10 comments on “Sunday-with-a-Heart-Specials: Hawa Kamara still needs your support

  1. Galing naman ng marketing strategy nila para sure Top 15 dahil sa ingay hihihi.
    Let’s see kung makitang ok ang performance ay pasok yan kc babantayan na yan dahil sa ingay nila.

  2. They always do this – on the street at school or in the w9rkplace- to solicit money for their own benefit or of their family friends or the church.
    Shame on her and the people around for trying to manipulate the good- heated pageant fans.
    Have some dignity

  3. OMG She is a potential winner no wonder she is the reigning Miss West Africa. Paging Manny Pacquiao please…..

  4. Her dream is not bad. I believe there are pageant fanatics wants to help her. Kung nagawa nya makapasok sa MI she can do it again one more time but for MU. Her Placement last year may help her to touch the heart and attention of her beloved country to support and help her. Good Luck to this girl.

  5. Hmmm parang nasa rank# 1,000,000,001 itong babaitang ito sa lahat ng DAPAT tulongan sa mundo. Hmmm “Make Sierra Leone’s dream happen in MU”… I bet ang MU di man lang pumasok sa utak ng mga taga Sierra Leone. Baka itong si Ms Lasala ang gustong sumikat. Hypocrite! Maniwala ako if ang cause mo ay damitan mo ang mga batang walang saplot sa Africa.


      • Not exactly. They may like to watch but sure its not their priority. Ang dating kasi “this is for Sierra Leone’s dream” like makakain nila and MU crown. Anyhow, hers is not a matter of life and death or is some breakthroughs needing to be unlocked to save the world (cure of AIDS)… but damn beauty pageants. leche!

        Kung walang pera eh manatili sa bahay… huwag na mandamay ng iba.


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