137 comments on “Possible Links to The Miss Globe 2016 Live Streaming of the Finals

  1. NICOLE IS STILL QUALIFIED TO JOIN MISS EARTH PHILIPPINES RIGHT?she should join next year after relinquishing her crown…para makumpleto ng family nila ang universe world international at earth crowns!

  2. Guys, enough of Miss Globe. Let us move on. So far, our BbP titleholders have performed well in their respective pageants, achievement of which is difficult to equate. And while I am there with you in your proposal which is to send BbP runners-up to second-tier pageants, the thing is everything boils down to “business.” This is BPCI’s prerogative which any of us cannot interfere. Even our government cannot meddle with that because BPCI has the right to business. A lot of girls try BbP because stake is higher to win a crown than in MWP. For the girls, winning a BbP crown is a prestige no matter how second-tier a title is. That also makes their market value higher and, thus, opens a lot of windows of opportunities for them. For BPCI, the more beautiful girl entries they get, the more benefactors and ad placements they will have.

    At this juncture, we have to move on to, and be ready for, the next pageant destinations – Misses World and Universe. Though it is little settled that a lot of fans are rooting Catriona Gray for the Miss World 2016 crown, Maxine’s case is quite worrisome. There are fierce combatants we are going to throttle during the Miss Universe season and they are the likes of anti-Aces and Queens and neighboring tera (read: inggetera) countries. May the force be with us then.

    • I am not questioning that it’s BPCI’s right to do what it wants. Which is why I have been saying, let’s take up the cudgels and convince BPCI why there is a merit to dropping these pageants.

      RE: Your point about crowns being prestigious, let’s think about this. Previously, Mutya ng Pilipinas had the Intercontinental franchise while JDV had the MGI franchise. Did we actually see the BBP-caliber girls line up at the time to join these pageants because they wanted to represent us in Intercon and MGI so badly? The reason why BBP is so prestigious is precisely because of MUP and BBP-International.

      I have no worries about Miss Universe. It is a contest with integrity, and I believe that the most deserving girl will win. I am honestly more worried about Miss World, because we are sending an excellent candidate, but the results have been inconsistent the last few years. The winners have been deserving, more or less, but the placements have caused a lot of head-scratching.

    • @ Ana Winter : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      The “business” model that BPCI has adopted FOR NOW is to have a DIVERSE portfolio consisting of both high-calibre brands of unquestionable integrity (Universe and International) and lesser-known ones for which the risk of manipulation is alleged to be more likely – Grand International, Intercontinental, Supranational, and Globe.

      I pity them. The need for a balanced allocation of scarce resources must be a MAJOR PAIN, considering that they are a charitable organization and so MUST MAKE MONEY as lives quite literally depend on them for funding. The tightest of tightrope walks…

      And there are the other “special interest groups” that need to be placated to ensure the best possible chance of victory – beauty camps, fashion designers, cosmetics companies, accessories suppliers, dermatological service providers, food caterers, transporters, events managers, mass media and public relations/marketing, fan clubs, etc. And among these, alliances and factions!

      The white-hot core of this Beauty Universe? The sweet pretty lass with the pure heart who simply wished for better opportunities, for a better life, both for herself and her loved ones.

      Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa o malulungkot… :-/

  3. Deserving din naman si india. B4. Palagi kong napapansin ang pic nya lagi sa twitter. That time nagkakaroon ako ng feeling na she may win. Na surprise talaga ako kay nawatt. Jusko. Next year nasa United Continents naman yan. Expect the expected ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜….
    Pero move on na tayo. And dont expect to much sa Supra. Kahit kailan wag na masyado mag eexpect sa mga minor pageants. Dyan malakas si nawatt at pawikan. Anu kaya kung sa major naman sya kumapit? Makipag negotiate kaya sila kay nawatt??


  5. Before the pageant. reklamo na ng marami na bakit andun si nawatt? Bakit kailangang ND ang judges? Parang hinde talaga maganda tignan and sa dami ng ND bakit si nawatt pa ang isa sa kanila?
    Sobrang gulo ng pageant. I thought korea and philippines mataas ang votes how come thailand rank 1st again and clinch the award. And then during top ten hinde naman inannouce si thailand bigla agad pumunta sa harap. Special award lang naman nila yon at hinde isasale sa top 10. Binihisan pa rin talaga sya ng white gown. Enebeyen. Nanal0 lang ang PH last year umeksena na naman lutong nawatt. Hayssss. Sya na ang the best ND na nakakapag judge sa anu mang minor pageants. Next year United Continents naman hahahah.
    About sa result. Colombia is a good choice. She should also in top 3 talaga. Si albania maganda din naman. And india sobrang confident sya parang slight miss mgi macedonia at iraq ang peg. Why hinde nila i drop muna sa top 5 at Q&A. Diba last year meron. Bakit ngayon walang Q&A. Kaloka talaga tong nga minor pageants na to. Marami sa kanila walang credibility. Hawak ni nawatt sa leeg.
    I totally agree na wag na talaga magpadala ng candidate sa ganto. Ke bitter or hinde. They should stop sending girls in that kind of pageant. Waste of time and money. Tignan mo prelim at final gown ni nichole jusko. Wala man lang bago. Hinde nakayanang ipagawa ng bago.
    Hinde na nga nila mabago ang lumang crown panay franchise pa ng bagong sasalihan. May times na nanalo naman tayo at kahit runner ups. Pero parang walang kapera pera si SMA para bigyan ng mas magandang gown ang mga kandidta o palitan man lang ang kahit 2 crowns lang muna. Kahit MU at Mi muna ok lang .
    Hayssss. Pano ba mai bibigay sa bpci ang message naten..advice for them.
    Wala pa akong tulog nyeta. 1am ako gumising. 4 am pala mag start. D naman gumana streaming link. Kaloka talaga. Lalo ako hinde nakatulog.

  6. I personally am saddened by the Miss Globe crown eluding Ms. Manalo, even if the prospect of a B2B is uncomfortable for any pageant organization.

    I DO BELIEVE that she deserved the Title. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is she, of ALL the BPCI Queens of 2016, upon whom I entrusted my full confidence. Of all the others I had reservations.

    But I would understand India’s victory, if only to stay true to Saint Teresa of Calcutta’s link to her Albanian provenance, as something the organizers wanted to highlight. See TGPC’s feature.

    I take abundant consolation from Ms. Manalo’s placements in Miss Bikini and Miss Disco (as testaments to her undeniable physical charms and exuberance, respectively. Europeans do not really like stuck-up girls and genuinely appreciate levity when appropriate) and her designation as Miss Dream Girl of the World (Isn’t this what beauty pageants are about? The dream? The aspiration for beauty that is renowned no matter where in the world one ends up? The acclaim that comes with being good enough to be handpicked by sponsors because one is deemed bankable and universal? That one is worthy enough to be the “the stuff of dreams”?).

    Her presence has helped to elevate an otherwise relatively minor pageant to greater global public interest. For this, Deliart Association will be grateful to Filipinas in the years to come. We have in them friend, not foe.

    You want your pageant to be considered CLASSY? Then invite Filipinas to send someone over.

    Hindi po nasayang si Nichole.

    • @ andrew:Nowadays , I think pageant orgs are looking for someone who is assertive ( but not cocky) and articulate capable of representing them to the world. Nichole seems somewhat passive and her comm skills are wanting. And her performance at the prelim and finals night ? Just passable. she has gained weight , her gowns were just okay, and she did not look inspired at all.
      A case for a b2b is very difficult to justify. Nichole just proved it so.

  7. Ayan na naman tayo Pinoy pag di nanalo… ang bitter. Nichole is in the Top 10, and the reigning queen is ours. Do we really mean oh so seriously to get that b2b crown? C’mon.

    Don’t blame Nawat malay mo may iba cyang nakikita at nalaman. Eh kung galit cya sa Pilipinas eh sana di na nag 1st R-Up si Nicole C sa pageant nya. Let’s accept the result. A Top 10 (SF placement) when the reigning queen is your kababayan is enough… it says something. Else, you’ll be a clapper.

    • So u mean to say that we had a winner last year wala ng karapatang mag back to back? dapat pala di na tayo nagpadala ng delegate. dapat kiwestiyon mo ang basis kung pano sila nag score ng delegate.

    • aba! malay mo.. si Cordovez pala talaga ang nanalo according sa mga judges but in the end sinabotahe ni nawat… nag ala julia morely sa scoring. let’s accept the result eh ano pa nga ba.. justified? no.. how do u judge a beauty pageant? Dream Girl? the prettiest girl, voted by the judges and the delegates, Top 3 sa bikini, top 3 sa disco ek ek.. tapos ang nanalo.. out of nowhere? care to explain????

  8. The remarks and accusations against Nawat are pretty severe. However, if I were a judge & I saw a girl repeat a gown that had been worn previously in another pageant, I would’ve also scored the girl (& the organization that sent her) pretty low. It’s pretty lazy to send someone to competition in a secondhand gown, and a mediocre & cheap-looking one at that. Our delegates should be seen in the best (of, ideally, Philippine design), even if the pageant is not as prestigious as the big 3. The lack of effort on the part of the delegate’s organization means the delegate will place exactly where she deserves to be placed–outside the winner’s circle.

    • Do you think Nawat actually remembers what gown each candidate wore in his beauty pageant? Get a grip. HAHAHA

      • Nawatt is as much a fan as you are. YOU and so many of you on this board remembered it. Why wouldn’t he remember it especially since it was worn in a pageant he runs/owns.

      • @4M – Nawat, like us here, is passionate about pageants that’s why he set up his own and if we, “ordinary” passionate followers remember which gown was worn in which pageant over a 10-year span, what more someone whose passion led him to establish the “Grand” spectacle? I agree, though, that NDs should not sit as judges.

      • Passion doesn’t equal memory. Just because he is passionate doesn’t mean he would remember everything in his pageant. And please don’t give me this “used gown” as an excuse for laziness. We don’t even know the full story of reusing a gown for Nichole’s prelims. We all remembered it because we followed PARUL in her journey in MGI. Now ask me if I remember what Ms Sri Lanka wore in MGI… lol

    • This still doesn’t take away the fact that having a National Director sit on the judging panel is a conflict of interest. And I would call it out in ANY pageant, including Miss World (esp. Miss World 2015).

      Is this the ND’s fault per se? Not sure. Maybe it would be hard to turn down the invite of the organizer. I still maintain that it’s the organizer’s culpability for extending the invite in the first place.

      • It is a conflict of interest, no question about that. I’m still blaming BPCI organization for styling our outstanding candidate in a less-than-outstanding wardrobe. Frankly her wardrobe reminded me of the long years when our delegates kept getting overlooked in pageants, especially the big 3. Ugly, cheap-looking, mediocre.

  9. Congratulations Nicole for being in the Top 10 and Miss Dream Girl in the World. Don’t be affected by the hanash of most; you carried yourself well and proudly represented the Philippines. Kudos again!

  10. Who really wins when BPCI sends a BbP-sash to a 2nd-tier pageant?
    They are always expected to place or win.
    When they don’t win its very disappointing…especially when its controversial.

    Was Thailand’s Nawat influence was not that Thailand would win, it “seems” as though it was more important that the Philippines “would not” win.

    Its sad really.

    • National Directors should never be apart of judging.. I just find it disgusting.. it’s a complete waste of time and energy.. i feel sorry for Nichole.

      • This is true Padede.
        Its too tempting to he biased ad sabatoge rival organizations.

  11. Kulang sa duck walk. Charot.

    Hindi ‘yan kasalanan ni Nawat. Si Cocoy talaga ang salarin. Si bakla kase sobrang nega, lagi n’ya pinagduduldulan na si Nichole ang maganda, na dapat MU si Nichole. Namalas tuloy. Buti na lang ‘di ako nag-abang ng resulta, kundi napuyat lang ako, ayaw pa naman ni Dra. Vicky Belo na papupuyat ako, because only Belo touches my skin. Who touches yours? Kaloka.

    Kaya Cocoy, umayos ka kay Joana Eden. Mag-good vibes ka baklang uhugin. Gustung-gusto ko pa naman si Joanna. Huwag ka masyado magpaka-fan mode ng Kagandahang Veneers, dahil kami wala kaming paki sa camp camp na ‘yan. We care about our pride. Kaloka.

    • Correct Ana. I blame Cocoy too.she should stop rooting for Joanna I’m afraid he might Jinx my beautiful Joanna

      • ‘Di ba, 4M? S’ya ang jinx. Halatang die-hard ng camp n’ya. Kapag ang beauty queen ay mula sa AnQ, bash to death out of his bad breath ang drama n’ya. Pero ‘pag ang beauty queen ay mula sa camp n’ya, mega support s’ya with matching patama sa mga real pageant enthusiasts na kesyo s’ya ang tama, na ang bini-bet n’ya ang nananalo. He doesn’t critique subjectively, but the otherwise. Kaloka.

      • Yup Cocoy is that poison that wants attention and would say these ridiculous things without even thinking. Look at the girls that he based: Kylie and Nicole and guess how far they went in the competition. Now we have Nichole and our beautiful Joanna. Nichole became his first victim. Actually Indonesia was his first victim. LOL. Chos!

  12. Dear SMA and BPCI Execom,

    Moving forward, just please assign one of the BbP Runners Up as our representative to this pageant. No need to crown and waste high calibre girls worthy of bigger and better pageants for this omega level competition.

    • @ Greige : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      But WHERE ELSE can other high-calibre ladies in one year be sent? There are NO MORE VACANCIES at the Biggies – World, Universe, International, etc. Do we really have a choice?

      Will giving the franchise up change the way the pageant is run? I don’t think so.

      And for what reason do we send Spare tires / Rezervas? To SPITE our foes? A veiled and sarcastic statement that their pageant is not good enough for our REALLY GOOD girls? That their pageant only deserves BBP’s “dregs”?

      We will come across to other countries as arrogant.

      At parang sinabi na rin natin na low-class ang mga Runners-Up natin. Tayo pa rin ang matatamaan! Ano ba ang ginawa o sinabi nina Bb.’s Alita at Huelar at low(er)-class na ang turing sa kanila?

      This is NOT a good attitude to have, imho. Please always bear in mind that it is only thousandths of a point that separate Runners-Up from Titlists, and milliseconds from Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

      Regardless of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, …., Sigma, Omega (my apologies. These are the only Greek letters I know), Filipinas must ALWAYS participate and send it’s BEST.

      Consistency. Competency. Credibility. ALWAYS.

      • I disagree. Again, sending a representative to these pageants only legitimizes these pageants, but adds nothing to the BBP brand.

        It’s not about arrogance. Did people look at the MVO during its heyday and think that Osmel is such a snob for only sending girls to the 4 pageants that he used to? Even Puteri Indonesia only has 3 crowns.

        It’s also disadvantageous to the girls. Look at people saying Ann Colis, or even Nichole deserve a shot at MU. They can’t do that now as they are crowned queens. Had the crowns been limited to a few, some of them would have ended up as runners-up instead – and BPCI allows runners-up to join BBP again.

      • @ pautwas : Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening. I fully appreciate your arguments.

        So, BPCI drops all but the Top Three or so : Universe, International, and one or two more.

        May I ask : what will happen to these brands “discarded” or “unloaded” by BPCI?

        Would they still have a future in Filipinas?

        Would there be other local pageant interest groups willing to take them on?

        Mutya, for example, has a roster composed ENTIRELY of less-renowned brands. Yet they still manage.

        And would WE (US HERE!) STILL give the SAME level of support we normally accord to BPCI’s?

        Will we ONLY EVER bother with the Premium Brands, and thus oblige Mr.Tinio to limit his blog to feature ONLY these?

        And now I wonder what Mr. Tinio would feel about focusing ONLY on Premium Brand pageants?

        Certainly less strenuous for him. But also, admittedly, less lively.

        And to finish, I wish to extend best wishes to Gentleman of San Pablo City – Mr. Kian Sumague who will represent Filipinas at the inaugural Mister TOURISM World and Gentleman of the Philippines – London Mr. Paul Renzo Velo who will raise the country’s colors at the Mister TOURISM International.

        GCI took franchises to MINOR male pageants. They did not seem to mind… Do we?

      • The question here is 1.) about Binibining Pilipinas – the premier pageant of the Philippines, where girls of top caliber can join as often as they want, given they meet the required criteria (including the prohibitive ones on “decency” – however defined), and 2.) about legitimizing these pageants.

        Norman can continue to feature the other pageants as he pleases.

        We know Mutya and JDV have launched pageants with these franchises in the past. Carousel even owned the MTQI franchise before, and now it is with an individual. These franchises will have a place, if there is a demand for them.

        Will Pinoys support our bets to these pageants if they weren’t with BBP? Probably less than they do now. Arguably, they support these lesser pageants less than MU right now even.

        But, so what? Give me one good reason why these pageants deserve the Pinoy vote, effort, and hits in their websites when they can’t even get their acts together to pull off a controversy-less show? Explain to me why Pinoys stayed up late and endured watching the inconsistent livestream just to be confused as to why Kris Janson was crowned Asia’s Continental Queen, and yet a second Asian managed to enter the top tier, and went on to win the title. Explain to me why we should follow a pageant where women are disrespected because of their body figure, when they legitimately won the right to represent their country to begin with. Explain to me why we should support a pageant which arbitrarily does away with the Q&A and invites a National Director to its judging panel.

        Do our candidates deserve our support? Of course they do. But if we didn’t send them to these pageants in the first place, we wouldn’t be subjecting them to this abject disregard for decency.

        And honestly, Male Beauty Pageants are an entirely different animal, so it’s not a fair comparison.

      • I agree with your points, Andrew. I remember many of us being thrilled when Ann Colis won Miss Globe last year and Mutya Datul being triumphant in Miss Supranational. I do not recall seeing a comment that read “I mourn your victory, Ann/Mutya, because it has closed the door to the two plum BBP titles on you”. We were genuinely happy for them so I am startled when we contradict ourselves with “What??? What kind of a pageant doesn’t do finals night Q&As?” and “She was wasted in that pageant” when we lose. Mutya was radiant in Belarus but don’t you think her win would have been less convincing had there been a Q&A, knowing that interviews are Mutya’s waterloo? In Ann Colis’ case, had she won MUP instead, would we have our third MU, knowing also that interviews are not Ann’s ace and the final Q&A in MU15 was what made Pia triumph over the glamazons. Let’s continue to point out inconsistencies and suggest improvements but let us not diminish the honors given our country by ladies like Mutya and Ann by saying that second-tier pageants deserve scraps. This mindset leads me to think if all of us here are from top-tier universities and work for conglomerates, seeing how snooty some people here are because that would make me understand some people’s non-negotiable stance. Sorry

  13. Ito ang totoo…
    Albania is 2nd RU … Luto dahil sa Albania ang Venue.
    Colombia is First RU… Tama ako pero isinama lang sya kasi halata na kung si Thailand ang nanalong 2nd RU dahil nandyan si Nawat.
    India is MG2016….Tingnan nyo ang score sheet… Ang Bigay na score ni Nawat kay Nicole ay rank 11 at ang Top 1 nya ay c India para di halata na Thailand gusto nya na nilagay nya as second.
    Malaking hatak pababa ang score ni Nawat kay Nichole huhuhuhu …Charottttt
    Paiba-iba ang Mechanics to chose the Winner… Magulo ang Organization na to. UNPROFESSIONAL at sayang ang binigay na utak sa kanila at di ginamit hihihi
    You’re still our Miss Globe Nichole ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. India won
    So far, nagpacheapanga ng pageant na ito. ang gulo gulo… bakit isa to sa crowned Bb. dapat handpicked lang ito

    • dalawang girl ang nasayang si Ann at Nichole dahil di na sila pwedeng sumali uli para sa bigger and most important crowns.

    • Looking back to BBP 2015, it was actually a blessing that Kylie didn’t win any crown because she joined again and eventually became MI 2016. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the beautiful Ann Colis and Nichole Manalo, who both cannot join again because they’ve already been crowned.

    • when i heard Nichole got Miss Dream Girl.. i had a thought that she won’t win Miss Globe because they could have just given it to somebody else kung siya tlaga and mananalo.. anyway, ang chakandra talaga ng pageant na ito.. maganda pa stage ng Miss tourism met nito. this pageant parang ME2015 sa Austria ang stage. kalokah

  15. Ayan at nag alaIndognesia si TaelandiNya..Akala nya ikaTop 10 sya… Ang layo sa China sa Thailand. Clear naman na inulit na China ang ika Top 10 hihihi… Sampalin c Nawat hihihi
    Umayos ka nawat sa Top 5 baka magtrending ka sa Twitter at gusto mo naman ang publicity kahit bashing ang reason.

  16. Emotional c Manang Mia, ang ND ng Canada,,Okenana, Ilocana gayam toy baket.
    Nagsangit dyay CR haan gamin naka Top 10 c Miss Canada Piman pay hihihi

  17. South Africa
    not Thailand

  18. nakakatawa na itong pageant na ito.. lahat yata may award na.. pinahabol pa si thailand ng best elegance kasi nanjan si nawat

  19. Miss Elegance——–Miss Thailand
    Miss Cosmopolitan—— Miss Poland
    Miss Photogenic——-MIss Mexico

  20. Lots of beautiful faces.
    U r the dream girl though . I hope it means something.
    Best of luck , N.
    @ bong 700 , I hope u r better than madame auring hihihih

  21. So what is the point of the prelims kung rarampa din lahat ng contestants? Nichole’s gown is simple and short. Hmm. No comment kasi she carried it ok naman.

  22. Ayan na mga beks…makinang pa sa lahat ng mga awards…Nakuha ni Nicole ang the best of all awards..sya ang Most Beutiful na bagay sa Miss Globe hihihi..
    QandA na magkakatalo mga beks hihihi

  23. Miss Bikini Queen —- Miss South Africa
    Miss Disco Queen——Miss Nigeria
    Miss Talent——-Miss Canada and Miss Moldova
    Miss Dream Girl of the World—– Miss Philippines

    • Wow panalong puwesto ni Nicole sa likod ng hosts ๐Ÿ™‚ Ano naman ang criteria sa Miss Dream Girl of the World?

  24. Nakakaloka itong pageant na ito.. di ba ang Dream Girl of the World ay subtitle ng Miss Tourism dati? kasing sub ng Miss Queen of the Year bago naging main title? ngayon special award na siya sa The Globe.. juzko poh

  25. Hindi ko kinaya yung throwback performance ni ateng kumakanta ng ” this is the rythm of the night…”. I cannot!!!

  26. Miss Golden Girl ( beautiful girl with blond hair) ——– Miss Finland
    Miss Intercontinental ——- Miss Ghana
    Miss Tourism ——- Miss Montenegro

  27. Kaloka ang Miss Friendship c Miss Armenia na may maliit na sombrero ala stewardes sa Nat’l Custome…eh may crown ang Miss friendship at may butas sa gitna ng sumbrero kaya sa butas nilagay ang crown at nakadungaw na lang yung crown ..kaloka hihihi

  28. Well mga baklang pangit…I’ve said and I will say it again Nichole is the prettiest in this year’s batch kahit magalit pa kayo. Who could ever forgot that sterling performance during BBP finals.
    She deserves MUP more than Maxine…now that’s the first time i said that lol
    Bye na nandyan na naman mga pangits at pagtulungan na naman ako

    • mahiya ka! kundi lang ako pinoy matagal ko ng sabihin na di maganda mga candid pix niya pero dahil pnoy ako bomoboto parin ako.. an dapat mong idadakdak bakla ay ang pagiging judge ni nawat hindi kung sa anong pumapasok sa kokote mo.

    • and mind u, hindi ako maka maxine, maka kylie ako.. pero pagdating sa international level, maka pnoy ako.. itigil na ang crabmentality mo bakla.. tapos na bb.

      • Baklang pangit… alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng crab mentality?
        I mean it’s true sense..I think it’s the most misconstrued phrase
        specially sa mga baklang pangit gaya mo Padede Boy eeeww name pa lang

      • OO na Jeremi, pangit ka na! alam naman naming na kung sino pa iyong mga pangit ay syang makuda at madada. lols

  29. There were 12 National Directors who’s responsible for the selection of Top 10 Semifinalists during the prelim show yesterday. The National Director are not allowed to vote for his/her country’s candidate.
    Nawat is busy doing business with other ND’s yesterday and the Miss Globe ND of Canada(I think she’s a Fil-Canadian) is the New ND of MGI-Canada effective yesterday.
    The ND of Canada also confirmed that there are few ND’s who will act as Judges tonight(Finals); unfortunately, she’s not included. If that’s the case, the rumor is true that Nawat is one of the Finals judges.
    I hope Ms. Colis is one of the Judges too.
    I know Nichole is well-prepared and she can win B2B ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fingers and Eyes-crossed ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck Nichole.
    Aaminin ko, Super lait ako sa yo noong nanalo ka sa Bb.Pilipinas dahil sa mga dugyot at stupid mong supporters but after few months, i became your no.1 supporter more than Jeremi and Old Nica hihihi.
    You deserve love and happiness like what your Sis Bianca doing until the end of this road(journey to Miss Globe 2016)
    You’re our Miss Globe 2016. Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lots of pretty girls .
      I think Nichole is lucky she’s getting all the attn . I’m sure there’s something special abt Nichole that makes her stand out.
      For me , it’s anybody’s game . I won’t be surprised if Nichole fails to make it. There are so many gorgeous girls in the batch
      Did Nichole gain weight intentionally for this pageant?

    • Lousy folk dance number.
      If they do the same at MU 16, I hope they make it faster and more interesting to watch

  30. Sasabihin ko ulit ang sinabi ko bago pa magsimula ang MGI.

    Kahit pa manalo si Nichole dito at mag-b2b tayo, dapat pa ring sabihan ang BPCI na wag na tangkilikin ang mga ganitong mga patimpalak na questionable ang pamamalakad. Sayang lang ang pagod at hirap ng mga binibini. Pati, binibigyan tuloy ng importansya ang mga patimpalak na ganito kahit na di naman karapat-dapat dahil ang isa sa mga prestihiyosong national pageant (BBP) ay nagpapadala ng mga kalahok dito.

    • I beg to disagree . I think BP should continue sending girls to these minor pageants . Maybe a compromise to your suggestion is to not crown these reps so whether win or lose , they can re-join BP for a much more respectable crown.

      • I still disagree. Even if we send runners-up, this still wrongly legitimizes shady organizations.

        Would Pinoys have gone gaga over a certain Asia-based pageant that is leeching ND’s from the network of another Pinoy-based pageant (and supposedly trying to stamp out said Pinoy-based pageant) if BPCI had not sent a rep? Would we still wonder why/how certain continental winners (plural!) made it to the final cut in another shady pageant? How about this pageant, when there is an obvious conflict of interest in the judging panel?

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