42 comments on “Joanna Eden | In Aqua City Poprad

    • Itong mga kapitbahay natin natameme sa ganda ng gown ni Eden kumpara dun sa outdated and overly contrived gown ni Intan kaya naghanap talaga ng ibang dahilan para lang may mapuna sa pambato natin. Weak try, though, as always. Kasing weak ng mga Puteri nila.

      Ni wala sa batch nila man lang ang lumevel sa mukha ni Whulan (disregard her tuyot styling sa MU 2013), or at the very least. Elvira. Puwede ba.

    • @ Mels : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Hello. I am sorry for disturbing you. I could not help but comment. I missed this one earlier. I’m late.

      It must be true.

      One problem with Mobstar is that NOT EVERYBODY is quite adept, let alone familiar, with it. As stated here. I will assume this IG post is genuine and credible.

      In fact, Mister Supranational – Philippines already anticipated the problem well before he left for Poland. He himself admitted on FB that he does not know how to use it, that he had to study it as part of his preparations.

      And to take his efforts further, he requested “tutorials” from his on-line friends (at least from those who are familiar with the App, and not a few came forward to help) and asked Filipino communities in Europe (and the World as well) to join in.

      If it is any consolation, Indonesia’s votes would have ALSO been deleted with the restart. That’s it.

  1. I think it’s not Joanna on the “hir flipping” pic. Joanna wore a one pice white swimsuit. The girl on the pic is wearing a two piece with shiny top.

  2. Kilala nyo ba si susi villa sa facebook Maka venezuelan sya. Pero nagtatagalog di ko malaman kung anong lahi. Kinumpara ba naman si ana karin anez kay Pia. With caption. Clapper na pero mas maganda pa kay Pia. Nakakaloka sya. Eh bat hinde nanalo yung anna na yon.

  3. Anong oras po ang Miss Globe bukas? May live streaming ba Sir Norman? Wala yata kayong prediction sa mga mananalo.

  4. @C2F, actually puede syang maging Palmolive Girl like Alice Dixon with “I can Feel it” dialogue while touching her hair.
    Kaya lang, nandyan si Kylie which is an excellent shampoo endorser too.
    Anyway, dami namang shampoo to endorse like Pantene, Palmolive, Sunsilk + Creamsilk at iba pa na pagpilian nila 🙂

  5. pak! ganern dapat!!! umaawra na ng paunti-unti si eden. icontinue mo lang yang momentum mo teh. i-uwi mo ulit ang sapphire crown ng supra!!!

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