54 comments on “Sunday Specials: 2 Filipinas in Poland

  1. Whatever they say about you Miss Philippine, I know some people are still in doubt about your ability but I still believe on you and I will see you as one of the top 5 finalists. Keep hoping and believing that you will bring home the title of Miss Suprational 2016.

    • @ Iamwhoiam : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      They can mock all they wish. MI organization is standing pat on their decision. Kylie won. Period.

    • They keep on bashing but they forgot that Kylie is now the Miss International 2016 and if Im not mistaken she will also be one of the judges in MI 2017. Sige lang, humanda kayong pumalakpak

    • Di nman pinapansin ng MIO or any professional beauty pageant Organisations kc alam nilang basura ang pag-iisip ng kagaya realofbeautypageant.
      Tirahin na nila lahat ng Pinay Beauty Queens at least sikat ang Pinay sa tingin nila kaya gusto nilang ibagsak mula sa pinakataastaasang position hi hi hi charot.
      Reply na lng tayo ng “Thank you for recognizing Philippines Beauty Queens as No. 1 Beautiful Woman in the World”. Charot😄

    • These classless Indonesian bashers, let’s allow them to wallow in their own negativity so that eventually their queens will carry the burden of representing to the universe a country of the nastiest beauty pageant fans ever. Let’s sit back and watch them create something that will eventually lead to their own very own downfall. Actually, downfall is the wrong term, as they were never UP there in the first place. Let’s watch them get crowned for being the world’s Most Hateful and Hated Country in Beauty Pageantry.

  2. And here are the indo bashers again….
    Pinagpyestahan ang pics ni eden. From Photoshoped pics to reality daw.

  3. After imeldas lose at ME. I dont think KF will let their other queens to lost. Nichole is the first to fight for the crown. She ia doing very well. Medyo maiksi ang araw ng pageant kaya inilalabas na nya ang mga bala nya. Si eden i am expecting this week mag sstart na sya into something new, palaban mode. Dec 2 is the coronation so may araw pa. Good Luck!

    • Another photoshopped!

      Everyone knows this is not the real Joanna Eden!

      What happened to her?

      Sobrang payat. anorexia nervosa!

    • Sa poland pa rin cguro mommy right after miss supra. Cant wait to see those guys to perform their mala-burlesque dance in skimpy wear. Lol. Hahahah. Ang cute cguro tingnan ni AR pag ganun. Hahaga.

  4. I know it’s still pretty early in the competition but here are my sentiments. Joanna is really pretty and those abs omg… pero I can’t see the drive and passion in her like unlike her predecessors like Mutya and Rogelie. I feel like she’s just kind of there? Not very memorable. I hope she gains momentum and finish this competition off with a nice placement… Hoping she finds her fire soon.

    • I’m hoping this (seemingly) laid back attitude is just a ploy. I’m only watching this from a distance so all may not be what it seems. I hope she “lights up” soon. Right now, I’m on the fence about her chances but am still rooting for her. No more hitting the snooze button. Time to wake up and get going!

    • @ Greige : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thanks for sharing.

      I hope it is. For she looks like she’s losing it. In fact, she suggests/screams ‘Imelda Schweighart’.

      But if she indeed is crafty, she will prove me wrong and make an utter fool of me.

      Game ON, Garden of Eden! I’m SO loving you right now. LOL.

    • she still reminds of catherine deneuve, haha

      maybe it’s jet lag?

      anyways, isn’t she part australian and therefore more laid back, no worries approach until the finals


    • Gaya ng pagpuna mo sa ibang kandidata ng BPCI so far this year, porke’t Aces and Queens?

      Not that I condone this behavior, of course. I’d rather wait and see. Pero, isn’t it lovely to have a dose of your own medicine?

    • @ cocoy : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Kailangan niyang agahan ang arangkada. Kung ipagpapaliban niya, baka hindi na siya makahabol/makabawi. Lalamunin siya ng kalaban. Ngayon pa lang, nasasapawan na siya. Alam naman natin na GALIT na ang buong mundo sa Filipinas pagdating sa timpalak-kagandahan.

      SUPRA ‘to, Ginoong ALL CAPS! Palandian. Hindi uubra dito ang pa-shy-shy.

      Ikaw, hindi mahiyain, hindi ba? Kaya, naiintindihan mo.

      Jetlag? How convenient. Kung si Bb. Manalo nga, nakabawi kaagad… What’s her excuse?

      And she has to be WOMAN ENOUGH to handle criticism. How can she win if she wimps out at the slightest aggravation? Does she want this BADLY ENOUGH?

      Whether she wins or loses, I will own up to my statements, as I always have.

      I prefer Puteri Intan. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE as far as I am concerned.

    • @cocoy , Mutya who was a KF girl impressed them all from day 1.
      I think it’s because she is young and grew up abroad. Some pics are really good though . She may surprise us

      • Officially, Mutya was not affiliated with any of the two major training camps. Norman called Mutya’s handlers The Isabelanons, and one of them even used Mutya’s victory as a marketing ploy when he was part of the infamous Gouldian camp.

    • Infairness sayo cocoy ha. With the way you speak, napaghahalataan kang alternick mo lang to. Your lines, sa lahat ng comments mo, reminds me of someone before na super hate ang A&Q dahil maka-KF sya, and now, bait baitan na si merlie kuno. Wag ka ng pabebe gurl. Mahahalata ka talaga.

      • Sino yan Mae?
        Si Bong007 ba yan AKA Mrs. Spainhour
        or si Baby Nica AKA Imee Schweighart?

  6. anong nangyari eden? strategy ba to? or haggardo verzosa ka lang dahil sa long flight. i know europeans like scraggly hairstyle pero sana bring back the fiery charismatic persona

  7. We need someone who has a positive attitude and a strong drive to win.
    Venus Parul Pia Miriam Janine Ruffa Kylie Bea Lara – they were all go-getters.

    Eden seems to just tag along . So the chances are not good. But who knows? The owners may like her.

    As for Maxine , she needs to stop ‘ Ngumisi-ngisi’ like a dumb blonde ( hihihi) and start getting more serious. When she says she hopes for a b2b , she should say it like she really means it. Forget abt the world around her and learn how to answer the questions with sense and clarity. No need for a perfect grammar and diction , just nake sense.

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I agree with you on Ms. Medina.

      In fact, I WANT her to go to Ms. Schweighart for some tips!

      Because Ms. Schweighart obviously has NO problem AT ALL with Q&A.

  8. She is not as pretty perhaps, but I now also like … Japan.

    Why? She is a bubbly handball player who seeks to use Supranational to call attention to and so make her chosen sport more popular. And she is certainly one of the boys at Japan’s Handball Club!

    I think it was for this unique advocacy of hers that Missosology decided to include her on the Lower Tier of their Second Hot Picks. And we all know that if the front-runners (like Filipinas and Indonesia) falter or screw up, it is these “lurkers” that the judges will elevate to take over.

    Careful, careful… Major, major…

  9. Amazing Miss Philippines 5’7″ and young at 19 years old and Alluring Miss Germany 5’9″ and mature at 26 years old. They are equally beautiful and talented. Good luck ladies! I hope one of you will follow the success of your fellow Filipina Mutya Datul.

  10. eden looks horrible! And those teeth!!

    What happened to her? she was way better looking during BBP days.

    I blame her camp KF

  11. Eden is very puny with no spark and PR. She prob competed too early.
    Some pics are very encouraging though.
    So I will wait and see.

  12. Another 1st runner up finish for the Philippines!. Meryl Angeline King, 27 years old registered nurse from Albay almost did a back to back win in Miss Scuba International 2016 next to Miss India.

    During the Q&A round Meryl was asked “What do you think is the essence of winning the pageant?”. Her answer was “We become more passionate in protecting our ocean, I would raise awareness involving NGO’s, students, communities and the government to stand in one in promoting marine biodiversity and protect and save the ocean”.

    Miss Scuba International is a competition devoted in protecting our oceans through safe diving practices. The pageant was held in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

    Full List of Winners

    Winner: India
    1st Runner Up: Philippines
    2nd Runner Up: China

    Top 5

    China, Philippines, Latvia, Indonesia, India

    Special Award

    Miss Photogenic – Netherlands
    Miss Marine Conservation – China
    Miss Congeniality – South Korea
    Best in National Costume – Sri Lanka
    Miss Talent – Japan

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