11 comments on “Hillarie Parungao | What makes her glowing nowadays?

  1. @andrew

    Good call. He is indeed a gentlemen, which is very very sexy. Sometimes you cant judge a book by its cover and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
    Bill must be doing something right and has his “mojo” on. Lol

    There are many cases where an individual is drop dead “beautiful or gorgeous” externally but is ruined when internally the same person has a self centered demeanor like a “female dog” and a terrible attitude like a “male dog without a father.”

    Speaking of which, I wonder how Imelda Schwiegart is doing these days. 😉😎😉
    I truly hope she’s getting it together.

    Go on with your romance Bill and Hillarie!
    Where there is respect and passion you’ll find a lot of lovin’ and satisfaction, baby!
    Be gentle Bill… Hillarie is royalty!
    Woo-woo! 😍😍😍

  2. Observe how Mr. Castaneda ONLY GENTLY and BARELY places his hand on Ms. Parungao’s waist.

    This is a sign of old-school good manners. It is a sure sign that he respects her.

    Notice, too, his shy barely-there smile-grin. He stands up straight. He makes an effort to “blend into the woodwork”, so to speak, to allow his ladylove to shine in the photo. She is the star here, not him. And he knows it.

    He is a gentleman. And no wonder MWP 2015 is as radiant as the sun at high noon. She is at the pinnacle of romance. Her smile betrays her state of mind : “I am in a beautiful place”. PAK!!!!!

  3. Mayaman at mabait siguro ang bf. Ok na lang yung less itsura. Importante masaya sila. Good Luck to both of you.

  4. Baka naman matalino o mayaman si Bill . Just fill in the blanks, di ba bong700? Hihihi

  5. Thr Asian Clintons?
    Lets hope and pray “Bill” Castaneda doesnt smoke cigars.
    Had to go there .

  6. ganda talaga niya. pero matanong lang ha, hindi na pala sila nung si Mike Villardo? ang dami nilang pics sa ig ni hillarie ksma na jan ung mga travels nila.

    • I guess Norman associated it because of the couple’s first names: Bill and Hillarie. 🙂
      No politics about it.

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