16 comments on “Spotlight | Mister Tourism World Ghana 2016 Archibald Acquaye

      • I love you Mr. Ghana.
        All i want for Christmas is a hot chocolate BBC 😉
        Once you go BBC, there’s no turning back.

      • JawsKuh, ang daming malalandi sa blog ni Mommy Norman hihihi
        Napopolute ang clean, clear, virgin and holy mind ko without frailty of a “woman” 🙂 hihihi

  1. Guapo nya 🙂
    Pamangkin cguro to ni Fabian hihihi
    Pakibook mo na to Fabian sa mga Friends natin para maiba naman ang flavor, kaumay na yang mga puti na malalambot naman hihihi.
    Puede cyang model and TV/Movie actor 🙂

    • @bong , my wife looks like Megan fox and my brother in law is a Chris Pratt Wannabee. my mother calls him a soldier ‘masyado raw Matigas ang dating . So it’s not likely his twin sons will ever look like him.
      But my cousin is married to a Jamaican so let’s see her sons will be as hot as Mr Ghana. Ibabalato ko sa yo pag lumaki hihihi

    • @ Will & @ bong700 : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Thanks for sharing.

      I think the purpose for this is to assess their VOICES, for possible referral to careers in music, radio, or television. Or even film.

      I am really very sorry to say this, but Mr. de la Serna is what gay lingo refers to as “boses kiki”.

      The best one I’ve heard so far is Denmark – deep and sexy.

      India videobombed China. Pwede namang umiwas siya sa camera! What a famewhore. Hope he loses.

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