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  1. Mga vhaks….basta magpapaputol ako ng daliri kapag hindi nakapasok si joana sa top 25!!!!!

    • @ Will : Good afternoon/morning/evening. Thank you for sharing.

      This was probably taken either before or after the Pageant Organization made a video honoring those Brazilian footballers who perished in a plane crash in Colombia.

      I sincerely apologize if I got the details wrong here.

  2. May Q&A na raw ang Supra🙂
    Cinabi lang ni Mama Mia ng Miss Globe na Ang mga european ay hindi masyado sa Q&A in choosing a Winner tapos now nagkaQ&A na ang Supra…kalowkah.
    Humanda kayo sa Katalinohan ni Queen Eden na kasing talino ni Queen Gray of the Philippines🙂
    Kung namangha sila sa Katawan ni Joanna ay mamamangha din sila sa bonggang sagot ni Reyna Joanna hihihi🙂

  3. My Top 5
    South Africa

    Top 10
    Slovak Republic

  4. While scrolling down on my IG. Saw this rhetealla post. A gown. Kanino kaya??? Hmmm. When i saw this, name ni joanna eden ang nakita ko sa baba as she liked the post and bigla ako nagkaroon ng feeling about that gown and joanna. Ive read din kase that maxine will wear rheteala creation come MU. So baka damitan nya din si joanna.

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    • Joanna has been wearing Mark Bumgarner. This is probably for Maxine. Andrada is also making a costume that is princess theme. Probably for Maxine too given that he made Pia’s last year.

      • Pero baka mag palit sa finals and that one maybe. Yung hitsura kase ng gown parang tama sa katawan ni joanna.

      • Pero baka mag palit sa finals and that one maybe. Yung hitsura kase ng gown parang tama sa katawan ni joanna. Kung kay max naman. Ang aga naman para ilabas. Too early. Style kase nila a week or a day b4 ang finals sila naglalabas. So since 3 days nalang supranational na..

      • I would be very surprised if she changes from Bumgarner for the finals. Bet ko this is Maxine’s gown or Nat Costume.

  5. 2:30 am ba dec 3 sya satin right??? Haysss. Puyat na naman. May mapala kaya tayong lahat??? Well. Pray ang kailangan. GOOD LUCK.

  6. I wish u happy Merry Christmas & also best of u in ur contest day goodluck & my best of luck to u all.Stay bless !!

  7. Well, come to think of it, Ms. Figan bears a resemblance (in the SS photo) to our Ms. Gray. 10 cents.

  8. I remember one of us saying that the Garden of Eden “does not stand out,… just blends in…”.

    Still another said she is “still (too) young like Janicel,… (not yet having the emotional / psychological chops needed to effectively ward off the competition)”.

    And further, from yet others, “…coasting along,.. i-delay sa Finals ang pasabog,… know when to peak ayon kay Shamcey (?),… (she is not establishing an early lead / head start),…”.

    I will just say something based on the PHYSICAL : pretty as she undeniably is, her look is NOT outstanding. She looks like a standard-issue Eurasian mestiza “hafu”. In fact, she bears a resemblance to Belgium, who herself looks like a combination of Ms. Marian Rivera (Spanish – Filipina “hafu”) and Ms. Imelda Schweighart (German – Filipina “hafu”). She is Aussie-Filipina, right?

    This is the problem with “hafus”. Once all these interracial unions achieve critical mass and frequency, the time will come when EVERYBODY WILL JUST LOOK THE SAME. (Sigh).

    (Mabuti na lang bilog ang mukha ni Ms. Gray. At least she still looks more Asian because of this.)

    This is the reason why I personally prefer a pure bloodline, as is typical of the modelling industry. I believe that if you will be adjudged “most beautiful in the world”, then let it be precisely because of your unique and distinctive genetic identity and provenance and not because you represent some sort of mongrel-ized compromise of sorts, or what we like to declare as an “ideal global look”.

    And this is probably why Ms. Intan Aletrino of Indonesia clearly heads the Asian pack. Though a “hafu” (half-Dutch) herself, she is undeniably Malay (like Mr. Andrea Biondo who is undoubtedly South Italian / Mediterranean despite having an Ilocana mother). In addition, she is among the tallest of the Asians, always stands straight, and lounges luxuriously whenever seated. This makes up for her oily skin and unruly-curly tresses. She looked classy in her kebaya. And I have not said anything yet of her smarts as she gamely expresses her opinions on the burning issues of the day in an interview with Missosology. DISCLAIMER : I am NOT pro-Missosology. Sash Factor is my favorite.

    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with Mr. Tinio on Ms. Damla Figan of Turkey! Undoubtedly European, Missosology said her legs are long enough for the Victoria’s Secret runway. A look that is classic and softly-feminine simultaneously. Gibraltar is, imho, another Eurpoean stunner (actually looks like Stepahania de Zorzi, Runner-Up at the recently-concluded Miss Earth 2016 in Manila).

    And I would not mind a B2B for Paraguay. Their bet is like a frosty-sweet version of Heidi Klum.

  9. Mahirap na umasa pero sana naman may live streaming. Kahit sino na ang mananalo gurang man o bata, basta malinis at walang bahid ng pag-aalinlangan.

    • Agree! And hopefully this is not another cooking show. Dmi n ntin nasasayang na binibinis worthy of a caliber, esprit de Corp, decent world class beauty pageant..

  10. Kung ienjoy lng ni Joanna ang performance nya sa Finals then, Eden is the Winner.
    Duck-walk + smile lng nman yan = Crown.
    Top 3: Phils+Hungary+Venezuela
    Go Joanna ☺

    • Yeah… pero kung… kung makapasok sya sa semis. Kase Kulang talaga sya sa confidence nung prelim. Dry talaga. Pero iv read na top 25 yata this time. D ko lang sure. So if ever top 25 may chance pa siguro na makapasok. At pag nakapasok don na sya magpasabog. Still fingercrossed and hoping na manalo pa rin sya or top5 man lang. Pero sure na pakiramdam ko is pag natalo si joanna eden. Mag wawala ang mga beshy luto daw o minor pageant lang etc etc 😅. And also pasok si indo dyan for sure and yan ang nakakatakot haha. Ang yayabang pa naman ng karamihan sa kanila.

  11. I hope Eden will make it to the top 25.. but I guess supra is already eyeing the Philippines who ever its contestant. The sash weight of the Philippines right now is very heavy in beauty pageant..and exclusion of the Phil in the early round would not help them if they want to widen their fan base

  12. I need to be honest as what “someone from the other side” is always saying .

    Im not liking the pic of Eden in the grid . Its like a mug shot taken at a police station reported as addict resembling Karen Bordador . Even the other girls has this gulat look !

    That s just me 🙂

    • Agree ako jan, kahit puro todo ang boto ko kay joanna pero di ko maipagkaila na di maganda ang register nya sa mga pictures, mukha syang pagod, may dark peri-orbitals siya, not sure kung sa make up lang ito.. ibang iba siya kaysa don sa bb. pilipinas final at sa send off niya. at talaga namang lumalabas lagi dalawang ngipin niya at di maitikom. for sure gagawing campwars na naman ni cocoy at jeremi na mga baklang baliw.. pero para di sila magduda idadagdag ko si Catriona, kulang sya sa styling, strategy lang ba ito? not sure kung effective ito sa MW ang alam ko sa MU oo

  13. Pasok din dyan ang:

    Bolivia kasi cute siya
    Poland siyempre pa
    Paraguay wala lang maganda naman eh
    Sri Lanka bayad puri ni Hector J.

    Oh Pawee help mo naman ang Germany, Philippines at Malaysia ok

  14. I’m super fine with your picks Norman! Suriname so far has exceeded my expectations. The Venezuelan is super fun! Turkey has such a pretty face and the Hungarian is super hungry for it. Joanna has the body and the wardrobe and she has a good following. She may not win but a top 5 finish would be really nice. Unless we all get upset by the Indonesian and the Indonesians who are verbally aggressive and just plain aggressive on social media. There’s no humble pie eating with this lot.

    • I agree with you lai with the indonesians. I remember nung rising powerhouse country pa lang tayo since Venus defied our dark ages, inaaway na tayo ng mga kapitbahay natin like Indo and Thai, naalala ko nga na inaaway din tayo ng india. Nung dark ages ba natin, may inaaway ba ang Philippines to bring another country down?

      • Hay Grabe sila. Mga admins sa IG now nagbiniruan na tatakpan or hindi mag popost ng photos ni Max kase gagayahin na naman. You’d think na medyo pre preno na sila after manalo ng MGI and mag announce na dito MU pero mas lumala. Para silang may suicide mission pay nag infiltrate ng accounts.

    • Haha mga losers kasi yan mga bes. Joanna is getting special shoots so I have a feeling that they’re either using her or they really like her. She is a shoo in to the semi finals but she really needs to step it up if she happens to make it. Indonesia isn’t very beautiful but she’s got the drive. I hope Joanna puts a new photo from her previous shoots with Saldana. They been quiet so far sa social media.

  15. Fingers crossed sana maka pasok si joanina sa semi at least… so happy kung lahat ng 2016 batch pasok sa semis, joanina and maxine na lang sana pasok din sila bonus kung maka kuha sila ng crowns or runner up.

  16. Top 15
    Albania Belgium Canada Costa Rica England
    Hungary India Mexico Philippines Romania
    Slovak rep Suriname Thailand Ukraine Venezuela
    Top 10
    Mexico Hungary Thailand Suriname India
    Philippines Venezuela Costa Rica Slovak Rep
    4th Suriname
    3rd India
    2nd Venezuela
    1st Philippines
    Supra Hungary

  17. I’m thinking they will go European or Black this year but you just never know! I hope that Joanna really steps it up if she manages to make it to the semifinals.

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