33 comments on “Today, Kylie Verzosa will return to where her heart is – Home

  1. Natawa ako sa comments below… JawsKuh naman kung kumoda c LIEla D5 hihihi
    Basta masarap ang lobster at pangmayaman lng yan ha at di bagay yan kay Galunggong Cocoy DeLiema Vda de nica

    • Mas ramdam kasi ang mga ganap ni imelda hilter-rambutan-dehenry-almodal… Wahahahaha ayan baks may hangover pa yata ang mga tao kay imelda hitler-rambutan-dehenry-almodal

      • With 12 comments and 7 of which is not related to the topic. Walang may interes? Anyare? I admire Queen Kylie pa naman

      • Still feeling bitter baby nica? What is your basis na hindi ramdam si kylie? Dahil ba walang masyadong comments sa norman’s blog? Yan lang ba ang basis? Manood ka ng TV te, o mag basa ka ng news wag puro porn. Ayan para alam mo. Hindi namin alam kung saan ka nakatira, pero kawawa ka naman, wala ka yatang access sa news.
        Move on ka na te, matagal ng natalo yung babalina mong paborito from indo. Wkwkwkek iiyak mo lang yan te….
        Ulitin ko ha, bitter ka kasi natalo yung babalina mong paborito from indo… Ganyan talaga te, di nanalo ang masama ang budhi… AT BABALINA FACE wkwkwkqk… Talo talo talo talo talo itak iyak iyak iyak iyak… Baby Nica at Babalina mga talunan wkwkwk

      • Anong pinagsasasabi mo NJRA? I am for Queen Kylie and I love her. Na sad lang ako dun sa video sa NAIA na mag is sya at may mangilan ngilan na ngpapapicture. Pinaghandaan nya pa naman with the lobster dress ang pag uwi nya. I love Queen Kylie

      • @ baby nica, di ba Hindi Basta basta nakakapasok ang Tao sa airport? Baka kaya walang Tao.
        Having MI, she’s now a celebrity. I’m sure people would mob if they had access to her.

      • You got me all wrong there. I’m actually concerned for Queen Kylie. Well seems like makikitid utak nyo, wala nako magagawa jan. Basta ako I love Queen Kylie!

      • Ay ay ay , babynica is throwing a fit. I didn’t mean to upset u . I was just tying to offer an explanation as to why the no of airport greeters was not to your liking

    • Syempre kapag bitter at hinde truelala fans talagang manhid lang ang peg. Walang mararamdaman. Forever kabiteran ang feeling.
      Kamusta si felice baby nica? Galing ng training nyo kay felice. Anyare sa training nyo kay janicel? Baka magselos si janicel nyan dahil si felice na train ng mas maayos hanggang sa speech. Sya hinde. Bak magselos na din ang iba pang trainee nyan.
      Better to spend your times for ducking ng mga kandidata nyo kaysa mag ala ampalaya nalang lagi.
      Get a life!!!

      • Hahaha you got it Geoff. Parang kailan lang yang si baby nica todo maka bash kay kylie tapos ngayon biglang concerned at may “i love queen kylie” pang nalalaman. Pweeeeee
        Once again, congratulations Kylie Verzosa, Miss International 2016 from the Philippines!

      • Di ba ito din yung nagpakalat ng chismis na tampuhan nila Jonas at camp ni Kylie dahil kinausap daw ni Kylie si Bea Rose bago umalis.

  2. Useless but hopefully fun musing while awaiting Ms. Verzosa’s arrival.

    As a most fitting tribute to Kylie, I wish the Philippines Government through the Bureau of Plant Industries of the Department of Agriculture (BPI-DA) and the Institute of Plant Breeding of the College of Science of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) in collaboration with the private organization Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. (PHSI) would develop a vigorous and adaptable variety of rose that would be resistant to heat, drought, most pests, strong wind, and poor soil. It should possess a nighttime fragrance (not a lot of folks are aware that the modern rose varieties for sale at florists have very little, if any, scent) and be mass-produced at such a scale as to be utilized for public spaces all over the country.

    May it be a clear light-blue color, of the same hue as Kylie’s “Evening Dress” at the MI 2016 pageant in which she triumphed. Blue is a notoriously difficult color to breed for in flowers. All naturally-occurring “blue” blooms are actually NOT TRUE BLUE but possess undertones of purple or violet.

    May it use the species Rosa philippinensis as one of its parents. And catchy varietal names can include “Edymar’s Friend”, “Miss Baguio”, “International Understanding”, and “Verzosa Doll”.

    But the Japanese will probably beat us to it, given the very high level of agricultural research they have. Indeed, new floral varieties are frequently named after royalty, entertainment luminaries, Nobel Prize winners, and other internationally-acclaimed personalities as a matter of politesse in their country.

    And we all know that rose hips are rich in Vitamin C and can be material for making rose jam. So Kylie’s rose is not merely ornamental or decorative.

    Or, how about a light-blue colored….. rambutan? Ay, Miss Earth pala ‘yun! LOL.

    • Wow, she uses “very very” instead of specific words.. This could pose as another “major major” problem. Maybe she should read some etymology books that could add more to her vocabullary, IMO.

      • I’m sorry C2f . I thought u were referring to Kylie’s interview. Right now , I do not Care about Maxine’s grammar and diction . I just want her to smoke a little pot so s he can calm down and give a sensible answer.
        Short but clear and intelligent answer

    • Based on the above video, Maxines grammar and fluidity are still wanting . She needs to calm down and concentrate on the interview.
      she looks really good though -sosyal with a pleasant down to earth personality . So I’m rooting for her .
      I know she’s saying she can win the crown but I hope she truly believes that . That’s the only way she can win it.

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