102 comments on “Miss World 2016 Talent Audition | Philippines stuns the Judges!

  1. Daming magaling!!! Daming satsat!
    Mas magaling pa kayo sa mga handlers ni Catriona. Mas alam pa ninyo kung ano ang bagay at hindi. Make-up, damit, etc. at pati pagkanta… jusko kayo na kaya ang humawak kay Catriona ng magawa nyo gusto nyo! Kalokah!

  2. Sorry cocoy palaboy, stunning pa rin si Cat kahit oversize ang drama nya sa ootd. Her beauty and charm transcends her ootd. Ibang level na sya cocoy. Level na hindi mo kayang maunawaan dahil sobrang taas. Ngumanga ka na lang jan sa impyernong kinasasadlakan mo na puno ng kapaitan, kabalahuraan at pagkamuhi. Lol


      • Ang galing naman ni mars kokey sa fashion! Ikaw na ang pro😂💩👅 Hayaan mo pag Miss World na sya baka kunin ka nyang fasyon expert nya…😗

      • Well cocoy palaboy kahit gamitin mo pa lahat ng capital letters sa buong mundo, it doesn’t change the fact that Cat is beautiful with a purpose regardless of what she wears. And, I hate to do this, but what are you?

  3. Basta ang masasabi ko lang, ang ganda talaga ni Catriona, crush ko sya.:) Based doon sa interview nya before the presentation of her Talent, I can say na, She is very confident about her self and her talent. I can see a Pia Wurtsbach high level of confidence and certainty in everything she was saying. There is just a very sweet, positive, strong, and queenly aura on her that even I who is just viewing online can see. Much more pa yan sa mga Judges na makakakita kay Cat in person talaga. Near perfection talaga ang impact ni Cat. So far, I haven’t seen anyone closer to her level. I ❤ Cat.

  4. Relax guys. Let’s be happy for Catriona that she is proudly representing the Philippines…and let’s be proud of her too. Mahigpit ang laban cuz there are a lot of beautiful contestant…and Cat is among them. So instead of pulling down ang kapwa Pinoy, let’s unite…download Miss World app and vote for Catriona.

  5. Ayan na naman tayo. OOTD na naman ba pag uusapan? How she looks like in the pics? Etc etc….
    I think this MW is not like MI that your OOTD should depend on the japanese culture and their taste. Maybe sa uri ng panahon yes and i think cat knew what she need to wear. She can wear what they want as long as she has her make up good, beautifull smile, feminity, confidence and specially dala dala nya ang puso at isip nya kahit saan man sila magpunta. Yan ang importante and most of all yung mga challenges/fastract. Ksali ba sa fastract ang OOTD for the day/make up/look for the day? I dont think so. Kung si pia nga b4 may cumbia pa rin sya sa bags nya at minsan hinde natin na gustuhan ang sinusuot nya, hairstyle, make up and so on.. pero she won. Alam nyo naman ang MU mas kailangan doon ang bongga na wardrobes. Pero pia had her cumbia wardrobes and other not so good OOTD pero hinde nakaapekto yon.
    Im sure with the guidance of aces kila meagan, pia and kylie sa kung anong tamang time ka magpapasikat. Anung tamang time mo ilalabas ang secret weapon. Im sure they also gave advice to catriona too. Wag natin icompare sila sa isat isa. Iba iba sila eh. May kanya kanya yan eh.
    Kung si meagan ang pagbabasehan mo at icocompare mo kay catriona. Si miss spain nga last year talo pa sya ni meagan eh. Ang layo din nya sa kung paano nag shine si meagan everyday during MW2013. Pero nanalo pa rin si spain last year.
    So dont compare. They have their own. kung gusto natin manalo si catriona gray as MS WORLD 2016 Support nalang tayo and pray everyday and everynight until the finals night.

    Super positive lang ako. Ive read in her FB post. She said ” i can promise that the show will be amazing!!! 😍🎶” ayan may smiley at note pa. Looks like we will see catriona gray singing Moon River or other song come MW finals Night. We will see!

    Good Luck to our Queen C


  6. Ms. Thailand Universe 2015 used that same style looking very classy not like some aging nurse or doctor.
    Remember Megan impressed as soon as she landed in IndonesiA?

  7. Keep calm and just enjoy Catriona’s journey people! Beauty queens are not judged by pictures you see in social media or the number of likes and hearts. She has prepared for this for a long time. Her handlers have produced a Miss World winner and they know the best strategy for her to last through three weeks of backbreaking competition. As Shamcey has said, know when to peak. For now, all auditions for each segment of the competition have started and there will be second or third rounds. Catriona has been briefed by A&Q, Megan Young, Valerie W, and Hillarie P and she is aware of the pitfalls and highs of MW. She is not going into this battlefield without ammunitions. MW does not award its crown to the prettiest but to the most deserving woman who embodies its brand – sophisticated, decent, gracious, kind, and elegant. Tiwala lang! #CatrionaMW2106

  8. Calm down guys! Cat is no Lea Salonga or Charice Pempengco but she is Filipina and singing is in her blood. Mexico did not even join the talent competition so no worries. There are more legs of the competition where Cat would definitely kick ass- Top model, People’s choice and Social Media. So guys, instead of worrying, why don’t we all go to Cat’s FB, IG and Twitter to interact with her and give her some positive vibes. Let’s also not forget to VOTE for her as the People’s choice!


    PS. I wish Cat would wear something modern yet tribal-inspired… Like what Kylie and Nicole wore during their respective competition from Cherry Veric’s collection.

      • I said “would wear” meaning “to wear something in the near future”. 🙂

    • Dahil ba sa Video na hindi nakalinya si Mexico kasama c Catriona(both blue team) while waiting their turn to perform kaya di kasali c Mexico sa Audition. Did Catriona confirm this?
      Ito yung feedback sa Talent Audition ni Miss Mexico;
      Mexico, Bringing her culture to Miss World, Mexico performs an Aztec Ritual.

      #MissWorld Nicaragua & Mexico in their national costumes.

      A post shared by Miss World (@missworld) on

      • Talent pala ang ritual human-sacrifice?… Sabagay, you also need delicate hands in circumcizing infants… Kidding! 😀

  9. Can someone post a more positive picture? Competition starts as soon as they land on Washington DC. Based on what’s been shown , things are very worrisome.
    Even Joe Dimango cannot post Cat’s actual vocal performance . It’s obvious she is not a professional singer judging by her facial expressions, head and body movements. But can at least someone say she did not embarrass herself?
    Maybe We need to listen to Cocoy. Even Bong700’s comments are not very positive.
    @ bong 700, aminin ! Hihihihi

    • Fabian no recordings are allowed during the audition so Joe’s video isn’t real. That was an older video of her singing something different.

      • @4m, what do u think abt the pics so far? Aren’t u a bit worried or disappointed?

      • Fabian, you are always worried even during Megan’s time. I suggest that you keep on voting for Cat as the People’s choice. Cat can dominate all aspects of the competition.

      • Fabian other than that overly huge pink jacket I’m not too worried about Cat. It’s only Day 2 and I’m pretty sure she knows the game and when to shine. One questionable wardrobe choice ain’t going to ruin her chances. BWAP, Multi Media and Top Model would be her strongest points. 🙂

    • Yung arrival Departure/Arrival outfit nya ay OK naman Fabian.
      Sa day 1 lang naman medyo sablay pero kung tanggalin nya yung pink coat ay pak na pak naman.
      Day2, talent audition ay pak na pak. Speechless ako and accg. to the feedback of her Singing talent ay Stunning daw. So, expect na natin na mapunta sa round 2 c Catriona kung meron man.
      Di ba WOW ang outfit ni Queen Catriona sa Talent Competition.

      #MissWorld Philippines moments away from her audition.

      A post shared by Miss World (@missworld) on

    • Fabian, you need to relax.. It’s WAY TOO early to worry. Let Catriona do her thing. Julia isn’t looking for a fashion model. So I doubt one bad outfit can ruin her chances of winning the game. I also remember Megan sang when she competed for MW. I don’t know if it was for her talent audition or it was just for fun. she’s not a singer but she still sang. Catriona has more experience than her in terms of singing so I’m sure she didn’t embarrass herself. That’s a little outrageous to say to be honest. MW is unpredictable and anyone can win. If it’s cat’s destiny, it’s her destiny. For now show her your support. She’s carrying the flag of the Philippines after all.

    • Baliw ka rin. Malamang pareho lang kayo ni cocoy na walang magandang intensyon sa buhay. Sana nga may mga totoong taong nagmamahal sa inyo maliban sa alter ego nyo.hihi

  10. Pink na pala ang uniform ng Doctor ngayon at nakalimutan pa ang stethoscope, mamnghihiram na naman ng steth sa akin si doctora, hmmmp 😦
    Pakitapon na yang uniform na yan pls 😦
    Ang ganda ng bruhang mexicana.
    Sabagay, maraming napakaganda pero ligwak sa MW Finals.
    Pero model at maganda ang PR ni Inday Badiday Mexico.
    NagTry ba ng same hairstyle ni Mexico c Cat, baka bagay sa kanya.
    Catriona pa rin ako 4ever, mamatay man c Kokey hihihi

    Miss World 2016 Frontrunners Catriona Gray of the Philippines and Ana Girault of Mexico #MissWorld #catrionagray

    A post shared by Pageanthology 101 (@pageanthology101) on

  11. Yay – Cat is off to a good start ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Let us all keep the momentum going for her. Cat – you can do it, girl ! 🙂

  12. The Cat is in the bag… or rather,
    Cat got this in the bag! 😀



  13. Tito norman may info ka na po ba sa Schedule ng MW activities. Thanks. If meron na po. Pls post it pag may time ka po. Thanks. Kung sino may info na pakishare naman. Thanks.

    • Yeah. Tiwala lang and also pray hard for her success to win the MW crown this year. Her beauty and her eyes you can notice talaga na shes a good person, beautifull inside and out. Wala sa mata ung masamang ugali. Kahit make upan mo ng pataray na make up wa epek. Still she looks like an angel pa rin. Hinde man kasing standout na tindig ni meagan on how meagan stand out but this girl has her own ways. Watch out for her! I admit mahirap ang laban but she is the one to beat. We just need to unite and support her by praying hard. Push natin ang voting. Para mas may chance na marinig ang voice nya and sagot nya until final cut. She need to win this year as Miss World 2016.

    • Hillarie won the Multi-media award last year. I think Cat is even a savvier than hers when it comes to social media so she definitely has plenty of avenues to get to the semi finals 🙂

  14. I also read that in their news feeds. Im glad the judges seems liking her performance during talent competition. In singing acts they are 18 performers. Posting this on MW news site is maybe a sign for her to move forward in talent competition 2nd round and even become a winner of this fastract. But still fingercrossed. Hope she wins in that fastract and other challenges and specially to win the MW Crown this year.
    I believe that if she wins as i said b4. This MWO will be more successfull in terms of raising more funds for their advocacies and projects that benefits not only the organization as well as their projects in some parts of the world. Pwede pang madagdagan ang projects for some needy countries. Since Catrionas advocacy is “Paraiso” they organized mini concert for a cause right? For that advocacy. So MWO can use catriona and her talent to raise more funds for their advocacies and projects. They can organize mini concerts too in any part of this world. Its a big help i think. Ito na rin ang magiging bridge para mas maipagpatuloy nya ang advocacy nya na “Paraiso” mas lalong mag grow o madag dagan ang mga kailangan nya. Il hope kapag ipe present nya ang bwap nya kailangan nyang sabihin ang mga gagawin nya kung ano ang advantage nito, Na ung bwap nya kapag gagamitin marami ang mabebenefit around the world. Since she has the talent and im sure they will liking this idea and people would love her much and so this MWO.
    I really want her to win. So guys. Let just forget the past pageants. What ever happens in supranational accept it. We need to focus in Miss World. I know marame d2 is ayaw kay cat and puro nega sila. Pero sana this time help us to support catriona. Kahit ngayon lang maging mabait sana kayo. Yung galing talaga sa puso. Sa MU nalang tayo mag salita ng kung ano ano. This time we need prayers, we need to unite and pray that God will give us Miss World crown one more time this year. That God will allow Catriona Gray – Philippines wins Miss World 2016. In any post of catriona from now on sana walang away. Puro positive. What ever have in your mind. Just leave positive comments here. Good comments. What ever your views and opinions. Just pray for her.


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