7 comments on “Spotlight | Mister Tourism World Sri Lanka 2016 Dulish Thennakone

      • Winner is Thailand
        1stRU is Philippines
        2ndRU is Cambodia
        3rdRU is Costa Rica
        4thRU is China
        Natalo ang Philippines dahil sa demonstration of Wirecast hi hi hi charot.
        Mas maganda crown ni Philippines kesa sa winner Thailand na same sa antique BbPilipinas na gigantic crowns 😄😃😊

      • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Thanks for sharing. I’m sure Mr. Tinio would have posted on this earlier, pero nasa Cotabato City nga siya bilang hurado sa isang timpalak-kagandahan.

        Just my one cent(s) of the results :

        Thailand > bears some semblance to… Thailand (Aniporn Chalemburawanong, MU – Thailand 2015)

        Filipinas > well-deserved! Acid-green gown bears semblance to the Garden of Eden’s emerald-green Mark Bumgarner at BBP 2015, and hands-on-the-sides (down, not on hips) stance was like Queen P’s own stance at MU 2015. Pretty!

        Cambodia > was there any doubt?

        Costa Rica > quite pretty, but Panama (tall and made cute by her dimples) was the best Latina.

        China > her dove gray-blue qi pao-inspired gown was quite elegant. The BEST dress of the batch!

        The European contingent was relatively weak in terms of looks. But Moldova’s sinuous pasarela emphasized her curvaceousness; hers was the best walk.

        The black delegates were all quite pretty! It’s a pity none was recognized with a First Cut placement.

        Myanmar bore semblance to Ms. Parul Shah.

        Indonesia bore some semblance to Ms. Megan Young.

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