14 comments on “Spotlight | Mister Tourism World Sweden 2016 Alexander Portnoff 

      • @ Will : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        This COULD POTENTIALLY be a threat to the 2017 Gents (if, for example, he is sent to MUA 2017).

        But for the Gents slated for the remaining campaigns for 2016 – Kian Sumague for Mister Tourism World and Yan Yan Lumasag for Best Global Model of the Year (in Portugal next month) – no prob.

      • @ 4M : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        His name is Jan (Dratwicki; see Will’s post), crowned the new Mister Poland just a few days back.

  1. ‘Work hard for everything you like” – Alexander Portnoff.

    Welcome to Filipinas and advanced Birthday Greeting to you (your 26th on 21 November).

    To National Director Mr. Frederick Lobaton, welcome back (home).

    • Ana, I do not see anywhere that he says he is a transgender.or that he declares he prefers men . Even so , that does not make him less of a man .
      Ana= Sarah Palin of the Philippines . My gift to in? A rifle to u so u can start hunting askals
      Kaloka ka Ana, tse ! Hihihi

    • Mukha syang bading dun sa picture na nka-smile sya. Pero he looks nice naman at mabait.
      Matured lang ang hitsura …
      Good luck Mr. Sweden!

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