37 comments on “A Peek into Maxine’s New Look

  1. Charlene Gonzalez ang peg?… Hmmm… Well, mabenta sa mga Pinoy ang fair mestiza look.. but we’re here to break barriers.. anong statement gusto nila iparating sa lahat ng manonood?

  2. Beauty is not an issue for this lady… she could easily be one of the most or the most beautiful.. Q&A ate ha Q&A paghahandaan mo. Cge ka Top 5 ka lang if you choke again. Sayang naman Inday kasi pang MU talaga ang ganda mo. Practice practice pratice practice practice. Ok? Good luck Inday! 🙂

  3. I remember I stated here before na bagay kay Maxine ang ganitong look. Jet black, long straight hair, tapos gawin s’yang dusky. Exoticang exotica! Spopistikada ang ganda!

  4. @jeremi: What do I expect from a troll???????? You even bashed Pia, Kylie, Nicole. You like to inflame thru your lowly posts here. You accused me of something that I did not do and when I challenged you, you went pfffffffffffffffffffttttt.

    Get real squatter boy.

    • Sorry bong I don’t have enough time for you today. Don’t worry I will alllocate a time for u one of these days. Just wait, maggantsilyo ka muna

  5. with MU2016, being held on January in the Philippines, may chance ba na makapunta ang ibang candidates sa cebu and ilo-ilo to grace the Sinulog and Ati-atihan Festival? i know na sa cebu, rarampa lang sila in their swimsuit pero masaya cguro pag nakita ng buong mundo kung gaano din kasaya ang Sinulog at Ati-atihan aside from the Panagbenga sa Baguio.

  6. I must say, Maxine’s arms look very lithe and quite sensual on that screenshot of her at Magandang Buhay.

  7. Really love her beauty. There’s a lot of style to play with. she can have this sweet image, then turn into fierce – palaban mala latina look and that wholesome innocent beauty. I’m glad they’re trying every look kay Maxine.. not just the usual na kung anong bagay yun na lang lagi, unlike before may ibang queens na iisa lang ang style ng hair, make up and all.

    Personally, i’m not a fan of her look ung super straight hair, the one she sported nung nag muse siya sa PBA. Maganda siya don, pero for me lang I want to see her face. gusto ko kita ng buo kasi ang ganda ng smile, ng mata niya.

    Her look for the jewelmer japan teaser is nice, yung nakalugay with curls.

    siya nga pala, isn’t unfair for our queen, Maxine na sabihin natin na instant top 15 na agad since we are the host country? I mean, I know where you guys are coming from but she’s working her butt off. Kung deserving naman siya di ba why are going to say na “ah kasi host country kaya pasok..”

    Let’s all be positive and supportive to all our queens.

  8. I don’t think she will win! She don’t have the look really! Miss International is prettier than her. Wish she’s the miss u phils because she look a pinay unlike this Maxine….her eyes look like a chines eyes ugly eyes

  9. It depends on your standard how you appreciate beauty. For me, she is beautiful especially the photo with the two guys.
    Top 15 is already in the bag I am sure of that. We are the host country. I think she will easily be in the top 10. Hanggang doon muna at sana umabot sya sa top 5, top 3 and eventually the winner!!!

    • @miss tissa, I hope they train Maxine to gun for the crown , not just a good placement placement.
      I hope she keeps that look , so pretty .

  10. mga vaklush! dapat ba tayong mangamba na wala sa hotpic ng geebee si joanna? kahit top 25 waley sya. di ba magkasabwat ang geebee at zupra?

  11. That’s what I am saying, girl! Glamorous!!!

    Maxine’s beauty is one of a kind. ‘Yan ang winning aura. Kapag s’ya ang nanalo, tipong hindi magkakagulo kase people would all rally behind her because she deserves it. Konting tone na lang talaga, dapat may abs s’yang maipakita kase kahit ganun body n’ya she still looks modest.

    ‘Yung mga hindi kuntento sa communication skills ni Maxine, wait na lang kayo.

  12. Guys what do you think about Max’s face? Did her face really slimmed down or it’s her make up that makes it look slim? I love the recent photos esp with the black neck band with straight hair. I hope she didn’t cut her hair as the top photo suggests. I think A&Q’s strategy for MU would be to downplay all expectations which is a good move. So far her editorial shoots haven’t been shared on social media yet unlike Pia’s last year. She is a good pick for MU. Complete opposite of Pia in terms of looks and she carries the whole Oriental beauty like a champ. Her main competition from Asia I think would be Indonesia and Thailand with Malaysia being a dark horse. Indonesia and Maxine look so similar so I hope that doesn’t work against her.

  13. No doubt she is one of the most beautiful of all the candidates that represented our country at Miss Universe pageant and I hate to say that her beauty will not be notice at the pageant. I hope that I am wrong.

    • Aray! Sayang naman young $25 million na Gagastusin ng Pinas dito . I’m gonna be shameless, I want a b2b

    • Miss Queen Wannabe I think she is a shoo in for Top 15. Everything else would be up to her effort to get further. There’s no way Jonas would let Maxine be a clapper when it is held at home. LOL

  14. Sometimes I think with the comments, some people actually expect Max to become a different person altogether. Give the person a chance for God’s sake! The Philippines is with her for better or for worse; for a back-to-back or not. I’m just glad that the immense pressure of everyone’s (sometimes unrealistic) expectations doesn’t seem to faze her- and we all know how that could unfold courtesy of the ex-Ms Philippines earth…

    • I think they just wanna see the best version of Maxine’s the way they imagine it. And u cannot fault them for that. It’s all part of it . The candidate knows the pressure that comes along with the crown so it’s not for the weak.
      Imelda became Imelda because she was unstable in the first place . I do not expect it happening to Maxine . I just wish Maxine could absorb some of that ‘ shamelessness’.; she prob would fare better in the q&a if she ever reached that pt.

      • Fans/punters/arm-chair critics do this time and again Fabian- efforts to transform our reps never seem to satisfy their ‘exacting standards’. And time and again, our girls have proved them wrong- so wrong in fact that if their lives depended on the outcome, they would have died painful deaths a thousand times over (sorry, but a few them deserve it so! God that is so Dutertesque isn’t it?? Shudder)..

        I guess it’s just tiresome to go through this again, to wade through another sludge of negativity (nothing tops what went down when Pia was competing for the crown though).

        Sure, we want the best for Max but there’s a reason why we’re here, posting away while her expert handlers- people who have actually achieved all three major crowns- are over there hard at work to make sure that she does get the best, because believe it or not, that’s what they want for her too.

        As Thomas would say, World Peace, and chill (thats me)

      • @andrew espino, u talk abt negativity . What Could be worse than brushing other people’s opinion off as nothing?
        The experts responsible for the crowns are there because it’s their calling . We are here writing because we are pageant fans …. as simple as that. Just like Thomas, u think u r so goddam superior u think u can dictate what people here can say or cannot say.

        BTW, I hope you are not the ‘plain’ Andrew who has always been so pleasant and Supportive with everyone.

      • No one has the power to brush anyone’s opinion aside even if people do try in the funniest of ways, and I certainly don’t. If I’m guilty of something it would probably be giving my opinion about an opinion.

        You can take it or leave it and you’ve apparently made it clear that you’ve chosen the latter.

        And I’m leaving the popularity bit to the beauty queens; I don’t need to pander to everyone here to validate myself.

        Have a great day Fabian…and oh, world peace!

  15. The pics above are very very very promising esp the top and the one with Raymond Saldana.
    Stay out of the tanning booth pls!

  16. Not liking the eye makeup, lalong naging chinky, overall i guess it’s okey naman tagal pa naman eh. good luck MMM, i wish i could come home to see you compete. Seen Pia MU 15 though in Vegas. Good Luck

    • What do I expect from a troll???????? You even bashed Pia, Kylie, Nicole. You like to inflame thru your lowly posts here. You accused me of something that I did not do and when I challenged you, you went pfffffffffffffffffffttttt.

      Get real squatter boy.

    • It is very impt though. U cannot go deep without touching the surface first . If u r not fit and beautiful then they will not show interest in what u Have to say. That’s beauty pageant 101 hihihi

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