12 comments on “Spotlight | Mister Tourism World Malaysia 2016 Fauzi Mohamad 

    • @ Will : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Fun fact : as per Rules for the inaugural Mister Supranational contest, the newly-crowned Miss Supranational (2 December) will the sash the winning Mister (3 December, or the next day).

      So if BOTH Ms. Joanna Eden and Mr. AR dela Serna triumph in Krynica-Zdroj, it will be a B2B for Filipinas, in a manner of speaking…

      Then on 4 December will be Miss Polski (Poland) at the same venue, where 2016 MI – Poland’s Agniezscka Bienkowscka’s successor will be revealed. The lady will probably represent Poland at MI 2017.

      Oh, Mr. Tinio! How marvelous it would be, indeed, if you could go on a globe-trotting and jet-setting pageant coverage for LIVE reportage from Phnom Penh (Miss Tourism Metropolitan International, to cheer for Ms. Janella Joy Cuaton), to New Delhi (Mr. Model International, to cheer for Kapampangan Gent Migs Maliwat), to Tirana (Miss Globe, to cheer for Ms. Nichole Manalo), to Lisbon (Best Global Model of the World, to cheer for Cebuano Gent Yan Yan Lumasag), to Poland-Slovakia (Supra, as stated here), and finally to Maryland (or Washington? to cheer for Ms. Catriona Gray at Miss World).

      Oh, ‘di ba? Ang TARAY ng Tito Norman mo, no?!


    • Ganda ng catch phrase… Pinagsamang Pia Wurtzbach at Kylie Versoza… Sana tinodo na nya as in may kasamang Meagan Young…

      • @ Nonong : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Agree. He said he loves the beach. That skin tone certainly does not conform to that notion.

        And to think he hails from Bohol…

        If his handlers are smart, they will recognize that pale skin at this time of year in Europe is epic fail.

        He should get a tan before leaving for Poland.

        For those of you who have seen Will’s post in the previous Mister Tourism World – Malaysia feature and have Mobstar app on your IOS or Android devices, please relay this to AR.

        He cannot go here, as he is affiliated with PEPPS. He is a Mister, not a Gentleman.

  1. @Andrew: Kailan ang alis ni AR?

    AR DELA SERNA, Mister Supranational 2016 Philippine representative, invites his legions of fans in the entire country as well as in the Filipino communities around the world to download the MobStar app, to propel his chances of winning in the premiere edition of the international competition which will be held at the picturesque city of Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, on December 3.
    The inaugural Mister Supranational 2016 pageant will have an estimated number of 40 candidates from around the world, and they will begin stepping into the Polish soil on November 23.
    Does it matter? Most definitely! Picking up content from the Facebook and Twitter pages as well as unique uploads of Mister Supranational 2016 candidates, MobStar will provide a “one-stop shop” so that global fans can check out all the delegates and vote for their favorites.
    If ever Mister Supranational 2016 Philippines AR dela Serna gets the MobStar People’s Choice Award, he would easily advance in the semifinal round during the finals night!
    Here are the steps on how we can help our very own representative to Mister Supranational 2016 AR dela Serna:
    1. Download the Mobstar app via these web links:
    Android Users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details
    IOS Users : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobstar/id921146241?mt=8
    2. Log in through your Facebook or Google account
    3. Search for AR dela Serna and then follow his MobStar account
    4. Swipe to the right on the content he posts every day with a remark “Yes” in order to vote.
    5. One swipe to the right is counted as one vote
    6. Do not forget to leave a comment as well to make AR dela Serna Mister Supranational 2016 Philippines trending.
    7. Spread the word to your friends!

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