8 comments on “Spotlight | Mister Tourism World Netherlands 2016 Cas Winters

  1. I like him. Indo Dutch seems to be a good combo. There’s a young and charming Indo-Dutch immigration officer at Schipol airport in Amsterdam who was very nice and tried to speak some Tagalog words to me when he saw my passport. I supposed i blushed when i looked into his dark grey eyes asking how he learned tagalog. That’s when said he’s indo-dutch and that he knew Philippine language and Bahasa Indo share some common words. Wala lng, Cas just reminded me of that dude and that moment. Landi hehe.

    • @ aj : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      And I am reminded of Dutch-Indonesian Nadya Hutagalung, who was an Asian version of Liv Tyler, daughter of Steven Tyler, frontman of American rock band Aerosmith.

      When MTV was just starting out in Asia, they broadcast from Singapore and recruited telegenic and pretty young things from all over Southeast Asia to serve as VJ’s. One of those launched was a pleasant girl who greeted cable TV viewers in Bahasa Indonesia every morning.

      Imho, she was easily one of the most beautiful women in the world at that time.

  2. Hindi pa ba nasawa itong si Cas Winters kasasali?

    Ito ang dapat papanalunin!

    Grabe ang determination to win!

    Pia Wurtzbach lang ang peg!

    Go Cas for the win!!!

  3. I’m Sure magstay dito sa Pinas ang baklang to at magkakaroon ng booking hihihi.
    OOT. .. mukhang favorite dish ng #ripmisso ang Indonesia 😃
    Magkano kaya ang price para sa Ads na linlangin ang pageant Organization ng Supra, MI, Intercon, MGI atbp 😲
    Nagbayad ba ang Indonesia😉
    Halata ko lng, kung hindi Indonesia ay Thailand ang binibenta ng #ripmisso hihihi

    • @ bong700 : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      I actually like Ms. Aletrino. And both she and the Garden of Eden did not move too much relative to the First Hot Picks.

      Intan is praised for her “Asian features…with international appeal” (she is Dutch-Indonesian “hafu”) while Joanna’s beauty is “ethereal” (Aussie-Pinoy, like Catriona Gray).

      Bear in mind that this is psychological warfare. Sindakan lang ‘to. And it apparently feeds the Indonesian ego quite well. Calma lang tayo. We know we are better at handling these things.

      Recall that Missosology had Ms. Verzosa out of the Top Five in their Final Hot Pick. Yet she won.

      Inevitably, Missosology itself admitted that a lot would depend on what happens on the ground, away from the perceptions and opinions in social media. Things only the judges and organizers see or do.

      So, maglalabas rin sila ng Disclaimer. LOL. Nanggulo lang pala.

      In this Top Five, I would gladly replace Venezuela with that “other V” – Vietnam !

      (Because Vietnam recently also got a decent amount of attention at both MI and ME 2016).

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