50 comments on “Nichole Manalo and Ann Colis | Back-to-Back in Albania?

  1. Obswrbahan natin ha. Kung Cumbia mga damit ni Nichole – ibig sabihin hindi pa sila (bpci) OK sa puslit issue. Medyo ngarag pa si Nichole. Ilang post pa. Medyo mas maraming OK na candidates this year kesa last year so Sana maibalik nya aura nya Nung bbp.

  2. Someone called Kylie “baduy” just recently.

    I think Manalo is more baduy with that earrings !!!

    Wala bang tunay na diamante lang ? Princess cut would do ? Or a gold loop earrings perhaps ?

    • @ shk ayesa’ : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Baka ‘yan ganyang hikaw ang tipo ng o fashionable sa mga taga-Albania.

      Si cocoy ‘yata ang nagbansag na “baduy” si Bb. Verzosa. Rhett Eala? A check in Mr. Tinio’s My Blog Library (Archives) should confirm this.

  3. Daming may alam about styling. Ugh!

    Daming may alam about beauty camps. Ugh!

    Can you not just supportour candidates regardless of beauty camps who trained them. At the end of the day hi di naman A&Q or KF or JDV and nakalagay sa sash nila – PHILIPPINES!

    Stop the crab mentality and just show support.

    • @ Greige : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you for sharing.

      Thank God it’s still sunny and bright in Albania (but obviously the Fall chill has come in) !

      They said they would go to Italy (?). I will now check how near / far that is from Albania. And if the two share a common border. And I hope the weather there would ALSO be just as fine.

      One “fringe benefit” of watching international beauty pageants is getting to know about some country you never knew existed or of which you know next to nothing.

      • They share a maritime border over the Adriatic Sea. If Nichole has a Schengen visa, she could have entered Albania without need for a separate Alabanian visa, and that Schengen visa would allow her to cross over to Italy.

      • @Jeremi: Kulang ka rin sa comprehension, no? Sabi ko, if she has a Schengen visa, she would not need a SEPARATE Albanian visa. It’s the same way with other European states who are considering EU membership. They give reciprocal agreements to Schengen visa holders, because they have been subject to more stringent checks before visas are granted.

        Kala ko ba, may class ka? Bakit yan, di mo alam?

  4. Pang exercise naman pala ang suot sa ilalim ng coat…lalo ko tuloy di naintindihan ang dangling earrings.

  5. Tignan natin kung mag-iimprove pa. Super taas pa naman ng expectation ko since maganda ang styling ni Nichole noong send-off. Sana maging consistent ang KF in terms of styling and fashion sense.

    Medyo ngarag pa si Nichole. Maybe because of jet lag pero baka maging fresh na ulit siya after 3 days.

    • @ aj and @ Lea : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Provided with the moss-green “warm-garb” and little time to prepare, Ms. Manalo probably had little choice but to throw together whatever was at her disposal; in this case, the ube-violet scarf and the white “truncated”(?) trench.

      More crucial is to FEEL and STAY WARM in the frigid outdoors of the European Autumn.

      The scarf reminds me of…. ube halaya! Yummy. Hope she brought some Filipino pasalubong to Ms. Colis, the organizers and pageant bosses, and some more for her closest co-candidate friends.

  6. SO un-natural at trying so hard ng posing ni Nichole.

    Ganyan ba ang turo ng KF camp?

    Naka rubber shoes na naka tip toe pa din?

    Ang pangit pati ng styling ng KF. Look again the get up?

    Kapag hindi nagbabago ang ipinapakita ni Nichole,

    I’m sure walang back to back!!!

  7. At ang welcome Tarpaulin na nakapaskil!

    Kaloka Bakit ang sash ni Ann Colis is Bb. Pilipinas Tourism pa?!

    Wala bang budget magpapicture sa Albania na Miss Globe naman ang Sash at crown?


    • @ Sunny : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Baka mas nagandahan ang organizer sa picture na’to.

      And it is a GOOD way to impress “Pilipinas” on the minds of those who see that tarp.

      “Oh, she is from Philippine”, will probably think a casually-interested Albanian. And “Tourism”.

    • Magnifying lens meron dito miss tissa hi hi hi.
      Marami na daw kc kalahi ni Kim Kardasian(kayo na maglagay ng “h” kung meron😃) sa Albania kaya nilakihan ang sash para Di makita ang maliliit na dede hihihi

  8. Huhuhu kawawa ang mga beauty queens natin. Sana next time mas agahan ang flight nila mga at least 3 days before arrival date para malabanan ang jet lag. Buti si Maxine super fresh siya sa laban niya.

    • Hahaha… KF should have fashion designers both professional and budding ones as additional “friends” to their camp. I think the camp’s poor styling might have been because of lack of availability to posh clothing and of course lack of investment in make-up

      • beh hindi ba stylist si mommy? or sa gown lang talaga sya? si mommy din ba magbibihis kay nichole?

      • Hi mae, from what I know, Leo just provides gowns to KF wards. He does not recommend styling to the girls. From what I know, John Cliff is the resident stylist of KF. Ang sarap i-tag ang mga namamahala ng make-up at styling nila ano? Para naman ma-improve nila ang talents nila.

  9. mukhang haggardo verzosa pa siya.. pero baka mag ala kylie verzosa din ito.. (crossingfingers) sana maka recover na kaagad

  10. Schedule of Activities:

    November 13-15:
    Arrivals of delegates
    Contestant arrivals at Rinas International Airport Mother Teresa – Tirana – Albania.
    Accommodation at FAFA Resort, the official residence for The Miss Globe 2016.
    Photo shooting session for every contestant with the respective National Costumes for The Miss Globe 2016 Magazine.

    November 16:
    Departure toward Berat – 122km from Tirana.
    City tour in the historical Castle of Berat
    Olive Harving
    Dinner in Tirana at “Sheqer Pikant Restaurant”

    November 17:
    Tirana City Tour to celebrate the Independence Day of Tirana.
    City bike tour – Eco Volis
    Lunch at Dajti Mountain
    Telpher Trip till the top of Dajti Mountain
    Visit of Dajti Mountain with Fuoristrada Cars

    November 18:
    Departure to Durres – City Tour
    Visit to Bashtova Castle
    Dinner at “Kalaja Restaurant”
    Departure from Durres Port to Bari – Italy with Venturies Ferries
    Accommodation and dinner in the Navy

    November 19:
    Arrival at Bari Port in the morning
    Visit the city of Bari. At night Departure from Bari to Durres with Venturies Ferries.

    November 20:
    Arrival in Durres in the morning.
    Departure for traveling toward Dhermi.
    On the way visit the National Park of Llogara.
    Paraglaiding from Llogara to Dhermi Beach for all the Contestants
    Dinner and Accommodation in Hotel

    November 21:
    Visit some of the most beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera

    November 22:
    Departure from Dhermi to the official residence of The Miss Globe, FAFA resort
    Visits to some touristic places on the way
    Rehearsals for the Final Show
    Accommodation and Dinner

    November 23-24:
    Departure to Tirana
    Accommodation in the Hotel
    Rehearsals for the Final Show of The Miss Globe Beauty Pageant 2016

    November 25:
    Final Show of The Miss Globe Beauty Pageant 2016 at Expo City

    November 26-27:
    Departure of the Contestant

    • Miss Supranational 2016

      1- Top 25 – Instead of 20, for the first time Miss Supranational will have 25 quarter-finalists. More time will be dedicated to each of them, including profile videos and plenty of runway time until the judges select the 10 who will move on to the next round of competition.
      2 – Top 5 – It seems like Miss Supranational producers listened to the fans and the winner and runner-ups will be selected from a Top 5, and no longer from a Top 10 or 20, as it previously happened. It´s certainly exciting news!
      3 – Continental winners – The continental winners will actually be the best overall ranked candidate from each continent, instead of the best among those who did not make it to the Top 5. It does make much more sense!
      4- Eurovision hit – Among this year´s pageant musical attractions is Michał Szpak and his hit Color Of Your Life, one of the most popular choices in this year´s Eurovision song contest.
      5- Three hours – Because of the amazing high television rates reached in recent years, Polsat decided to raise the airing time of Miss Supranational to 3 hours. Before last year´s show comes to mind to scare you, chill out: choreographers have been changed and so has the show´s production. It promises to be dynamic and entertaining, just like in previous years.
      6 – Davina Reeves is back – Miss New York USA 2010 Davina Reeves, who did a superb job hosting Miss Supranational last year, in back, this time right next to Belarus´ television presenter Ivan Padrez, who also did a pretty good job hosting Miss Supranational 2013, in his native Belarus. Asha Bhat, Miss Supranational 2014, will do the “behind the scenes” interviews and special features with the candidates.
      7 – Two host countries – For the first time two countries will co-host Miss Supranational: Poland and Slovakia. The candidates will spend 10 days in beautiful Poprad, Slovakia, where they will enjoy the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and have loads of fun at the AquaCity Poprad complex. The final televised show will once again take place in the hospitable town of Krynica Zdrój, in southern Poland. Over 120 nations are expected to show this year´s event on tv, making it the third most watched beauty contest in the world, after Miss World (1st) and Miss Universe (2nd).
      8- Cash Prize – The new Miss Supranational will win a US$ 30,000 cash prize, US$ 5 K more than the previous winners. Good for her!
      9- Mobstar – If you want to know more about your favorite candidates and follow them during the nearly 3 weeks of competition, download Mobstar and register under “Miss Supranational” (also under “Mister Supranational”). The best ranked candidate there will earn a direct spot in the Top 10. It means you can help your favorites by “liking” whatever they post at Mobstar.
      10 – Mister Supranational – If Miss Supranational is celebrating its 8th edition, Mister Supranational will have its first ever show and winner this year! We will also bring you coverage on Mister Supranational, but for now, go to http://www.mistersupranational.com and follow it on Instagram at @officialmistersupranational for more details. Mister Supranational will happen on December 3rd, one day after Miss Supranational. Now get this: the winner of Miss Supranational 2016 will be responsible for announcing and delivering the sash to the first ever Mister Supranational! (Global Beauties)

      Mister Model International 2016

    • @ Will : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      This is a PUNISHING schedule. And It’s Autumn in Europe now.

      Ms. Nichole, you must heed the advise of Ms. Kylie (Verzosa) to eat sufficiently to not run on empty.

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