36 comments on “The Natural Talent of Catriona Gray

  1. Grabe talaga yung (lack of) ego ng babaeng ito. Kita mo sa reaction niya upon meeting the fans, and even crouching down to have her picture taken with the banner.

    • Naku pag nag winsung si cat sa MW, wala na beh, tapos na ang laban. May Papa Clint na sya, may corona pa. Hayyssss. Ang sarap cguro ng feeling pag maganda ka talaga tas mabait pa. Kaya ako, hanggang bait lang. Hahaha

  2. Paalis na si catriona today and ive read that Beach Beauty is back!! If ever. Pano ang challenge non. Rarampa ba ng naka bikini or photoshoot lang same nung 2013 photoshoot lang yata. And then sa finals, pano ang gagawin to determine the winners? Parang MU format? Top 20 then SS competition then top 10 gown competition then top 5 Q&A or. Ang winners i babase sa scores ng mga challenges like last year.

    • First: a picture at the check-in counter. I counted 9 pieces of luggage! Kamusta naman ang overweight charges niyan? Hehe.


      Second: The past 3 Miss World editions (that I’ve followed) are not like Miss Universe. Basically, all the candidates’ scores in the Fast Tracks (Beach Body, Top Model, Talent, BWAP, Sports, Multimedia, etc.) get aggregated to make the first cut. Then, using some other form of evaluation criteria (they’re not very clear about this), the judges add their scores to the Top 25 and then they get the Top 10, This is also the point where the Peopel’s Choice Winner enters the competition.

      From there, there’s another round of judging (again it’s not very clear how they judge), to determine the Top 5. The Top 5 answer the same question – Why should you be Miss World, and then Julia announces the results (just the Top 3) – “in reverse order.”

  3. Newsflash!!! Filipino make up artist will be the official make up artist of MU candidates until pageant night with MAC cosmetics of course and Gerry who is pias make up artist would join them.
    Wow!!! Ok lang ba na Filipino make up artist? Baka isipin ng mga merlat eh isasabotahe sila.
    Sino ba nag dedecide ng final look. Make up at hairstyle ng mga candidates during prelim and finals? Mga candidates ba mismo at sasabihin nalang sa mga make up artist naten ung gusto nilang ayos? Ganun ba?

    • This was a very insightful look at what happens backstage. Sabi nga ni Gerry, “sila lang” ang nandun, at walang make-up artists on pageant day itself. So baka para sa pre-pageant activities (photo shoots, etc.) lang ang MUA’s?

      Hair is a different story, though, kasi even Pia had to have help from Lauren of Chi.

  4. daming article ni catriona, sana ganun din sins Joanna at Nichole na NASA kalagitnaan ng kumpetisyon ngayon. biased talaga

    • This is Norman’s personal blog. This is not a newspaper or media outlet. He can feature or choose not to feature anyone. He can be “biased” as much as he wants. You are not entitled to what you want to see here. If you want more articles of Joanna ir Nichole, make your own blog. Kakaoal ng mukha niyo.

    • Sa tingen ko mas marami pa article ni joaana kaysa kay catriona. Pero ilang post man ang lamang. All pinay queens are equal sa puso ni norman at sa blog nya. If you want articles na laging si joanna ang laman. Better to visit her fan pages. He is not a biased. Be thankfull pa rin we have normannorman.com . Sa totoo lang time ni shamcey ako naging pageant fanatics and this blog was the first and only blog na source ko sa anu mang gusto ko malaman sa pageant. So i think he is not a biased.

  5. confirmed na ba talaga na babalik ang Beach Beauty sa MW? i really hoped that A&Q will find the right cut and style para ma-enhance ang assets ni Cat Gray para sa Beach Beauty Competition, para din may knowledge si Cat kung anung Swimsuit that’ll suit her best. If Beach Beauty existed during the 2014 and 2015 edition? may chance kaya that time na mas mataas ang placement ni Valerie at Hilarie in their respective editions? what you think mga mommy?

  6. Wala nang hahanapin pa Kay Catriona. Panalo na!!!! The only stumbling block is if Julia wants a different winner.

  7. A mashup between Julia Fordham’s Tower Block and Amel Larrieux’s Don’t Let Me Down would have been my dream performance song for Catriona. Musically and thematically they are quite similar, and fits Catriona’s somewhat deep and smoky voice and inclination to jazz- or blues-infused songs.

    Tower Block:

    Don’t Let Me Down

  8. Well, we all know she’ll do well in the talent fastrack.
    She’ll probably excel in a couple more fastrack activities assuring and positooning her for a top 5 slot.
    That is the advantage of MW. There are many ways to accrue points.
    I still find their “leader board” a bit confusing, however.

    Lets see…
    Catriona for the win!

    Go Catriona.

  9. Boy Abunda said on TWBA that she wanted to be part of Miss Universe​ Philippines 2016 MAXINE MEDINA’s journey well here it is, he’s helping our Queen. Thank you Tito Boy!

    • Taray may pa-Boy Abunda workshop kay Maxine. More than how she talks, I hope tito Boy helps her with how she thinks…it’s about time someone shakes off the middle class model colegiala out of her. Nako Max ha, with the Atty. Nad Bronce x Dale Carnegie x Boy Abunda Q&A training, ewan ko na lang kung hindi ka pa matuto lumamon ng microphone

      • If I were tito boy, I would force-feed her that dang microphone! … Figuratively speaking that is….

    • Obviously, Boy A. is an A&Q supporter.
      May Kanya Kanya tayong kagustuhan at sariling pag-iisip and there’s nothing wrong with that at all 😄
      Cno ang vocal coach/arranger ni Cat sa mga kanta nya.
      Pang international talent na to at hindi pang national binibini lang at may mga sablay sya sa kanta nya during BbPilipinas Talent compitation especially her high notes at kinapos sa hininga.
      Sabagay, kahit nman Di cya manalo sa talent ay pasok pa rin cya sa Top 5.
      Pero iba talaga kung mapanganga nya ang judges lalo na yung matandang bakla.
      Good luck Catriona☺
      You’re our Miss World 2016.
      Jawskuh ang Global Beauty ay mawawalan na nman ng gana dahil Country of the Year and Grandslam na nman ang Philippines 😄😊😃

  10. Can Cat really belt out Natural Woman? I love both songs but I feel like her voice would be more suitable for Moon River. Natural Woman requires a lot of vocal prowess. She should check out Kelly Clarkson’s rendition too.

      • That sounds exciting. I can see her sing a stripped down version of it. I just hope she really gives it justice.

      • God, I wanted something mellow. I hate that song… really really bad. Why not something sweet?

      • She sounds like those singing cherubs…
        Maybe a church song like “the prayer” would suit her.

      • C2F, kung pangsimbahan na kanta ay yung O, Holy Night na na kinanta nya sa YouTube dahil christmas month ang pageant pero di maganda ang pagkanta nya kaya need nya talaga ng Vocal Coach at Arranger.

    • Mukhang ipipilit ang Natural Woman… Sana Moon River nga mas bagay. Pero di bale na. Bonus round nalang naman ito kasi kahit hindi cya sasali sa Talent fast track eh winner pa din ang babaitang ito haha

  11. http://www.pageanthology101.com/2016/11/miss-netherlands-is-miss-asia-pacific.html

    Miss Netherlands Tessa le Conge won Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 held in Sheridan Resorts and Spa in Puerto Princesa City, in Palawan on October 23, 2016. The show was hosted by Miss Asia Pacific Quest 1993 Michelle Aldana and Asia’s Got Talent Host Marc Nelson.

    Tessa bested 39 other representatives of various countries and regions and became the titleholder after 11 years of hiatus of the oldest pageant in Asia. It was last held in China in 2005.

    Full Results:

    Miss Asia Pacific International 2016: Miss Netherlands
    First Runner-Up: Miss Thailand
    Second Runner-Up: Miss Philippines
    Third Runner-Up: Miss Cook Islands
    Fourth Runner-Up: Miss Korea

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