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  1. #GoodMorning Elaine Kay Moll,u’re beautiful like #QueenP @PiaWurtzbach #MissUniverse2015 kept it up my queens

  2. Bessie Besana is a rookie in the league of Francis Libiran, Rhett Eala, Mak Tumang, among others, and yet he has remarkably created dresses worthy of emulation. I am a fan. Given some more years, I believe he will be an Alpha couturier and shall do fab pageant or non-pageant dresses, designs or details of which are highly intricate.

  3. The title got me thinking just how tall “tall” is at BBP.

    A quick check on their website reveals Ms. Jennifer Hammond to be the tallest titlist this year, at 5’7.75″. But she was not the tallest in the 2016 batch. This distinction goes to Ms. Apriel Smith – 5″8.75″. Or an inch of difference between the loftiest titlist and clapper.

    My idea of BBP height is Ms. Marina Abad Santos Benipayo (Maja Internacional – Filipinas 1992), one of Manila’s premiere runway mannequins. I think it was a patronizingly-annoying host Apa Ongpin who quipped to the lady who towered above him how tall she was (during the Q&A). And Ms. Benipayo responded with the now-classic catchphrase from Star Margarine, “Iba na ang matangkad”!

    And what of Ms. Moll? A picture of her beside current Mister Supranational – Filipinas AR dela Serna (who is 6’1″) recently came out on FB. She was clearly just a little beyond his ears. So, I guess she is about…5’9.5″.

  4. I wonder, age permitting, if she wants to or can still rejoin BbP? Technically she was a runner up in 2012 but was given a pageant mission, like Maricar Balagtas before she won the BbPU title.

  5. Hi bessie, just my advice.. You are an awesome designer, mejo look into small details lang, like mga gusot, yung di masyado pulidong hem. Napansin ko kasi sa mga shoots mo, mejo madumi tingnan sa pics yunh mga bakas ng gusot.

    Ps! I would love to wear the dress on the second picture! i so so love it!

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