96 comments on “Photo Blog | The Homecoming Celebration for Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa 

  1. Alright. Base sa conference kahapon. MU will be having 3 fashion show. Fashion show gamit ang tela ng mindanao, they also have benchwear, and of course terno fashion show sa vigan gaganpin ang terno. Sana i push nila ang terno cocktail dress for intro sa final.

    Baguio are among the destinations base sa planned but not yet final. If ever. This MU candidates are very lucky pero pagudpod ang lahat haha. Expecting that they will set warm beach for them. Many of the candids came from cold countries. Expect ko din na kasale sila sa baguio festival.
    Wow ang dami. Carry yan basta. They will take good care all those ladies. Basta everything will be safe and fine.
    Dame pala nag reklamo sa oras kaya MU mag adjust 8 or 9am mag start. Kahit ako ok na sakin 5am eh. Dame reklamo ng mga pinoy. Ang ooa! MU pa talaga mag aadjust. Kung talagang fans ng MU kahit anung oras pa yan carry mo.
    Yan pa lang. Other details soon pa. Ang preliminary SS at EG sa moa din ba? Or sa resort at hotel?

  2. Ang nag uplift nalang ng fashion spirit ko today is this post. It’s about time Pia + M5. Di lang ako sure kung para saan tong fitting na to.

    • Laila, while it may look generic , it showcases her beauty and grace. She may not win best in NatCos but it will leave a very good impression in the organization and the judges.
      Nichole is nailing it . Won’t blame the org if they choose another Pinoy.
      It’s just a pain to see our beauties getting wasted for these very very small pageants

      • But but Fabbie….I had soaring expectations. She changed her face, she had a different persona during BBP, her sisters are intimidadting and she made me believe she’d destroy everything and anyone in her path. This new subtlety is very confusing for me. She wore an Almodal for the finals for chrissakes! That’s like giving SMA the bitch slap.

      • Laila, I like that it is simple And not carnival-istic. I really dig it although prob like u , I’m tired of this Spanish terno . They don’t even like us there in Spain lol

  3. Miss Globe
    Nichole Manalo

    The natcos is WELL MADE but so SAD. Kim Gan is a classy classy designer and Nichole is one of her muses but they could have packed a punch with this simple terno. Ganiel Krishnan for Miss Asia Pacific wore a perfectly subtle natcos that’s super interesting. They could have gone by that route for Ms. Manalo.

      • I really don’t like her beauty . But the pic above is very promising ,Laila. I think she can win

      • Fabbie, sa mga nakakausap kong international friends bet na bet nila tong girl na to mainly because Raymond Saldana worked his magic on this particular headshot:

      • People either liked or got confused by Ganiel’s natcos…which if you think about it, is a good thing because it confirms that it is interesting, new and give people something to talk about.

        Nichole’s on the other hand…

      • @ Laila : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Thanks again for sharing.

        Very nice, indeed. For me anyway, Vivienne Westwood, Renato Balestra, and Galliano for Dior couture runways are evoked.

        And see how the eye shadow matches the subtle pink of the top? Well-orchestrated!

      • I get the exagerated jewelry and traje de mestiza baro… but the Skirt, what’s the historical aspect or cultural signigicance of that skirt?!

      • Closer, the design team wanted a very 1900s modern illustrado feel. I get the skirt. 1901-1910 Edwardian era fashion cinched waist trumpet skirt. Try checking some photos of the Thomasite teachers as well as the ladies from the Belle epoch era. This will make more sense.

    • Laila, while it may look generic , it showcases her beauty and grace. She may not win best in NatCos but it will leave a very good impression in the organization and the judges.
      Nichole is nailing it . Won’t blame the org if they choose another Pinoy.
      It’s just a pain to see our beauties getting wasted for these very very small pageants

    • OMG…and here i thought that this is from Cumbia, Kim Gan pala. Akala ko tuloy di pa limot ni madam ang puslitan last year. It just looks so uninspired kasi.

    • Wedding dress terno. Walang umpppp factor. What happened to the KF reps this year? Parang waley waley lang sila.

    • @ Laila : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you again for your hard work.

      Sad, indeed. Ms. Nicole Cordovez’s striking and more-streamlined black terno at MGI was better.

      This on the other hand, though with pretty lace, simply looks like a bed sheet flung over oneself at Halloween because you wanted to look like a ghost.

      White symbolizes purity. But it also signifies…death (loss of vibrancy as the skin loses its pinkish-red tone). And worse, the photo was apparently taken late in the day when the sunlight is VERY WHITE. As a result, we get glare, like bright Winter sun on a clear day against freshly-laid virgin snow.

      TRY TAKING SAID IMAGE EITHER AT SUNRISE OR SUNSET. Then dress will catch some oranges and grays. And see a pronounced difference.

      Another problem : FABRIC. This is HEAVY for the purpose. They should have invested in light-as-air kinds if they wanted Ms. Manalo to look like a beautiful cloud to shield viewers from what is now clear to be the fierce sun of the Albanian Autumn. Then she would billow with the slightest breeze or whenever she moved.

      Unless Albanians dig this kind of look… Or strategy to inject refinement after twin placements in Miss Bikini and Miss Disco. Or an emulation of Ms. Ann Colis’ white column with which she triumphed last year, as psychological hint to “please give Filipinas a B2B, please”.

      • It makes sense na may na late na ibang designer. Nichole is Ms. Gan’s new muse. She’s more of an eventsy designer. I don’t think thi terno was meant as Nichole’s natcos. I don’t want to fault Ms. Gans work because I saw zoomed out photos of this it’s really nice. For a dainty Filipino themed wedding yes.

    • Looks like 90’s ang pagkakagawa ng terno nya or 80’s. Yan lang ba ang culture na alam ng BPCI filipiniana mostly? Ive read that its her choice daw. Duhhh. Sana maisipan namanng itry ang ibang culture. Or ayaw lang magmukhang tanga sa natcos na kaylaki. Buti pa mga latina and others kahit gano kalaki carry. Mag darna nalang sila para mas magaan.

    • Totally agree with you. I have to check Kim Gan’s IG to verify. It was really her creation. While it showcased the essence of a terno, a few colors wouldn’t hurt.

      But as described in Kim’s IG, the terno is a hand beaded pina jusi. She has done a better job on MJ’s yellow terno during BbP and Pat Ejercitado’s.

      Nichole is working it nonetheless.

  4. Natcos ni Nichole mga besh…di pa nakakalimot si Madam!

    Dama ko Cumbia couture itey dug from Madam SMA’s baul

  5. Ok game medyo marami to.
    Supra muna:
    May sighting na si Joanna pero she’s not very visible sa Mobstar na app. In short this is Valerie again na MIA sa ganap. Joanna needs to be more pro-active.

    1. She’s too pala pala
    2. Her frame looks quite small
    3. I don’t know if it’s her stylist there or what but her makeup is either too pale or too dark
    4. Sites such as global beauties and other Indonesian accounts on IG are having a blast posting unflattering photos of Joanna.
    5. The veneers are so damn distracting, I’d take Catriona and Megan’s baby teeth any day.

    She needs to get her mojo back and for god’s sake kapalan na nya fez nya kaka update.

      • She changed her hair style. I’ve never seen her with wavy curly curls… Im not a fan since it looks very distracting.

    • Yung totoo madam…si Joanna ba ang na-hospitalize o si Intan? charot!

      I guess her Aussie laid back upbringing is to blame for the lack of visibility.

      Yep…she looks too pale and frail in most of the photos…what happened?!?


      • 2 things Greige

        1. While in Manila most of her posts were about her church activities and going to the beach and lounging with binibini friends so hindi mo talaga ma gets if may gameplan sila.

        2. As much as we want to help her up her visibility on social media, halos kakarampot individual editorials ni Joanna. Wala tayong ma post and repost. They did not even release a swimsuit photo of her. I had to screenshot her IG stories video just to check her out in a bikini with her abs sticking out para ma share ko dito.

      • Hmmmm, do you guys think it is all a strategy? I dont think pinabayaan siya ng kf kasi maayos naman siya sa mga appearances before the supra competition

    • @ Lea : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you for sharing.

      Oh my. What happened to Puteri Intan? Her hair looks like a failed attempt at Latina vibe emulation.


  6. Halatang replica lang yung suot nyang corona. Wala kasing ribbon.
    Sana nga ganyan ang coronang gamitin ng BbP International.

  7. I already followed rhet eala IG for possible EG of maxine. Ive read that theres a UP trainor for maxine. Na naging trainor din nipa meagan. So its really that they are preparing her for Q&A. Constructing of sentences. Il hope meron ding training sa pag act nya while speaking. Proper sounds while speaking. I am expecting na bawassan nya ngisi nya kung hinde at talagang ganun sya.ok na. basta sana when she opens her mouth people would love to listen to her kahit ilang oras pa nakaupo makarinig lang tayo ng magandang pangungusap sa kanya. Ma please nya tayo o ang ating attensyon to listen to her. Sana din mabilis sya sumagot. Mabilis mag isip ng sagot at i deliver agad agad. Pero sagot na magpapanalo sa kanya. I am expecting january we will see and hear a new and polished Maxine Medina.

  8. Maxine is worrisome even facially. Her pics above are disappointing . She cannot wear pastel. She needs to stick to black grey or white

    • Eyes are too small, cheeks are too prominent, nose is … something.
      They need to find the right style for her . The one above will not work

  9. Si Nichole nga pala Top 3 sa Miss Bikini. Ngayon naman Top 3 din sa Miss Disco something. kaloka lang ha. Shiny Disco Ball.

  10. May plan siguro si nawatt naipasuot kay nicole ang MGI crown at sash soon….char

    Dapat kase may sash din ang runner up eh. Buti pa ang MI runner ups meron both sash and crown. Sash lang hinde pa ma provide.tsk.

    Nga pala ang runner ups ng MI. Naiuuwi ba ang crown?

    • @ Geoff : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Oo nga, sana naiuuwi rin ng Runners-Up ng MI ang mga “coronitas” nila. Ipinipihit lang para kumabit sa ulo. Nakatutuwa panoorin tuwing coronation…

  11. Nag-manufacture ba ang BPCI ng bagong replica crown ng Miss International because of Kylie or dati na yan? Yung kay Bea na replica crown may kabayo di ba?

  12. She needs to carry because ,she doesn’t have any sash proclaiming her as miss grant international first runner up. Let’s pray for all our male and female delegates instead .

  13. Bashers and haters of Philippine pageantry are like a pack of dogs always barking and howling!

    When you throw a couple of rocks into the pack, the dogs that got hit bark the loudest.

    When the Philippine sash ‘wins’ a crown or a receives top 5 placement they are like rocks falling on the heads of those who are envious of its phenomenal success in recent years and want to see our ladies fail.

    I guess it is expected. Like they say in Hollywood, “when the media STOPS writing about you, THEN it is time to worry.”

    Continue on Bb Pilipinas & Philippine title holders class of 2016.

  14. Winner: Thailand
    1st Runner Up: Philippines
    2nd Runner Up: Cambodia
    3rd Runner Up: Costa Rica
    4th Runner Up: China

    Top 10

    China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Malaysia, Netherlands, PHILIPPINES, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia

    Special Awards

    Best in National Costume: Indonesia
    Miss Good Luck (Sponsor Award): Malaysia
    Best in Talent: Netherlands
    Miss Friendship: South Africa
    Miss Photogenic: Thailand

  15. Pansin ko lang bakit si Nicole C di nag suot ng sash at crown eh di naman sya winner sa MGI para di na nya isuot ang BBP crown oh my….

    • hahahahahaha I notice that too tapos di na sinusuot
      ang BB crown and sash kaloka… at ang chika nya na
      lagi raw syang kasama sa travel ni Miss Grand eh di
      naman pala totoo kaya pala walang official statement ang MGI
      tungkol dun nakakahiya

      • Jeremi, to be honest, I feel like wearing your own crown is a little tacky. It would have been preferred if they only wore the sash or even without the sash and the crown to give the entire spotlight to Kylie.

      • Bakla alam na siyempre! Diosmio nagtaka pa kayo, di ba atitudera at eksenadora naman talaga yang si Cordoves? Stress na stress mga taga-Dale sa training pati mga kampo carne nya! Feelingerang know it all! Akala nya magwiwin sya sa kudaan at ka-arogantehan nya, ayun na-imbey si Nawat. Walang alam sabihin kundi speechwriter speechwriter chenes!

      • Totally agree with you 4M on wearing the crown. I also think that the sash would be enough for the other queens so as the focus and highlight would be (on) Kylie. It’s her homecoming parade anyway.

        As for Nicole’s trophy, yes it is most likely that BPCI asked her to bring it. I think that this is somewhat a recognition of some sorts for her placement at MGI.

        I just hate that the other queens are wearing tacky, outdated, out-of-the-baul closet of SMA gowns. Nagmukha silang yaya ni Kylie with her intricately detailed Libiran gown.

        Anyhow, Congrats again and Thank you Kylie. You are so divine yesterday.

      • Eh di sana dala dala rin ni Parul yung trophy nya last year sa mga functions kung directive yan ng BBP at take note dalawa pang trophy yun kay Parul. Helllooooo at pati flag na galing Vegas dala dala pa rin at super wagay way hahahaha nasa Pinas na sya no. Oh puhleaseeeee Nicole get rid of that flag and trophy at isuot ang BBP sash and crown ng di mgmukhang desperada…kung si miriam quiambao nga at janine tugonon na 1st runners up ng prestihyosong MU eh sinuot pa rin ang crown at sash ng BBP sa mga gatherings eh…hays

    • pampagood vibes yan ke-nawat na kunwari binigyan ng mportancia ang patimpalak nya.. alam mo na ang pholitks di talaga mawawala yun

  16. Thank you, Mr. Tinio! I was awaiting this.

    Ms. Verzosa is the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Christmas ballet, “The Nutcracker”.

    And thank you, too, Ms.Joy Arguil! Your photos have placed me in “Yuletide mode” at last. LOL.

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