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  2. I saw Miss World 1981 Pilin Leon in Maxine. shoulder lenght bob with bangs, smokey dusky eyes, pale lips morena golden skin.. pak pak! Plus emarald green gown

  3. A “Classic Monroe hair ” or a chin length bob would compliment Maxine s face shape. I m waiting (and hoping ) for this style long time back , they never did . I maybe wrong but maybe not.

    That s just me

  4. Well, those who remember MU 1988 will recall an “Asian-domination” final 5 with Thailand’s Porntip Nakhironkanuk wining.. almost twenty yearz later in 2007 marked another Asian MU in Japan’s Riyo Mori and of course our Pia in 2015.

    However, Maxine’s striking features follows in the footsteps of Porntip and Riyo where both celebrated “a type of beauty” in the east-Asian tradition. Pia is a mixture of both east and west.

    I think the world is ready for an MU with a beauty that purely celebrates east-Asia. Maxine just may be that beauty.

    My opinion only…


    • Well..dahil pinas ang venue. So asahan na may clones πŸ˜€. They will base their final look on being a Filipina. Pero its not necessarry eh. Hinde naman mga pinoy ang judges. Hinde kesyo pinas ang venue you need to be someone base on filipino taste. MU criteria pa rin ang labanan. Hinde pagiging filipina. But it ups to them on how they will shine come finals.

  5. Stop the hair bun gosh i hate that hairstyle. Side swept hairstyle with soft curls will do. Or even a slicked back sultry look can do na. Meron sa ig ni albert kurniawan na perfect na yung styling niya except the pink lipstick. Yung small diamond teardrop earring niya dun maganda din. I don’t want maxine to look pageant betty

    • I agree about the hair bun. It’s a little too Pacific Rim dictator’s wife for me.

      The makeup here, however, is perfection.

    • Mga bes, kalma lang. She is experimenting with different styles. She needs to learn how to style herself for various activities come MU time. She needs to show versatility whether you like it or not.

    • She looks like MW 2015.
      I don’t think she’s a threat . She’s too ‘magaslaw’

      • Fabian she’s definitely more outgoing or fun compared to the last 3 winners who were more demure and queenly but her beauty and body are undeniably her biggest assets.



    Chile – Violin
    Cook Islands – Dance + Drum
    Croatia – Singer
    Czech Republic – Dancer
    Fiji – Bollywood Dance
    Hungary – Acrobatic Gymnastic Dance
    Latvia – Contemporary Dance
    Malta – Contemporary Dance
    Mongolia – Magic & Quick Change Artist
    Philippines – Singer
    Poland – Singer
    Puerto Rico – Singer
    Russia – Contemporary Ballet
    Scotland – Cheerleader/Gymnast
    Serbia – Singer
    Slovenia – Tango
    South Africa – Singer
    Ukraine – Piano & Dance
    Canada – Piano
    India – Traditional Dance
    Ecuador – Singer

    • @ 4M : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Thanks for sharing.

      “Hybrid” acts – Scotland’s Cheerleader/Gymnastics, Ukraine’s Piano/Dance, etc. – sound like FUN.:-)

    • What happened to TT Trinidad and Tobago. Ang lakas ng loob na sabihin cyay singer tapos Waley πŸ˜‚
      Very exciting yung kay Ukraine and Mongolia.
      I heard Canada is playing piano for more than a decade now.
      Exciting yung violin kung pro c Chile.
      Love ko yung kay Hungary. Inaabangan ko yan sa Olympics ☺
      Will Queen Cat sing Natural Woman in the nx round. Abangan ☺

    • Hopefully kasabay ng pag announce ng top 20 to top 10. I upload na din nila ang mga performance nila.

    • I think they will choose Mongolia, Hungary, Cook Islands, Scotland and a singer (hopefully the Philippines!) (diba Top 5)

  7. Kay raming hairstyle na sinubukan, kamukat -mukat sa finale e ponytail sa swimsuit at bun sa evening gown.
    Maxine, Maxine!
    My lovely Maxine, please lang, i-peg mo si Kurara.

  8. Maxine is the right rep for MU. She looks different from our recent MUP reps. She is not a clone of Pia (good or bad depending on your perspective). She will do very well in pasarela and glam shots. I trust A&Q has already her weakness and that she has made strides to improve her communication skills. Since she is competing in the Philippines, all she needs is to turn up the charm to win both the audience and judges on the final night and hopefully not to get rattled in the Q&A. Best of luck Maxine! #4M4MU2016

  9. I’m just waiting to be surprised, by Max. There’s no point making all sorts of speculations on how she’ll do because even Max wouldn’t know herself until she gets there.

    I think that Ms Venezuela will do a Jictzad Vina and end up out of the Top 16 altogether; the face just doesn’t cut it.
    Mexico’s sultry stare is one-dimensional; is there anything else?
    I like Colombia; she is leagues better than Ariadna, but I am still holding a grudge so the Colombians can go f_ck themselves and wait for a crown or a 1st runner placement- in 2018 if ever.
    And Indonesia is so DULL, DULL, DULL…she is so ‘manang’ looking it’s not funny

    • You are right.. we won’t know until she’s there on MU stage.. if she ever gets that far

      Pia surprised me on stage as well. I never expected her to look like that – bright and shiny. Same thing with Venus Shamcey Janine and Ara . MJ was the same before and during MU

      • Wala ring dapat India. With prob the exception of Sushmita, Indian BQ s have no sympathy for Pnoy BQs. I think they see them as competition .. in a bad way

    • I think she and Kylie got designated to the right pageants. Maxine struggled in her Q&A pero it’s not like MU ever really relied on that aspect alone – Pia was an exception, but not the standard on that one. Tanda niyo pa ba yung very casual at ordinary na sagot ni Olivia nung 2012? Hahahaha. More than anything mas kailangan ng team ni Maxine i-develop yung tamang balanse ng conviction at charm kapag nagsasalita. At mukhang natitimpla na naman nila ng tama.

      Medyo duda nga ako kay Mexico. I remember Gwendolyn’s pictures when she won the title in 2015 – super fierce, hindi conventional at swak na swak sa modeling aspect ng IMG. Come actual competition? Kulang pala ‘to sa star margarine at kape dahil sobrang walang energy, nakakaloka. Unpopular opinion but I like Mariam better than Mariana, parang mas forgettable sa akin itong ka-batch ni Pia eh. And yeah, Colombia is leagues better than Ariadna, pero she looks…dry. And they could truly forget getting anything this year with all the stunts they’ve pulled all year long with Pia.

      Indonesia’s hype, as per usual, is the most problematic. Last year pa ‘tong galawan nila with Anin – how dare they say these girls are of even Janine’s caliber eh magkasunod na kamukha ni Pamu of PBB yung pinapadala nila. Their 2012-2014 reps were better, at least face-wise.

  10. Bbp made the right choice. Maxine has the most beautiful face of any recent Ms Philippines. Facially she is superior to Pia. Of course Pia’s personality was so winning. I think Maxine just has to be herself. She will do very well. No need for her to try too hard and please everyone. Just enjoy girl!

      • Agree.i don’t think she is the prettiest.
        But she is very classy. I like her beautiful skin Parang Hindi hampaslupa Gaya ni …. hihihi

      • Cno fabian, name it πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
        C kokey ba? C Jeremi or basil hi hi hi.
        Sumakit tyan ko katatawa fabbie hi hi hi

    • Sweet Jen, Catriona is Audrey Hepburn .
      Maxine from above reminds of Aretha Franklin .. or was it Natalie Cole back in the day?

  11. Bring it on Maxine!
    This new look is fierce and beautiful. She is ready for battle, big time baby!

    Step it up Maxine and go on and make the hometown crowd proud!

  12. Perfection! I like the subtle make up. ‘Wag nang ulitin ang dark lipstick, ‘yung parang nagyoyosi si Max, please lang ‘di bagay sa kanya ‘yun.. Bagay din sa kanya ang high bun. Lavet.

  13. Di ba may Miss Universe 2016 contestant na humihingi ng donasyon.
    Pati rin pala c Miss World-Canada na galing sa mayamang bansa ay humihingi rin ng donasyon and to think na kapitbahay lang nya ang USA. Last year nga ay may panggastos sya to compete in China pero di cya pinapasok sa China for political reason, now na ang lapit ng Washington DC ay looking for sponsors cya. Kawawa naman ang mga candidates na wala masyadong financial support from Their ND.

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    • Review muna tayo para kay Queen Joanna :
      Ang gaganda ng smile nila at ang mga kiringking at malalanding galaw ala De5 hihihi
      Sabi nga nila, talo ng malalandi ang magaganda.
      Look at malaysia and India, daming naligwak na magaganda.

  14. Bet na bet ko tong nude make up for Max. It brings out the best in her skin color. Also clean hair style suits her face more.

  15. And based on recently-released photos, Ms. Kezia Warouw (sorry if i misspelled) now looks MORE like 4M. LOL.

  16. This styling is fit for the evening gown “final look” segment. Kaya dapat mapasama sya sa top 5.

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