6 comments on “Level up for Mr & Miss Calamba 2016

  1. Hi Mr. Norman!
    Can I use your photos for our news program segment for our activity in our school? I would give proper credits po sainyo.
    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Oh c’mon these guys are meh… at yun iba 5’4″ lang ata…

    As for the ladies, mukhang maraming magaganda pero ang liliit nila. Parang may mga 5’2″ na sumali.

  3. Not too long ago, Calamba was a relatively tranquil and verdant town our family frequented for the hot springs and espasol in Barangay Pansol. Coming in via the South Superhighway (before its current name of South Luzon Express Way, or SLEX), one is greeted by the usually cloud-concealed Mount Makiling as the sign that the “probinsiya” was at hand. Needless to say, cars were fewer and vehicular flow was rapid. It was the Gateway to Southern Luzon – Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Bicol.

    The last time I visited (three years ago), Calamba had become a City in its own right, with the all the attendant “urbanization cliches” : the slowing down of traffic, the proliferation of shopping venues, the conversion of rice paddies into housing zones, the opening of alternative roads (to the National Highway), and the literal crush of crowds as the populace swelled in response to the prosperity brought by taxes collected from multinational firms that set up facilities in the city’s many tariff-exempt/reduced industrial estates.

    These young and beautiful women and men are the children of this new wealth and growth. Whether titlist or clapper, may they use the fame that comes with pageantry towards sustaining the vitality and dynamism of the place they all call home.

    • I agree, pinalaki at nagtapos ako sa Laguna when Calamba including Canlubang were predominantly agricultural and a little bit of tourism. I have fond memories growing up in a small barangay where carabaos grazed and children played all afternoon in the street. It was too laid back for me then, and I remember always daydreaming how exciting it would be to live in the city. I did eventually left but I now long for those days. Ibang-iba na ang Calamba, hindi ko na kilala ang mga tao at ang sikip na.

  4. ..ung mga guys parang di pa nakakita anu itsura ng dumbells..at ung mga girls, agaw pansin ang nagkakapalang platform shoes..anyone below 5’4″ or even 5’6″ should be discouraged from pageantry..and for guys, 5’8″ or 5’10” should be the height min. rqt.

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