25 comments on “Emanuele Mendoza Amboy for Best Global Model of the Year 2016

  1. Gud greep! Why are we sending a kid to a men’s pageant? The baby face, the hairless armpits, that nubile body. Sigh.

    • Lily, baka naman Pedophile ang peg ng International organizer kaya ganyang klase ang panglaban hihihi
      Puede din male version lang ng Miss Saigon hihihi.

  2. Just my two cents: before joining any male pageants, i hope they prepare themselves physically. Let’s be honest, pag tinabi mo yan sa male candidates internationally, walang wala yan. Look at Venezuela and Mr. Polski (?) Pageant ready na ang itsura pagsali pa lang nila. we have to level up. kung gusto talaga natin makipagsabayan di ba?

    • Bulinggit kasi at baby face tignan ang mga Noypi unless may half lahi lahi sila like papa Sam kaso ng pakantahin ng tagalog song happy birthday ang kinanta hihihihi, but wait u mean like this? e.g.

      David Bernat, the Mister Internacional Barcelona 2016 and a finalist in the Mister Internacional España 2016 will be participating in the 2016 Best Global Model Of The Year which will be held on November 23-29 in Lisboa- Portugal. He is 27 years old and stands at 1.91m.

  3. Just wanted to add, regarding this second last-minute replacement situation.

    I am mindful that it is certainly simpler and more convenient to send over to Portugal somebody who is already there (surely Mr. Amboy is in possession of an EU visa) and that there may be some internal agreements between GCI and MBPI in place for such eventualities. But also bear in mind that GCI also has in their stable THEIR 2nd Runner-Up, the Boholano Gent Mr. Rex Calimbayan.

    Face-wise, Mr. Calimbayan’s strong Chinito features can help him STAND OUT in what is essentially a Europe-and-Africa-centric male modelling pageant. Asia is not really well represented in this tilt (and surely there must be a better reason than distance), so if he can get in he will almost immediately be noticed.

    And if I were Mr. Calimbayan’s handler (and notwithstanding whatever commitments explicitly detailed in the contract signed between Rex and GCI as far as exactly what the expectations are in the event of such a “vacancy” or “opportunity to compete abroad”), I would certainly want my ward to be given the chance to prove his worth and pay for his keep. After all, he did win fair and square, even if he is just a Spare Tire / Reserva.

    And his tattoos should not be a problem. Europe is a more liberal market for modelling opportunities. And we know this from the not-so-few times that Europe has sent “inked” reps to male pageants outside their region in the last few years. And neither is insufficient time in the gym; the muscular look is no longer in vogue in Europe. And AGAIN, not a few Europe reps to male pageants recently are actually guys with regular-enough yet respectably-toned physiques. Rex has this.

    And finally, Rex is in Manila ATM awaiting modelling gigs booked for him by GCI. He is ready, like a soldier anticipating battle orders. If Migs could, Rex should, too…

    • Tomorrow na start ng pageant…. Obviously walang papers yung rex… its that simple.

  4. I can’t believe this guy was raised abroad . Not that there is anything with the provinciano look

    • nasa genes talaga iyan, it doesn’t matter kung foreign born ka.. i should know.. dami dito sa tate na ganyan. pero depende parin iyan kasi sa judges.. kung bet nila exotic, panalo to.. tignan mo si patapon-wang

    • Cute naman… Kailangan lang humabol sa gym… as in araw-araw gym and healthy diet! As in araw araw…. Kailangan nya matuyo!

  5. Nako ha, parang nagiging trend sa Gentlemen of the Philippines ang pagpapslit ng representative…pangalawa na to. I commend Christian for prioritizing his education pero it begs the question, bakit sumali kung alam namang may chance na magka-conflict ang schedule ng pag-aaral at pageant? At saka ilang araw ba ang kakailanganin para mag-submit ng requirements at kunin ang approved Schengen Visa? Hindi ka naman basta basta na lang susulpot sa embassy di ba…puwede naman i-schedule yan.

    Anyway…guwapo naman si Emanuele, may pagka baby face…pero based on the pics, kailangan ng bonggang gym time bago sumabak sa Portugal.

  6. yung mobstar voting sa supra is swipe lang ng swipe??? kahit anong picture ni joanna? or meron siyang offical account don? nakakalito

  7. These pageants are watering down the system . 0ne of these days, Miss U and Miss W will disappear off the face of the earth.
    Look what happened to American Idol.
    These small pageants are consuming everyone, honestly.when will this ever end?

    • im okay with it.. meaning to say.. beauty pageant is not dead like some people would say

      • Padede, the only reason I watch Miss u and other pageants is because the Phils is in the running .as soon as she is eliminated , my tv is off.
        So I never finished the Miss U from 2000-9 then in 2014

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Imitation is, indeed, the highest expression of flattery (or greed).

      Akin to the struggle to contain all the fake Guccis and LV’s, MW and MU will simply have to stay a thousand steps ahead of the inevitable surge of copycat minor pageants and find ways to stay relevant, ultra-exciting, and stimulating to a wider and wider demographic.

      This is the only way for them to survive.

      Oh, and yeah! The perception that MU is more popular in Latin America and Asia and MW being more esteemed in Europe and Africa suggests the need for a TRULY GLOBAL pageant that will cut through ALL manner of human divisions and deliver entertainment acceptable and entertaining 2 all.

      • Ohhh … Tama pala c Mommy Jonas na 3 lang ang Biggest/Authentic/Original/Major Beauty Pageant.
        MI, MU and MW hihihi
        All the rest are immitation hihihi

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