16 comments on “Tomorrow will be the return of Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa (barring any last-minute changes)

  1. Ive read about Joey Mead’s possibility of co hosting Miss Universe 2016. Hmmm. For me ok na ok din naman. Approved saken. Much better than olivia Jordan. She posted a video in her FB/Page with caption Miss U stage….

  2. I wonder if Miss International Organization has any project or program in Baguio City.
    There are many Japanese descendants living in Cordillera mountains.
    Most of the people in Cordillera looks like Japanese.
    I hope the MIO will work together with a legit Fil-Japan or Japan Foundation in Baguio.
    I wonder if Kylie has Igorot/Japanese/Spanish blood.
    Welcome Home Kylie, We’re proud of you 🙂

    • Laging may 2 books na dala, kaya pala laging may dalang malaking bag sa MGI events hihihi.
      Sasapawan pa yata c Pinky bilang host 🙂
      Manonood ako sa mga ibabalita mo Nicole at sana maibigay mo ang totoong balita sa mga manonood at huwag padikta sa mga Presstitute na boss mo at magresign agad kapag ipagpilitan ang mali at ibalita mo na rin ang pagiging presstitute nila na linlangin ang publiko hihihi

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