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    • @ Will : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Team ASEAN (Thaindoy), again!

      This “combo” is getting all too obvious and repetitive. LOL.

    • I believe it was a decision of the organizers to approve their entry from Yangon to help increase the number of candidates :-/

    • @ Ken : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Just like the Olympics, I guess. The host country gets to choose which events to omit and which to include as a Demonstration or Exhibition Sport as a strategic move to thwart potential medal tally rivals.

      For example, in one edition of the Asian or ASEAN Games, host Malaysia included Pencak Silat, the ancient Malay martial art. Predictably, only a few countries fielded bets, and Malaysia got the lion’s share of the medals in what is their National Sport.

      This practice is also done in some minor pageants in Europe. In fact, I believe Mr. Tinio posted an article on one such tilt this year in a place called Afrodita. Sorry, I have forgotten the more important details, but sadly both our lovely bets (yes! Filipinas sent two (2)) failed to place.

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