30 comments on “Diego Garcy of Mexico takes Mister Supranational 2016

  1. I was rooting for Belarus to win this sa simula pa lang alam na natin na malabo talaga chances ni AR and so happy for him to get in sa top20 (expected he will be there) his hardwork paid off.

  2. Inaugural Mister Tourism World Q&A with the media. Finals will be on December 10, 2016 at Vigan Convention Center, Heritage City of Vigan, Province of Ilocos Sur, The Philippines.

  3. Jawskuh, ang laking disappointment ko sa mister supra na to. Wala sila nung mala-burlesque dance ng miss supra editions. Sayang. Inaabangan ko pa naman kung sino sa kanila ang mag-ala magic mike xxl performance. Charot!!!

  4. Congratulations to Mr. Mexico and the Runners-up! Good job Mr. Philippines and Kudos to Misters of Filipinas. Matitindi ang mga nanalo sa Misters of Filipinas 2016 dahil masuwerte sila sa mga patimpalak at puro finalist silang lahat.

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Hindi pa po sila lahat. Si AR lang po. Karan (Man of the Year.1) and Don (Manhunt International.1) are from 2015 (actually AR, too. But he ran again this year).

      The remainder – Miguel (International), Chriz (Man of the World), Vincent (Mister Asian), Issa (Man of the Year.2), and CJ (Manhunt International.2) – will all see action next year.

    • Talagang masusuwerte ang Misters. Itanong mo pa kay JP Anonuevo na laging “personal touch” ang alaga 😉

  5. @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

    Do you suppose there are Indian investors in the Supranational organization?

    • Philippines has its fair share of respect by MUO, MWO, and MIO. It was hard earned and well worth it. India can have Supranational. In fairness, at least their delegates look competitive enough and the production is superb (albeit a bit long).

      Philippines can’t get complacent now. We’re the target (how sweet it is!)

  6. Lots of really good looking guys. I’m glad Philippines made top 20. At least , he’s got a nice enough body
    Mexico and Belarus definitely among the top 3 in terms of good looks

    • Mexico is attractive and all, it looks like he would be fun to dress up and blow dry his pretty hair, but my goodness — BELARUS IS THE MAN I WANT TO COME HOME TO AND COOK FOR. What a stud and that smile could warm up an entire former Soviet-block village.

  7. Catalin Brinza has battled it out with our very own Andrea Biondo earlier at MUA 2016.

    I wonder if this will be the last we will see of him.

    And will any of these Runners-Up try for Mister World 2018?


    • Nakaka sawa na yung mga mukha ng mga Bombay na lalaki. Walang diversity di tulad sa Pinas. It’s okay that Mexico won but I was rooting for Belarus. I think ang Pinas ay hangang top 20 or top 25 sa Miss or Mr Supranational. Philippines is just being used to make their pageant famous.

    • Wawa naman c Miss Supranational 2016(India), pinagmukhang tanga sa gitna ng stage at di pinansin ni Mr. Supranational 2016 Winner Mexico at inuna muna yakapin ang co-participants at di pa sana babalik kay Miss India kung hindi niremind ng Host na isuot ang Sash hihihi.
      Protesta kaya nya kasi wala sa Top 10 c Miss Supranational-Mexico .. CHAROT hihihi

      • I seriously beg to differ that the winner rudely snubbed Miss Supranational 2016 as you put it. In fairness he hugged her first before that impulsive gesture in the heat of the moment to share the jubilation with his fellow candidates which is understandable and quite acceptable. That is clearly seen in the video.

    • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thanks for sharing.

      And this HOPEFULLY brings to a close Rafal Jonckizs’s “contesero” phase. LOL.

      • Rafal is a professional Dancer and Model Andrew kaya puede ito sa mga Paminta.
        I don’t know how many paminta joined the contest pero may isa akong napansin pero di ako interesado ireview kung sino yun hihihi
        Parang Miss Supra nga lang ito na kailangan mong enjoy and fun lang na may kalandian hihihi

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