42 comments on “Photo-Blog | Nichole Manalo updates from Albania

  1. First runner-up sya. The Thai won but she’s gorgeous din kaya ok lang.

    Congratulations Janela Joy Cuaton for winning Miss Tourism Metropolitan International- 1st Runner Up!

  2. She was Tanned and so Toned when she joined Binibini for the 2nd Time. Diba ngumanganga kayo during screening at press presentation. So isa lang masasabi, mahirap magpaTan at magDiet sa Albania because she is going back to her Old look Circa 2014! #AllTeaNoShade

    • Sunny ano ba beh she was only in Albania for like 2 days. You ain’t gaining weight that fast. Maybe she just gained weight while training, period.

  3. I am one of the few who said that her styling was a bit off but I like her look now. She is regaining her aura back.. She look so pretty in 1 piece. A strong contender indeed.

  4. Lots of super gorgeous photos of Kylie pero I think Norman will post something soon so I’ll limit ng post to one. Look at the details of this terno! Dang!

    • Lai. Ask ko lang. Nadala ba ni edymar ang mikomoto sa venenzuela home coming nya. Nag parade ba sya don? Kase kung bawal sa airport ang crown. Bakit nadala sa indonesia. Maybe kasama ang MIO staff that time sa indo kaya nadala ang crown. How about sa venenzuela? Kung kasama ang MIO staff sa indo that time. Bakit hinde nadala sa pinas ang crown? Bat hinde sumama ung trusted person from MIO para sa pangangalaga ng crown. I dont know what to say sa mga beking indo.

      • But, just to answer your question, if you look through Edymar’s official Misso thread, specifically this page chronicling her homecoming (http://missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=644901&start=360), you will find no trace of the crown in Venezuela. The next time you will see her with a crown on her head is when she visited Indonesia for PI.

        When you think about it, naisahan pa nga siya nila Kylie and Bea kasi nasuot nila ang crown in the Philippines during their victory parade, although yun nga, wala naman masyadong trips abroad si Bea. Well, this is just the first victory parade for Kylie, even.

      • This crown worn by Kylie is a replica. Sa pagkaka alala ko talaga – pahirapan mailabas ng bansa ang MI crown. Maraming paperwork – I suspect may tax issues yan. I forgot the name of the crown maker pero kaka browse ko lang ng post kanina sa FB. Even nung parade ni Bea Rose replica din kase hindi ganun ka fine yung details.

      • The crown worn by Kylie is a replica.

        Noticed too the difference in the crown design during the time of Bea Rose?
        During the 2005 and 2013 edition they used the same crown design (the one with unicorn or horse). Kylie’s crown is similar to the one used during Melanie’s edition. I thibk this is also similar to the design used during Aurora’s edition.

        I wonder what are their basis on using the crown design for what edition.

      • Pautwas. Replica lang suot ni kylie. Kung tunay ang crown na suot nya sa parade dapat nung nakasuout sya ng labster gown dapat suot nya ung mikimoto pero hinde. So does mean hinde nadala ang mikimoto. The replica crown was made by Manny halasan. Pinag pipiyestahan nga ng indo. Kase si edymar nadala daw ang mikimoto sa indonesia during Puteri. Sa pinas hinde. Sa venenzuela wala ako idea kung naipasok nila. K7ng naipasok naman. Parang unfair na hinde nadala dito. Kung mahigpit sa airport. Bakit ang supra crown ni mutya nadala diba? Kahit crown ni pia replica din ba o original yata ung nasa parade nya. Kung sa tax naman mas mahal ang crown ni pia compare sa crown ng MU. ME crown ang mas mahal right? Nadala din naman abroad.
        Anyway!!! Ok na rin. At least she won. She have the sash and marked as Miss International 2016 and was crowned with original mikimoto.

  5. I really like her right from the very start (binibini 2016). Ketoke or no retoke, wala ako paki. Gumanda cya. Maganda cya at di na-over, literally na-enhance kagandahan nya. She is representing the Philippines sash so well, with that I am proud of her na. That’s more important than anything else.

  6. [video src="https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/15131739_205785413205980_5212161663754567680_n.mp4" /]

      • Sobrang ganda! Pang-Miss Universe ang dating. Winner! Carry ito ni Joanna for sure.

      • @ Will : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Thanks again for your efforts!

        “Walis tambo” NatCos came out earlier at Mister Gay World Philippines 2016, except they opted to no longer make use of dyes and stick with the natural (brown) color of the material.

        The concept is OK, except that the use of many and muted colors lessens the visual impact.

        Remember that there will be other similar “frilly/fringey/feathery” apparitions, chiefly from Latin America. Our NatCos needs to STAND OUT from these.

        If there will be no restrictions to Supranational contest rules as far as nudity is concerned, I DARE the Garden of Eden to come on-stage at Krynica-Zdroj BARE-BREASTED like an Yves Saint Laurent muse. GO TRIBAL!

        Anyway, this is Europe and the people in that part of the world are more liberal and open-minded.

        Besides. don’t the Misters get away with “bahag” (Ifugao/Igorot-inspired NatCos) and loincloths?

  7. See, Ako ang unang nagsabi na may crown sina Nichole at Eden☺
    Kung maligwak sila sa Top 5 ay dinaya at napolitika hihihi
    KF or A&Q ay support Ako sa kanila. Wala akong kinikilingan na kagaya ni Nica.
    Di ba Nagpakatotoo lng tayo Nica hihihi😄😃😊😀😁
    Kidding aside, may laban talaga cina Eden and Nichole.
    Gud luck girls😉

  8. Theres a light in her face. I like her aura there. A&Q has their first International title. Will this queen from KF will be the first to be Miss Globe in their camp? The coronation is near. Good Luck!!!

    • Hello laila, I’ve noticed na nawala or lumiit na yung bashers ng PH. Anong nangyayari? Parang sobrang unusual na noong mga nakaraang araw ay todo bash sila tapos parang biglang nawala. Any thoughts about this?

      • Duda ko e dahil dito gaganapin ang Miss U… Ayaw nila maboo ang mga candidata nila… WAHAHAHAAA 😀

      • hay nakaka stress….hindi sila nawawalala. simula ng nanalo si kylie mas lalong lumala. mostly indonesians. the bashing accounts that edit photos and highlight say fat armpits or crotches or nostrils are short-lived but on instagram I have a network of folks who report to each other to try and take these accounts down. These accounts sometimes pretend to be colombians or venezuelans who are still sour over jessica duarte but they can’t keep up with their spanish captions and revert to very broken english and terms only indonesians would use.

        Here is an account that hasn’t been brought down for example: realofbeautypageant (dyan pa lang mali na alam na) – it has about 2,700 followers

      • here is another example of the type of language they use:

        This guy is a college student. Looks cleaner that most of them …I mean neater

      • Thank you laila. Btw I always see you in instagram, defending our queens. Hahahaha thank you so much for doing that. Hahaha Im too shy to say hi to you

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