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  1. Excuse tito norman and redears.
    Ive read that supra india, sri lanka anx Philippines will be separated in the group. They will not join the opening number. Bcoz of their big natcos.
    Hmm.wow!!! Special entrance ang mga ateng kung totoo man.

    • Joanna confirmed this in a Misso FB live video. They said they couldn’t join the other girls’ dance number because their costumes are too big. She also confirmed that her costume is Pintados inspired.

  2. ‘Di ba katatapos lang ng pageant na ito sa China? Every quarter ba ang pageant na Tourism na ito? Kaloka.

      • @Geoff, can you do me a favor, sweetheart? Could you please enumerate the international pageants bearing the Tourism title in which the Philippines sends a delegate? Thank you.

      • Handa ka na bang sumakit ang ulo mo? Good.

        >Miss Tourism Queen International – pageant of the last version of the now defunct Bb. Pilipinas Tourism [former GS pageant of Global Beauties] held in China since 2004. Past titleholders include Justine Gabionza (who was MPE – Air because at the time, Carousel held the franchise until 2010). Before that, BbP Tourism used to just be a nominal title. BPCI has sent winning candidates to contests named:
        – Miss Queen of Tourism International – not sure if this still exists
        – Miss Tourism International – see below [BPCI won in the Ukraine/Black Sea and Macau versions]
        – Miss Tourism World – see below
        Our most recent candidate was Nancy Leonard. The franchise holder now is our most recent candidate for Miss Tourism World

        The next set of pageants are MY-based and now owned by Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi. Most of the local franchises are held by Mutya ng Pilipinas, except for the last one.
        >Miss Tourism International – Where we scored a B2B with the 2 Gomezes. This is also the mother pageant of most of the other Tourism pageants. This is where Jaya is going. Franchise held by Mutya ng Pilipinas.
        Before being exclusively MY based, this pageant also had Sri-Linkan, Ukraine/Black Sea, and Macau versions. BPCI sent one-time candidates to the last two versions, and took home crowns.
        >Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International – formerly Miss Queen of the Year International. Reigning queen is Leren Bautista. Past titleholders include Urvashi Rautela (Miss Universe India 2015). Franchise owned by Mutya ng Pilipinas.
        >Miss Tourism Metropolitan International – yet another spin-off pageant. This is where we scored a 1RU with Janela Joy Cuaton just last week. Past titleholders include Glennifer Perido and Monika Radulovic (Miss Universe Australia 2015). Franchise held by Mutya ng Pilipinas.
        >Miss Southeast Asia Tourism Ambassadress – Franchise held by Miss Tourism Philippines (see below)

        For the next set of international pageants, the local franchise holder is Miss Tourism Philippines (Gareth Blanco).
        >Miss Tourism World – started in 1991. Won by Michelle Reyes (BbP 1RU 2002), but was just a one-time thing for BPCI.
        >Miss Tourism Universe
        >Miss Eco Tourism International
        >Miss Southeast Asia Tourism Ambassadress – see above (owned by Danny Ooi).

      • @pautwas, well done. I read everything you wrote, honey, and it is indeed hemorrhagic to memorize every Tourism title in place. It is worthy to note though that the two Miss Universe 2015 contenders, Urvashi and Monika, had Tourism title on their heads. Anyway, Leren Mae Bautista is a shoo-in for BbP. Maganda s’ya. Pero dapat magpa-vavavoom s’ya ng bongga at karerin pa ang pagpapaganda. She can be an MUP. Swear.

  3. Pics above show great impt from Mutya coronation night. Win or lose , she should join BP. Her clean beauty will be a hit at MU and MI.

  4. Good luck and enjoy your stay in Malaysia, Ms. Jaya (which means something in Malay, doesn’t it?).

    Don’t forget to stuff yourself silly with the myriad traditional sticky sweet treats, imho BETTER than the “kakanin” of Filipinas.

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