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  2. OT: I’ve noticed na parang nawala or lumiit na lang ang bashers ng PH. Anong nangyayari? Kahit sa insta ng MI parang wala na sila. Natatakot ba sila dahil sa PH gaganapin ang MU? Tapos after MU, maglalabasan ulit? Ano thoughts about this guys?

    • @ NJRA : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      You are referring to MI in particular, I assume. And just appropriate to this post.

      My ten cents : HINDI sila pinatulan ng MI organization. Hindi kumagat ang MI organization sa mga paratang nila na nagkalutuan. Sa madaling salita, napahiya sila.

      Sundan po ninyo ang mga statements ng MI organization ukol sa usapin na ito. Hahanga kayo sa kanilang integridad.

      Unable to sustain their barrage with concrete evidence and with Ms. Verzosa’s supporters buoyed by the indirect/veiled support of the MI organization, they eventually lost steam.

      Tahimik na ulit dahil parating na ang Supra, World, at Universe (kalalabas lang ng litrato ni Puteri Kezia).

      Will they be back? Of course!

      But we are still here, too. SLAYING and ready and well-prepared, as always… 🙂

    • ewan kung nabasa mo post ko sa kabila pero mas malala….mostly indonesians. kill one page they can create 10 move with the same photos…and well…my photo

      realofbeautypageant (hindi man lang reality) 2,700+ followers – still active
      indonesian pretending to be latino but uses broken english which is a dead giveaway.

      • Thank you so much laila. I always see you in instagram, defending our queens. Humanda yang mga indo na yan sa MU, hindi nila alam ang kakayahan ng mga pinoy pageant fans. Come miss universe, at papalakpak ng todo yang mga indo…

      • Baka naman kasi alam ng mga kapitbahay natin ang pilit na deny natin about Kylie! Di ba nung Bb. pa kalat na na bratinella si ateng at plastikada! Aminin! Alam yan ng mga co-candidates nya! Pati si Maxine inintriga nya nung di siya nag-Miss U Ph.

      • geoff, these are indonesian accounts. Most of these hate accounts now are Indonesians. Regional na din kase mga coloches.

  3. thanks powerhouseph

    huy!!! ayan na si nichole. babeng babae katawan nya. nakakatuwa lang.

      • 4M, no it’s by Patrick Isorena – same designer as Ima’s warrior eagle costume. Taste level is a bit questionable but he plays around with beads and embellished exoskeletons.

      • Share ko na rin lang dito. Mahirap hirap din laban sa Supra pero hindi nawawala si Joanna sa top 5. I’m only familiar with these ladies kase medyo sa Latin and Asian pageant pages ako nakababad. As you know sa Supra landian and labanan. Here are some of the girls na katawan ang puhunan:

        Yellow – India
        Red – Malaysia
        Black – Venezuela
        Black with hat – Vietnam

      • Sa face naman, Mexico medyo matapang pero maingay sa polls. I find her beautiful pero Mexican girls tend to have sharp features very un-Ximena. Ecuador is also a pretty face. The Mexiacn, hindi gaano ok katawan. Ecuador naman nothing spectacular. I would have Included Intan of Indonesia who is naturally pretty, but her health (she’s been and out of the hospital) and her dated styling plus her less than perfect body is bringing her down.

      • I love the multi colored walis…. I wonder why nobody thought of that before. I would love if Cary Santiago or Cherry Veric would design a printed body stockings for that costume.

      • Pasado sakin yan. Yan ang natcos talaga. Filipiniana gown is a natcos pero pag dating sa pageant iba ang vision sa natcos eh. Dapat bongga talaga. Palaban ang peg.

      • @ Laila : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        During Mr. Tinio’s Post on the BBP Send-off for Misses Eden and Manalo, our Fabian Reyes observed that “Nichole gained weight…She’s competing fat…”.

        Well, here it is. And apparently strategy.

        This is a Side Event to the Miss Globe pageant, called Ms. Bikini. And her weight gain paid off!

        She reminds me of Venus, the goddess. With enough curves to SLAY the skeptical.

        B2B, please.

      • Laila more on Nichole please… keep the updates coming. Alam ko di masyadong ifeature yan dito kasi taga KF but I really love. I mean look at her, tall and sexy at magaling maglakad

      • Andrew and Jeremi, mukang naunahan ko ata si Norman sorry. Nakita ko now lang sa IG nya so baka mag post din sya about Nichole. In the meantime no prob…pag may updates ako agad on these two pageants post ko agad. Yung wardrobe nya kase doon hindi tayo maka assess kase puro sponsored ng organizers. Alam ko lang, she’s tall, she looks glowing (19 hours ka ba naman bumyabyahe talagang ma ha haggard ka) and she knows her sh*t. Mas may quality lang girls this year than last year so hindi rin to mas magiging madali for Nichole as what we initially expected.

  4. I wonder if Bea Santiago and Bianca Guidotti will join the parade celebration festivities to celebrate Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa?

    All former BbP International title holders should be present, in my opinion. What a rich tradition the Philippines has with the prestigous Miss International crown.

    Get on down Kylie!

  5. Bakit sa Araneta lang ang parade? Why not Ayala ave? Just like Miss Universe Pia.

    • I have a feeling it has to do with the state of traffic in the metro these days (nearing Chirstmas). It’s really bad, and a Manila-Makati parade would be asking for too much right now. Bea was lucky her parade came after Christmas.

    • @ miss tissa : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      No problem. I sense her Baguio City parade will be even GRANDER.

      And I assume her alma mater (Ateneo De Manila University) has put something together in her honor, be it ever so humble and intimate. The Jesuits would certainly approve of her clutching a rosary in her hour of judgment. Prayer is something they inculcate in the minds of their pupils.

    • Hi Miss Tissa, traffic situation is really worse now. …….MMDA won’t allow that to happen. Even the President hates the convoy and he does not want an inconvenience to the public.

      • Saan ba walang traffic?
        Kahit magparade pa sya sa EDSA di magbabago ang traffic situation. Sasabay lang naman ang float nya sa bagal ng takbo ng mga sasakyan. From Ayala to Cubao ang average speed would be 15km/hr.

  6. I guess it is possible to win on luck or circumstance. But chance prefers the prepared. And that these young women triumphed owes as much to the fact that they had what it takes to do so, even from the very beginning. “Marami na tayo’ng pinagdaanan”, said Ms. International 2016 to her parents.

    Ms. Kylie’s calm and appropriately-calibrated demeanor suggests the fire (in her belly) that SLAYS.

  7. I really love how these recent queens are working their butts off to win not just for themselves but for the country as well. Well done to all their coaches and mentors and friends who mold them into women that they are now. It’s also nice to hear that these women despite the stigma towards pageantry show us that nothing is ever easy and if you want to achieve something, be prepared to work yourself to get it. Very very inspiring.

  8. Hardwork and dedication indeed pays off!
    Congratulations Kylie!
    You truely desserve this!

    • Cubao lang at bakit parang maigsi lang ang parada?:( bakit si Bea naman dati nakapag parada sa makati kahit hindi naman mabait si Bea at retokada pa? 😦 at marami pang kaaway.

      At during Xmas season din naman nanalo sina Bea, Megan at Pia ah??? 😦

      SAna kasi hindi nalang nagkakapa ang nananalong miss international yung crown at trophy nalang enough na fabolous ng tingnan.. ang pangit ng kapa nila.

      • Nope. Pia’s parade was in January. Megan’s parade was in October. Bea’s parade was December 27. Pwede ba, bago magreklamo, mag-research din muna?

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