29 comments on “Sunday Specials: Wishing for a 2013 Repeat

  1. I have the same thoughts even before Kylie win Ms. International…praying for the two remaining crowns.

  2. I have the same thoughts even before Kylie win…praying for the two more crowns.

  3. P.S.

    Miss Supranational > “Filipineh!”

    Miss World > “Filipens!”

    Miss International > “(Miss) Pilipit”


  4. I had this in mind right after Cat won MWP. It got intense after Kylie’s victory. Now, just waiting for that 2 crowns.

  5. Quite possible of a 2013 repeat.

    Im just observing but perhaps because of MI and MW being established pageants, thier respective crowns look very regal, prestigious and distinctive.

    • Hello mga mars, pasensya na at hindi ko masyadong nasundan tong si bea s. nong 2013 kasi naman naka focus ako kay megan that time. Daming ganap ni megan eh. Si bea pala anong ganap o ginawa niya nong nanalo siya?

      • Better to Ask baby nica and cocoy. They have thousands words on their mind about Bea Santiago. Let them share to you what ls on theirmind.

      • Thank you Johnny and Geoff.
        Calling the attention of baby nica and cocoy.
        Mga mars, total naman dami nyong alam (o kayo lang ang may alam) sa mga ganap ni bea s. Nung nanalo siya last 2013. Ano bang mga naiambag niya? Please naman enlighten us, paki enumerate naman. Thank you

    • Nagmukhang DaBiana Yung 2 KatabI NYA. The one on the right had a botched lip augmentation , The one the left , marunong naming palangry mag taga log nongstraight, why did she have to sound like that at the beginning , nakakainis

  6. I definitely would love to see a 2013 repeat, Sir Norman ♥♥♥
    That would be awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • No shame in that , bong , Basta makasagot nang maayos. Kailangan Siguro , mag yoga para kumalma nang konti. She sounds very nervous all the time

  7. Yes to a repeat x 3. Anything is possible. Si trump nga nanalo eh. If it’s your time, it’s yours.

  8. I hope so. Hoping for all the best to our Filipina queens.

    Sir Norman, do you have updates regarding Kylie’s parade here in Metro Manila?

  9. Catriona can very well slay the competition in Ms World.

    I have high hopes for Joanna but I did not see her transform since winning. Maybe she’ll surprise us?

    • Catriona is a very strong contender. Just a few things though … her schizophrenic stares remind me of Japan Universe 2015. I mean , Megan and Chat Silayan did the same during their time but they looked regal , not angry. She may have to borrow c2f’s psych meds hihihi.

      Her walk and camera blocking ? ( I don’t know if I got the right term) need to be refined too . Masyadong ‘Makiri’ dating ng lakad nya and her images on tv are not picture perfect.Pia should give him some pointers.

      And pls , if she has to sing , choose something soft and melodic . No Adele pls .. unless she can pull it off…

      • I get what you mean @Fabian. Catriona is not perfect making her more human. Parang buck teeth lang ito ni Megan, diction ni Ara o double chin ni Charlene Gonzales hehehe. Pero 1% lang yun sa kabuohang ganda nila just like Cats’

        Back to the subject, hmm I see 4 wins.
        MS (Eden) – Winner
        MG (Manalo) – Winner
        MW (Gray) – Winner
        MU (Medina) – 2nd Runner Up

        But it could also be extremely bad like
        MS – clapper (she’s boring)
        MG – clapper (due to Colis reign)
        MW – clapper (Julia’s jealousy due to MU hosting)
        MU – top 15 (consuelo de bobo)


  10. Ms. Megan Young’s swan-like neck reminds me of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

    Meaning beauty that is timeless…

    • hahaha the fuck, Andrew! Makapagsalita ito parang andyan lang si Nefertiti sa tabi-tabi

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