10 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenie Rehman for Bessie Besana

  1. Mas gusto ko ang winners ng MWP kesa BBP winners. I find them more facially beautiful, yun bang gandang hindi kailangang ipaliwanag, and better packaged. I also find them kinder and more endearing. Does it have to do with the beauty with a purpose theme? Beauty queens talaga.

  2. Isinabit talaga with thumb tacks or stapler 😂
    Bagay sa akin yung V-cut sa harap at likod na Pink gown. Isusuot ko yan sa MU final show sa MOA hi hi hi. Kitakits tayo doon laila, C2F, jen, Ana, Fabian dapat dala mo na ang LV bag ni mommy Norman 😂😊😄😲

  3. Bakit pag mga Filipino photographers walang creativity, I mean the same old boring poses.
    That’s all! Bye na baka magalit na naman mga baklang pangit

  4. Miss world 2016 designer dress award is UP. Yung iba wala pang sketch pati ung kay Catriona wala pa. Pero may description na nakalagay.

    Designer Dress

    Designer – Francis Libiran

    A custom semi-serpentine sleeveless gown in fine soft tulle fabric. This gown is intricately embellished with Francis Libiran’s custom signature embroidery details with art deco and linear patterns that accentuates the silhouette of the wearer. This old rose gown is fully encrusted with dyed-to-match stones and crystals that provide rich texture and elegant sparkle.

    Yan yung susuutin nya sa top model right? Panu ang kulay ng old rose? I researched it pero d ko pa rin masyado ma gets kung pano ang kulay nya. Old rose means greyish dark pink or moderate red. Anyone here na expert sa colors?. Can u put sample here. And sleeveless is same style nung gown nya during mwp not all the parts since semi serpentina ang design ng gown nya for MW.

    • i trust francis libiran’s aesthetics. itll be awesome if cat gray will win wearing francis libiran’s gown. francis libiran will be philippines’ first designer to dress both winners in their individual pageants on the same year.

      i just hope na, when the miss universe kicks in, may fashion show sila ala-2013 na tony ward x mercedes benz fashion show. im wishing they will lobby that event to showcase filipino designers. they can tap philippine couturier like michael cinco, pwede din si mama cary santiago, bet nyo ba si mommy? hahaha. trololol

    • Sana iba naman ang pang designer dress at competition gown ni Catriona. I hope it won’t be like Val’s where she wore Michael Cinco’s yellow ball gown to both events.

  5. I must admit since MWP seceeded from BPCi, in 2011, both orgnizations have flourished tremendously.

    One must be reminded that MWP has placed 5 straight times – which included a winner (2013), a 1st runner-up (2011) and in 2015 a top 10 finish.

    MWP may have had ‘quality’ winners but the front-runner after the selection process usually wins the contest several months later.
    I just wish the MWP would be more competetive.

    That said, Queneerich looks fantastic!

    Keep that streak going Catriona and bring home a crown.

    • I too wish that MWP would get more competitive and unpredictable. However, unless the other beauty camps level up their MWP specific training and preparation, A&Q will continue to be untouchable in this pageant. They cannot continue to send the same old beauconera girls trained primarily for BbP and expect to win MWP.

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