very natural and very comfortable. In short, she really personifies the queenly aura of the blue crown. Mexico might be perceived as someone who’s trying to hard to please. I hope that it is really her personality.

  5. C Miss Mexico. Kayo na ang humusga.
    Mukhang tatakbo cya sa senado hihihi

    C Miss India. May pahabol pa talaga sya con todo esplika la nin`a es ? 🙂 Charot lang

    • Mexico said f–k
      She’s prob gonna win Ms Personality
      She is also very pretty . But the way she talks , .. it’s just not the cracked voice… Bong I think u maybe right hihihi
      Idk … C2f says Cat is in the bag . But it’s hard to say . There s A lot of extremely gorgeous girls. If Julia was to rule , Catriona would prob win .But this is America and the judges prob have more power in the deliberation than when it is held somewhere else.

    • Amplastik lang ng slight ni Mexico. Pretending like she knows everyone, and keeps mistaking the reps’ countries. You can see na medyo imbierna yung ibang countries na namali siya ng hula. And yes, she did say the F word.

      • May video si Mexico ng papasok nila sa cook-off event, sinigawan sya ng organizer to hurry up. Nasa FB page niya yun, towards the end of the video.

      • Yung video bomber na nakabrown coat na mukhang latina but with a brit accent tapos mistakes her for having a law degree… yun yung matagal ng bad trip sa kanya… check out her older videos… They even had some “playfull” banter one time.

      • On her FB page, Mexico’s fans are pleading for her to tone it down and lay low a bit. LOLs

      • I think di paaawat c Mexico kasi ang alam nya ay tama sya kaya go go lang sya sa pangngampanya sa video nya hanggang makipagplastikan na lng ang ibang contestant sa kanya.
        C2F, kaya nasabi ko na kayo ng humusga dahil super bongga talaga ang sagutan nila sa nag-aakalang lawyer c Mexico + yung kay Slovakia and Aruba and the F_ck word(unqueenly-palengkera lang charot) + yung pangangampanya nya sa African contestants hihihi.
        Next week, malalaman na natin ang probable Top 5 at siguradong isa c Queen Catriona doon.
        Marami pa kasing frontrunners na dipa masyadong umaariba at 50-50 pa kung hit or miss hihihi.
        Interesting lang tong pinaggagawa ni Mexico and let’s see kung anong ending nito.

      • In fairness carry naman nya. hihihi I kinda like her personality though. Kakatuwa lang…

      • Wag na nating ipa-viral. I’m sure the MWO has people observing the girls. Sa tagal ba naman nilang nandun. Suportahan na lang natin si Cat, lalo na sa FB niya, at sa lahat ng social media ng MW – lalo na sa Instagram at FB, pati na rin sa MW app.

  6. She’s so articulate and I love the origins of her name.

    The cat is in the bag or rather,

  7. Ingay ni inday sakit sa tenga pero sya pa nagsabi na itigil ang panlalait sa ibang lahi. Purihin nalang natin lahat ang ating pambato at wag patulan ang mga naninira sa atin para ipakita sa mundo that we are more than confident with our rep.

    Catriona was an image of class and sophistication in this video. She expressed herself clearly with full of meaning and good will. IMHO, She’s already a winner in our hearts.


    • Mexico, Maganda pero boses KIKI… bwakkk! It’s a hybrid of a MALE and a Female voice, parang may amoy..ay! ewan 🙂

      Catriona got this round…

  8. From the Great Pagean Community, and Indian-based Pageant Blog:
    05: Mexico, Ana Girault – She wears her heart on her sleeves and calls herself extremely loud. Miss Mexico has captured attention of everyone with her bubbly and sometimes over the top personality. What many think might work against her might actually end up being the reason why she places really high. The Miss World Organization loves girls who are honest and friendly.

    04: India,Priyadarshini Chatterjee – She has genuinely surpassed our expectations. The two major concerns were her styling and body. We give major points to Priyadarshini and Miss India Organisation for proving their detractors wrong.

    03: Puerto Rico,Stephanie Del Valle – The best latina in the contest! Stephanie is the woman who will bring back Puerto Rico on the pageantry map. She embodies the essence of what the sash of Puerto Rico meant some years ago.

    02: Hungary, Tímea Gelencsér – The highest gainer in our hotpicks! Timea looks like a love child of former Miss World, Rolene Strauss and Miss Australia 2014, Courtney Thorpe. Her aerobics performance was a delight to watch. If she manages to maintain the momentum, she can walk away with the Miss World 2016 crown easily.

    01: Philippines, Catriona Gray – TGPC admins rarely agree on anything but all of us feel that Catriona is destined to give The Philippines it’s second Miss World crown. Trained by the famous pageant trainer Jonas Gaffud who groomed Miss World 2013, Megan Young and the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach. There is no secret that The Philippines is the current darling of the pageantry and we feel the romance will reach its pinnacle with Catriona who will be a worthy and memorable winner.

  9. From last night live chat… Miss Philipines nailed it, she is very engaging… Miss Mexico she knows what she is doing why she is there in the pageant… Miss India although she is beautiful and Miss Universe material, not MW… China, of course, she need to learn a lot especially English

  10. isn’t the name of Lebanon’s bet not Valerie? just asking,and it’s ms China who’s in that live chat right?

  11. Hello everyone. I am just a random reader here who would like to share his thoughts about how some of us comment on others quite harshly. I think we should try to focus on our candidate’s potential (in this case, Ms. Cat) instead of saying bad things to India, Indonesia, Thailand and other candidates. What goes around comes around, guys. If other races don’t want to stop bickering, we might as well stop it at our end and show them that we FIlipinos don’t give time to argue about petty things. Medyo nakakasawa na rin po kasi. And it promotes this culture of cyber bullying and stereotyping one’s race (like mabaho si India).

    I wish everyone a joyous Christmas. And let’s all hope for Cat’s success in Miss World. 😉

      • Thanks Aj and Philip! 🙂

        Sana more updates will come from Cat or her handlers regarding the former’s journey to the Blue Crown. I am loving every bit of Cat’s FB posts, she doesn’t sound trying hard nor fake. I can feel her sincerity talaga. Re outfits (like that oversized pink jacket/coat), I think they are reserving all the gorgeous outfits for days/events that really matter. Hirap naman kasi i-maintain ang momentum kung from the start pa lang pasabog na. I think she provided a sneak peek of what she will be wearing in the important events nun sinuot niya ung blue gown for the Talent auditions. That was one fab gown di ba. So sana ganito talaga un manyari. And guys, the pink coat isn’t that bad naman.

        Move on na tayo with the results of Miss Globe and Miss Supranational. They already crowned their winners and let’s just accept that sometimes we win some and lose some. Hindi naman pwede tayo na lang palagi, mauumay ang international community hehe 🙂

  12. I really think Catriona gave the most sincere and best answers. Mexico was too showibiz, she lacked depth in her responses and her gestures were too distracting. India’s answers were just too cliche. China was a sweetheart.

  13. I want N Manalo and Kim Ross fight for the Miss World stage nationals. Like in the battle of gentlemens club , they will do it with a duel . This is to end all what has been said and done. Whoever loses folds and bow to the winner forever!

    If there is a petition for this , i want to be in .

  14. India – di masyadong kagandahan during her national pageant. pero now, na nasa MW na sya, she transformed, her styling, hair and make-up are always on point. Alam na alam talaga ng india kung ano ang hanap ni madam julia.
    China – silent killer nga, alam kung paano paamuhin si madam julia.
    Mexico – PERSONALITY!!!!! She knows how to handle her self.
    Philippines – charming!!! Sana ibigay ulit ni madam julia sa atin ang crown.

    Magaling silang lahat sa kudahan. Alam mong matatalino talaga ang MW ladies na humuhugot mula sa puso. Threatened ako kay india, i admit. Pero di nawala ang tiwala ko kay cat.

    P.S. sayang si joanna sa MS. Sana magpahinog siya at sumali ulit. Big4 pageant caliber din si mujer. Sayang lang yung veneers nya, di nya lagi pinapakita. Maganda naman talaga si india, ilong pa lang tumutusok na, costume pa lang, agaw pansin na. Like asha baht, super laki dn ng costume nya during her time.

    • I do not believe India is a strong candidate. She looks very rustic does not talk with grace and is not physically fit. Even her beauty is questionable to me.
      She is not like Miss World India 2014 whom I rank as among the prettiest Miss World contestants ever

  15. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again , Catriona is a complete package. She did not need to be loud to be noticed. There is whole wide world of difference between being natural and ebullient versus just being oblivious and insensitive. The host was managing her and how long sh was rambling.

    All four girls are beautiful and it is just amazing to see different versions of beauty. India and The Philippines sound intelligent and sincere. China equally beautiful is disadvantaged by language barrier but I’m sure she’s one smart lady.

    Very minor comment is that Catriona might be giving off a Tita vibe with her quiet elegance and being so prim and proper if surrounded by girls like Mexico. Lol. I love it that catriona showed her girlish demeanor most especially when reacting to Ms india’s dog.

    Catriona for the win.

    World peace.

  16. Oh my God! I forgot my Nikol may not qualify in MWP because of her age. I will make a petition ASAP that MW will adjust the age limit of the girls so my Nikol’s beauty will be seen by a much larger audience in a bigger platform that is MW. Nikol’s beauty and smarts shouldn’t be a waste. She deserves more than what she has now though I’m soooo happy and proud na with her glorious 3rd runner finish in Miss Globe. 🙂

  17. OMG ba’t may nagreact eh di ko naman siya kausap? Pinupuri ko lang naman ang aking 3rd runner up in Miss Globe Nikol Manalo. Seriously though I am fervently praying my Nikol joins MW next year. She will surely slay them all with her calming beauty, demeanor, class, exuberant personality and smarts! My gosh I can’t contain my excitement already!! Nikol for Miss World 2017!!!


    • LOLs. For sure, next year, no one will dare join MWP 2017, because Nicole Manolo will be the sure winner. She doesn’t even need any additional plastic surg… I mean, I ADDITIONAL TRAININGS, kasi she is the best. She also doesn’t need a beauty with a purpose. Her undisputed 4th place winning beauty IS THE PURPOSE!

      And according to the self-proclaimed “beauty expect” (who has not had any of his bets win a single crown EVER), Joanna should’ve been this year’s Miss International (eh nanalo na nga si Kylie, engot talaga), and our SUPER-DUPER-BEAUTY and SUPER-DUPER-SMARTY Nicole Manolol should’ve been Miss U-Philippines 2016). LOLs. Buhat pa more!

      • Hey, sorry George, but are you being sarcastic and rude? Please ha, I don’t tolerate bashing in my comment thread especially so if you are hitting my lovelies Nikol and Joanna. No one bashes them in my sight. Ayaw ko ng kaaway dito. Good vibes Lang tayo ha, please? 😉

        Kidding aside, I seriously hope the camp of my Nikol considers her joining Miss World Philippines next year. Maybe Nikol is the key for them to snitch the elusive MWP crown. With her beauty and smarts I’m sure she’ll get to represent the Philippines in MW.

  18. I think the 3rd runner up at Miss Globe Nikol Manalo will outshine these girls, way better than our Catriona and even India. She should have joined MW. What a wasted beauty. The prettiest of them all.


    • 😱 I’m really awed by her sheer beauty and impressed with her innate intelligence. I wish that she joins MW next year. Sure blue crown it is!!!


      • Without a doubt! Jeremi’s bets ALWAYS WIN (not… and actually NOT EVER). LOLs

        Sayang naman ang ginastos sa pagpapa-overhaul ng face – 4th place lang pala sa isang 10th tier pageant ang kahihinatnan.

        Nicole Manolo pa ang nasa certificate – LOLs

      • Hey George! Please do not degrade the prettiest candidate in Miss Globe and in BBP. For me, she is the prettiest and the best!

      • J and George,
        Sorry ha wala akong time para sa inyo
        Tho I advise both of you to try and try malay ninyo
        next time di na ako masyadong busy.
        Bye mga baklang pangits…..

      • Once more, and with feeling…


      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! My day is sooooooo complete na. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

      • You know what, I’m soooo in love with her raw beauty in that BBP 2014 video. It relaxes my nerves. Indeed, the prettiest of the binibinis in her batch, at least for me. No contest.

      • 26-27 yo na sya jeremi hihihi… 27-28 na sya nx year kaya di na puede kaya c Nicole Cordoves na lang sa MW2017 di ba c2f and jen hihihi.
        Wasted and beauty and intelligence ni nicole sa MGI at Pak na Pak sa interview sa MW2017 🙂

      • Oh my god bong noooo!!! Dont even dare mention that ugly Cordoves girl here. I will make a petition so my Nikol can still join in MW. She fits the mould of MW if not MU. So please enough with that Cordoves I’m getting annoyed na.

      • Ayaw mo ng kaaway d2 pero tinawag mong ugly si nicole C. Eh may mga fans yan d2.lol. If you want nichole M to join MWP GO and make a petition to Madam Cory and we are ready to see nichole manalo on MWP. Well Good luck!!!

      • Hahahaha George I think some people didn’t get my drift. I was just being sarcastic. I love Nicole Cordoves.

  19. Im impressed with Catriona’s vid.
    She truly is a woman of the arts in how she articulates and in her demeanor.
    So refreshing. She’s a creative thinker which means she sees more than black and white and does not mind being in the cutting edge and pushing the envelope.

    This is where Catriona and Kylie are similar.

    Catriona for thr win, baby!

      • In what way does it make sense? I mean, I find nothing wrong with it, but I’m curious what your made you realize that.

      • Its a four season expression.

        Browns, oranges, grays, dark blues, dark greens for Fall harvest and Winters.
        Light or pastel hues during Spring.
        Bright or white colors during Summer.

        There was nothing with the style of the coat. Pink is usally a color expressed in Spring. The beginning of life. Im just so used to this pattern.
        But creative thinkers, like Catriona, are not bound to trends and traditional patterns.
        This is why she is an excellent Ms. World candidate!

        Go Catriona!

  20. Winner – Philippines ayun kay Maggie Smith
    China – Nginiti-an ni Maggie Smith
    India – Tiningnan lang ni Maggie Smith
    Mexico – Pinandilatan ni Maggie Smith
    Interviewer – Isinawsaw sa Maggi

  21. Without a doubt, Mexico is probably the most stunning candidate this year. Her facial beauty as well as her physique is superior. I also enjoy her cheerful personality BUT I don’t think she fits the MW mould. She’s more of a MU caliber.

    If Julia wants to crown an elegant, soft spoken woman who can be a leader, then Catriona is the IT girl. You can see it in this group interview — Catriona is very calm, effortless and natural. You can see the sincerity in her eyes and voice, and she’s really in it to win it. Kahit na lovable ang personality ni Mexico, Catriona just seems to fit the MW mould more. She has great communication skills, she’s intelligent and talented. I believe she has a lot of things to offer that the organization can benefit from.

    • Dapat si MU Mexico ang rep nila sa MW. And this Mexico world should send in MU. Traditionally in MW i cant see to Miss Mexico eye’s being a miss world and i cant feel her heart also while she speak. Sa eyes kahit nakikita mo lang sila na fe feel mo din ang puso nila. But this mexican girl MU ang na fe feel ko sa kanya.
      Magkaiba man si meagan at catriona lalo na sa asal kapag nag sasalita. Mas kita mo sa mata ni catriona that she is very sincere, feel mo ang puso nya. Humble, down to earth. Yeah, she doesnt need na to be papansin, to be loud. attention getter sya. Hahanap hanapin mo lalo na kapag nakita mo na sya o narinig mo na syang nagsalita. Catriona is totally MW package. I hope God will give her the crown of Miss World this year 2016. We need to pray for her. We need Miss World Crown one more time.

      • Geoff, putting God into the equation is quite ridiculous. Are u gonna blame him if Catriona fails?

      • Why does that bother you so much? Geoff likes to put God in the centre. Does that hurt you? Let him be Fabian.

      • @joy, I let him be . I do not ask him to stop evoking the name of God in these situations. I just think it is silly , that’s all.

      • Fabian. Nope. i will not blame him. Sino ba ang hihingan mo panalangin dba ung nsa itaas….if you want something/someone to win. Etc etc. Prayers and remembering God is a big help. Its the number 1 thing that you can only do..even catriona im sure she is hoping that too from above. And why would i blame him if she fails??? If she is deserving naman and syempre if with many prayers/asking help from above then its possible that she may win. We all know she is deserving but we need help pa rin from God above. And nothing bad naman if you put him here as long as yung panalangin mo is for Good naman.

  22. Kararating ko lang from my 4 hrs walking exercise hihihi
    Una ko talaga napanood yung interview ng apat at parang sinadyang pagsamahin ang apat para mas lalong makilala ang 4 na hitad at kung sino ang may malaking K sa MW Crown.
    Naku ha.. Daming Kuda about Catriona, Mexico and India.
    Di nyo man lang pinansin si China na silent killer yan kahit nahihirapan iexpress ang sarili in english pero may puntos naman sya kapag nagsalita, dika mairita at matutuwa ka pa na parang c Sandara Park lang trying to speak in Tagalog.
    Kung Negosyo ang pag-uusapan na malaking maitulong sa Miss World, in particular order:
    1. China
    2. India
    3. Philippines
    4. Mexico
    Sa apat na nainterview ang honor roll ay:
    First – Philippines. Sa apat ay siya ang pakikinggan ng mga tao, tahimik ang audience, narerelax sila kapag nagsalita si Catriona at pagkatapos magsalita ay standing ovation + Maingay na clap clap clap. Para syang anghel na nagsasalita. Natural na lumabas lang sa bibig nya ang mga dapat nyang sabihin at bullseye lahat ang sagot without trying hard to be nice and lovely. Walang kaaway ang babaitang ito. Kalma lang sya at mahihirapang gawan ng masamang ugali c Cat para lang idown sya.
    Isa syang Prinsesa, at Reyna kapag nagsalita na sya. Ang edge nya ay ang boses at sinasabi nya dahil nakakahipnotize na kulang na lang sabihin mo na OO na Cge na Ikaw na ang Miss World 2016 hihihi.
    Second – Tie sila India at Mexico,C India is trying hard to outdo what Catriona is saying. Parang nasa Q&A na sya na dapat mas magaling ang answer ko kay Philippines and trying to be different para sabihin na mas matalino sya. C Mexico naman ay honest lang sya pero very strong ang personality nya na puedeng mahalin mo sya or maiinis ka sa kanya.
    Ang wala sa dalawa na meron si Catriona ay ang malaanghel na boses ni Catriona. Yung boses ng dalawa ay medyo maingay at kulang na lang maging palengkera hihihi
    Parehong sweet kung magsalita sila Catriona at Megan pero mas strict nga lang tingnan si Megan.
    Very consistent ang pagiging natural ni Catriona unlike yung dalawa sa tingin ko ay trying hard talaga to the extent na parang nagmememorize sila para makapasa sa exam while Catriona ay parang alam na nya yan at di na kailangan imemorize yan hihihi.
    Last is China. Dahil lang ito sa hindi nya masyado maexpress ang sarili nya sa English. Pero huwag kampante baka ma Top 5 pa si China.
    May mga Fast Tracks pa naman at mga events na tinututukan ng mga organizers and Judges para makilala ang mga contestants kung sino ang karapat dapat na maging MW2016.
    Basta ang nagwagi sa Interview ay c Philippines, period.
    Kung sa ganda din lang naman between Catriona and Ana, mas maganda c Catriona without make-up hihihi.
    Depende na rin sa tumitingin dahil para sa akin kahit nakamake-up ang apat ay c Catriona parin ang Pinakamaganda hihihi.
    Ang daldal ko basil, di ba hihihi

  23. I was just wondering why they have not release the tickets details. Anybody here will watch the show in Washington DC?

  24. Ok. Few things after watching this interview.

    After watching that interview, I had more faith in Catriona.

    Facially and Physically, For me, Mexico is one of the strongest out of everyone. She’s very beautiful both facially and physically… She is definitely hard to miss.

    BUT — She’s is not half as articulate and elegant as Catriona, she’s way too energetic for Miss World, which, in my opinion, is her downfall.

    If she trained more on being classy and articulate, this would have been an easy win for her.

    India is a very strong contender too.

    Mexico – facially/physically superior than Philippines
    Philippines – More intellectual, classier, eloquent and communications skills far more superior than Mexico

    If Miss World wants a winner that is more modern and would attract more youn ger crowd, Mexico would be the choice.

    But if Miss World wants to keep the traditional classy and elegant winner, Philippines or India would be a better choice..

    • Oh and I must add

      I LOVE how Catriona is trying to sound more Filipino with she speaks English. It adds character.

      I noticed she would pronounce some words with a more rough Filipino accent than her natural Aussie twang.

      (Irrelevant but addition: I hate Maxine’s “konyo” english. Can someone please stop telling her to stop with the silent “R” when she speaks Tagalog!)

      Love & peace!

  25. job, ladies ! In my own opinion, Catriona held her own among the four. Her demeanor was almost flawless and the way she looks is just mesmerizing. Call me biased or anything but I’d give this FB live segment to Catriona who was just so pleasant and who was not trying so hard and did not annoyingly dominate the interview just to get noticed. Congratulations, Cat ! You indeed showed class and finesse during the entire proceeding ! Keep it up ♡♡♡ 🙂

      • So true! This is MW. Finesse is a requirement if you want to win the crown. India takes a lot of selfies in her MW page while Mexico is all over the place. I love them both but Catriona is just different – she is Di nagpapapansin pero napapansin. A standout without even trying

  26. It was a tight competition between India, Mexico and Philippines! The three of them show their personality so well! They made a great statement, a great affirmation of their frontrunner status! Ana so genuine, so loud (as she said), now her voice doesn’t bother me that much! Catriona so polished,felt like it almost every word was measure, everything on point, and Priyadarshini is also very articulate and really passionate about the purpose of the competition!

    hence guys stop bashing!!! it wont lead to anywhere

  27. It was a tight competition between India, Mexico and Philippines! The three of them show their personality so well! They made a great statement, a great affirmation of their frontrunner status! Ana so genuine, so loud (as she said), now her voice doesn’t bother me that much! Catriona so polished,felt like it almost every word was measure, everything on point, and Priyadarshini is also very articulate and really passionate about the purpose of the competition!

  28. Catriona Gray is slaying everyone in this interview. Sitting next to India, she holds her own speaking sincerely and listening intently to all the other girls. Nilamon nya lahat even the loud Miss Mexico whom I love. The styling is MW perfect – girly innocence with sophistication and innate elegance. I don’t think India nor Mexico her closest rival for the crown. I see Russia and Ukraine as well as Venezuela as potential threats. I need to hear Russia speak. #CatrionaGrayMW2016

  29. Mexico is beautiful but she doesn’t fit the MW mold. She should have gone to MU. Catriona’s beauty and personality is the perfect mold for MW.

    • Bagay si Mexico sa Miss Chain Smoker of the Universe 2016. Lost lost sister of Marge Simpson?

      Patty and Selma Simpson:

    • I concur. Mexico is facially beautlful, but, she lacks the aura that MW is looking for. She’s all over the place. She needs to tone down on her gift of gab which can be so annoying at times 🙂

  30. Catriona will win – they have been accurately predicting about pageants

    according to psychic gurmeet of fearless prediction:

    Catriona Gray knows there are going to be struggles, competitions and it’s not going to be easy at the 2016 Miss World Beauty Pageant. However, she is very confident that she is going to win. She is going to get a good news that is also seen!

    may tiwala ako sa kanya kasi ang dami nya napredict na tama.. check nyo ung website

  31. Cat is glowing in this video. Perfect look for interviews. Lovely and bubbly personality. Cat was the first one to bring up BWAP. Na-realize tuloy ng iba ito, kaya sinubukan nilang bumawi sa dulo.
    Si Mexico ay babaeng bakla at madaldal. Sinubukan niyang i-dominate ang interview. Siya rin pala ang pinakamatandang contestant.
    Di ako impressed sa itsura ni India, pero yun nga, at the end of the day, Fast Tracks naman tong laban dito. She has an engaging personality, pero may tendency siya na ulitin ang mga sinasabi niya.
    China seems to be having a hard time communicating.

  32. I’m absolutely confident that Catriona will win. Her demeanor was catalyst for me to say that she outshone everybody there. Miss India is very redundant Miss Mexico is like a dragged queen her voice ugh.

  33. India is making a comeback as a pageant superpower with their wins in Globe & Supranational. I wouldn’t be surprised if India takes World as well. Their candidate is gorgeous. Catriona looks somewhat off in the video, but I trust Jonas to make adjustments.

    • Are you watching a different video, seriously? Can you elaborate which parts in the video did Catriona look “somewhat off”? Juskoday manay.

      • Catriona looks a bit bloated & is registering “mature” to me (nothing wrong with being “mature,” am just surprised because this is the first time I’ve seen her look like this, and am wondering if she’s on corticosteroids for an allergy or something). Just because that is my impression, it doesn’t mean that I don’t support her or want her to win. I’m rooting for her & I’m visualing the blue crown on her just as much as you are. She represents our flag & country, after all.

        Yes, Globe & Supranational don’t carry the same history & prestige as the Big 3. But a win in a global competition is still a win & Ann Colis & Mutya Datul’s wins in these pageants have raised their interest for Filipino pageant fans. I will note that just the fact that we follow coverage of these pageants means that they are not entirely to be dismissed, even if they are considered 2nd tier pageants.

      • Catriona looks a bit bloated & is registering “mature” to me (nothing wrong with being “mature,” am just surprised because this is the first time I’ve seen her look like this, and am wondering if she’s on corticosteroids for an allergy or something). Just because that is my impression, it doesn’t mean that I don’t support her or want her to win. I’m rooting for her & I’m visualing the blue crown on her just as much as you are. She represents our flag & country, after all.

        Yes, Globe & Supranational don’t carry the same history & prestige as the Big 3. But a win in a global competition is still a win & Ann Colis & Mutya Datul’s wins in these pageants have raised their interest for Filipino pageant fans. I will note that just the fact that we follow coverage of these pageants means that they are not entirely to be dismissed, even if they are considered 2nd tier pageants.

      • Oops apologies for posting same message/reply twice, accidental pindot lang sa keyboard.

  34. Lost in translation si Miss China.
    Cat looks best in motion, and she definitely outshone India and China. Mexico is too far to the right for me to do a decent comparison so far.

    • India is the prototype of Miss World
      She definitely has the “it” of the past winners like Priyanka, Rolene, and Megan.
      The type of personality that doesn’t demand attention but an attention “getter”
      Small but beautiful face and those Priyanka lips are to die for

      • Exactyyy! She reminds me of Megan! The way she talks, the way she behaves, the way she makes sure everything is engaging, everything.. She seems fun to be with

        Though I really feel like Catriona will win and want Catriona to win but India will definitely give a tough fight to her!!

  35. Philippines will win!!!

    According to this Psychic Gurmeet, whose predictions have been correct up until now, its Catriona who is going to win..

    Read both of his predictions..

    If you think by P or C he referring to India that is wrong since his other prediction screams out loud that its Catriona! So guys relax Miss World 2016 is Catriona’s! 😀

    If you dont believe him, look at his past predictions by clicking his name and you will see all the predictions he accurately predicted 😀



  36. why does she look “older” in this video?
    the past photos of her has her youthful, dewy, fresh (which suits her perfectly)
    i do not understand the direction this is going

    • I did a quick scan of the other profile videos, and to be honest, almost everyone looked “off”. I don’t know if it’s the camera used, or the lighting, but this is not exclusive to her.

  37. Is Catriona handicked by the MWO to do such a live chat?

    Anyway, I am still holding on to my belief that Cat will win the pageant. Good luck, Cat!

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