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  1. Tanga ni Job, gusto ko sya sakalin!!! .,Pinagpalit ang Mr. Model sa raket dito… ang duda ko e audition ng Mossimo Bikini Summit… What a dumbass!?! Goodluck kung ipapanalo sya dun e its a marketing campaign… based on the past winners puro laking ibang bansa kasi you also need to have good comskils with class… hindi promdi ng peg… Kalaban pa nya mga Starmagic! Napaka laking Goodluck!!!

    • okay lang yun, baka next year mas malaking title makuha niya. ang hinala eh nakabuntis sya something eh mas malala naman yun

      • @ Padede Boy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        The only bigger titles in male pageantry are World, International, and Men Universe Model (as per Misterology’s Big 3). Now that Manhunt has recently resumed, hopefully Big 3 can become Big 4.

        But the Filipinas franchises to all these titles are currently already held by GCI’s rival camps. Yes, Mr. Abogado will HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL HIS CONTRACT PERIOD WITH GCI ENDS before he can try for these other opportunities, assuming he would still be interested and the local search for 2017 bets would still be open, by then.

        GCI accepted Mr. Abogado’s request to beg off from competing in New Delhi, BUT they did NOT release him! He “will remain a Gentleman”, in their own words and will continue to serve GCI ” in a lesser capacity / in lesser functions” (or something like that).

        Mr. Abogado has now gone low-key. But I recently saw him once on FB sharing a meal with a male relative and a lovely girl (I forgot her name, my apologies) who has, is, or will represent Filipinas in a foreign pageant.

        One thing, though. With all the talk that Mr. Abogado wasted a golden opportunity, his “market value” or “market desirability” may increase. He may be carefully weighing his options, biding his time…

        And that’s the latest on the Uragon. And hopefully, not the last we will see or hear of him.

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I just wanted to add that Indonesians were incredulous that their bet did not make the Final Cut despite topping Misterology and Sash Factor’s Top Picks, heavy sponsorship, a razor-sharp and calculated promotional Pre-Arrival/Pageant video and photo blitz featuring almost contrived styling, and best of all, accompaniment at the Finals by no less than his National Director Mr. Edin Mohammed (Yes, the President of Indonesia Male Pageants Organization, owner of the Mister Universal Ambassador brand and who also hosted Mr. Luis Trujillo, the owner of Mister Model International Pageant, when the latter attended the MUA 2016 Finals in Surabaya two months ago).

      The Thai winner is, imho, quite ordinary-looking by Asian standards. Indeed, Mr. Abogado is way,way above him in the looks department alone, so much so that no less than Mr. Trujillo dropped a hint on the MMIP FB fanpage of the Bicolano Gent’s winnability not too long ago.

      Indeed, if this Thai guy can win, si Job pa kaya? And if you check other discussion fora, the same sentiment/opinion is shared.

      Now, MMIP in its three-year existence prior to this edition had stayed true to its Latino roots by crowning three Latino Kings in succession. But Filipinas’ Arcel Yambing’s Top 6 finish (and sweetened by two subtitles, Photogenic and Congeniality) last year suggested that the pageant bosses were ready to consider looking across the Pacific Pond (Ocean) for fresh blood, new faces, and bigger business opportunities. Enter Mr. Sandeep Kumar of the Rubaru Group of India, and a deal was forged to bring the pageant outside of the Americas for the first time.

      The Indonesian could have won except that he was only 5’10” in height; I really believe this was an important factor against him because despite his emulation of a facial hair-covered Latino guy, he looked puny when lined up with everybody else. Even our Kapampangan Gent Mr. Miguel Maliwat was bulkier than him!

      And in closing, may I say that considering the limited preparation time window he had little choice but to accept and the photos and videos regularly sent from the New Delhi pageant venue, Migs gave it everything he had (and more), and did so with class. It just was not the right battle for him. In another totally different pageant millieu, his various charms would have been recognized.

      But it is what it is.

      • Exactly!… Kung si Arcel nga na walang malay nag TOP 5….Panalo sana si Job dun!.. Nakakabanas… sayang opportunity… tinatapon nalang ng basta-basta… Tsk tsk!

      • Mr Indonesia looked good in his editorial pics but looked ordinary on his candids. Mr. Thailand looks so thin but very photogenic. Im sure Job could have won this but then maybe next year he can join again or possibly on a bigger scale pageant.

      • @C2F, magseselos na sa iyo si PO2 Don McGyver Cochico nyan. Hayaan mo na, pag ukol bubukol wala kasi silang bukol like Spainhour, Ajdani, ewan ko ba.

  2. Ano ba yan mukhang masuwerte lahat ng ipinadala ng Gentlemen of the Philippines sa mga patimpalak. Gaya ng sabi ko halos gabi-gabi ako nagdadasal para sa lahat ng nanalo ng Philippines. Noong sumabak si Andrea Biondo sa patimpalak ng Mister Universal Ambassador 2016, Salamat sa Diyos at nakinig siya dahil nanalo siya bilang Second Runner-up at may bonus title Mister Southeast Asia International 2016 . Ano nangyari kay Miguel Alexis Maliwat ? Halos mapudpod na yung tuhod ko sa kadadasal. May pag-asa pa ba yung ibat kalahok. Tanging Diyos na lang nakakaalam kung mananalo siya.

    • No offense meant . But it was a beauty contest first and foremost .. so his non-inclusion was hardly surprising at all.
      Maybe u can ask Norman to focus on facial beauty to decide who gets the crown .. before u kneel on salted floor hihihi

      • @C2F, magseselos na sa iyo si PO2 Don McGyver Cochico nyan. Hayaan mo na, pag ukol bubukol wala kasi silang bukol like Spainhour, Ajdani, ewan ko ba.

  3. My Top Four would consist of New Caledonia and Cook Islands (because this is, after all, Asia-Pacific and small island-nations should also have a chance), Canada, and Philippines.

    OT : Thailand won Mister Model International 2016. He is the pageant’s first non-Latino titlist. Gentleman of the Philippines Miguel Maliwat was unable to make the First Cut.

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